T-Mobile Drops “America’s Largest 4G Network Claim” As Of July 10th

I’m sorry to say that we’ve just heard via a Fierce Wireless story that T-Mobile has discontinued its “America’s Largest 4G Network” tagline after 18 months of use. As of July 10th, T-Mobile will no longer use the phrase “America’s Largest 4G network,” instead focusing on rivaling its competitors with speed in real-world tests.

“With the breadth of T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G network well established, we recently moved to a network claim that reflects the network’s performance and reliability, particularly with the $4 billion investment we’re making and recent accolades like the PC Magazine Fastest Mobile Networks Test, which showed T-Mobile’s 4G network to be very competitive with current LTE networks,” wrote T-Mobile spokeswoman Danielle Hopcus in response to questions from FierceWireless. “T-Mobile became the first nationwide 4G network and began using ‘America’s Largest 4G Network’ in marketing more than 18 months ago. Since that time, competitors have worked to catch up as we’ve continued to expand and strengthen our 4G network. We don’t care to debate these last few POPs, and the numbers are constantly changing.”

As of today, T-Mobile says their 4G network covers 220 million people in 229 markets, with Verizon’s LTE network on track to meet their goal of 400 US markets by the end of the year and AT&T recently announcing it covers 250 million people with its “4G” network, which covers both HSPA+ and LTE technologies.

As of today, AT&T still lays claim to the “America’s Largest 4G network” tagline, with Verizon claiming on its website that it offers “America’s fastest 4G network” and that it also provides “more 4G LTE coverage than all other networks combined.”

Anyone concerned about T-Mobile losing this tagline, or is just marketing speak that really doesn’t matter anymore?

Fierce Wireless

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  • Steve102680

    Dont really care as long I continue to get 4G

  • Hudi G.

    Bad news for their marketing dept

  • Get_at_Me

    I dont mind it… Atleast theyre being honest.. New tagline should be, “the nation’s most advanced lte network”

    • They need an LTE network for that.

      • Temporary_253

        Why? This is marketing…

        • Dakota

          They need a new marketing team – and have needed one for a long time

        • ducatiswagg2

          the marketing is getting slightly better. But when there LTE comes and iphone… watch the vrench toast out!

      • Get_at_Me

        I meant the nations most advanced 4g network. My bad.

  • MuthaFuckinStephen

    Yay let’s play catch up

  • There’s a special place in purgatory for marketing departments…

  • ingram1225

    I never bought the hype… as a 4g HTC One S owner, I have yet to see anything above 8.4Mbps which was on a UMTS network in Seattle, Washington. Fastest HSPA result (also in Seattle) was just 2.83Mbps with a high ping time of 121 ms taken at 7:30pm. 

    • Edy6401

      That sucks. dont know why that is. my gs3 gets 24.65mbps with a 57 ping here in detroit.

      • Fireice

        That makes sense. You have the entire Detroit T-Mobile network at your disposal since nobody lives there.

      • Gouv

        I had to pass through Detroit on a work trip… It was sad and really in bad shape aside from down town.

    • ducatiswagg2

      No one please pay any attention to this comment for it is complete and utter garboshe’… Dude you must have put a kryptinite case around your phone.

  • Honestly doesn’t matter. I’m happy to see that T-Mobile is finally fixing the issues that most T-Mobile customers have been complaining about since forever. My data speeds at home (San Leandro, CA) have recently increased from 500-1000k to a consistent 6000-8000 on my G2. That’s one hell of an improvement.

    • Mattcat03

      Thats not Tmo, thats because of the Phone.

      • It’s definitely T-Mobile. Did some testing on my lady’s MT4G and it’s getting the same level of performance. They seem to have done some work on the towers over here or perhaps increased the fiber backhaul.

        • Gouv

          The interesting part about that is they probably depend on Verizon or any other competitor for fiber. In some parts of massachussetts (my sate), and new Hampshire tmo and sprint are forced to lease from Comcast and Verizon for backhaul and fiber connections. You learn amazing things at RF shows from recently retired older guys. Now I don’t have this in writing but… I don’t see why old retired Verizon employees would fabricate such a thig.


