T-Mobile Delays Windows Phone 8X Update To “Perform A Few Tweaks”

A bit of bad news for Windows Phone 8X owners hoping to see a software update go live today as T-Mobile announces they are pushing it back. A T-Mobile support forums moderator indicated that T-Mobile, HTC and Microsoft were pulling the plug on todays update and working to “perform a few tweaks” before rolling it out:

“I know you were eagerly anticipating a new software update today and I wanted to give you a status update. In order to ensure the best possible experience with your device, we have temporarily delayed the release of the update to perform a few tweaks. We’re working hard to ensure that we get the update to you as quickly as possible.”

There’s no sign when the update will indeed roll out, but we’re hopeful the companies won’t have us waiting long. It’s a little odd that T-Mobile would pull the plug hours before it was expected to go live, but we’re betting if they felt the need to do so, there was a big enough concern. Unfortunately, those of you suffering from random reboots have a bit more time before a software fix arrives. Stay tuned for more details.

T-Mobile Support via WPCentral

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  • monteverdi2012

    Any news on updates for Nokia Lumia 810? Looks like a bastard child out there with everyone talking about HTC and 920….. :(

    • Porkistanis_suck

      Nokia is pushing updates for the 920 and 820 today – figure 810 wouldnt be too far behind

  • Foxeh

    I ended up sending my 8x back due to its size. It may be the smallest of the available WP8 devices, but it’s still way too big IMO. Very uncomfortable to use with one hand, doesn’t fit my universal car mount, feels weird in the pocket and even after conditioning the battery life was troublesome at best. I just liked the Lumia 710 better.

    I’m not too keen on getting an iPhone, but if Apple is the last manufacturer standing still willing to make a phone that’s not some two handed bastard sword of a cellular device then so be it. >_<

    Sorry for the rant.

  • Tony

    wpcentral.com announced this morning that this update is now live so check your phones.