Costco Sale Offers $50 Costco Cash Card With Any T-Mobile Smartphone Purchase

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have come and gone but the holiday deals aren’t over at Costco as they are pushing a special promotion on the Galaxy S III and Galaxy S II through December 4th. With a $100 T-Mobile rebate and a $50 Costco cash card you’ll grab a Galaxy S III for just $29. In fact, with the Galaxy S II, after the mail-in rebate and Costco cash card, you’ll end up with a $30 profit.

That’s not all Costco is doing through the fourth as they are giving away a $50 cash card with any T-Mobile smartphone purchase together with unlimited Nationwide 4G data. Costco is also crediting activation fees, providing you with a car charger, two leather cases and two screen protectors with your purchase.

The Costco special offers are good on any new Classic Rate Plan with a new two-year agreement or eligible upgrade with a new two-year agreement.

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  • Jesse James

    I dislike how T-mobile themselves try to push you to the Value Plans but all these 3rd party retailers only do Classic plans

    • Jose Hernandez

      Value Plans are better for the carrier and the customer, 3rd party retailers only do classic plans because they are set up to profit from them. That is why they offer the deals they do.

      • archerian

        how do Classic plans offer more profit to a 3rd party retailer as opposed to Value? I assume they get a customer acquisition commission of sorts, and would that differ based on Classic/Value as its still a 2 year contract regardless? If T-mobile wants more customers to migrate to Value, shouldn’t they be making selling those plans more attractive to 3rd party retailers? or is it that the Classic plans being more expensive offer room to T-mobile to provide higher commissions for them, even accounting for the phone subsidy charge.

        • niftydl

          I suspect the higher upfront cost of devices on value plans would turn away most customers shopping at places like Costco. Despite the long term savings, most people will look at the same phone on all 3-4 carriers and will not spend the $100-200 extra.

    • LC

      Third party retailers also don’t have access to the installment plans for the Value Plans, so customers would have to purchase their device at full cost up front.

      • thepanttherlady

        Why would they need to have access?

        Purchasing a phone using the EIP requires you to make the down payment then sign a contract which specifies your plan terms as well as what you’re monthly installments will be and when they start. A 3rd party retailer should be able to accommodate this process.

        • unknown

          No, 3rd party retailers don’t have access to eip. Only corporate stores have the system for value eip.

        • thepanttherlady

          I know they don’t.

        • PiCASSiMO

          I’m with you… there should be competition from 3rd party vendors like Costco and Amazon for people with Value Plans.

        • thepanttherlady

          I’m just not understanding the WHY they can’t or don’t offer it.

  • JeffreyME

    Don’t forget that tax is charged on the phones’ full “retail value” prices. Also, it would be great if article such as these indicated whether upgrades are included in the deal.

    • thepanttherlady

      The screen shot specifies “eligible Upgrade”.

      • JeffreyME

        Yes, thank you, but what’s the basic phone price on an upgrade? They are often significantly higher than for new customers — as has been noted many time on this site.
        Note: I did go to Costco’s web site and found out the upgrade phone price for an SGIII is the same a the new service price.

  • Law school girl

    This is the deal I’ve been waiting for..even though tmobile had there free phone deal after mir, I wasn’t up for paying 300 upfront..just took advantage of this deal..paid 188 after tax, got the white s3, after mir and costco card brings my total to $38 for a new phone and they threw in free shipping and a starter kit

  • TMC

    So I went to Costco and the guy told me that I had to get unlimited minutes for the rebates to work, even tough both rebates say “any classic plan”.

    Anybody with some inside knowledge if this is latest bullcrap that tmobile is trying to pull on their clients or the guy at my costco was completely wrong and lost a sale.

  • Robert

    Like Law School Girl, this was the deal I was looking for. I had some obstacles along the way but it got worked out. T-Mo was showing me as ineligible for upgrade pricing, even though my contract has been over since 2008. I called about it and they said if I started up a new contract I could then follow up with the upgrade. I wanted to be sure it would work out with Costco though, so I went there. Very helpful woman at the phone kiosk waited on hold with T-Mo for 20 minutes for me, and worked out the new contract, but since it was an OK for upgrade to a my (apparently ineligible old plan) the T-Mo rep said her super would have to finalize and she was, uh, gone for the day. So the Costco rep suggested I come back the next day (today) after T-Mo got it activated and pick up the phone. Went to Costco this morning and……closed due to power failure stemming from the big bay area storms. *sigh*
    Well now I’m on a mission, so it’s over to the Costco in the next town over and I finally have my phone. Again, very helpful sales rep at the kiosk–this guy seemed to really know his stuff, answering on-the-fly questions about phones and plans from 3 different carriers as people asked while passing by.
    Anyway, I ended up with a new Galaxy S3, paying Costco’s price of $179, with T-Mo $100 rebate and $50 Costco gift card, for a net of $29. It included the bonus pack (2 cases, 2 screen protectors, car charger.) Yes, they do charge tax on the full price of the device.
    My plan is Classic 500 minute with unlimited text ($50) plus the Unlimited 4G data ($30).
    What’s nice is I got to take it home today–no waiting for delivery, so I’m now into that very fun time of getting acquainted with this awesome device.