T-Mobile To Receive iPhone 5 Accessories As Unlocked Activations Continue To Climb

While yesterdays rumors have the internet abuzz with the possibility that T-Mobile will finally be the last national carrier to receive the iPhone, retail stores are preparing to receive their first iPhone 5 accessories. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s any correlation between the analyst rumor from yesterday and the arrival of iPhone 5 accessories. Why do I believe that you ask? Well, for starters T-Mobile has carried iPhone accessories for the better part of two years. It was all the way back on November 5th, 2010 that we first got word that T-Mobile would begin carrying accessories “made for iPod and iPhone” with a 30-pin connector cable. In other words, Body Glove cases for the iPhone 5 don’t on their own raise the possibility that the “speculation” coming from Merrill Lynch analysts is anymore believable today than it was yesterday. As always with analyst iPhone rumors, we’re skeptical but hopeful.

Still, there’s plenty of precedent to see the iPhone arrive on T-Mobile as we got inside word yesterday that Magenta has activated an additional 200,000 iPhone devices on the network in the last 60 days. That brings that total number of iSheep (you like that Fandroids?) to right around 1.5 million on the T-Mobile network.

That sounds like plenty of reason to add the iPhone to T-Mobile’s arsenal if 1.5 million customers are willing to live on EDGE while T-Mobile’s network modernization continues.

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  • I still say this is just DUMB!!!! if they are not getting it. If they do, then just SAY that you are getting it already. HORRIBLE marketing on T-Mobile’s part..my goodness.

    • Herb

      How are they doing horrible marketing on a product they don’t even sell? I don’t understand your logic

    • tmofosho

      because secret last min launches never work especially in the 4th quarter in the middle of holiday sales …yeah cause tmo would want all the other carriers exactly when we launch it and plan on having coinciding sales …if its this secret then its the most brilliant launch ever!

    • Str8killa

      Shut up. Everyone knows anticipation sales.

    • Get_at_Me

      Maybe Apple won’t allow them to ‘leak’ that info prematurely. Name a time in history where a carrier has officially announced an iphone launch before Apple. There’s just no reason for TMO to be without the IPhone anymore. TMO is aligning its network with the majority of international GSM carriers. And it wouldn’t be wise of Apple to alienate an untapped market. Sure, TMO wouldn’t make a Sprint like deal, but some deal is better than no deal IMO. Apple still makes money and TMO fills a major hole in its smartphone lineup.

      • bleeew

        If people join T-Mobile for he iPhone, then that means that there is more $, and it will be invested to make networks better.

    • Nice trolling! But I don’t get how this is dumb.

  • scuttlefield

    I guess that we phandroids will just have to learn to share our T-Mo with the iSheep. Just remember, we were here first! DIBS! …on what? I’m not sure, but DIBS anyway!

    • AndroidProfit

      It’s concerning that you care that much about a phone and its users. To label people because they use a phone sounds like a mental condition that requires medication.

      • scuttlefield

        I’m sorry, I was echoing the writer’s use of the terms “phandroids” and “iSheep” in the article. This comment was clearly in jest and just meant to be a little bit of fun. I personally believe that have the iPhone will be great for T-Mobile and welcome it. I personally don’t like the iPhone but understand why other people do. No offense was intended.

        • And I was just poking fun at the inevitable battle that seems to continue between the fans of both sides of the OS war. It’s all fun and games until someone pokes an eye out though.

        • nycplayboy78

          baaaahhhhhh :p

        • Nick Gonzalez

          It’s all good David, I thought it was funny!

        • Alex L.

          just dont let anyone have a red rider bb gun!

        • Little T

          >> It’s all fun and games until someone pokes an eye out though.

          And then it’s a sport.

        • AndroidProfit

          Aaah ok. I :)

      • Mirad77

        Hey Bob don’t take everything so serious. Medications? As much as I don’t like iDevices there are three in my house and I get to do all the updates and sync. Not liking something doesn’t mean you can’t co-exist.
        If iPhone will help our beloved Tmo stay afloat then so be it but for ME there is enough Android to choose from. Hot my N4.

  • Herb

    Do you feel that the analyst’s report is referencing the arrival of a lesser iPhone on Magenta? The iPhone 5 cases make sense to try to capitalize on high holiday traffic, but is your hesitation to jump on the analyst bandwagon due to other information you might have regarding the iPhone 4 or 4S? I just can’t imagine how bad the pricing would be on a no-subsidy Value Plan iPhone 5.

    • Get_at_Me

      I don’t see tmo taking a loss on the iphone. They’d most likely sell it at cost on a value plan. A 16GB IP5 is $650 unlocked on Apple’s website..which translates to ($250 down & $20/mo for 20mos) on a value plan….

