Question Of The Day: Which New T-Mobile Phone Will You Buy?

What started out as a fairly mild day has turned out to be one of the most exciting days in the Android and Microsoft worlds since Google I/O and the introduction of Windows Phone 7. With the unveiling of the next-generation Nexus and T-Mobile’s entire holiday lineup, Google and Microsoft have rocketed to the front page with brand new all-star handsets. However, no matter how much we love stock Android and the promise of immediate updates, the Nexus 4 isn’t the only kid on the block and we can’t ignore that. The Nexus 4 may have the limelight today, but the Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III and the new line of Windows Phone 8 devices aren’t going to stay quiet.

So here’s the question, which device will you go for this holiday season? Will it be the brand new Nexus 4 and the promise of early updates, or the powerhouse that is the Galaxy Note II? Perhaps the Lumia 810 or Windows Phone 8X meet your fancy? Take the poll below and tell us which device will be yours this holiday season.

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  • skpal


  • Deihmos

    Leaning towards the Windows Phone. I am getting tired of Android and they are all the same.

    • Anonymous

      so you’ll jump to windows where they are all (even more of) the same.

      • Deihmos

        Tired of using Android. I want something different. I already have an android phone. Me buying another is like buying the same thing again.

        • HalfwayCrook

          But a nexus is something else

        • JR

          At least you’ll be more unique. Out of 150 people in my company, only one person had a Windows Phone. Many had iPhones and, additionally, Blackberry phones (work phones). Nobody in there would have bought a blackberry as their personal phone. I like the metro design, with the tiles and fast info-checking on Windows Phone 7. But instead of purchasing a new phone I downloaded a new Home Launcher based on the metro system. It was really nice and I loved it on S2 at 2.36. Once I installed ICS, I uninstalled the home launcher. “Something new” so to speak.

          Personally, I’d love to check out Windows Phone 8 OS. Wouldn’t mind having a phone based on it, but it just might not be my daily phone. In theory, Windows 8 RT tablets should be the bomb. In reality? well…what would you get? a Windows 8 RT table for $600-$800? or a Nexus 10 for $400? I’d spend $15 or $70 and install Windows 8 on my desktop/laptop and try it out before spending the money on the tablet. So think the same way about a phone.

          Or forget I said anything.

          I’d say, in summary, test it first. Sometimes, wanting a change sounds better than it ends up being. The good thing about Android is its capability to shapeshift depending on what you throw at it.

    • Yoda

      Your attention span will be even shorter with windows phone due to its consolidated design and minimalist style, not to mention you will be struggling to find the same level of user experience since there are so few apps in the MS ecosystem. But hey, good luck with the experiment, I know I was tired of my HD7 after a month, and went back to android and bought a galaxy nexus unlocked.

  • Mark Hennessey

    I love the idea of the Nexus phones… but I filled my 16gb Nexus 7 too quickly to ever get a device without an sd card ever again. Now if I can convince my wife to use her upgrade to get me the Note II and let her take my SGS3….

  • Anonymous

    nexus from google. Pricing is ridiculously low.

    • deeoh1084

      i agree i don’t know why T-Mobile will offer Nexus 4 for $200 with 2 year contract when you can get it straight from google w/o contract for $300 or $350

    • archerian

      it would be great if like computers, mobile phones become more affordable over time due to more adoption and mass production. $300 is great, this price will definitely drive more use, especially in developing markets.

      • bleeew

        Thats if Google Play is availiable in that country, if not, then they have to look elsewhere

  • lithdoc

    So what will be the price of the Nexus 4 from T-mobile without contract? If it is like Google, then I’ll buy from T-mobile. I also wonder whether the actual hardware will be same or different on the two phones.

  • Soultruthgemini

    how does the insurance work if i buy the unlocked version? im very curious.

    • Rick Johnson

      Buy a SquareTrade warranty. Other than theft, it’s cheaper than paying T-Mo every month for warranty/damage coverage.

      • Deihmos

        Actually square trade is actually more expensive and covers less. The price is 7.00 a month and it does not cover lost phones.

        • Rick Johnson

          Yikes, it has gone up now at $125 (I paid $85), and the deductible more expensive at $100 (I have a $50 deductible). Even then, paying the $125 up front makes it $5.20/mo equiv, which is less than $7.99 T-Mo will charge for the warranty/insurance bundle. The only thing you lose is loss/theft protection (which requires a police report to claim anyway).

        • Deihmos

          I never had to do a police report for loss phone. Also if you do not require the loss/theft protection it only cost 4.79 a month.

  • pick me a winner

    the thing is for me i love the nexus devices and i dont mind having hspa+42 but tmobile is coming out with lte next year so y not have both hspa+42 and lte under one boat and thats y i choose the galaxy note 2

    • Enzowned

      Except will LTE be everywhere? If HSPA+ is solid all around, 42mbps is basically LTE compared to the other carriers. Maybe by the time LTE Is widespread, it’ll be time to upgrade again?

