T-Mobile Launching Dell Windows 8 Ultrabook On November 14th

We’ve been eyeballing a new Dell machine running on the T-Mobile network for a few months and can now confirm a Dell Windows 8 Ultrabook is on the way. Limited to just 338 stores, there’s no word on exactly which Dell Windows 8 Ultrabook T-Mobile will carry and power on their HSPA+ 4G network, but it will have pre-installed applications to manage data usage, billing cycle, self-help and more. The Ultrabook will be available through Retail, Online, and B2B channels.

The other notable piece of hardware intel here is the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1″ release date still being marked for November 7th. T-Mobile has already teased the release of the Tab 2, but has done so without a price or release date. Just about every piece of intel we’ve come across in recent weeks has pointed to the 7th of November so we’re pretty confident that’s the day for anyone looking to grab T-Mobile’s newest tablet.

Another worthy mention is T-Mobile’s plan to step up their “Bring your own device” marketing in their first “modernized markets” of Las Vegas and Kansas City. The message will focus on the Unlimited Nationwide 4G data plan, monthly savings vs AT&T and unlocked AT&T device compatibility. Pretty much the same message T-Mobile’s already trying to get across, just more of it. Sounds good to us.


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  • archerian

    Not sure how much T-mobile can gain by training employees and marketing the 1900Mhz refarming if they are not able to provide any information on where and when it is happening in the place other than Las Vegas and Kansas City

    Interesting to note T-mobile will be ‘recommending’ an unlock provider, ReleaseMyCode. They seem a tad more expensive than other options out there.

  • MacRat

    “pre-installed applications to manage data usage, billing cycle, self-help and more”

    A web browser?

  • timmyjoe42

    I wonder how much it will be.

  • MrWoody

    Is this thing giong to be x86?