Samsung’s Original Galaxy Note Returns To

In a fun little twist, the original Samsung Galaxy Note is making a cameo appearance on today (at least when we first noticed), but there’s a catch. If you want to snatch up the OG Note, prepare to pay $50 more than the current generation Galaxy Note II which surpasses its predecessor in just about every way. I have no idea why its priced this high and it’s clear that T-Mobile wants your attention where it should be, the current model Galaxy Note II.

Still, if you’re absolutely dead-set on adding the OG Note to your collection, you’re just $249 dollars away from doing so.


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  • jonstonson

    well look at the rebates David… $300 out the door or $500. May sway some people?

    • That’s just this weekend though, the actual pricing of $369 still makes it more relevant than the original. Also, I may be one of the few people concerned only with my net cost. Though, that’s likely because I don’t buy anything on contract anymore.

      • MarcusDW

        You don’t buy anything. You know you got the hookup on freebies David! :-D

  • Big burger potato nipple

    Who would pay 250 on contract for the original galaxy note, when you can get the galaxy note II for 200?

    • Get_at_Me

      My thoughts exactly…WTF are they thinking???

    • DUDE

      you pay more out of pocket for the galaxy note 2 than you would for the samsung galaxy note ($499.99 vs $249.99) and that price is only for today and tomorrow, from sunday on the price for the samsung galaxy note 2 will revert back to it’s original price at 369.99 vs 249.99 for the samsung galaxy note … if i am understanding everything correctly.

  • Nick Cannon

    OG Note is there to confuse and trick people into buying an older device…

  • MarcusDW

    The Note will be $249 from Sunday on while the Note 2 will be $369.

    Plus, the Note 1 is $200 less out of pocket up front.

  • mikkej2k

    Any information when/if T-Mobile will update to latest version of JB?

  • Leonel2323

    When will the galaxy note receive jelly bean update?

    • Really good question. I’m waiting too.

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      By the end of this year, it is in the works, and leaked firmware are already out. For the international variant though :P

  • T-mobile, C’MON MAN!

  • Bimmer08

    T-Mobile is being very stupid lately. More than usual.

  • cassoftroy

    I actually may pick this up…I waited for months and Tmobile never got the original note (while I was waiting) so I bought a galaxy nexus that I love. This price seems pretty good and I like the first note’s width better than the galaxy note II which looks just like a bigger s III to me.

  • Josue

    if you but the original note instead of the note 2 you must be on something… lol

  • Trevnerdio

    Who in their right mind would buy this now…

  • Joseph Tongret

    That’s pretty funny stuff, but I can’t imagine who would be interested in buying the original galaxy note at this point in time, unless they were getting it at a considerably lower price & truly aren’t interested in having the most current phone. The Note 2 however, may be the first phone that I keep as my daily driver for more then 4 months, lol. Even with the slightly faster cpu’s such as the s4 pro hitting the market, I personally can’t see any room for improvement. I’m finally at a point where hardware is no longer of any concern, & I will only be sold by additions to software. I really don’t think I could move to a smaller screen after getting used to the size of this phone, and I’ve somehow fallen in love with TW’s extra functionalities & all of the productivity features Samsung has packed into the Note 2. Of course I do still find TW to be not so pretty, but Nova launcher has taken care of that. I’ll be purchasing the Nexus 4 as soon as Google has more in stock, and I’ll carry that occasionally to mix it up & I’m get my fix of Vanilla Android, but with the N2 I think Samsung has just about put together the perfect device for someone like myself.

  • DA

    First off if you noticed under the note 2 it says web only offer through bla bla date which means its a sale and that it is not the original price. who ever wrote this was not looking or thinking. the original price for the note 2 is over three hundred dollars not under. so you would not be paying $50 more for the old one….