T-Mobile Changes Smartphone Data Requirements, Now 2GB Minimum

In an effort to clear up some confusion based on a number of emails that have come my way in the past few days, T-Mobile did change their data feature requirement for smartphones as of October 10th. Previously, T-Mobile allowed their 200MB data feature to meet the requirement with smartphone activation.

As of October 10th however, the smallest data package required for smartphone purchase moves to the 2GB plan, though this has no impact on existing customers already working with the 200MB plan. T-Mobile explains this change in exactly the way I would think, that modern smartphones consume data at a faster rate and that the 200MB plan is easily used up. Right fitting customers to 2GB or higher data protects the customer from any unexpected overage charges or throttling.

All in all I think this is a smart move for T-Mobile, the 200MB plan works, but just for a few people with limited use or who manage to find themselves constantly around WiFi. Besides, we should all be jumping at the opportunity to grab their unlimited data plan anyway, right?

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  • tomarone

    So are there any cell providers that allow a customer to use a smartphone for calls only on the network? (to use it for data only on wifi or potentially on a different provider’s data network).

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    • Sam

      You can go prepaid route I think. If you want subsidized phone then I don’t think that’s possible

    • steve1026

      Not anymore. Its a way for them to force more money out of you, if you want the best phones.

      • xmiro

        They are not forcing you, simply buy the phone you want at full price

      • So you want a $500-600 for $200 and you only want 200MB of data… you’re a moron.

        • g2a5b0e

          How does that make someone a moron? I’ve had my smartphone (G2) for almost 2 years now on 200MB & I’ve never gone over. When I’m at home & work, I’m constantly surrounded by wi-fi, so it’s never an issue. When I upgrade this month, I’ll probably go to 2GB just because I know I’ll want to put the HSPA+42 network to the test, but it’s extremely rude of you to make such a silly generalization.

        • @47a529b12c0ecce193425e65fdbfb409:disqus I think your a real dou… Ben was simple stating that you get a $5 or $600 and(the kicker) only pay $200 for it and have the gall to only get a 200mb plan. How bout you pay full price for the phone and get the plan you want. Case closed.

          P.S. And IDRGAF if I’m being extremely rude for making such a silly generalization.

        • g2a5b0e

          I don’t understand how it takes ‘gall’ as you put it to get a data plan that’s being offered (even if it is the lowest one available). That makes very little sense. Why would someone get a higher one if they’re not gonna use all that data? That sounds more like stupidity to me. That’s that professional athlete mentality. I’m gonna buy the $20 million house to show off in front of my friends when the $2 million house will do just fine.

        • Pikachu

          I can understand how Dion Mac comes to feel that way.

          There are just people out there who simply get upset at others when they feel those people possess expensive things and never use them (i.e : in your childhood, you had that one friend who had tons of things you didn’t have, and barely used those things too, inside it made ya hate em a little bit, this is known as JEALOUSY)

          Personally, I get really annoyed by SOME people who waltz around with their iPhones with NO DATA. I mean really…. Why even bother having that kind of phone, if you aren’t going to really use it to its potential. However, this is AMERICA YYYYYYYEEEEHAWWWW, gotta have it! Flash and trash!

        • yozo

          How about the ones who carry around a iPhone with a completely cracked screen. Now that’s trashy…

        • @g2a5b0e:disqus all sarcasm aside(maybe), this isn’t necessarily about the customer. The customer got a $600 phone for 200, so tmobile just thru $400 at them. Now tmobile is a profit company so they have to make that loss back… with the data plan. So if you only have a 200mb plan, its going to take 4 to 5 years to recoup the cost of that subsidy. Meanwhile its two years later twice already and you’ve received $800 in subsidies again, $1200 total. The numbers may be a bit off, but again if you not going to use that much data, don’t buy that high end a$$ phone unless your willing to pay full price or a higher data package. See… no sarcasm detected!

