See The T-Mobile HTC One S In All Black, You Just Can’t Buy It

There it is, the once-thought-not-to-exist black HTC One S complete with T-Mobile branding. Unfortunately you’ll have to contain your excitement as these devices are only being handed out to T-Mobile store reps after achieving certain sales goals with HTC devices. As it stands now, there is no concrete intel that has us believing that T-Mobile will begin selling these in stores. I’ll go on record and say that they absolutely should, this thing is beautiful in all black.

Like its lighter-colored sibling, the HTC One S features a 4.3″ Super AMOLED qHD display, Snapdragon S4 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 16GB internal storage, 7.95mm profile, f/2.0 8 megapixel camera with 1080p video, and Beats Audio for your music listening enjoyment. All that packaged with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Sense 4 makes for a compelling offer on America’s formerly Largest 4G network.

Let’s hope T-Mobile decides to carry these in-store or online, even in a limited run it’s all the more appealing in all black.

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  • Dima Aryeh

    Mother of god, even I’d use that

  • I may own a GS3 but dang, if the One S isn’t sexier than both the One X and the GS3!! (even if its by a small margin).  ; )


    What is with HTC and their thing with red? Ugliest color.

    • Red is awesome! it goes perfectly with  Black!

    • AboutAesthetics

      The red ruins the phone… Makes it look cheap. If it was all red.., wow.

    • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

      Looks black to me. 

  • epsiblivion

    well, there’s always ebay/craigslist.

    • FILA

      yea, on ebay within the next week for 800

  • tomnewtn

    I was waiting to see if they would sell it in black. Guess not.

    • Solaveifoundingmember

      Solavei is selling them in black.  I have one.  solaveifoundingmember at gmail dot com

  • JB

    Oh my, that is one sexy phone… I hope they DON’T sell it in black.. I don’t need to get another phone, ‘just because’… LOL

  • JBrowne1012

    I was told by a tmo rep in my store that they were supposed to get them for sale sometime this month I hope they were right

  • Roger Deoliveira

    OH RRRLLYYY?? im going to right fit everyone for the HTC’s from here on out…I will get this phone.

  • LoganK

    If only the HTC One Stealth (see what I did there…) came with a SD card slot…

    • Louis B

      if only u made a joke that’s actually funny.

      • Tom

        If only you had decent grammar, or at least something original to say.

  • Sweet can’t wait for mine to ship!! Won one in that contest.

  • Whoknows1291

    My coworker and I both won HTC One S from the contest. He got his first and it’s the black HTC One S. Mine should be coming tomorrow morning and hopefully its the black one as well :D

    • cdc

      DiHas anyone gotten there phone from the htc spin to win contest

  • I’m not even sad. I love my HTC One S with Grey & the Blue lining around my camera lens. Those are my 2 faves colors. But to each his/her own.

  • Luizx2004

    im sure its coming to the states soon, i doubt tmobile made just a couple of U.S spec HTC One S in ceramic black just for a handful of employees

  • MisterBlue

    Maybe love the female form too much, but I have never thought of a phone as “sexy.”  It’s just creepy the way people are describing phones and tables as sexy these days.  Now Carly (and even Catherine Zeta-Jones) … mmm  mmm mmm

    • MisterBlue

      I meant “Maybe I love the female form too much”

    • Bz81

       We get it, you’re straight, welcome to a less than exclusive club ;)

      No different than calling a car or bike or house or anything else “sexy”, it is a figure of speech (for most)

  • davidwal

    It looks like the new EVO. It would be pretty cool if they did sell that color. It would probably go for big money on ebay. I put my phones in cases so it would not effect me. 

  • JBLmobileG1

    Nice looking phone. I like the red and black colors together. Two of my favorite but being that there is no sd slot or removable battery with this phone I think I’d still pass even if it was available to the masses. Now if the SG3 was released in these colors I think we’d have a winner.

  • This company would be a lot more successful if they used what they had, to get what they wanted. But, their not smart enough to do that. That’s too bad.

  • get at me banana

    that looks nice all black with red outline on the camera too bad its not got general sale to the public i wouldnt mind buying that phone.

  • Xavier

    what’s so special about them employees reaching goals…IT’S THEIR JOB TO REACH GOALS?!  maybe more would buy the HTC One S if the black one was to drop too

    • Bob

      The goals were obscenely high in this case, essentially you had to sell something in the neighborhood of 30 HTC devices. Keeping in mind during this time all we had were Radars and One s’s.

