T-Mobile Set To Introduce Black HTC One S, Available November 7th

We’ve long been teased with the hope that T-Mobile would eventually release a Black version of the HTC One S and now we’ve got our wish. Beginning November 7th, T-Mobile will release the HTC One S device with the very same specs as the current Blue/Gray model. The black color variant will not be sold in stores and available only online and through customer care.


  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean upgrade is coming
  • 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor
  • 8 megapixel rear camera, 1080p video recording
  • 4.3″ qHD AMOLED 960×540 display
  • 16GB internal memory

No word on color specific pricing, so we imagine it’ll be available at the same price as the Blue/Gray One S.

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  • Chris

    I don’t get why they do these new colors so late. I understand some people don’t care about specs like us on this site, but still…come on.

    • Jason Crumbley

      To drive sales.

      Edit: Not related to the post. Is anybody else having a problem with disqus not showing replies to your posts? I get the notification next to “my disqus” but when I click on it, there’s nothing there.

    • fatleo

      HTC has the worst marketing department.

      • kk888

        Most software bugs and worst warranty as well..

    • 1Upper

      The black one is Europe has chipping issues and Tmobs didn’t want to launch a phone that had the same. They opted for an alternative paint process that took longer to produce the phones.

      • Chris

        Very good point

  • mikkej2k

    This is silly! I’ve always prefered HTC phones but a change in color MEANS VERY LITTLE.
    HTC sales have been awful , and color schemes aren’t a fix.

  • NinoBr0wn

    Sunuvabitch. Whatever. I’m about to dump this for the Nexus anyway. Sense is just way too much bloat underneath.

  • Josue

    hate 2 say this but…

    HTC cany make a phone to save themselves

  • Deon Davis

    The Black One S is sexy! Tough choice between this and the Nexus 4 both are great phones!

    • I would agree, but Nexus 4 is LG!?!? Jury is still out for me. I currently have the S3, and though it is smoking fast, I HATE touchwiz. I was super excited about Google’s new Nexus lineup… then I heard about LG and was sad. I was then banking on Tmo’s next HTC would be at least the One S+, so I could sell my S3 and come back to HTC. So sad.

  • aj

    Oh wow, only six or so months after it was out in the rest of the world. Still, it’s quite a nice device

  • JIM

    Pointless to those of us who only buy the newest but as long as T-Mo continues offering the latest and best, they can offer the OG Moto Razr for all I care.

  • anand999

    I have a hard time trying to justify the One S vs. the new LG Optimus L9 and Samsung Galaxy S3, brand faithfuls aside. Non-power users are better off saving a considerable amount of money buying the much cheaper and nearly as powerful LG and power users should spend the extra few bucks on the S3.

  • GwapoAko


  • Nick

    FYI, these are not the very same specs. The gray version has only 8gb internal memory.

    • 1Upper

      The picture above states the Black has the same specs as the Blue/Gray. FYI.

      • Nick

        Now that I think about it, i think the gray does have 16gb but some is reserved for system stuff, 4 gb is for apps, and only 8 gb is available for music, pics, videos, etc.

  • Adrian Torres-Vega

    I own the black T Mobile branded One S, it is a very beautiful and capable device (S4 is still relevant, Sense is less bloated with no crashes). Had it been released initially at launce, it definitely would’ve been a seller. Im pro HTC and am still on the Android wave, at this point a color refresh of existing hardware wont do much for HTC or T Mobile. I dont see how anyone would be willing to buy one now considering the new set of devices available at the same time.

    Again, stunning. Really gorgeous. However at this point, the reframing cant happen fast enough as I have my eyes set on a European One X+

  • fatleo

    HTC is going out of business.

  • RICK


    • PiCASSiMO

      Try not using capital letters.

      Try 808 PureView , Lumia 920 or IPhone 5

  • Well I guess if they were going to announce the availability of the HTC One S SE. They would of done it today :/ really want a white version w/ 64 GB available here in the US

  • I just don’t understand TMo’s logic! What are they doing?? lol

    Overpriced phone, check.
    Late on releases, check.
    Not very many high end devices in their line-up, check.
    Not willing to take a risk, check.
    Releasing devices that should have been released a looooooooong time ago, CHECK!
    And finally, bashing a phone and company…THEN TRYING TO JOIN THEM, bashing a phone, then trying to get people to bring that phone to their company afterwards. CHECK and FAIL, lol. Horrible…just horrible.