    All I know is that my speeds in my area with T-Mobile are fierce. That’s all I care about.

    • Dbean

      So You have a gun in your profile picture but u use the word fierce… Am I the only one who sees something wrong with that?

      • Gouv

        Hey…. My smith & Wesson model 29 is quite fierce…. So is my newly purchased desert eagle. This has nothing to do with what you are getting at I just wanted to brag about my new handguns :-)

  • so what are they gonna say now? America’s Another 4G Network?

    • Dakota


      • Gouv

        Tmobile… The carrier that cares about you!

        That could work! Even though none of them really care about us :-(

        • UMA_Fan

          I like it.  They should totally personalize it.

  • BigMixxx

    T mobile:  ‘Makes sense if you don’t think about it’…

    I love big magenta…they are good to me…

  • Matcatt03

    That just tells you that Tmobile belongs in 3rd Place as usual.  I really don’t care as far as I am concern.  I just know that with Tmobile I am paying for service a lot less than I would with the other carriers ( I have 5 lines).  Although you do get what you pay for with Tmobile, I’m hopeful that Tmo will get their act together. Maybe Carly should just do a commercial singing “Im sexy and I know it” in a pink bikini. 

    • Gouv

      They are usually referred to as #4 based on customer size. Sprint (#3) has a larger customer base than they do and size of customer base is used to typically determine carrier dominance i.e 1(vzw), 2(AT&T), 3(SPRINT),4(the little magenta carrier that could)

      • Julian P.

         Its actually 1. AT&T 2. Verizon 3. Sprint 4. T-mobile. Other than that, true.

        • Gouv

          Sorry julian, I was right. Vzw has approx 110 mill an AT&T approx 103-104 million.

  • Dakota

    They’ve got to stop the comparisons between Tmobile 4G and iPhone 3G….The iPhone LTE will release and that conversation will be moot.   WIth VZ and ATT switching to shared data – which reallysucks for us individual customers – Tmobile would really do well if they could offer the iPhone with their current Classic Plans.

    • drivethruboy168

      But the iPhone 4s says 4G on top of it with AT&T which is HSPA+. So T-Mobile can compare between the 2 because the iPhone 4s is HSPA+ and well I guess a 4G phone now.

      • EhWoL

        As I  understand it. The IPhone only “says” “4G” but is only capable of a 3G connection. Pretty sure that it only operates on all the carriers 3G network and not HSPA+,Wimax, or LTE. and only 2G GSM if unlocked and used with T-mobile.

        • Gand

          You are correct. The 4S is physically incapable for reaching the “4g” speeds. It cannot utilize the dual carrier option like t-mo phones can regardless of what the phone displays. Most people do not know that and are fooled. 

    • Steven Hammons

      All the new LTE iPhone users will suck those networks dry of any serious speed. I bet once all is said and done that T-Mobile’s HSPA+ iPhone will be very competitive with the rest.

  • Davenycept

    Hey I’m in el paso tx and my gs2 averages 9-16 mbps on Tmobile so im fine with that

    • Drewjacobo81

      I live in el paso TX also have you noticed any sudden drops in speed, my HTC sensation 4G used to get 4-5 mbps easily and now it barely reaches 2

      • Gouv

        Well when AT&T was refarming 850mhz for 3G, that same thing happened to us here in the Bosom area. However after 2 weeks the speeds became kick ass awesome. So I’m assuming they are probably tooling around with their spectrum considering all the talk about getting it done ASAP.

  • Singleweird

    what do people do with their phones? like, how is anything above 2mbps even necessary? 

    • cprigge

      I agree. I would gladly pay less to only have HSPA+ and forgo LTE completely. 

