Update: T-Mobile Confirms Nexus 4 HSPA+ 42Mbps Connectivity

Update: According to Google’s press release, the Play Store Nexus 4 does in fact have HSPA+ 42Mbps connectivity as well, it’s the Play Store specs that are incorrect. 

In an effort to clear up some confusion, I’ve re-confirmed with T-Mobile that the Nexus 4 sold by T-Mobile will have HSPA+ 42Mbps connectivity on board. That’s different from the Google Play store which indicates the Nexus 4 will have HSPA+ 21Mbps. There doesn’t appear to be any other differences between the T-Mobile and Play Store models, other than the radio. Moreover, it’s entirely possible that the Play Store specs are remnants of the Galaxy Nexus and will be updated to show the radio later on. Then again, that may be wishful thinking and the unlocked version may in fact only be 21Mbps.

To clear up one more question, the T-Mobile “edition” of the Nexus 4 is bone stock, no add-ons, bloatware or carrier branding. You can take a peek at the Fact Sheet below which indicates all the T-Mobile related material on the Nexus 4. In other words, there doesn’t seem to be any differences between the T-Mobile Nexus 4 and the unlocked Nexus 4 purchased from the Play Store, other than the HSPA+ radio.

The Nexus 4 is the latest device in the Google Nexus lineup, and T-Mobile will be the premier U.S. launch partner. With cutting-edge hardware designed collaboratively by LG and Google, favorite Google Apps, and the latest version of Android, Nexus 4 puts the best of Google in the palm of a customer’s hand. And, with access to T-Mobile’s fastest 4G (HSPA+42) network, T-Mobile is again giving its customers the best choice of devices. Nexus 4 comes with a high-performance 8MP camera and takes stunning Photo Sphere images to capture every detail of the world. The all-new camera lets customers quickly view and edit photos with powerful new tools, and share favorite shots in a snap. When combined with T-Mobile’s Value plans or T-Mobile’s Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan, the Nexus 4 gives consumers a top-notch Android experience.

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  • Benjamin@tmo

    wonder why Google is advertising the HSPA+21… Weird. Well, Sad that it’s an LG but glad we’re getting them! Stoked to sell them! Hopefully LG does a good high end phone since they are so used to making low-mid range phones.

    • Dakota

      For the avg person who usntva tech geek or expert its not that important. They just want a phone that meets their needs. Let’s not forget more half android is on gingerbread..iPhone users were on3g till last month. For yyour typical email and web its fine for most (unless on sprint)

  • TATAYmo

    BS if they do this. Googleplay should have a drop down menu :D

  • whiteiphoneproblems

    Too bad they couldn’t add Wifi Calling, at least.

    • Tom

      This is an issue for me as I need wifi calling in my home. Will T-Mob make wifi calling available for it?

      • atari37

        I hear good things about groove IP. I haven’t used it myself but that might be a 3rd party solution for you.

        • Tom

          I have Groove IP and it has worked fine on the few occasions I have used it abroad but a) it uses my Google Voice number not my T-Mobile number, and b) it gets a lot of negative reviews for call quality and I don’t want to rely on an app that could end up with people not being able to hear me from a brand new phone that I paid a lot of money for :-)

    • atari37

      I hear you but then the updates will be delayed.

    • oryan_dunn

      I would want WiFi calling as well, but if it did have WiFi calling, it wouldn’t connect, audio would be bad, you’d have horrible delays, you wouldn’t get voicemail notifications, etc. (judging by current WiFi calling performance across T-Mobile’s lineup).

      • whiteiphoneproblems

        Yeah, it recently stopped working altogether on my Vibrant. But it was nice while it lasted…

      • mikkej2k

        I had all of those problems on my HTC Sensation 4G but hardly ever with my Galaxy Note.

      • Newmexican

        Never saw those problems on my G2. Oh TMobile, where is the G3 ????????????????????????????????

