Costco Gets In On The Two Day Samsung Sale Fun

T-Mobile’s not the only one getting in on the Samsung Two-Day sale as Costco launches their “4G Samsung Smartphone Sale.” Running for two days only, today November 16th and tomorrow, November 17th, Costco’s special offer is on the Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III devices.

The deal requires a new two-year agreement (new lines and qualifying upgrades )on any Classic Unlimited Talk and Text plan along with qualifying Unlimited Nationwide 4G or higher data feature.

For the Samsung Galaxy S III, the rebate amount is $150 for a $30 net price after mail-in rebate. The Galaxy S II has a $100 mail-in rebate for a $20 net price.

Be sure to give glance over the document and see if you meet all the rebate requirements and then head down to your local Costco to scoop up these deals.


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  • David

    Wait, it says the add on lines requires the unlimited minutes “addon” which isn’t required from Tmobile. That’s an extra $40 a month for the 3rd and 4th line.

  • wondering

    why would i purchase gs3 from costco when tmo selling it for free after rebate?

    • jimmy

      because in order to get that “free” phone from tmo it would add $20 to my voice plan and $20 to my data plan. An extra $40/month+ tax to get a free phone? That’s $500+ in the first year. I am better off paying $299 or less somewhere else to get the phone without having to upgrade my plan.

      • JoeyKhache

        You also forgot the fact that you receive the rebate after 4-6 weeks so its your choice whether you’d like to keep those features after the 4-6 weeks. Just lower your data back down to 2gb’s and remove unlimited calling. Not hard.

  • Nick Cannon

    Too bad Best Buy isn’t doing this deal rebate free

  • TaekwonBo

    Costco also requires you pay taxes on the retail price of the phone.

    • Hesster

      That’s due to state tax laws, and true for any retailer.

  • thegoodtest

    Keep an eye on Target. Last year they had a better deal going on in December than any one else including Tmobile and Costco has now. I picked up an SGII for $ rebate hassle. They undercut everyone last year.

  • deceptivesmiles

    Walmart is offering the gs3 for $130 and a $100 gift card on BF

    • twicetheprice

      The downside: fighting the lines at Walmart on Black Friday.

  • Josue

    so do they have the Note 2 as well or just the S2 & S3?

  • msmmpb

    Um, isn’t Sam’s Club offering the SGIII for .96, no rebate, on Black Friday? Why would ANYONE do this deal (or T-Mobile’s, for that matter, when taxes will cost you much more than .96)?

    • Hesster

      Because not everyone has a membership to Sam’s Club?

      Personally, I’d rather chop off a toe than give money to Wal-Mart.