Google Highlights Improvements With Android 4.2, Available On The Nexus 4

With the announcement of the LG Nexus 4, Google is also introducing Android 4.2, still known as Jelly Bean but introducing a number of new improvements to the Android platform.

Android 4.2 introduces Photo Sphere, “which lets you capture images that are literally larger than life. Snap shots up, down and in every direction to create stunning 360-degree immersive experiences that you can share on Google+ with friends and family—or you can add your Photo Sphere to Google Maps for the world to see.”

Along with Photo Sphere is the introduction of Gesture Typing, which allows you to glide your fingers over the letters you want on the keyboard ala Swype.

Among the most exciting improvements are some enhancements to Google Now, which now includes flight information, restaurant reservations, hotel confirmations and shipping details. Google says the next time you book a table for dinner, you’ll get a reminder thanks to Google Now with all details for your night out. Furthermore, Google Now will include cards for nearby attractions, interesting photo spots, movie times at nearby theaters or concerts by your favorite artist.

The Google Now enhancements are also available to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean users with a new update available in the Play Store for Google’s Search app.

For Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean), Google Search is faster plus:

– Google Now works with Gmail (English only)
– Flights
– Restaurant reservations
– Hotel confirmations
– Events
– Packages
– New Now cards: nearby attractions & photo spots, movies opening in theaters, concerts & more
– New voice actions: launch apps, schedule meetings & check when your next appointment is
Google Now puts you in control: at any time, adjust or turn off individual Now cards within Settings.

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  • 2C

    Is it HSPA+42 compatible? I’m getting conflicting stories. The Play Store list it as only being HSPA+21 where T-Mobile is advertising it as HSPA+42.

    • Tebone

      Curt not a big enough deal brova. It’s not like a lot of areas will be covered with +42 data. Seriously, worry about other more important things. Life is too short.

    • mikkej2k

      Great point Curtis. This IS a big deal. A lot of areas WILL be covered with +42.

      • Tebone

        Oh really? What’s the biggest difference? You can download a song in 5 seconds instead of 9? Oh wow!!!! Stop the presses! Someone nominate this dude for the genius award. Lets be realistic. You might as well say if its not LTE it’s not worth it – using that logic.

    • The google and tmo versions r different because one is made to run on most gsm carriers like att n tmo and another is made to take full advantage of its specific carrier. That’s the difference in 21&42 mbps

    • Mint

      You should still buy from the Play store. $350 unlocked and on any Monthly4G plan is a steal compared to $199 on contract. We’re talkin $900+ savings. However, I have a feeling that the play store listing is just a mistake, as the couple dollars incremental cost for +42 support over +21 isn’t worth having two models.

  • whiteiphoneproblems

    For me, the most “exciting improvement” is (finally!) the addition to a quick-settings toggle in the notification pulldown — apparently, you use two fingers for the pulldown to access it…

  • Jordan Williams

    Of course, right after my amaze dies and I have to buy a One S. Luck, LIKE A BOSS. -_-

  • Jerry

    Things I don’t understand. Why would I pay TMO more for the phone that I can buy from G? With the price difference, is there a feature difference? Or, do you get Google Bloatware vis-a-vis TMO bloatware?

    Does this phone allow for wifi hotspot?

    LTE? Will I notice the diff if it’s there or not?

  • Dakota

    When does 4.2 come to galaxy nexus?

    • John Rocke

      I’m guessing shortly after the Nexus 4 is released (Nov 13th). They want the Nexus 4 to be the first phone with 4.2 and create a lot of buzz about it and not dampen it by mentioning that a older phone will be getting the exact same software features. Once the buzz dies down that’s when we’ll get it. Whether its days or weeks we’ll see.

  • qpinto

    i want it. i just wonder if it is HSPA+ 42 capable or not. speed test between my sgs3 and my cousins vibrant 4g(hspa 21+) are nearly the same. thats the only thing holding me back at the moment.

    • qpinto

      and google play store confirmed hspa 21+.

      • vajayray

        It is confirmed that the play store has an error. In the press release that google sent out the play store version does indead have hspa 42

        • qpinto

          show a link please. tmonews says hspa 42, play store says hspa 21. the tmobile ad says access to tmobiles hspa 42+ network however thats any phone that you put a tmobile chip into because it has access to the network.

        • It’s legit, it’s 42 all around.

    • AndyH_STi

      I’ve read that the one sold by T-Mobile will be HSPA+ 42 capable.

      • qpinto

        is having hspa+ 42 worth 300 extra bucks from tmobile?

        • AndyH_STi

          In my opinion, no. But you might feel differently about it.

        • Its an extra $200 and hell no especially if your city only lit up 21mbps

  • JIM

    Looks gorgeous display and stock android but without a SD card slot or removable battery it’s a no go. Speaking as a HTC 1s owner, I’m just waiting for my Note 2 to arrive. Maybe I’m alone.

  • s10shane

    i wounder if there is gonna be wifi calling. i know a lot of people wanted that with their Gnex. but since tmobile didnt carry the device. it didnt happen. i guess we will have to wait and see since tmobile will carry the nexus 4.