  • aNYthing6


  • aNYthing6

    Just wish T-Mobile had gotten a 32 GB version like Verizon did with the Galaxy Nexus.

  • jonathan3579

    I can’t see them changing the phone. From what I’ve been reading, they’re only making ONE phone with 2 different storage options. Perhaps only T-Mobile’s network is capable of utilizing said speeds?

    Edit: Also notice that T-Mobile says it’s Quad-band GSM and 4G but the Google Play store clearly says Quad-band GSM and pentaband 3G/4G.

  • Deadeye37

    *sigh* I just wish the pricing was a typo since its only $299/349 @ Google Play. I still might get this phone despite it not having a microSD card.

    • And removable back?

      • fatleo

        SIM ejection tool, enough said

  • FlyOhMy

    i’ll keep the hspa21. hspa42 is not worth the extra money.

  • GwapoAko

    May be David is right.. Google indavertently left the HSPA+ 21

  • qpinto

    I refuse to add $250 to a devices price just for HSPA+ 42 instead of. Hspa+ 21.

    • Jason Crumbley

      Edit: Never mind. I forgot the 16GB version is 350.

      • qpinto

        $199 with $20 a month for 20 months. Check the text at the bottom on value plans.

      • speeb

        In addition to $200 down.

    • whiteiphoneproblems

      I still can’t believe that price isn’t a typo. If TMO is really jacking up the price by $250… that’s just madness.

      • Noel

        If we all buy from the play store they will be forced to rethink that price. If it is exactly the same device then why charge such a crazy price for those signing a two year contract…i can understand if they made an extra $100 not like $250. Also i thought it states legibly under the above photo that the one sold at the play store will also be HSPA+42. All systems a GO at procuring the N4 from the play store on 11/13. I had some reservations cuz LG was the OEM and also the amt of int storage, lack of SD card slot and non removable battery but the other specs are top notch, the battery isn’t bad at 2100mAh and i can make do with the 16GB. For the low low price of $299/8GB and $349/16GB for a new unlocked Nexus with JB 4.2 is a steal in my book..besides that means u won’t be handcuffed by a carrier for 2yrs. I predict the N4 will sell a boat load and Google and LG will be struggling to keep up demand just like we’ve seen w/the N7

    • Is T-Mobile seriously going to charge $600 ($200 + 20*$20) for a phone Google will sell you for $350? There’s got to be something wrong with that text.

      • Dakota

        Yep that’s the great VALUE tmo keeps saying it delivers. Case after case recently, they keep selling phones at higher prices than anyone else… more great Mktg moves.

        • Jose Hernandez

          With the updated information on HSPA+42, this is not relevant anymore. It is the same phone (Play Store or T-Mobile direct) Google is probably subsidizing the price of the phone (eating up the rest of the cost) T-Mobile can’t do that, they need to make money or more like break even with this device. Just buy it on the Google Play Store. Save some money, and enjoy the phone.

      • Yup its true. Buy form Google if you can wait out the restocking.

    • s10shane

      i agree with u as well.

    • predation

      can’t we just swap the radios via root?

  • Greg

    David can you ask T-Mobile about Wifi calling for this phone? I would like to know for sure if it has it either way.

    • Newmexican

      Same question from me. If WiFi calling is included I would be willing to foot the bill!

    • cozzy

      You can use grooip or bobsled if you don’t want to stick with the tmobile version of the phone. There are a few other ip calling programs that also work.

    • glock9

      can you buy unlocked phone from google play and use unlimited data prepaid $50 plan from t-mobile

      • Emperius

        Yes. Buying a SIM and activation card can work on any phone of your choice. I suggest Walmart’s $30 if you’re still getting a new number.

      • yes you can

    • Overland Park

      no wifi calling on the store version

  • live2ski

    ‘Access to the HSPA+42 network’ does not mean it has the +42 radio. the G1 has access to the HSPA+42 network as well. it’s all the same.