      • Xavier

         pfft good luck with that number…and point taken…ridiculous goal…ridiculous prize.  save the phone, cut back on that insane number of 30.  instead, release the phone to public, make a realistic goal of like, 15.  my store is next to a tmo store…they are lucky to get 50 “buying” customers….and 30 is a goal?  GTFO!!!

        • JoeyKhache

          I won two :)…not so hard in my store

  • TMoFan

    Very sharp looking! Does this have MAO?

  • thejudge

    does the color really make a difference of why people would want a phone, cause thats a dumb reason to buy a phone! “Oh that phone is black i bet its awesome” DUMB!!

    • JB

      Because aesthetics, no matter how you slice it, is a part of the overall buying decision… That’s why manufacturers in almost every industry makes products in different sizes, shapes, colors and whatnot. Say you had a favorite car, you’re going to shop for color too, yes? Or better yet, when you buy a phone that you’ve been eyeing and it comes in various colors, you’re going to buy the one that looks the best to you, right?

      I almost pulled the trigger on the One S when it was released because it was sexy, but I wasn’t digging the color (or the fact that it didn’t have a removable battery or storage) So I waited for the GSIII instead (and I’m so glad I did) but now seeing the One S in black… It’s a very tempting compulsive buy if they decide to sell it. :-)   

      • Frank

        Wonderful retort, now hand me your man card. Seriously. 

        • JB

          Why do you need mine? Did you lose yours somewhere along the way?? Or did you ever have one in the first place?

        • Frank

          No simply for the fact that you word prefer an inferior product to another primarily off the basis of it’s color. Function over form my friend, otherwise a race car driver may use your very same logic to prefer a Toyota Celica over a Chevrolet Comaro SS.

        • JB

          How did you get that from my analogy? I never said I would choose an inferior product solely on the basis of color. I said that color is (which is a part of aesthetics) is PART of the overall buying decision … In the car example, I said “favorite car” That would imply that you have already made up your mind about which car you’re going to get. So the Celica vs Camaro logic is moot. All that’s left for you to decide at that point are features (i.e. Do you want a spoiler? Automatic vs. manual transmission? V6 or V8 engine, color, ect. ect…)

          As far as the phone is concerned, I’d hardly call the One S inferior. It’s a pretty powerful device, nice screen even at it’s smaller size (which is great for those who thing 4.8 is too big) Excellent camera and while it doesn’t have some of the features (if not a little gimmicky) that the S III have, it implements it’s custom UI very well. 

          I will stress that the MAIN reason I held out on getting the One S is that when it was released, the GS III was a few months away and I wanted to see what Samsung was going to bring to the table. So at that point I hadn’t made up my mind yet. Ultimately, the non-removable battery and the lack of expandable memory was the killer… It’s not important to some, but it is to me, so in my case I absolutely chose function over form in getting the S III, my friend. But I would be lying if I said that the color of the One S didn’t help it’s case either.

  • Anon

    For the love of God, please release this phone in black.  If I have to wait any longer, I’m getting the Galaxy S3 instead.

  • gotta say i preferred the black one to the gradient when it was announced .. wouldn’t mind switching to the black one.

  • VZW Guru

    I hate T-Mobile service and dont necessarily like HTC lines but I must admit that this One S looks stunning in Black but nonetheless I will take my Galaxy S3 on Verizon anyday over anything else. That is until the new nexus devices/phones come out then I will definitely pick one of those up.

    • Dumbazz

      You go right ahead and take your Locked Bootloader, while I flash jellybean on my Tmo GS3

      • Keith Lewis

         ok…Oh wait bootloader was unklocked day one… by whom? Oh yeah HTC…. do your research bubba… way to live up to your name….

        • BIGG13

          He was talking about the Verizon SGS3. A little more reading would help avoid these kinds of comments.

    • Joseph Tongret

      I think your on the wrong Site Bud? :-)

  • I hope this isnt the same black One S sold overseas. That one is known to chip and have the color rubbed off. Maybe HTC fixed the problem or theyre trying to get rid of the faulty ones by giving it for free to employees. 

    • Richlok

      Looks like it is as mine chipped after one day.

  • Lakeshow5824

    I received my black HTC one S today and its definitely better in!