    • 21stNow

       Necessary, maybe not. Highly desired, absolutely.  I lost home Wi-fi service with the recent storms that we’ve had.  Having high-speed internet on my phone helped during the week that I was without internet service at home.  Considering that my home internet is slow and unreliable (it doesn’t take a bad storm to knock it out), I appreciate having 20+ Mbps at my disposal.  I don’t have many tolerable choices for home internet now.  My phones help me make it until another company decides to bring good internet service to my neighborhood.

  • I have accounts with T-Mobile and Verizon. On Verizon’s LTE Network I get on average about 15 MB down and 5 up. Very fast and reliable but a killer on batteries. On T-Mobile I get on average about 12 MB down and 4 up but HSPA+ is fabulous on batteries. Saying that I prefer my T-Mobile account because not only is it super fast and reliable there is no other carrier that can compete with their prices. I would be very happy with HSPA+, many other countries do not have plans to ever go LTE. We are a very lucky country to have both. T-Mobile will be IMO the best carrier by next year. With their HSPA+ and future LTE Network they will have it all. Apple will be begging them to sell their products. Make them sweat T-Mobile.
    T-Mobile is # 1 IMO. 

    • Mark

       I wonder how you guys get those speeds.  My One S has never hit 3000 kbps, even in downtown Boston where the map says they have strong 4G (using speedtest.net… is there a better app?).

  • UMA_Fan

    It was a good run.  It was good to see a lot of people who normally try to down play T-Mobile get thrown a bit as they tried to dismiss T-Mobile’s new found quality statement.

    Regardless of what your definition of 4G was, T-Mobile had some of the best coverage of the fastest data speeds available.  If the iPhone 4s with the same specs launched with T-Mobile (assuming tmo hspa+ support) they could have rightfully claimed they have the best coverage of the fastest iPhone speeds… even TODAY.

    Hopefully we’ll see T-Mobile be able to make statement on how they surpass their competitors in the future.  Maybe with their LTE advanced network, they’ll beat the everyone in the speed game.

    • Gouv

      Well it makes sense… It was only a matter of time before the other massive carriers made it too easy to disprove tmobiles claim, making tmo look like total bull shitters. Honestly, it’s probably for the best. Tmobile has other struggles they need to contend with first before they want to claim sizable supremacy in anything in comparison to their competitors.

    • Spanky

      I’m not so sure about the iPhone statement. Apple’s GSM iPhone tops out at HSPA+ 14, from what I understand.

      • UMA_Fan

        That’s true but the vast majority of at&t’s hspa+ is running at 14mbps.  They consider this 4G while T-Mobile considers their 21mbps or higher 4G.  Because at&t got into the 3G game early it was never cost efficient to upgrade their HSPA+ equipment like T-Mobile is doing.  Theoretically, if the iPhone 4s supported T-Mobile’s bands even with that 14mbps modem it would top speed tests versus all carriers in the most places.  I think if the at&t merger wasn’t looming THAT would have been the only time a financial like agreement like Sprint had with Apple would have made sense and be worth it for T-Mobile.

        The iPhone getting vastly faster speeds on a cheaper carrier, T-Mobile, would have really hit home with mainstream consumers.  They could have really pulled in tons of customers from the other three if that ever panned out.

        Now, with an LTE iPhone the only reason you are switching to T-Mobile is for the cheaper price, which is actually a bad thing if the only reason you are with a carrier is cost.  That is unless you are with Sprint, who I can’t imagine having a decent LTE roll out for quite a while.  It’s a worse situation for Sprint because if you don’t have LTE with them you are stuck with data speeds from almost a decade ago.

        • Spanky

          “T-Mobile considers their 21mbps or higher 4G”

          The G2 was marketed as T-Mobile’s first 4G phone, and topped out at 14 Mbps. The MyTouch 4G and Sensation 4G also topped out at 14 Mbps.

        • Spanky

          I agree 100% about Sprint. I wouldn’t even consider them as an option when shopping for wireless service.

  • Anthonynyc1a

    Yes,l believe t -mobile, it’s # 1 in prices, and it’s a very honest company!!

