T-Mobile Posts New “4G Data Showdown” Commercial, Carly’s Back On The Bike

T-Mobile’s newest 30 second commercial spot once again highlights the company’s Unlimited Nationwide 4G against the data plans of the other big four carriers. The entire comparison takes place as Carly races three other riders, so its unlimited data and Carly on a motorcycle, what more can you ask for?

Ever wonder which network has the best unlimited data plan for your 4G smartphone, including the new Samsung Galaxy S III? We put the facts on the table in this head-to-head race. Nationwide 4G network. No caps. No overages. No limits. Only from T-Mobile. See our 4G in action at t-mobile.com/testdrive.


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  • Benjamin@tmo

    Love the new commercial! PS: FIRST

  • GwapoAko

    Nice one!!! They should also show the prices!!! :0)

  • Deadeye37

    I wonder if Carly ever thought that she would become a biker chick…

  • Ben

    Great ad. I look forward to seeing more like this one. Hopefully that deal with Metro PCS is successful.

  • I love it !!!!!!

  • kev2684

    now that’s how you bring down competition. now compare data plan prices!

    • Mirad77

      doubt that

  • LMAO poor sprint crashed n burned….. :(

  • Mirad77

    As much as I don’t like Apple’s products, the one thing I give to them is they know how to market their products and services and making it sounds as they are the first to things they might be last in. When my wife saw this she ask me the same question that she did when she saw the one-two commercial Carly was counting towers; is that T-Mobile and wassup with the bike in phone company? We lovers of tech and Tmo fans like it and are already Tmo customers. But someone tell me how this will push you as a non T-mo customer to get in that store to sign a new 2yr contract, coz this is not for me but to those are not on Tmo yet…………

  • mikkej2k

    Why does the ad say only Samsung smartphones? If you didn’t know better you would watch this commercial and think ONLY Samsung phones are eligible for T-Mobiles unlimited plans.

    I hope they change the wording for the narration. You are NOT limited to Samsung smartphones.

    • Mirad77

      that and some other issues don’t just sell the commercial correctly.

    • UMA_Fan

      Maybe Samsung went halvesies with T-Mobile to pay for the commercial?

  • MarcusDW

    I love that commercial. Makes me wanna jump on my ZZR600 right now!

  • UMA_Fan


    Only change I would make is that the at&t and verizon bikers should have crashed and blown up

    • They should have had the AT&T rider try and jump on Carly’s ride then get kicked off…

  • Guest

    I like the attack on Sprint. This is ad revenge by T-Mobile for when they mocked their throttling.

  • Getting bored with the Carly on a bike campaign. They should of had her wear some sexy skimpy Halloween Costume instead and went with a theme like “T-Mobile gets you More Carly than any other network.” And basically had Sprint, Verizon, ATT all wearing costumes too, but bad old lady costumes like a covered up nun, a begger, ect =)

    • Anti Michael Delgado

      tragic. Simply tragic. First, they are not going to spend millions of dollars of advertising for a Halloween commercial. Who tf would want to see a Halloween com during thanksgiving Secondly, that costume idea would be bad T-Mobile and bad for America.

  • john

    shocked to see Carly with VOdoo, VODOO you know

  • What they fail to mention is that their unlimited data (which I do have) isn’t all that great when you only get two bars of 2g signal at your house and can’t use it unless you drive to the main part of town.

  • Kevin

    The biker chick persona is so stupid.

  • Willie D

    Sprint different slow down on LTE, they are just limited with The coverage area.

  • archerian

    Juts saw this now, Carly makes a false start but they don’t call a restart?

  • TonyTonie

    Where is their 4G?