      • pick me a winner

        Well tmobile said they would be covering 200 million people. So there’s a good chance that u or i will get access to the lte network so that’s why I say I like hspa+ with the alternative lte speed and battery saving. But I just like to have access to both network then just have one in the long run

    • HalfwayCrook

      it might have lte tho?

      • pick me a winner

        when is see more information i may change my mind but we will see.

    • JR

      I dropped Sprint just in time when they removed my discounts, (so no ETF), and the manager I talked to kept telling me “but we’re refarming and getting LTE and…” I told her, listen, that’s all great, and in two years, if you guys actually managed to do something better than the WiMax that is in place, I may think about coming back, but why would I waste a full contract length hoping that in the future the lawn will be greener? Granted, I did have WiMax in my area, and it’s faster than T-mo’s HSPA+, but T-mo’s HSPA+ is available in far more locations around me.

      I was shocked when my friend’s Evo 3D broke. I tried to suggest him a different phone, but all the new Sprint phones were LTE, and not WiMax. In a region with WiMax and no LTE, one would not be happy downgrading to crappy 3g (and we all know Sprint’s is not speedy). He was able to send his for repair under mfg warranty (3 days left, wow). Sprint did this before with WiMax. Sell WiMax phones that only get 4G in two cities, and then start progressing. By the time your area FINALLY got 4G, there was a newer, better phone.

      In summary, I’d rather have a phone that is future-proofed BUT that works in the present conditions, than one that is “ahead of its time”. Just don’t buy the Note II with the premise that it’ll work with LTE. It might, it might not, it will need an update, etc. For now, just be glad it works now and it MIGHT work later.

      Whatever the case, in that “later” time, it’ll still work on HSPA+, in case there’s no LTE in your region.

      With that being said, the Note II is a great choice.

    • Matlock

      Because if they would have put LTE on it, the phone would have cost much more, and also it would not have been a true global phone. The phone was not specifically built for T-Mobile, its meant to be unlocked. If you read the article where they explained the issues they would face with putting LTE on it, you would understand the decision.

  • ceegii63

    a Tmo Lumia 920 would have been it for me or a Nexus 4 with 32-64b or an msdxc slot

  • Ok im getting the NEXUS 4 b/c the price is right, but if T-Mo miraculously decides to launch a HTC made G-Series phone soon after, I’m gonna be pissed

    • gorilla pants

      Feel the same. Getting the nexus 4 from play store, but if that rumored 5 inch HTC nexus phone becomes reality it’ll be painful.

  • Rick Johnson

    Why would anyone spend up to $330 more for the Nexus 4 via T-Mobile just to get it “subsidized”? Knowing the 16GB is $349 via Google Play unlocked, $199 + 2 year contract on the Classic plan (subsidized), or $199 “down” + $20/mo for 20 months on the unsubsidized Value plan (which for a given rate plan is avg $20/mo cheaper than the classic plan), it seems that $349 is cheaper than $679 or $599.

    • achusaysblessyou

      The T-Mobile version of the Nexus 4 has DC-HSPA a.k.a. 41mbps HSPA whilst the one on the play store only has “regular” 21mbps HSPA. Not really worth that much more, but… it could be helpful…

    • bwahaha

      If you can expense your monthly plan but not your phone purchase, then the “Classic” plan makes sense

      • Rick Johnson

        Fair point. For those of us who can only expense a portion of our bill, that value proposition just isn’t there.

      • JR

        I think you’re better off paying the $200 to move to value plan and pay full msrp at Google Play than buying subsidized from T-Mo. There are reasons for everything, however. Like if you’re in a family plan, it’d be $200 per account, that can get costly quickly. But if you’re staying with classic, and the savings is only $100 between subsidized from T-Mo or outright purchased from Google Play, wouldn’t it make more sense to purchase it outright after saving a little more, at least so your contract ends sooner. Who knows, maybe in a few months a phone with better subsidized price comes along, and you’ll regret having used your opportunity to purchase a subsidized phone to simply save $100… That’s just me looking into future-proofing, or ways of not screwing one’s self.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not smarter. I purchased the Note II on value with $250 and $20/mo for 20 months. What I didn’t know is that this required contract extension. Had I not wanted the phone so badly, I’d have walked out…or put it all on a credit card, which I didn’t want to do at this moment. At least this way there’s no interest…

    • jelliottz

      Buying they 16gb play store version and going with a value plan will pay for itself in less than 8 months over going subsidized. No reason not to do that if you’re going to buy the Nexus.