  • I have been T mobile customer for years and lets just say the signal is getting better whether T mobile claims to be the “largest 4 G net work” or not, my only concerns are reliability the strength of the signal.  

  • tmobile only

    t mobile is only t mobile
    No one can take place of t mobile
    If you want to pay more go to others
    If you want to pay want you want come to tmobile
    Hurry up everybody
    I m cell phone user since 2000
    I had all other provider those are in market today with prepaid
    I. Like most is tmobile
    I m telling you if tmobile get support from people like others providers

    They will be best for all of time .

  • Mloudt

    of course this is a big deal that t-mobile is no longer using this phrase. this is like a knockout blow from floyd ” money ” meayweather lol. t-mobile was 1st nationwide usa carrier to launch ” 4g ” speeds on their network. in which they claimed to be America’s Largest all this time.  i don’t care if you have t-mobile or not everybody has seen a commercial or heard a radio advertisement or seen an internet ad where t-mobile has made that claim. so now that t-mobile can’t claim that anymore with the fact their the only carrier to not have lte network services this makes them look negatively compared to the main 3. sprint went lte live in 15 markets three days ago. and i know people are hoping for an early quarter1 2013 lte t-moble release but that is not going to happen. i bet t-mobile will be just like sprint this time next year with their extra late release of lte services. so from a business model t-mobile is 4th in customers, 4th in customer service, and the only carrier in the Big 4 to not have lte or the i-phone. p.s. people all you complaining about the recent reduction of coverage in your area that is a good thing long story short i am in Houston and all that means is they are refarming in your area it happened to me a few months ago for a couple of weeks your signal reduces in bars and after their done in your area you will get better coverage than before trust me that is what happened with me. p.s.s Houston is one of the top markets so most of the time when you hear them talk about improving the network Texas is one of the 1st that gets the upgrades on all networks.

  • Scarfacemario

    Once 2013 comes T-Mobile wont look like 4th place anymore and once there really done with refarming/Lte theyll have the Nations Most Advance 4G Network with any compatible AT&T/International phone of your choice!

    • Gouv

      Those are some very bold claims!! However I don’t know if this dramatically increase their footprint for they are simply reallocating spectral resource. Some telecom and rf engineers well versed in the subject that this will certainly help tmobile, but it still won’t get them the functioning reach and power the larger two carriers have. Tmo needs all the help it can get and I’m sure this will but I don’t think it’s going to make them a new technological power carrier. They lack the resources, infrastructure and licenses to do that.

      • Steven Hammons

        Your quite wrong on many counts good sir. Their 2G foot print is very, very big and once the re-farm is finished that large slow foot print will be a very large Fast foot print. Additionally Deutsche Telekom is a giant mongrel with big pockets and with At&t pitching in cash and spectrum just because they are stupid, T-Mobile has everything they need to roll out this Brilliant plan.

        • Gouv

          I’m sorry but I can’t help but be skeptical. I have no faith in tmo leadership. I don’t see how this refarm will extend their footprint to match AT&T’ s or vzw’s in particular. I’m sure it’ll help greatly, I mean how could it not?? But I’m still skeptical that it’s going to be the move that elevates them to a wireless dominant force. If it does then hey! More power to them. U could be misunderstanding the true workings of this plan but from what I gather this is just going to really being their 3G up propagating par as their 2G network. So in essence they aren’t expanding their footprint if my understanding of their plan is correct. Furthermore, their competitors have had an edge on them for years outside major metro areas and even many suburbs. I see this as bringing what spectral resources they here currently have to its fullest operating potential and also allow a better quality device portfolio for their customers. Outside of these great enhancements I just don’t see this as being the grand slam that they need to win the ball game. I see it more as they traded an drafted some really awesome players. For them to win I think they need new owners, coaches, and possibly a new field. My opinions in the past have been negative of tmobile not because I hate them for any particular reason but I detest anything that is wasted potential and that’s how I feel about tmo as a whole. It’s wasted and mismanaged potential. It could be so much more but the fools in charge keep it treading water by being in the
          Middle of the battlefield, fending off fierce post pay and prepay competition all the while embracing high risk customers that churn like butter. On a side note, I also feel that if these guys were indecent if DT and were publicly traded and actually had share holders here in the US to worry about, they’d probably be much stronger. As it stands, DT is just parasitically leaching off of these guys.

