Google Wishes You A Happy Holidays From Android, And Maybe a Tease At The Nexus 10 Dock

We’re always looking forward to what the folks in Mountain View conjure up for seasonal greetings, and this time it’s a heartfelt message with a seasonal spin. It may also be the launching ground for an upcoming Nexus 10 tablet dock. The folks from Android Central can take credit for the find, seen at both :16 and :59 seconds in. Unfortunately, there’s no hint of any kind of connectivity options — just the opportunity to support the tablet standing up. I wouldn’t expect to see this one hit the Play Store before the holiday season and most likely not before the end of the year. Still, for Nexus 10 buyers this might be a nice addition to your Nexus 10 purchase, if the price is right of course.

Thanks for being part of the Android community in 2012. Happy holidays from everyone at Android!

Thanks Google, right back atcha!


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