        • @54bad94b2d2e436022c8fa4ceb6a77c4:disqus Umm negative, I care less what it does with its toys that spark, after dark. Its business. Please read the above respond. please and thank you

        • g2a5b0e

          A bit off? The difference between the 200MB & the 2GB data plan is $10. So, if you’re a classic customer with 500 minutes, we’re talking about almost $70 versus almost $80. I really don’t think that $10 is gonna destroy T-Mobile. If it was, they wouldn’t have offered it in the first place. And once again, I ask you, why would I splurge on 2GB when I’ve never gone over 200MB? It’s called being a smart customer. I’m sure I use over 2GB a month, most of it just happens to be on wi-fi.

        • philyew

          Since TM have been offering the 200mb plan with smartphones for a long time, it hardly constitutes “having the gall” to take advantage of what has been on offer.

          What is really “galling” about this is the BS explanation from TM that they are doing this to save customers from themselves, and that charging them $240 more over the lifetime of the contract for possibly never exceeding 5GB data usage IN TOTAL over two years is a “good thing”.

          Just come out and say it: we need more revenue to continue subsidizing smartphones and we need to stop people from beating our overage system by flip-flopping between 200mb and 2GB whenever overages threaten.

        • @c25279a02ba9bea0152c3468e6319a0f:disqus Sure lets come out and say that. Im sure no one will be angered by those great choice of words.

        • philyew

          Right now they are pissing on my boot and trying to tell me its raining.

          I wasn’t writing their marketing copy. They could spin a statement to that effect as well, I’m sure. It might still make people angry, but it has a solid foundation in fact and they wouldn’t be looking you in the eye and telling you they are saving you from yourself.

        • Sounds like you need an iPod touch…

        • g2a5b0e

          You clearly have nothing worthwhile to say, so it would be better for everyone if you just stopped posting.

    • lcg1519

      No carrier will sell you a subsidized smartphone without a data plan attached. Customers are more than welcome to save on the data plan and put that money to buying the phone full priced. Then a data plan is not required at all.

    • xmiro

      yes buy it without subsidies as in pay full price for it. And no you can’t be on T-Mobile and use AT&T’s data


      If you buy an unlocked phone outright, get a prepaid SIM for voice only and use data at home with Wi-Fi

    • 21stNow

      T-Mobile is the only national postpaid carrier that allows you to not have a data plan with a smartphone, if you pay full price for it. Some (most?) of the prepaid carriers allow for a smartphone without a data plan.

  • shack180

    It makes sense.

  • normn3116

    What about those of us still on the throttled data? Where my data is unlimited, but 200 MB at 4G speeds?

    • krazytrixxxsta

      read it again.

  • xmiro

    Grandfathered on the 200MB plan with no overages. Guess we’ll be staying on it for a while especially since neither of us ever crossed the 200MB limit. I’m home all day on WiFi and he’s at work all day on WiFi.

    Now I wish they’d let us get on Value plans without contract

    • kpb321

      My thoughts exactly. Wife and I are both grandfathered in on the 200mb unlimited plans and neither of us has ever gone over. Would love to switch to the value plan now too since we are past our hardware upgrade time but don’t want a new 2 year commitment.

      • Jake

        What are people so afraid of 2 year commitments for? You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Want a better plan / subsidized phone, the company is in business to make money so they need a commitment from you for that benefit, otherwise keep your current plan / phone.

        • kpb321

          I would be keeping my current phone that I have already paid off the subsidy for as I’ve been on the classic plan long enough to be qualified for full subsidy on a new phone if I wanted to do so. Personally, I don’t want to upgrade right now because I’m planning to leave T-Mobile next year when I can get an iPhone as my work phone and use that as my only phone. Could do that now if I could stand using a blackberry as my only phone.

          I just don’t see why switching to a plan that DOESN’T subsidize your phone while continuing to use my current phone should lock me in for a 2 year commitment. A commitment and ETF makes sense when they are providing a subsidy that needs to be paid back. It doesn’t when they are just giving you a rate that doesn’t include paying back the subsidy.

          As it is it really ends up being a wash. It would be slightly cheaper to switch to the value plan for a year and just pay the 400$ (2 lines) ETF when I want to switch next year but it would mean a big bill with the ETF and two now phones all at the same time and loosing the grandfathered 200mb unlimited data plan so I’m just sticking with it on the value plan.