    • BahamasGeek242

      Well I called T-mobile and they told me I was due for a upgrade I am currently on a Classic plan. I was told that I could get the new nexus phone for 199.99 $50 MIR BUT I would have to change my Data plan from $20 a month to 30 month (5GB then throttle) and still sign a new 2 year contract. I dont care about the contract because I am not leaving T-mobile anyway its the face that I have to change my bill.

  • Chris

    Already got my note2 and happy as can be :)

  • sam michaels

    If I can get the money, I will be getting the Note 2.

  • silverhawknike

    I would want Galaxy S Relay 4G if possible:)

    • ransack

      Best choice for a qwerty phone

  • Jordan Williams

    Ideally it would be the GS3 or the Nexus 4 but I just had to replace my amaze with a One S…. Still have mixed feelings about that.

  • bobblehead

    I need to gets some hands on time with Windows Phone 8. Already upgraded to Win 8 at home and interested to see the integration with the Phone. Definitely interested, but not sold on MS.
    If MS lets me down, then I would like Nexus 4, but as a G2x owner I really hate LG – and TMobile gets some blame too.
    That leaves the Note 2 for me.
    It is awesome to have choices!

    • Windows 8 actually doesn’t seem that bad to me now I may pay the $15 to upgrade but idk about taking on Window Phone 8 when they price it like all the other smartphones that have better specs.

  • joel


  • Newmexican

    If there will be WiFi calling I will get the Nexus 4 (This feature would make up for the higher cost). If no WiFi calling it will have to be the Relay 4G unless HTC comes up with a G3 in the next few weeks (one can dream ;-) , can’t one?)

  • rwb Barton

    I already bought the Galaxy Note II and it rocks!

  • achusaysblessyou

    Note II! Got mines Friday, and even if the Nexus 4 came out at $100, I’d still take the Note II (although I’d buy a Nexus 4 just for fun :p)

  • Logan

    Waiting until Samsung decides to release the ATIV S to America… whenever that will be, hopefully I’m not waiting on a sinking boat.

  • Dr.Badnasty

    Voting “no confidence” in LG for the time being. I’ll let some other chump learn the hard way that they STILL suck.

    • ransack

      I learned my lesson with lg 8 years ago. They sucked then they suck now nothing has changed

    • Nathan S.

      Yes, I too will not be buying any LG product any time soon.

  • archie

    Come on guys lets be honest a true andriod phone is great but dam LG makes crappy phones also you can not remove the battery why have andriod started doing this crap it feels like APPLE also no micro slot dam i recall the first nexus phone was bad ass it rose the bar for phones now goggle comes out with this junk the S3 is a better phone all around!!!!!

    • Idk why theres no removable battery in some current gen device I particularly don’t buy them but as far as non removable memory for smoothness until google can find a way to combat the lag that follows using MicroSDs. The S3 and Note 2 are by far better hardware wise but The Nexus 4 is still a Nexus and it will always receive support.

    • They’ve had crappy devices in the past, but I’m 100% sure that we can trust this device.. Google doesn’t make crappy stuff. We’ll have to wait and see once people have it in the flesh though..

  • jdoe

    Deciding between the nexus 4 and the galaxy note II, I’m a long time tmobile customer and plan on staying for awhile. there are differences between the nexus and note I don’t like(I.e. non removable battery, no ext. sd) and whether if my area will get lte sometime soon.

    • RotaryP7

      Does screen size matter? As a TMO employee, and IMO; Nexus 4 seems like the better buy. Why? The average person will not want to carry around a 5.5″ screen. Will you even use 16GB worth of storage? There’s always dropbox, that gives you an additional 5GB. As for battery, it should last you more than 2 years. By then, I’m sure you’ll invest in a new phone.

      The Nexus 4 is a Google phone. It comes with 4.2 preinstalled (first android w/ 4.2) and it receives the fastest google updates. The resolution is better, 320 ppi vs 302 ppi. It also has a new wireless charging feature. Or I believe it comes with a wireless charging pad.

      In all, they are both good phones, top tier. It depends on the user.

      • To own a Nexus 4 if you are a power user and a majority of Nexus are, you would need a unlimited data plan and with only 16gb’s of storage thats only a handful of roms to easily swap through without even thinking about if the are a music lover you think 16gbs for the music lover is sufficient? I don’t. How about the texter that love apps well that may be good enough in that case but what if they are text hoarders? as well as app hoarders? it all adds up eventually.

    • HalfwayCrook

      N4 brehhh

    • JR

      Battery on the Note II impresses. On my first run, I got 35 hours of on-time out of it. I turned it off over the night, and it gave me 2 full days of power with over 5 hours of screen on, watched videos, made calls, drew a few sketches with the stylus, checked mail, etc.