      • Whitney

        I can use the EIP on the iphone 5 if everything is true

        • thepanttherlady

          Didn’t you say yesterday you don’t want to sign a contract for the Value plan and only want to pay $200 for the phone? You won’t get either of you use the EIP.

        • Whitney

          I want renew my contract. I just didn’t want to pay 600 dollars

        • thepanttherlady

          With the EIP you will, which btw is only for Value plan customers. You’ll be paying the full retail value of the phone. So you’d be looking at paying $650+ based on recent phones sales.

        • Whitney

          If I migrate to value plan I will still have to $650 for it?

        • thepanttherlady

          Value plan = NO phone subsidy.

          Yes. You will pay whatever the phone costs if you were to walk in and buy it outright. The EIP simply allows you to do so with a down payment then the remaining amount split into equal payments over 20 months.

        • Whitney

          That is what I what do. I want put down payment but into equal payments.

        • thepanttherlady

          Then EIP on the Value plan is what you want. If you’re out of contract now, you can move without getting a phone. By doing that you’d benefit from the lower priced plans now while you wait for a phone you want. You can utilize the EIP at any time.

          Just remember though, once you go Value, you can’t go back to Classic.

        • Whitney

          Then I should probably want until June because that when my contract is up

        • thepanttherlady

          At some point in your contract, you can migrate over to the Value plan without a migration fee.

          In that you’re interested in the iPhone, it is probably best to wait. If T-Mobile does offer it, you’ll have the option of choosing which plan you want. By making the move now, you eliminate one choice.

        • Whitney

          Well I guess wait to see what happens. I been waiting just long so it won’t kill me to wait a little longer

        • thepanttherlady

          I admire your willpower. When it comes to phones, I have none.

        • Whitney

          Do I still have pay full retail price if I ugrade

        • Chris

          hmm, I was able to use EIP even when I was in classic plan before. Don’t know if any policies have changed though because I went to Value Plan last Aug.

        • Herb

          The old “Even More” plans are treated like Classic and they used to (no longer) qualify for EIP. I’ve never heard of EIP on Classic, though.

        • Whitney

          I want an contract

      • bleeew

        No, because I doubt Apple will let that happen. Plus, the “stupid” population will think T-Mobile is expensive because the device costs $250 on downpayment. Any if T-Mobile does do it, and price is based on carrier and not Apple, then maybe ATT and Verizon will follow.

    • $199 down and 22.5 a month for 20 months. Sounds pretty normal for a value plan phone purchase.

  • AndroidProfit

    As an Android user all the way back to the G1 I find some of you extreme android crybabies to be about the most obnoxious group of humans on the planet. Trust me half of your friends hate you and when you leave a party the room erupts with applause.

    • Nick

      “It’s concerning that you care that much about a phone and its users. To label people because they use a phone sounds like a mental condition that requires medication.”

      • portaltonowhere

        amen to that!

      • thepanttherlady

        So I’m not the only one who noticed.

        • nycplayboy78

          PantherLady…HAI :)

        • thepanttherlady

          You sure have been quiet lately! Welcome back. :)

        • nycplayboy78

          Flu season and the my 15 y/o boy going on 30 y/o man also getting on my nerves….ARGH…..

    • Mirad77

      Hey Bob it seems as someone missed their dose this morning.

  • If nothing else, iPhone 5 accessories arriving may just be with the fact that Apple finally made the iPhone 5 available to buy unlocked in the US.

  • bryck

    peoples need to 2 stop heating. I welcome the Iphone and I’m s Note 2 owner and its a great business move for T-MOBILE. WITHOUT THE IPHONE, t-mobile its going to keep losing customers.

    • Aaron Tant

      unless something has changed, the Verizon iPhone 5 came unlocked and should already work on T-Mobile’s network.

  • Does the airportal .de wabsite work??? haven’t been able to get on the website.

    • TayshaunBoba

      It does work, but I’ve seen people online saying that if you have AT&T as your ISP, they are blocking it for some reason.

      • bleeew

        I have ATT isp and it says “could not connect to server” .. i tried it on my phone, but it isnt mobile friendly.

      • yea I have At&t U-Verse and wasn’t able to get on. seems to be working now.

    • GwaoAko

      It is still working open it with Chrome browser on your laptop or desktop. Not on smartphone

    • LE119

      Seems like AT&T is blocking it? Haven’t been able to get on it for a while! only workaround I found was to use the Opera browser in “Turbo mode”

  • Elier Ruiz

    Now that iPhone 5 is sold unlocked on apple’s website there’s gonna be more activations. Yay!