    • rs

      You really may want to verify that… My wife’s line was grandfathered from the pre overage time and recently on a long trip she went ovrr snd incurred charges. The tmo filks just kept parroting that the policy for the plan had changed and wouldn’t budge.. That’s what we got for assuming

      • Might have been data roaming (NOT included)?

      • MuthaFuckinStephen

        She must’ve got hit with data roaming charges. T-Mobile also changed their data roaming also. If you’re on a 200MB plan. You only get 10MB of roaming data.

    • Dakota

      I would’ve done that cuz same boat..now considering trying simple mobile or straight talk for a month & see if it works

  • I honestly that this was already implemented. I thought everyone typically started w/ 2GB’s. I do believe 200MB is for feature phones. Whatever, I think it’s not that bad of a move. Especially for the “Average Joe”, most of them don’t have computers & do all their browsing on their phones, like my sister. I remember going to a T-Mobile store in Chicago & having people come in talkin about wanting more data because they were being slowed down. These people use their phones for email, YouTube videos, Twitter, Facebook. I know people who only tweet from their smartphones. Soon as I move into my apartment next semester I’m switching back to Unlimited. The signal around my dorm sucks. It just feels good to have no barriers.

  • rfgenerator

    I doubt anyone with an Android phone would be able to keep it under 200MB, but my wife still has a Blackberry and easily keeps her data use under 200MB, in fact she probably averages around 100MB or less a month. That’s one good thing about Blackberry’s is that they are very bandwidth stingy, don’t know if that will continue to be true when BB10 comes out.

    • xmiro

      I keep it under 200MB, as does my boyfriend.
      I work at home and his company offers free wifi. I’ve only been over the 200MB limit once and only because I was doing speed tests

      • Dakota

        Lol me too..speed tests use a lot on small plans just to find how low your +21 really is

    • Peter

      I have 200mb because I only have edge in my area… I use my phone constantly during the day and I haven’t gone over once. I check my e-mail, blogs and reddit regularly throughout the day. Thankfully I’ll be grandfathered in, but they’re probably going to lose a lot of new business in my area…

    • Deadeye37

      I’ve had the 200 MB plan for close to 2 years with my G2 around HSPA+. I average 60-90 MB/mo. I’m either at work or at home, both of which have WiFi. When I’m out and about, I just use my phone for GPS (Waze), coupon searches (Entertainment App), or light web surfing.

    • Jim Shepherd

      I would argue that for many people 200MB is sufficient especially for Android. It is easy to set up Android to perform almost all data intensive activities while only on wifi. So as long as you do not frequently watch movies or stream music while away from wifi, there is likely little reason to need more than 200MB data. Most of my cellular data usage is checking email, reading RSS feeds, getting weather and sports updates, and performing web searches which takes little data. Downloading and syncing apps, movies, music, and other large files takes place on wifi at home, work, or public places with wifi so they can be used when away from wifi. Of course there are many people that want to take advantage of data intensive activities while on cellular service and there are obviously data plans for them. However, there are a lot of people with 4-line family plans that would prefer not to fork over another $480/year ($10/line/mo) for data that they don’t need. All four of our lines use Android phones intelligently with wifi settings, and we have only incurred a few dollars of overages over the last two years. I’ve enjoyed saving almost $1,000 over these last two years using the 200MB data plans.

    • Dakota

      Yes we can! Lots are on wifi during most of day & don’t stream music all day or watch Netflix..temp prepaid even has a 30mb plan which I know people on and their $50 is only 100mb before throttling

  • schippma

    This only applies to classic/legacy customers only. Value customers can add/remove any web plan they choose, including the 200MB plan.

    • Richard Yarrell

      I agree with you 100%. I still applaud Tmobile on this move.

      • ConSueMe

        how can you applaud less choice? only if you’re looking at it from a shareholder point of view, in which sense your next step is to install a 5GB minimum. from a consumer point of view this is pure malarkey!!!

  • jonathan3579

    So I’m assuming those people who are on the 200MB plan and intend on renewing/upgrading will also be required to upgrade their data as well.