      The Note II has many innovative things, and that Stylus does some great wonders. I love being able to hover over the email to check what’s inside without having to open it. Makes for quick deletion of unwanted slickdeals alerts lol. My daughter loves when I draw Dora, Boots, Diego, Bubble Guppies, etc for her on the big screen. It’s like a full-size tablet for her little hands (A full size tablet is probably like a 27″ touch monitor for her lol)

      If you think the stylus is a gimmick that you won’t use, you don’t care about pop-out video/browser/etc, don’t need mSD or a huge screen, and you don’t mind charging every night, The Nexus 4 is a good choice.

      Also, if you want a vanilla OS, Nexus 4 is the only choice.

      Carlos Carreras is right on the money when he explains the great points about the Note II, though on a negative view. I can attest that the phone is indeed large and won’t cater to most of the population. You won’t look like an idiot while holding it on your ear, but the phone is so slippery that you should forget about holding it with one hand unless you get a case.

      The Nexus 4 with save you lots of money, and you can’t go wrong with it.

      So as you can see, it’s a tough choice, and like Carlos said, it depends on what you’re planning to do with the phone. They’re both magnificent phones, top of the line on all phones out there right now, regardless of phone company

      P.S.- If S4 comes out in February like some people comment, it may be in the US by June (who knows, really). You could go the cheaper way and upgrade to the S4 when it gets to T-Mo. But then again, who knows what the future will unveil…and who will be on top then! There’ll probably an iPad 7 by then, too…just saying

  • Rob

    Unfortunately the 16GB with no SD is a deal breaker. Other than that I would totally go for it!

  • walwal_ka

    If I did not get the note 2 for 269+tax thru retention. no upgrade and shipping fee. I might get the nexus4.

  • jian9007

    Nexus 4 for me. For the specs and price ($349 unlocked) it can’t be beat. I like many things the Note 2 has to offer but I like my updates timely and Touchwiz makes me want to strangle kittens. I also like a processor that is based on A15 (S4 Pro) and not A9 (Exynos 4412), though in everyday use many of you won’t notice much difference between the two. And even though Nexus 4 only has 16GB internal storage, so does the Note 2. Yes, I realize the Note 2 has microSD card, but you can’t put your apps there on jellybean without root and some pain in the backside tweaking.

    So the 16GB only concerns me when it comes to apps, as pics, videos, etc., can easily be uploaded or moved to a flash drive via OTG cable. Loving all these phone choices coming out on T-Mobile though.

    • Rick Johnson

      Most people don’t have 16GB worth of apps, or anywhere near that.

      • redman12

        I wouldn’t mind having 32GB to fit all my musics up in there without streaming it through Google Music.

        • Phillip B

          That’s why you buy a decent sized SD card. I’m still using 8GB and it holds all my music with ease.

        • redman12

          Nexus 4 doesn’t have micro-sd card slot.

      • I’d be surprised if people had over 500mb worth of apps. My 8Gb’s of storage on sd is 1.)Roms 2.)Music3.)Pictures4.)Documents5.)App Cache

    • JR

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but the only A15 chip “out there” is the one in the Nexus 10, and it happens to be a Samsung processor. The S4 Pro Quad is most likely better than the Exynos 4412, but from Wiki, it looks like the S4 Pro Krait processor is based on an ARMv7-A compatible chip (whatever that means).


      Maybe I should’ve been corrected, looking at this article, it states that the Krait architecture is based on ARM Cortex-A15. I don’t know which one is true, so I should probably just shut my mouth~

      • archerian

        both links are kind of correct – the Krait borrows design traits from the A15 and improves upon A9 significantly, but does not implement the full A15 set. It’s hence not a pure A15 either.

    • archerian

      The S4 Pro is not an ARM Cortex A15, its based on the Krait, which is a turbo-charged enhancement to previous releases. It resembles A15 more than A9/8 in several respects, but its still not an A15.

    • Yoda

      the s4 pro in the nexus 4 with adreno 320 is still a9 based, and is the same chip as used in the Optimus g. You should see similar benchmark performance between the 2 models.

  • Guest

    iPhone 5, straight from Apple.

  • jImmy

    I couldn’t stand the idea of 16 either without an SD card slot, but once I got a tablet as a 2nd & device it has16 built in and 32 in the sd so it stores all my media and most of my games, having 16 or even only 8 on my phone is no problem

  • jelliottz

    Honestly this is the best line up from TMO I have seen in a long time, and maybe its the best line up ever.

    Its difficult to prioritize what I would buy. Nexus 4 from Play store combines with the Value Plan is almost unbeatable. Then you have the Note II with its wonderfully large screen and S-Pen. The 8X with maxed out WP8 specs will run flawlessly.

    The S3 would be a close runner up, but hard to chose over the above 2 Android phones. The L9 pales in comparison to the other carriers counterparts so its out. And the I don’t think the Lumia will hold a torch to the 8X so its out too.