  • Whitney

    Something weird is going on

  • Josue

    watch how t-mobile will have more iPhone activations than all of the 3 carriers combined….just wait and see

    • bleeew

      Doubt it. ATT has the most(left of from original iPhone). Verizon has second most(catching up, has most users in America). Sprint has least. Unless people dont like like the carrier for speed, price, or coverage. If T-Mobile maintains the same price on its plans and gets coverage in rural areas, then maybe T-Mobile might climb its way up.

      • Josue

        i’m sure TMO has something up its sleeve….if they have any lol

  • TBN27

    It is now available unlocked. Thst is the reason. As soon as the refarmed network gets turned on in the GNY area, i am switching over.

  • Wow thats alot of iphones. I hope T-mobile finally gets it because T-Mobile would be able to take down sprint. and watch them crash and burn lol

    • They won’t catch up to Sprint anytime soon. Sorry! If anyone is going to crash and burn, its AT&T. The iPhone is what keeping AT&T afloat.

    • Josue

      Sprint is still alive thanks to the iPhone lol

  • predation

    maybe someone with t-zones can answer this for me…… will using non-tmobile unlocked iphone5 trigger and upsell for data?? you’d figure that tmobile will automatically know you’re using an iphone 5 if you’re using an official nano sim. i mean, i can cut the current sim (cut to fit iphone4), but the width would be an issue.

    • bleeew

      Can you just sandpaper it down?

      • predation

        not sure if i can get the exact measurements down. kind of tough. i’ve seen and felt the new nano and its damn thin…. i’ve read reports that the normal sims cut down work fine, but not sure how much pressure it would exert on the metal pins in the phone. it would be a shame to use the old width on the phone and then have to use the nano sim later and it not even read….

        • Bud

          you can just cut it. buy a nano sim cutter $10

  • Theory

    Today’s Android and Iphone fanboys are the same one Sega and Nintendo Fanboys that I saw arguing on usenet 17 years ago…….

    I own the GS3, my wife and teenager own Iphones. It would be nice to get us all on T-mobile,

  • Lol looks like iPhone is about to takeover T-Mobile. Good!

    Nah seriously, i’m a iOS, Mac, and Android user but I wonder how many of those iPhone activations came through Simple Mobile and ST.


    I have a GS2, and an iPad, and have no interest in getting an iPhone, but am totally fine with TMobile getting the iPhone, as long as they don’t increase everyone else’s rates to paid Apple crazy $15B fee (that is what Sprint has to pay Apple over four years). i am not sure how Apple got Sprint to agree with that, but if TMobile has to increase my rate to get others the iPhone, i am gone.

    • Jason

      Gone to……. other carriers who have previously done what you’re trying to avoid…? Smart!

    • Jesse James

      go to metro PCS!

  • D Velasquez

    all i would love to see is something similar to Japan Docomo or SoftBank(hopefully), NFC implemented properly not just 5 different ways to pay (LevelUp, Blaze Wallet, Google Wallet , Isis, etc etc), allow wider use of NFC technology like using it on the path train(NJ) or any station on NYC metro this way people will see the benefit and adoption wil be faster but only if people sees the benefit also i would love to see Phone designs being unique not just a standard rectangle with rounded corners (that goes also for the S3)

    oh well, i guess i can’t complaint too much given the fact we are just getting into the NFC/Wireless technology wagon, i don’t understand why ATT, TMo and Verizon went for creating yet another NFC standard when you can have Sony’s FeliCa and as for the iPhone i really welcome the device to the Company, we all know and as much as many people hate to agree that T-Mobile does need the iPhone even Magenta top people agrees it has been one of the reason why customers left for another carrier,.

  • smitty

    Haha yes I DO like that, David! Lol

  • Screw this. When will they get cases for the Nexus 4?

  • The cases are in store. I really hope the phone is finally coming. My whole family wants iPhones and I would like to get them all on T-Mobile instead of Verizon which they are considering.

    • Whitney

      I hope it comes too so get I can get rid of my HTC

  • I’m mature so I don’t bash the iPhone like a child,I personally never liked the iPhone from the first iteration to the present. I’m a leader and I see far too many people on Apple’s coattails and its following in theory. Anyways the fact that nearly two million people use the device on T-Mobiles’ network is bad enough. I wish T-Mobile would say we DON’T want the iPhone subsidy, but our customers are more than welcome to use it

    • bob90210

      I’m a leader too. That’s why I post on random blogs.

      • Good now.go create your own post don’t reply to mines


        • bob90210

          @Jecire: I’m mature so blah, blah, blah…

          Ha ha. Thanks for the laugh.

  • hmm

  • Jeff

    Yea i just activated my mom’s IPhone 5 on T-mobile yesterday and it was picking up HSPA+ in certain areas!!