    • Trevnerdio

      Why are you so downrated? You are right, after all.

      • live2ski

        I’d love it if it had the +42 radio. people make assumptions, then bitch later. although now it sounds like it might be a typo in the play store. we’ll see if it gets corrected. we’ve got 2 weeks to let the facts work out.

        • Trevnerdio

          Yeah, same.
          And someone just really hates me on here, they’re just downrating all of my stuff. We live in a world of haters, my friend…

  • Quick question, If I buy Google’s version will I still be able to receive warranty from assurion? or will I need to drop them and get someone better?

    • Caedus

      When I got the Galaxy Nexus I was told TMobile could no longer insure my phone

  • Jason Crumbley

    As others have said, HSPA+42 isn’t worth the extra money. If it had been a minimum 32GB version, it might.

    • Dakota

      Not a techie…but I received a free galaxy nexus last month..I knewit was an older form but so much better than my old piece of crap , I don’t have a contract & saving boatloads of cashon prepaid. Any major reason to update? Won’t it get a 4.2 update from Google directly?? I see they removed it from their store so is GNex no longer available or will it reappapear even cheaper

  • Good job getting confirmation TMONews.

  • AA

    There is also this Danish sales site indicating 42 Mbps.. unless there is a different 42 Mbps model going to some carriers in Europe (e.g. Denmark) as well as T-Mobile, vs a model with a 21 Mbps radio in the Play Store, then we can hope the Play Store model also actually has the 42 Mbps radio. Would certainly like to know for sure first, of course (hopefully they will update the Play Store site accordingly..)

  • fatleo

    -at least 32g
    -support hspa+42 future LTE support
    -different color
    -wifi calling but without other tmobile crappy app
    all those add up, might worth that extra $200 price tag.

  • d1andonLy

    Sooo…it ends up being $599.99 for the Nexus 4 on the value plan? I’d take $349.99 from Google

    • Jose Hernandez

      This is how we should all be looking at this. Just get the phone from Google and be happy with the savings. Why complain about T-Mobiles price?

  • Ben

    Wow, our dear Magenta is on fire today. Thanks for keeping us updated despite worries about the hurricane/storm, David.

  • I guess my biggest concern is that, even though I want the 42mbps variant, I’m afraid it’ll be long over due for nexus updates even though its a “Nexus, no bloatware, no add ons” just like the Verizon and Sprint Nexus variants. DAVID, do we know if this will happen, or will it truly be a “Nexus Device” for the user and get updates for all Nexus devices, Global and TMO?

    • 5 a.m.

      This is what I want to know as well. If it is manila Android 4.2 experience then I’m all for it.

    • 21stNow

      Updates were timely on the T-Mobile Nexus S, with some updates coming long before Sprint’s versions received theirs. I don’t see why this one should be any different.

      • Well the nexus line has never been sold by T-Mobile stores or site like Verizon and sprint. So my concern and question still stands.

        • 21stNow

          I get what you’re saying, but the Nexus S was still subsidized by T-Mobile, even if it wasn’t sold in their stores. The T-Mobile version was also different from the AT&T version. The T-Mobile version got Jellybean months ago. I don’t think that the AT&T version ever did, but I don’t keep up with that one as much.

  • carcomptoy

    I still don’t understand the pricing, but obviously, I’m not the only one. Does the T-Mobile version at least have Wi-Fi Calling? That’s honestly the main reason I sprung for T-Mo’s GS3 instead of the Galaxy Nexus.

  • I’m glad I heald off, and held on to my upgrade. If I’m going keyboardless I want to go with a Nexus, pure android. I am so on this 1. Does it have an sdcard slot? If not, that may well be a deal breaker. No news on a G3, or HTC-made, QWERTY, high-end phone coming at the end of this year?

    • LC

      HTC has come out and said they’re done making phones with physical keyboards, so I think you’re out of luck there.