    • thepanttherlady

      Point #2 on the screen shot answers this. :)

    • xmiro

      nope you stay grandfathered. But if say you change to 2GB then want to go back to 200MB you won’t be able to

  • Deadeye37

    Here’s my question:

    Say if my wife finally decided to get with the times and gets a smart phone with the 2 GB plan (since that’s what’s required). After a few months of analysis, we find that she only uses 50-100 MB/mo. Could we downgrade to the 200 MB plan, or does she have to stay on the 2 GB overkill plan?

    FYI – I’m on the 200 MB plan and only use 60-90 MB/mo due to being around WiFi most of the time.

    • thepanttherlady

      From what I can tell in the under the Customer Talking Points section, they’re going to discourage the 200MB plan for smartphones but won’t say no if the customer insists and is aware they run the risk of overages.

      • jaZzyjeff

        I thought T-Mobile didn’t charge overages?

        • 21stNow

          The 200 MB plan does allow for overages, up to $30 total cost. Check the second Customer Talking Point.

        • yozo

          Oh you didn’t read the fine print on the TV ad…

        • Not when they initially started with the 200mb plan it was overage free just like the 2 5 and 10 but they decided to scratch the idea of overage free 200mb probably because they would lose a huge amount of money.

      • 21stNow

        From looking at the third customer talking point, it seems like if the customer refuses to pay for the 2GB data plan, they will have to get a feature phone. This is also in line with the chart at the bottom of the screenshot.

      • Get_at_Me

        The req 200mb Data plan is no longer an option for classic/legacy customers (new activation and upgrade). However there is a non req 200mb option intended for out of contract or feature phone customers

        • curious

          Am I confused or just need more caffeine? It says “However, this change does NOT impact existing customers who already have a REQ 200MB data feature, EVEN WHEN UPGRADING TO A NEW SMARTPHONE.” One line on my acct has the 200MB data. There is no phone currently being used on it; however, the way I read this statement is that even if I upgrade to a smartphone, I can keep the 200MB data.

        • philyew

          You would have to use the smartphone on the line that has the 200mb plan.

    • Use your data plan more. You PAY for it.

    • Dakota

      200 won’t exist, right?

  • AngryAndroid

    How is requiring a more expensive data plan a good idea? At least give the consumer a choice. I’m always on wifi and never go over 200mb. Don’t force me to pay for something I don’t need

    • xmiro

      you have choice. keep the 200MB you have now or when upgrading pay for your phone in full

      • Jose Hernandez

        You can upgrade your phone and still keep the 200mb. If you want to change your plan, then you will have to go to the 2GB one.

        • ogopogo

          I think that he understands that he is grandfathered into the plan. What he is saying is to give ALL customers a choice. Similar to smoking – give ’em the option, and the facts, and let them decide.

        • Coolgeek

          Customers still have the choice of purchasing the phone with or without subsidy. Buying a phone unsubsidized (even with monthly installments on a Value plan) has no data requirements.

        • ogopogo

          OK – I don’t know what is getting lost in the translation here, but let me try again – We are talking about giving ALL customers the option of the 200MB plan.

    • gg555

      I completely agree. This is obviously just a ploy to get more money. How does forcing people onto a 2 Gb plan “protect” them from anything? There are no overage charges on T-Mobile (so it baffles me why TmoNews, which has to know this, mentions them as an issue) and if throttling becomes a problem, the customer can just change their plan if they want to.

      This just eliminates a choice plain and simple.

      I’m also surprised to see TmoNews using corporate-speak like “right fitting.” I don’ t usually think of TmoNews as an extension of T-Mobile’s PR department, but this post really has that feel to it.

      • I’m using the very same language employees use, that’s not corporate speak per se, that’s the very same language employees use and how this memo was described to me when it arrived in my inbox. I think I’ve long proved I’m not any kind of an extension of T-Mobile’s PR unit. There have been overage charges that can result from the 200MB plan, not on the 2GB or higher plan.

        • GBGamer

          I have friends that use the 200mb plan, and when they get to like 150, they upgrade it to the 2GB plan for the month. It works well, as you’re only paying for what you need to.

        • philyew

          You can’t do that any more with the Classic Plan. Once you upgrade, the 200mb plan won’t be available to revert to. Your friend will have to use a different approach.