        • EhWoL

          According to PCmags latest data speed test scores T-mobile actually did better in the suburbs and rural areas!

        • Gouv

          Yes but let’s face it, if pc mag’s valuation was that solid, concrete, and truly reliable than tmobile would have been the market leader long ago. I could be wrong( I don’t read pc or laptop mag for their lack of relevance in this day and age) but I’m guessing the test were done in rural areas where all the carriers indicated they had coverage and not random tests. I can tell you now in Maine, new Hampshire, rural massachussetts and Connecticut and seemingly a great mass of upstate new York, tmo is certainly missing in a lot of places where as AT&T and vzw aren’t (vzw is coverage king in the northeast so it seems to me). Of course they’ve improved over the years but they still don’t have that long reach like the big boys. As ive said before, if it was really that vast and great performing the while company would be in a very different position than it is now.

        • EhWoL

          I am unsure as to what PCMag has said or tested in the past but the report I was referring to was done 2 or 3 months ago. It was strictly a data speed comparison, not signal strength or call quality(though they did include tests to “simulate” those areas). Judging from their maps of the locations for the tests it looks like they were just random spots on the route between any two of their major market cities, probably where they stopped to eat, get gas and/or their hotel for the night. This is all based on the fact that their HSPA networks produce faster data speeds than their competitors counterparts(3G networks that envelope their major markets. Though AT&T and Verizon LTE speeds are slightly faster on download than T-Mobiles HSPA+ , T-mobiles HSPA(3G) is a faster fallback network than their competitors fallback network(And this is all based on averages, everybody wins some and loses some, if they didn’t then we all would have only one option for every service we partake of in our lives.

  • John Rocke

    They really should focus on getting 3g in populated 2g areas.  4g is great for advertising but I fail to see the point of 3+ mbps if the plan is capped,  having a 10mbps line may be amazing for tethering a whole house but what use is it if your cut off after 5gb.  The jump from 2g 100kbps to 3g 2mbps makes a world of difference.

  • Blah

    The girl in that picture is horrifyingly anorexic.

    Why do the gays who run marketing and fashion firms want women to look like little boys with no curves, no boobs, no hips?  Oh because that’s what they are attracted to.


  • JustSaying

    So T-mobile had an 18 month head start on 4g and instead of expanding their coverage from 2g to 3g/4g they focus mainly on increasing 4g speeds? And thought this would be the best plan? In that 18 months they should have focused on evenly upgrading their network to HSPA+21 in as many places as possible. Why spend so much money on upgrading to HSPA+ 42 if they are just going to go LTE anyways?

    • Taron119119

      cause t-mobile never way going to go lte they was going to go hspa+84 then hspa+120 but to stay realvent they needed to go lte just to
      say they have lte now all they need is the iphone and t-mobile well be on part wit the rests of the big 4

    • EhWoL

      As a fallback, just like 2G is a fallback for 3G/4G right now. They will be phasing out 2G and moving their HSPA+ network to transmit over their current 2G spectrum. And putting their LTE Advanced network over the spectrum that 3G/4G is currently using

    • Ted Greene

      I think they got the spectrum and some of the cash they need to go to LTE from AT&T when the merger fell through.  Until that happened HSPA+ was their only option.  I expect the upgrade to LTE will be like those in the past where some customers will have to rely on the older tech for a long time after LTE goes live in the large markets and it will be nice to have the HSPA+ 42 in areas that haven’t upgraded yet.

  • Gouv

    Even though it was a dumb, bull shit claim to begin with….. It makes even less sense to suddenly drop it. To those in the public that actually notice, this seems like a move signifying defeat. Maybe it’s just to easy to prove at this point that it’s not the biggest any longer. Regardless, I can’t ell but feel like its not a strong move on their part.