    • Dakota

      Don’t think it has SD..so how us this compared to sg3. This phone us great if you’re frugal & wanna save lots on prepaid service..break even in just months

      • Yeah, I’m gonna have to weigh the pros and cons, 16GB (actually like 13GB probably) is not enough memory for me.

  • predation

    @ qpinto
    can’t you just swap radios?

    • qpinto

      No. Its a hardware limitation.

  • PaloAltoWorldView

    No Google Wallet on T-Mobile, obviously.

    • bwahahaha

      not hard to get the .apk from xda and put it on it. It works on Nexus S, anyway.

    • JRomeo

      and Google wallet works on galaxy nexus on t-mobile, there’s no reason it will not also work on the Nexus 4

  • mikkej2k

    Reading through the post , T-Mobile is really missing the boat by not offering wi-fi calling as a stand alone app.

    If T-Mobile wants to keep inviting people to bring there own device and/or purchase an unlocked device to use on there network , then this feature should be highlighted.

    I was skeptical at first , but when it is done correctly wi-fi calling is a killer app.

  • Jack

    The difference in pricing is because Google is charging enough to be only a little above manufacturing costs, and while T-Mobile is charging msrp.

    It’s the same with any phone, only now there’s a different purchase option.

  • frenchie

    WiFi calling ?

  • cactus2000

    OK- can anyone confirm this is future proof –meaning will it work on a future Tmob LTE network?

    Will there be wifi calling?

    how is the camera quality on LG phones?

    • This phone doesn’t have LTE, period, doesn’t matter who you buy it from, no LTE.

      • Trevnerdio

        That’s pretty dumb of Google to do…and LG

        • Dakota

          Tmo doesn’t have lte now..and when they do they’ll be bigger better phones

        • Trevnerdio

          There might not be another Nexus phone out before their LTE launch though. The Note II has it, why can’t this?

        • BM

          Did you actually just say “bigger”? I mean, I have a Nexus 7 that can do voip, is that how big you’re thinking?

        • Not really it assures timely updates with no carrier delays.

      • archerian

        David, if it doesn’t have LTE, I’m assuming the application processor is the APQ8064 (similar to the Optimus G), so do you have information on which radio it might be using?

  • Symsoul

    Is this just a poor man’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 with Android 4.2? I love stock Android but is it enough to warrant going with an inferior LG device over a Samsung? I’m a little disappointed.

    • symsoul

      The 802.11 dual-band isn’t enough of a concession either. Again, too little too late.

    • Trevnerdio

      LG is crap…and I’d be really hesitant to go with them even on a Nexus device…

      • Faust

        Just because you were scorn over the G2x or from what other people say and you are needlessly following their word you have to realize that the LG Nexus 4 was designed with Google overhearing the quality and integrity of what you would expect from Google. Plus the LG Optimus G did very well in reviews which is the base model concept of what the Nexus 4 is based on.

        Everyone makes mistakes, stop shooting something down before you even give it a chance to come out. Hell Samsung had mistakes as well (Behold and Behold II anyone?) Not to mention the original GPS bug with the first Galaxy S phones. Now they are boasting big with the SIII and have learned from (most, if not all) of their mistakes from the past.

        Everyone can learn from their mistakes, including LG. And with Google’s name and support behind this device it would be VERY hard to mess this up.

        • Trevnerdio

          I’ve heard the horror stories about their G2x. I wasn’t even referring to that, I was referring to my horrendous G-Slate. Not only did it take them about half the year to even update the thing, they upgraded it from 3.0 to 3.1 for the SOLE purpose of locking the bootloader and hindering further modding practices almost completely. (Oh, and did I mention 3.2 was already out when they released the 3.1 update?) They never even supoorted the device and rather just opted to lock and forget about it.

        • Faust

          In that case I can see your point, but to be honest the G-Slate was always one of those “forgotten” type of devices. I mean at the time where all the large profile tablets coming to market and they being still new the G-Slate was just in the corner, the same can be said about the Springboard they still have out now. Just one of those things that people end up forgetting about very quickly.