    Personally I would go with the Note II. As much as I enjoy stock Android, I couldn’t pass it up.

    • HalfwayCrook

      N4 ftw

    • JR

      Probably wisest response I’ve seen, regardless of choice. If I could, I’d grab all those 3. HTC 8X to see the potential of Windows Phone 8 and what it can do with regards to Windows 8, Nexus 4 for the wife for fun, and Note 2 my personal fave. The others are also great, for mid-tier.

      BUT I wonder if I’d not rather spend $50 more and get the Nexus 10 instead of the Nexus 4 (already have Nexus 7), and then have Note II for myself, Nexus 10 for myself (hotspot on Note II), and then HTC 8X for fun. I just don’t know what I’d do with a Windows Phone, yet.


    I will most likely buy an unlocked Nokia Lumia 920 and hope that the refarmed 1900 MHz will work well in the Ohare area.

    • HalfwayCrook

      The lumia is really nice but after watching the video of the nexus 4 on the verge, i think the nexus 4 has it beat

  • I already have the Galaxy Note 2 and the S3 so I will most likely be getting the Nexus 4 from the Play Store next. I also have the Galaxy Nexus. I’m addicted to Android. :(

  • If I were to buy a phone now, it would be a Nexus 4 strait from Google. However, I have a GNex already and don’t really need all that power in my phone just yet. As long as Google keeps the GNex up to date, I’ll hold onto it for a while longer. What I really want to buy right now is the Nexus 10!

  • TMoFan

    After seeing some pics I’m going to go with the Nexus. Great to see a high-end phone with high build quality. I think I’m getting mine via Google Play though.

  • Should be an option to choose more than one. Galaxy Note 2 as a daily power house and the Nexus 4 to devirginize its stock software and throw down on some roms who am I kidding both of these device of mine will not be stock for long. LONG LIVE THE XDA FORUMS!

    • nycplayboy78


  • Note 2 With t-mo contract around black friday time, Nexus 4 from El Goog for 349 no contract, LG L9 $349 no contract just to play it because it intrigues me as to why this decently specced device costs so little then pawn that off later. Might consider a Nexus 10…

    • Herb

      We’ve got our L9 demo in the store and I agree with you. It is crazy that it would be priced so low, it’s a very slick device.

    • JR

      LG L9 pricing is probably due to the bar having been raised on the quality/specs of all phones coming out for mid-high tiers

  • Bob

    Note 2 on sale today for $560 at

    • Wouldn’t buy from that site anymore. Cannot recommend.

  • john

    get the galaxy S4, go to korea


    I have a question, and I was wondering if some one can clear this up for me. I have a full upgrade to use. Can I use my full upgrade to get the Nexus 4 from T-Mobile? Or will I have to pay full price for it? Thanks!!

    • JR

      If you’re on Classic, you’d be paying $200. If you’re on Value, you pay full price. If price is $150 less than Google Play price, I’d advice you to make sure your 2-year upgrade is worth $150. Other phones get way better subsidies than that. Who knows what comes along in say, 6 months…

      Just to reiterate: in Value, You’d pay $600. On Google Play, for the same phone, you’d pay $350. The final cost on Classic plan is even more than $600 (at the difference of monthly rate between Value and Classic)

  • np6s4x

    quite like the nexus 4 but need a sd card slot: i like to take pictures with my digital camera using a micro sd card+adapter, then being able to put that card in the phone and immediately upload the pictures where ever i am, without a computer

    • JR

      I *think* you can connect the digital camera directly to the phone and get the pictures that way. OTG cable might be required. No computer required

      • np6s4x

        interesting, didn’t think of that, wonder if it would it work on the nexus 4 out-of-the-box though…from a quick look, it seems that the nexus 7 needs to be rooted first for external storage

  • #Android

    Glad to see T-Mobile’s finally getting some top of the line Phones exclusive to them.

  • Hoping for an iPhone release on TMo next year, if not my upgrade is due in August and I will most likely see what’s out then, of nothing interesting I will get the Nexus 4. Looks pretty slick!

  • Already too in love with my Note 2

  • assuming the Google play version is hspa 42 or whatever its called, google play it is… Until it comes out I don’t think any of us know, but its fun to speculate.. :)


      Google play store says 21

  • jon

    My Galaxy Note 2 will be delivered this morning! I’m pretty stoked..but I do have a fear that it will just be too big. Although, I will admit, when I got my hands on my Galaxy Nexus for the first time, I thought it felt big. Now, I can’t imagine going to anything smaller than 4.65″. I am hoping the Note 2 has the same “just get use to it” feel. If it doesn’t feel natural after a few weeks, the wife will get my Note 2 and I will get a Nexus 4..

