Question Of The Day: Which New T-Mobile Phone Will You Buy?

What started out as a fairly mild day has turned out to be one of the most exciting days in the Android and Microsoft worlds since Google I/O and the introduction of Windows Phone 7. With the unveiling of the next-generation Nexus and T-Mobile’s entire holiday lineup, Google and Microsoft have rocketed to the front page with brand new all-star handsets. However, no matter how much we love stock Android and the promise of immediate updates, the Nexus 4 isn’t the only kid on the block and we can’t ignore that. The Nexus 4 may have the limelight today, but the Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III and the new line of Windows Phone 8 devices aren’t going to stay quiet.

So here’s the question, which device will you go for this holiday season? Will it be the brand new Nexus 4 and the promise of early updates, or the powerhouse that is the Galaxy Note II? Perhaps the Lumia 810 or Windows Phone 8X meet your fancy? Take the poll below and tell us which device will be yours this holiday season.

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