          I just cannot stand when others start bashing on the quality of a product because of past results. While there is truth in it, it should not reflect a product that has yet to come out. Let people get their hands on it and review it properly before such things can be said. Also once again, with this being a Nexus Device Google has their hands and say on what goes on it and how it works. LG is simply the manufacturer here, Google controls what the device has built in, has built around, and what comes loaded in. It will have control over the updates for years to come.

          Mind also that I came from the original G2 from HTC, it took them FOREVER to come out with Gingerbread, and when they did they locked out our bootloader as well, then again it was locked in the beginning as well. I had to go through 2 of them because of their screen defects and with the drivers locked out could not get proper AOSP ROMS anymore. Sure AOKP is fine, but its just not the same you know?

          In the end while we have our experiences both bad and good we have to remember to look at things carefully and not make total judgement of it before it can be carefully reviewed. Otherwise its already over and the worst device of all time can be labeled on anything if you track its past records. I mean no offense to you yourself again, I just get burned when I see so many bashing a device that has not come out yet only due to past experiences.

        • Dakota

          Yeah the galaxy nexus has a huge problem with low volume levels. I know this version has the 8mp can the Gnex should’ve had. What else is diff
          .just better faster processors? You can tell I don’t know much but learning @

  • WandererDuck

    Very tempted to buy this phone but the last LG phone I that ran stock android (LG G2x) had a bunch of problems

    • silver_arrow

      The difference is this is a Nexus and will get updates direct from Google. The G2X just ran vanilla android there is a masssive difference

      • Dakota

        But haven’t seen anything about if and when galaxy nexus will get a 4.2 update..that will show me if this whole direc from Google fast updates is real or not.tick tock

    • fechhelm

      The galaxy s phones would never have sold if people based its performance on the behold II.

      • BahamasGeek242

        True but Samsung made that phone. I had the LG G2x and told my self I would never buy another LG but I may cave in and get the Nexus 4

  • Mirad77

    Is it just T-Mobile’s version that is HSPA+42 or you get HSPA+42 straight from Google too? Coz I was falling in love till this misharp, especially for what price Tmo is putting out there.

  • Tony

    David, thanks for clearing this up. I was wondering the exact same thing. Just to be clear you specifically asked a T-mobile rep if the radio was HSPA+ 42? ‘Cause the phrase “with access to…” is a bit ambiguous.

  • JeffWalenta

    This is really bothering me ..why would the play store version not support hspa 42

    It wouldn’t be such a big deal if it wasn’t for the fact that updates on the T-Mobile version will probably come slower because of the different radio

    I hope I’m wrong ..I really want to use my subsidy but not if its going to mess with timely updates

  • Guest

    David, the flyer does NOT say the PHONE supports HSPA+42. The specs list only say UMTS/HSPA+. The 42 refers to the NETWORK: T-Mobile’s fastest 4G (HSPA+42) *NETWORK*. So I think it’s the same phone, and both T-Mobile and Google are correct. HSPA+21 Phone on an HSPA+42 Network.

  • tmofan

    will tmobiles nexus 4 version send out software updates on time?
    Who rolls out the updates in this case? google or tmobile?
    I remember verizon’s galaxy nexus had issues with this

    • Faust

      Google. The issue with Verizon was that Verizon wanted all the control over the phone including updates and whatnot.

      T-Mobile does not play that however, The Nexus will be straight from Google.

  • Trevnerdio

    I would be kinda pissed if it was only 21.1mbps in such a beast haha please tell me this has LTE hidden somewhere on it…

  • Mirad77

    Much needed update David. Thanks a million.