    • EhWoL

      I am unsure as to how it was dumb and or bs to begin with but if you research T-Mobile or any other company you will see that slogans and advertising schemes change often. I suppose you could say they were all “suddenly dropped” but what would you prefer? Like a going away party or some kind funeral?

      • Gouv

        I should have Clairiied a bit more but it was a stupid idea I begin with when they started To abuse the 4G terminology with marketing. It’s also dumb to give it up so soon because it almost makes tmobile lose face and credibility. They’ve been using this for a while and it might have actually started to stick in people’s minds. Now it’s gone and it may have even given them an edge however wrong it may be.

        • EhWoL

          Based on the official statement it sounds like they dropped the slogan because they no longer have the largest, or at the very least it’s debatable. I personally think it was a decision based on a combination of the above, not wanting to have the same slogan as competition and that it was time for a new marketing campaign. A
          s for the term 4G as I understand they have just as much right to market their HSPA+ network as such as any other companies HSPA+ or LTE, check out my reply to a post up a bit.

  • WirelessRefugee

    I think it is just a matter of this slogan running its course. Time for something new.

  • creator2000

    Sounds like the slogan is NOT for consumer, but mainly for the company itself! Yes, T-Mo! Let’s “Step Up to 4G” — let’s improve coverage areas so we can actually enjoy this advertised speed!

    • Daswahnsinn

      I agree, I only have EDGE where I live and have to drive a little north to even see the 4G icon on my phone. My speeds average 100kb/s, just did a speeds test ping: 200ms Down: 208kb/s Up: 133kb/s, that’s far from 4G or LTE.

      • Steven Hammons

        All this is changing guys. That strong EDGE signal your getting now will translate into 4+mbps here sooner than later after the spectrum re-farm is finished. Im in the same boat and can’t wait. This fall!

        • Spanky

          Unfortunately, this has been going on for a year in my neighborhood. I’ve already pulled the trigger and defected to AT&T. I’m not saying I won’t come back to T-Mobile if they improve service in my neighborhood by the time my contract with AT&T ends, so I’ll be keeping an eye on them while I’m with AT&T.

          I don’t hate T-Mobile at all. I do, however, hate slower than molasses data speeds.

    • Spanky

      Indeed. T-Mobile’s coverage map for my neighborhood indicates best possible 4G coverage. If topping out at 0.5 Mbps downstream is considered best possible 4G coverage, then I guess they are right.

  • MikeinFL


    “We don’t care to debate these last few POPs, and the numbers are constantly changing.”
    “We don’t have the nation’s largest 4G network, so we can’t really compete on this.”

    “Very competitive” = “not as good, but we don’t want to say so.”

    Come on, TMO, this is embarrassing…

  • symsoul

    While I realize the term “4G” was a marketing coup 18 mos ago, we never truly should have been using it.  HSPA+ is largely considered 3.5G but in all fairness, the LTE (series 7) that everyone else is currently using  isn’t by definition true 4G either.  That designation is reserved for LTE-advanced (series 10) which T-Mobile may be the first to market with next year.  The fact that I’m arguing semantics shows you how much I got caught up in this marketing nonsense too. 

    Props to Magenta for dropping this deceptive jargon once everyone caught on–err, in order to address other attributes.

    • EhWoL

      You are correct as far as I know, but as I understand they had/have just as much of a right to claim they offer 4G as any other company. (this is quoted from Wikipedia so take it for what you will)

      In March 2008, the International Telecommunications Union-Radio communications sector (ITU-R) specified a set of requirements for 4G standards, named the International Mobile Telecommunications Advanced (IMT-Advanced) specification, setting peak speed requirements for 4G service at 100 megabits per second (Mbit/s) for high mobility communication (such as from trains and cars) and 1 gigabit per second (Gbit/s) for low mobility communication (such as pedestrians and stationary users).[1]Since the above mentioned first-release versions of Mobile WiMAX and LTE support much less than 1 Gbit/s peak bit rate, they are not fully IMT-Advanced compliant, but are often branded 4G by service providers. On December 6, 2010, ITU-R recognized that these two technologies, as well as other beyond-3G technologies that do not fulfill the IMT-Advanced requirements, could nevertheless be considered “4G”, provided they represent forerunners to IMT-Advanced compliant versions and “a substantial level of improvement in performance and capabilities with respect to the initial third generation systems now deployed”.