    • 1Upper

      T-Mobile delayed this phone because it couldn’t pass quality control. The micro-arc oxidation process was flaking on European models and they didn’t want to ship a phone that did the same. T-Mobile opted for a more rigorous paint process that takes longer for the phone to leave the production line, but has better results. Sounds illogical, right? Why take a risk, right? Also, HTC One S, HTC 8X, GS3, Note II, and Nexus 4 sounds like a terrible line up of phones, right?

      Check and Fail…

      • While I respects others comments, yours just sounds silly!

        • 1Upper

          It wouldn’t be the internet unless people left silly comments that don’t contain any substance or any knowhow of why people or businesses make the decisions they make.

        • Agreed.

  • Ben

    Still no SD card slot and removable battery? I guess I’ll be going for the Galaxy S3. Thanks, though.

  • RC

    Better late than never, I guess.

  • kev2684

    Ah., now HTC releases it on another carrier when it’s fire is nearly out. learn from Samsung, HTC. they release it in all carriers in a matter of weeks. not half a year. that’s why your sales are down. you’re locking yourself to AT&T like Nokia.

  • joel_axel

    ill get it if its 4 free

  • Larry Bair

    I also love HTC and the One S but agree this is too little too late. HTC builds some awesome solid phones…. remember the original nexus one. Loved that phone even with the nutty trackball.

    Now if they were to release the black version with JellyBean then maybe it might get me to switch. The whole US market is f***ed up with proprietary models and slow updates. What I really want is an HTC One X with Virgin JellyBean on T-Mobile. Samsung phones are way to plasticy for me and the LG phones are crap…. Had the Prada phone for like 5 min and realized it was such crap I returned it. I want the Nexus 4 but don’t have much faith in LG to pull it off.

  • corona10

    Why not release the HTC One x+? What caused it to fail testing?Why is this device STILL ONLY on AT&T 6 months later?They wonder why it didn’t sell in the US. ITS ONLY ON ONE US CARRIER.This just makes me so irritated. The stupid exclusives. Well HTC your first one 6 months ago didnt’ equal blockbuster sales, why would you do it again with the refresh and think the outcome would be any different? This is just totally stupid. Your flagship device in the US only available on one carrier. A variant on another which is cdma(Sprints evo lte one x variant) with the insanely silly long name. No variants on the others. And gee I wonder why it hasn’t sold as well as the GS3? GS3 launch on ALL carriers( including regional) within weeks of each. HTC you have GOT to stop being a bitch to the carriers. Release the flagship device on ALL carriers. And for goodness sakes, do your own damned advertizing.

  • OZ

    They need to fix Wi-Fi calling once and for all. It was working perfectly on the G2.

  • YoureProbADumbass

    its unfortunate it should have been one x+

  • Jose M Gonzalez

    oh f**k you t-mobile…..just after i get the gray one you release the one i actually wanted :( they have a history of doing this crap to customers. plus beats on this phone sux and the speaker on it is horrible. i can’t even turn my volume all the way up with music.

  • Boo! This is T-mobile’s copout for not offering the one X+ or even an updated one S+. By releasing a new color, it makes it seem as if it’s a brand new phone in light of the competition. Bad form I say, bad form.

  • roosevelt

    My HTC amaze has the exact same specs and its a 2011 phone. I’ll pass until the 2014 HTC’s come out.

  • AxisFx

    I have a love/Hate relation with my HTC 1-S, it has a better camera than my GS3 or my Nexus-3 and feels better in the hand but the limited storage and the finger print magnet screen are terrible. My Nexus 3 & GS3 glass hardly feels sticky with stubborn fingerprint marks as my One-S. I love the 3-finger swype for my wireless streams. I keep noticing the HTC market value going down since the my Sensation 4G. The Amaze was nothing amazing, redundant, heavy & ugly. HTC makes higher quality product but had no taste in design till the One Series, but they chose to take away (the usually available) MicroSD slot and offer premium priced phones with low class 16GB non-expandebile memory on Both USA One-X & S. In addition, they gave exclusives to carriers where each phone belonged to a carrier instead of catering to customers. Sad to see HTC going down hard and they don’t care. I guess, they made more money than they expected and were surprised by their sudden success of the 2009 to 2011. Hope they wake up and change Management soon because Win-8 is not going to save them just as Win-7 didn’t save Nokia.

  • NEOprene

    I own an HTC ONE S and quite frankly it seems as though HTC’s marketing team would rather go for for quality in stead of quantity and I can respect that coming from a Samsung Sidekick paperweight joke…. However no device is without it’s glitches, just that HTC minimizes them greatly!!! May return the HTC ONE S for Black-within my 30 day return policy!!!