  • Marvin Feliciano

    Def going with the google play version.. You kidding me if you think im going to pay double the price. My gnex is plenty fast enough with 21+hspa

    • Dakota

      Do younot have problems with gnex and low volume levels? It must be a certain % pf ohones w ththe issue since its documented on many blogs & YouTube. Its one gnex thing that makes me maybecwanbavsell. I wanna know if they’ll push 4.2 to GSM gnex by tnksgiving.. otherwise don’tbuy the immediate update mantra

  • Faust

    So T-Mo’s version is 16GB on the fly?

    Awesome, I was worried they were only going to offer the 8GB version.

    As for the unlocked vs. T-Mo price thing, it does not primarily concern me. I know that the deal through Google itself is cheaper and far more manageable but considering that I am in a family plan and my parents are extremely hard headed about buying outside of carrier despite of price they will be buying the T-Mobile one.

    Its not too bad, I have an upgrade ready and need to renew my contract within the next month, this would be a perfect upgrade from the G2 I have.

  • trey

    I’ll probably go wit the play store version, cause u never know wit T-Mobile and their updates, an who’s to say that u will be able to use your phone as a hotspot if u buy the T-Mobile version. Idk bout u guys but I like to use my phone as a mobile hotspot an they(T-Mobile) might block u from doing so. I remember I had the HTC sensation an it took forever to get ICS from T-Mobile an when u did update, u lost the option to use mobile hotspot, something that u were able to use for free up until that point. I’m not going to take any chances, I’ll just buy mine from the play store so I know I’ll get updates on time w/o any issue from tmo, not only that its obviously cheaper through the play store. I’m currently using an unlocked GNex an I haven’t had any issues from it so with that being said I’ll take my chances on the play store.

  • raver

    Don’t know he found the press release stating that the nexus 4 from the play store is HSPA +42 and not 21.

  • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

    Until they learn to put the 8gb to pasture and have only 16/32/64 of all Nexus devices I’ll pass. They don’t use expandable memory so it would limit the way I use my phone too much, otherwise Nexus devices seem to be the way to go, especially the phones having no contract pricing of $350

  • Oaden Johnson

    Why are they going to charge customers $599 for a phone that can be purchased directly from Google for $349??? I have been a T-Mobile customer for many years. I will be buying this phone, but not from T-Mobile with another contract extension and a price increase.

  • …….So its CONFIRMED the UNLOCKED…CHEAPER VERSION has 42mbps…so you sign a contract & pay more for Wi-FI calling? I think not…great feature but if you have to rely on that heavily then maybe T-Mobile isn’t the provider for you……………………………………………………even if I still rather pay what $350 versus $600

    • glock9

      if you buy unlocked from google play can you use the $50 or $30 prepaid unlimited data plan?

  • has anyone confirmed the lack of wifi calling on either version? the Play Store version will be the same as the one in retail stores .. that’s whay i read. neither TMO or Google have said otherwise.

  • Tom

    hmm how come the tmo version is quad-band umts/hspa intead of penta-band?

  • nubwaxer

    i always get confused when someone says it’s sold by t-mobile. i want the unlocked version but i want to use it on t-mobile’s network prepaid. would i get exactly the same functionality? prepaid always gets passed over when it comes to details.

  • guy

    This still seems a bit unclear.. 42Mb network does not mean the radio can do the 42.

  • kk888

    Google fixed the spec in Play Store..it shows HSPA+ 42 now

  • jayd

    Both tmobile and play store have support for hspa+42 so the onlyso there no real difference
    because both work at tmobile . the only difference you can get one from the tmobile store. just like apple with the iphone either get it from the or apple. And att dont have hspa+42 support

  • Drevno

    Google Play now lists HSPA+ 42 (perhaps it was updated?)

  • Does the tmobile nexus4 have better battery life then the one on the play store and stronger data speeds even though the specs seem Identical cuz I heard It has the tmibile one has 16 days on stand by and 16 hours talk time which is good.

  • Hrlola

    It is capable with hspa +42 it is stated in google play

  • Javier Luna

    Does anyone know if the one sold by tmobile will be unlocked?