      • EhWoL

        Verizon bases that they have the largest “4G network” with their LTE,  AT&T include their HSPA+ along with their LTE  and T-Mobile had staked their claim based solely on their nationwide HSPA+ network.

  • Guest

    Another fail for Tmobile….Why am I still using the god awful company

    • Tayshaun

      Better question: why do you still visit the fan site of the “god awful company” that you hate so much?

      • Steven Hammons

        hahahaha… love it! Why do these guys have so much trouble pulling the trigger they have already decided to pull?

    • HeLLo

      Simple solution:Don’t.Why do people like you seriously need to come on here trashing T-Mobile and then threatening to leave to another provider.No one gives a crap if you leave.Nothing but drama queens.

  • Steven Hammons

    This is far from a fail or embarressing moment for T-Mobile. They are moving on with things, something other companies have trouble doing. Their HSPA+/PCS expansion/conversion and LTE deployment are all poised to keep them at the top of all these speed tests, bring iPhone compatibility and grow their already very large footprint. No sense in lingering old AD’s either. So glad I left sprint.

  • SocalTeknique

    Meh, Im happy with T-Mo

  • Greg

    I have had T mobile for over 10 years, in the last year somting has changed. My  phone drops 80% of my calls!! I answer my phone with an apology, and get their number so i can call them back on a land line. Would you buy anything that works 20% of the time!! Now Tmobile wants to charge me 200 dollars for me to go to another company.I have 5 friends with the same problem. If your looking for a new phone BEWARE!!!! 

    • Bobpantsspongesquare

       So, 6 people have a problem and it’s cause for alarm? This could be due to any number of reasons the least of which being the tmo network. Perhaps attempt to research your issues in order to determine what has caused this “sudden” dropping of calls. It has been a year? What have you done in that year to discern the true cause?

      • Neoissuperman

        i find this scenario funny!!!!! have you tried a new sim card? did the rep pull the one out of your flip phone and toss it in your new smartphone??????? i wonder?? lol

  • Wtaylor450

    it really doesn’t matter because everyone is making the same claim so tmobile is just going to let the dogs fight over a unimportant bone … but tmobile is getting better and has to get better to compete with everyone gunning for tmobiles spot in the world 

  • Udubb

     Spoken like a true tmobile customer

  • Burke985

    I’m happy with tmobile ,wi-fi calling is most important to me and the other big companies just cannot touch that. I’ll be a Tmob customer as long as that feature is there …thumbs up for tmob 

  • Solis Fabian

    I don’t care about their advertising because they really have invested a lot in their network, especially for the prepaid market.All I got to say is that I am completely happy with my T-Mobile service. I’ve been with AT&T,Verizon, Metro PCS, and virgin mobile (sprint) and non of these carriers stack up to T-Mobile in terms of prepaid plans. AT&T – I was ok with during the time they offered unlimited go phone data for $19.99 but now I have to pay $50 for unlimited talk text and data but since I have a smartphone I have to purshase a separate data pack ($25 more for 1GB) . Verizon has great coverage but is TOO expensive. Virgin mobile would be my #1 but the lack of good phones and the Sprint network SUCKS . I am in love with T-Mobile’s $30 prepaid plan, I get 5GB of 4G data with unlimited texts that is really WONDERFUL for only 30 bucks a month , plus their 3G/4G network is very fast. compared Virgin Mobile’s and Verizon’s prepaid Cdma network .

    • EhWoL

      If their prepaid plans offered free WiFi calling( as in it didn’t use your plan allotted minutes) like their contract plans do then your plan would be a good option for many, but 100 minutes just isn’t enough for most people. I suppose a good VOIP app might pick up the slack.