  • nycplayboy78

    I already purchased my Galaxy Note 2 and I am simply LOVING IT :)

    • thepanttherlady

      Got my white one yesterday and was pleasantly surprised when I got home to find 3 new cases sitting in my mailbox!! <3

      Ok, I lied. I was excited as hell! LOL

      • JR

        Where did you get the white one? T-Mo stores over here only have the Grey one. The white one hasn’t even been shipped to them…

        Also, which cases did you get? I’m in dire need of some!

        • thepanttherlady

          I was supposed to trade my S3 with someone but he didn’t get it yet and I was too impatient. The first corporate store I called in my area had them. I got 2 and will flip one.

          Go to Ebay and look up cases for the N7100. The specs are .01 off which is why I purchased them. They fit perfectly!

        • nycplayboy78

          Panther Lady what case(s) did you get for your GN2? I am looking and I don’t like the flipcase because they are awkward…I am looking more for the D3O cases and what screen protector did you get if any?

        • thepanttherlady

          Go to Ebay and put this search in: case for n7100 and on the first page that pulls up you’ll see flip cases, folio cases, bumpers, and just plain cases that protect the sides and back of the phone.

          I DID purchase 2 screen protectors off Ebay; however, returned them today. The front protectors arrived “bent” and with dings in them. I was going to ask for replacements until I read further feedback that this brand of protector was leaving a sticky residue on the screens/phones. I’m going to get my full body protection through PhantomSkinz. I’ve used them with every phone I’ve owned and you can’t go wrong.

        • nycplayboy78

          Thank you Panter Laday I looked at the PhantomSkinz and Good LAWD…You have to immerse the skin in water…Too much for me…SIGH..I guess I need to get my kid to put my screen protector on for me because I am just too lazy to go through all of that myself….That is what I have a kid for :)

        • thepanttherlady

          It’s not as hard as you think! They’re VERY easy to install. Heck, I remember when I put them on my Blackberry Curve years ago and you couldn’t (well, you weren’t SUPPOSED to lol) use your phone for 24 hours while it dried. They’ve come a long way since then.

          Let me tell you though, my experience with this brand is that they protect your phone like you wouldn’t believe. I have dropped my S3 a couple of times and it survived without any dents/dings or blemishes. You could see on the shield where it hit but it didn’t damage the phone. Whew! It’ll be the best investment you can make. You get 2 for the price of one.

          P.S. Don’t go with the Chromatics. Yes they offer different colors, and yes they’re easier to “install” but they also come off way easier/faster.

        • nycplayboy78

          Ok I will get the screen protector only and a case for my GN2…Thank you Panther Lady :)

        • thepanttherlady

          Just got the aluminum brushed back (in turquoise) I bought on Ebay and LOVING it!!!

        • nycplayboy78

          Post pics please :)

        • thepanttherlady

          Try this link:

          Brownie points if you can tell me what movie is playing on my phone. =D

        • nycplayboy78

          Nice…No idea what movie that is on your phone :p

        • thepanttherlady

          Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

        • nycplayboy78

          I live in DC and I just went to my local T-Mobile store at 10AM on 10/24/2012 and asked the manager if he had any white GN2’s and he said yes and I said I want to buy one at FULL PRICE and he said ok I just need your driver’s license and wham bam thank you ma’am 10 minutes I had my phone on my account and everything..What took the longest was getting the micro-SIM activated…Hence the 10 minute stay at the store…My only complaint is that whenever T-Mo launches a new phone they NEVER have accessories for it be it screen protectors or cases…Cases and screen protectors won’t arrive until November….LAME!!!!

    • Giraffe

      Value plan is $20 less a month for 20 mos, $480 bucks. If you can fence then Note for 40 more than the asking price on contract, you should go for it.

      That said, sounds like you are better off buying directly from Google and not spending the extra money/effort.

  • Since I just got my Galaxy S III I pick my gsiiI lol but if I would have waited I would have picked Nexus 4 from Google. Its a good price for it’s package and it might be lte which is a plus

  • Titino Lattie

    The T-Mobile version of the Nexus 4 has DC-HSPA a.k.a. 41mbps HSPA whilst the one on the play store only has “regular” 21mbps HSPA. Not really worth that much more, but… it could be helpful…

    • they’ve already confirmed the Play Store specs are wrong and it supports 42mbps

  • Anon

    None of the above. I now have an iPhone 5 with the T-Mobile nano-sim, and my contract ends in 45 days. If by then the 3G refarm does not arrive in my city, I will leave for Verizon.
    I’ve been a T-Mo customer for 11 years; T-Mobile, why have you made it so hard for me to support you?

    • JR

      Maybe getting a “not-quite-yet-supported” phone has something to do with it. After 11 years you should know better than to expect them to refarm an entire nation in under a year. Like it won’t be a year for them to turn LTE on in the entire nation, like some people seem to expect.