  • Bronze 6

    Just have them be, Where you can get Voice Coverage, You’ll get 4G coverage. That would emanate nationwide coverage, as it mean our network is so big, you won;t rely off edge

    • EhWoL

      They have yet to upgrade all of their 2G or 3G network to “4G” if you travel away from larger cities you will rely more than likely on their 2G or roaming network. I personally think we are several years away from a truly “nationwide” network of any degree, if ever.

  • TMoRetail

    Quite honestly, I was tired of the tag line. I was happy to see us take down all that mess in the stores. It’s stupid. The customers I have don’t care how many other customers have 4G as long as when they get their new phone it says 4G.

    • EhWoL

      Ignorance can in fact be bliss, lol. Your right, and unless you do a lot of domestic traveling you should at the very least mainly worry about coverage where you live, work, and play.

  • DrScope

    The problem is simple. HSPA+ = 3.75G and not 4G.
    While I have no issues with T-Mobile’s HSPA+ and it is faster where I am then LTE I still do not like how they change the icon on Android to say 4G, when you install an international ROM you get an H or 3G+ icon which makes sense to me. The 3G/4G debate also isn’t that much of a marketing tool in Europe and Asia as it is here, it more about plans and devices.

    I also can’t stand the way American companies subsidize devices on the expense of plans. In T-Mobile UK you can get 1.5GB data, unlimited text and 100 mins talk time for only $40.

    • EhWoL

      If you read my reply to another post down below you will see that no company offers true 4G, LTE advanced > 1 Gbps is defined as 4G. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 42 is listed as 42Mbps, AT&T/Verizon LTE is listed at I believe 54 Mbps( both about 1/20th of defined 4G)

      T-mobile also offers “value” plans where you pay full price for your phone and save about $20 a month, that is about $480 over a 2-year contract period. I usually don’t see any phones where they save you more than $300 on an upgrade(subsidized). you may save more as a new customer but that would involve jumping around to a new carrier every 2 years. I think they would prefer you to go the value plan route but most people don’t want to pay full price for a phone and also feel entitled to the subsidized phone even though they would save a little money going with the value plan in the long run.

      T-mobile offers a prepaid plan with 100 minutes of talk, unlimited text and unlimited web(first 5GB at up to 4G speeds) for only $30 a month! $10 cheaper and over 3 times as much data vs your T-mobile UK plan. And a “value” contract plan with 500 minutes of talk, unlimited text and  unlimited web( first 2GB up to 4G speeds) for $50 a month

      Any company offering speeds that significantly surpass the original 3G architecture can label their 3G+ as 4G( and they all do!)(**edit-I believe only T-Mobile,AT&T and sprint do this, I’m not positive but I believe Verizon never upgraded any of their 3G and instead went full steam ahead with their LTE network**) A name after all is nothing more than a name, They could call it anything they want,it is the service and numbers behind the name that matter to me and should to you as well.

      Adding decimals to my network connection is more confusing to me and probably to most casual users. I could write you a custom ROM that labeled your phones current network connection as a donkeyG.75+ if that fits more to your style….

    • Jason Crumbley

      Go to Walmart and you can get 5GB of data, unlimited text, and 100 minutes for $30 with T-Mobile and no contract. 

  • Ne0

    I tired see mislead 4g, speed. To be honest, unless i live near the downtown area, the speed is closer to 3g than 4g. getting like 1-6mb at home.

  • Jeremyt

    Tmobile americas largest 1g gprs network :) and yes im a customer 7 years too bad for me I still get gprs in,most places In michigan

  • Jason

    I live in the Jackson/Brandon Mississippi area. I have to say, I’m surprised by the amount of 4g coverage I see here. It covers downtown where I work and a good number of other areas. Unfortunately, it does not cover where I live and there are several dead spots on the meager 20 minute trip from home to work. Still, when I see 4g on my gsII, I download stupidly fast.