      Wonder if you’re not better off getting a T-Mo Mobile Hotspot… (or one from whichever carrier you’d prefer). Of course, if you get a different carrier for a mobile hotspot because of data, you’re better off just going with that company for regular data, and you can most likely sell that iPhone 5 close to what you paid for. Obviously it hasn’t ran through its paces yet.

      Please, understand I’m not bashing you for wanting an Apple product. Not bashing you at all, regardless, just suggesting options, which may not be to your liking. You’re almost contract-free anyway.

      Wait pizza is here….

    • Herb

      Hahahahahaha, smh… You go out and buy an unsupported phone and then wonder why it’s not supported. Just be patient and wait for the refarm or go away and have fun paying a ton for Verizon.

  • Phillip B

    Already got my note II. Best phone I’ve ever owned. The battery life is just incredible.

  • predation

    gonna get note 2 on subsidy, flip and then buy both nexus 4 from google and nex 10. :-)

  • Deadeye37

    Its going to be the GSIII for me. I would do the Nexus 4, but it doesn’t have a microSD slot and it doesn’t have WiFi calling. If it had both of those, I would get it in a heartbeat!

  • predation

    i’m going to buy a note 2 via subsidy, flip and then rebuy nex4 and nex10 from google play. :-)

    • JR

      Not sure your math makes much sense. It can be done, but I think you’re gonna end up marking a 2 year contract for $130 savings total (

      Made some quick math:
      Calculated price of Note 2 on classic ($420),
      a resale of about $550,
      and a purchase price of $700 for N4+N10.

      You need to put $150 extra of your money to buy those

      You end up paying $570 for the $700 combo. Total savings, $130, but in a new 2 year contract, and can’t get a new subsidized for 20 more months. Make sure that’s what you want to do before you embark in this.

      Plus you’d have to pay taxes for the Note2, for the Nexus4, and Nexus10, and the $550 you’d get for the Note2 was best case scenario.

      It’s doable, just make sure that’s what you want to do, with all the consequences of the actions.

  • Ceefu

    8X for the wife, as she’s on a Radar now and really likes it. I’m using a iPhone 4S, so I’m undecided. S3 and the N7 look really nice, but I prefer the HTC build quality / metal bodies. Upgrade eligible on 11/14, so we’ll see what I do.

  • thepanttherlady

    Note 2!!

  • My next phone will likely be a Samsung Galaxy S IV with LTE, whether I buy it from T-Mobile or AT&T depends on T-Mobile’s ability to do the following:

    1. Fix their network coverage so it’s at least as good as it was 2 years ago.
    2. Actually deploy an LTE network.

  • JR

    I bought Galaxy Note II because price of $650 for such a device didn’t seem as bad (figured it’d cost $750+). If I have to purchase another one, say, for my wife, it’ll be the Nexus 4 directly from Google. At that price off contract it’s very hard to pass up. I still stand on my decision of getting the Note II, because it has other things I wanted, like a battery that lasts over 2 days of normal usage, a stylus that is actually useful, great specs and an incredible screen. The Nexus 4 will most likely be rooted within minutes, and will be a great toy for my wife, and for me to play with when she’s not watching…I mean…umm…Plus the only concern people have with the Nexus 4 is no LTE and lack of mSD. Well, my wife isn’t going to fill it up, so no problems there!

  • UMA_Fan

    I’m wondering if the real reason they cancelled the HTC One X G series variant was because they are launching a Nexus now.

    • Astro

      it had something to do with it not passing quality.

  • nd5

    Is the nexus 4 future proofed? What we need is a PHONE that is future proofed for LTE, not just a phablet. If the Nexus 4 isn’t, then it’s none of the above / keep waiting for me.

    • The Nexus 4 doesn’t have LTE at all. No matter the carrier.

    • JR

      They might be wanting to release an LTE network before releasing phones that can take advantage of this. They might be trying to go with the LTE/non-HSPA+ model, which I hope they don’t. I hope they continue supporting both standards on phones to come. With that said, guess you’ll be waiting on hopes the S4 is the answer to your “prayers”.

      As David said, Nexus 4 will have no LTE, and, thus far, no CDMA (not that it matters…|MetroPCS|) support, either.

      Think that for several years to come, the HSPA+ that works so well on the Nexus 4 will remain active. This will not be your last purchase in the next two years, and at the price of the Nexus 4, you won’t mind either.

  • s10shane

    the lack of an SD card slot or at least a 32Gb version is the biggest killer of this sexy phone. its a shame Google doesn’t come out with a bigger version other then the 16GB one. i would fill that up way to quick.

  • Herb

    I went with “Nexus 4 from T-Mobile,” assuming we get employee pricing & availability. If not, Play Store it is!

  • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

    Galaxy Note II. The Nexus is tempting, but I’m waiting for reviews about build quality. I don’t want to risk buying a G2X redux.

    I’m assuming it met Google’s standards, but time will tell.

  • IneedAnswers

    I don’t get it if you buy Nexus 4 Via Google Play 8GB is only $299.99 & 16GB $349.99 with no contract if SO Google will be killing it.

  • UMA_Fan

    I’ll get the Nexus if it has WiFI Calling

  • I want to buy the Nexus 4 straight from Google (T-Mobile is not getting $600 from me like they did me on the Value plan w/ the HTC One S, then offer it for $449.99 on their website a few months later), but I think I need to stick to my HTC One S, instead of getting a new smartphone every 6 months. It’s extremely tempting tho when I had a Samsung Galaxy Nexus w/ a 4.65″ screen, but got stole & had to settle for a HTC One S with a 4.3″ screen. I have bigger fingers, not fat, but not small either. Plus my birthday is literally a week after release, so it’s like “this is calling my name.” Don’t quote me on this tho, I may just have the Nexus 4 around that time frame. Idk. Would love a HTC 8X, but am not willing to give T-Mobile $600 for that.

  • dank414

    For everyone getting a Nexus 4 with a new 2yr agreement. Wouldn’t it just be smarter to get the Note 2, ebay/craigslist it for $600-650 and then buy a new Nexus 4? You profit a little bit for the phone.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Galaxy Note 2 for me. No Lg Nexus 4 can touch the Galaxy Note 2. Glad to hear the Lg Nexus 4 added to the profolio of Tmobile. That hspa 42MPS network will be super fast for that device. Galaxy Note 2 rules on Tmobile..

  • BahamasGeek242

    I am on a legacy plan and I am currently month to month but if i can save a $100 on the 16GB model signing a 2 year contract again I have no problem I am not planing on leaving T-mobile.

    Classic plan since 2006
    1000min free nights and weekends
    unlimited data (5GB high speed then throttle)
    300 txt

    $69.72 taxes included

  • Noel

    Hands down the Nexus 4 for me and so far 47% agree. The top of the line Specs, Pure Android 4.2 and the SWEET PRICE of $299/$349 unlocked seals the deal for the N4. Just imagine if HTC was the OEM of choice for the N4…this poll will be running above 60%. Wish Google will go with HTC for a Nexus again, don’t hold back on any of the key specs and have three option models priced Google’s way…my guess is they will have a tough time meeting demand

  • 21stNow

    I’m coming around to thinking about purchasing an LG-made Nexus. I already have the Note II and the Galaxy S III. The thought of using my beloved Galaxy Nexus for another year isn’t that appealing though, so I might get a new Nexus for that. It will be from Google (or somewhere other than T-Mobile) if I do.

  • archerian

    Looks like we caught at least a few hundred idiots in a day, who would buy the N4 straight from T-mo

  • mingkee

    Since I have S3 already, I need a backup solution.
    I chose L9 because it has removable battery and SD card support.

  • Emperius

    None. I have always hated plastic gloss housing with no hardware keyboard. Half inch bezels around the screen, no microsd, etc.. Currently on the G2, and plan to until above problem (imo) are resolved. Nexus is a power device that has everything one would need in the pocket, no doubt. But not enough for me personally.

  • Nexus 4 straight from Google…if it wasn’t that obvious

  • Zombie Killer

    At the moment, I’m royally pissed off about the pricing. Nexus 4 has nice spec, but too large a screen, no sdcard slot, and most important… NO KEYBOARD. Samsung Relay is my favored choice at the moment, because it has all the specs I need (despite not being quite as advanced as N4), but to pay a premium of $200-$250 for it is TOO MUCH.

    Tmobile: If you read this, lower the price of Relay by $250 or more and I’ll buy one. If not, I’m not buying a phone AT ALL.

  • G1andonly

    I’m going with the HTC amaze, year old technology, still fits in with the big dogs of today. That’s a future proof phone

  • mike

    NOTE 2 all day , Lg phones are horrible cant believe they made a nexus device with LG ….so disappointing

  • I was looking at the Nexus until I found out that it has NO WIFI CALLING due to being pure Google without an ounce of T-Mobile software. If the T-Mobile sold one has wifi calling, I would opt for that. Otherwise, I just can’t live without wifi calling at my home.

  • smirkis

    my plan is so cheap anyway, extending it for two years to grab it at 200 is a steal. its people who jumped the gun early and moved to a value plan who are getting fucked backwards. why should i pay google 350 when i can grab it for 200 and just extend my contract which i don’t plan on leaving anyway lol. in this case, the early bird (early adopters of value plan) didn’t quite catch the worm… suckers