        • GBGamer

          I know, that’s why I told David, I know that there are some reasons that 200mb is good. There are no overages if you are smart, and upgrade your data plan.

        • gg555

          And it’s corporate headquarters that tells the employees what language to use. So that pretty much makes it corporate speak.

          I also don’t see how parroting the language that T-Mobile employees are instructed to use by the corporation is not basically buying into exactly what the PR department wants . It’s like going into Starbucks and adopting their ridiculous names for drink sizes. That’s all pure PR for Starbucks.

          Anyway, I don’t think TmoNews in general is an extension of T-Mobiles PR department. And I in fact did not say that in my post above. What I said is that the specific blog post in question has that feel to it.

          I think we should all be wary of falling into mindlessly repeating corporate PR speak. TmoNews is no exception.

      • Technocracy

        The 200 MB plan does have overage charges; that is why it is (was?) the least expensive plan. (At least as shown in a store a few weeks ago when I upgraded 3 lines.) None of the plans in the GB range incur overages.

      • Jose Hernandez

        You really need to know what you are talking about before you talk about it. With the 200MB plan, you do get overages if you go over the plan, that would be why the picture above says to advice customers about that, and that the 2GB plan does not have overages. Also, TmoNews and David are not an extension of the PR department, David is just presenting the information as it is being presented to him. If you are upset about the changes that much, Go take a walk and calm down before you start attacking people that do not have a single Darm thing to do about it.

        • Wrong. Not ALL 200Mb plans get overages. Earlier plans throttle, I know I have it on two lines for my parents.

        • Anon

          Brett is 100% correct, i have the same 200MB plan, before smartphones even came into the picture. Its throttled after 200MB.

        • MuthaFuckinStephen

          The guy at the T-Mobile store said if you sign up for the 200MB plan after August 14th of 2011. You will be hit with overage. Anyone that signs up before that are are throttled when they go over their limit.

    • Chris

      No one is forcing you. Next time you want a new phone, pay for it full. :)

    • Dakota

      As always its profits before service..same As forcing share plans on people who don’t want it esp singles..and the tmo prepaid hass 100mb plan so acc to their logic that should be gone too

  • tomarone

    It’s a bad policy. Being a Value Plan customer, having paid full price for my One-S, (with a $200 rebate only available if I started with 5 GB), I’d like to be able to use NO data, just for calls, and use my WiFi connections.

    • @tomarone:disqus your a value plan customer, this does not concern you!

    • Phillip

      you got ripped off, 10GB is never req’d

    • Matlock

      Where the F**** did you go get your phone!?!?!? 10GB has never been a requirement. Only time on value plan that there are requirements is during promotions and the requirement is usually the 5GB plan for phones like the S2, S3, Amaze and One S. You sir got RIPPED OFF, LOL!!!!

      BTW, why have a smartphone if you dont want to have any kind of data plan?! just get a tablet and regular flip or texting phone. Your issue of having to have data is solved.

      • tomarone

        OK I mixed up 5GB with 10GB and 2GB with 5GB. Sorry.
        Also there is a difference between having a smartphone and -buying- a smartphone. Maybe I’m moving or just decide to use WiFi and make calls, or maybe get a gift or whatever.

    • If you paid out of contract then you don’t need data but your case is that you paid a contracted price hence you need data.

  • Why is there no 1GB only Data plan?

    • There is a 1GB plan. Its called the 2GB because they gave you an extra GB as a tmobile courtesy!

      • You know what, I agree.

  • MarcusDW

    A rep just told me hat the 200MB plan is going away. FWIW.

  • Aaron Peromsik

    This is a bad deal for people who spend most of their time within wifi range and know how to manage their data usage. If they would make similar requirements for prepaid they would probably lose me to Ting.

    What happens if a person wants to be on contract but comes in with a Galaxy Nexus purchased unlocked from Google… does the smartphone data requirement still apply?

    • Singleweird


    • Matlock

      No its only required if you’re purchasing the phone using EIP or on Classic plan.

      • anonymous

        This is not true if you are using EIP with a Value plan. This requirement only exits with subsidized devices. It is inline as I understand with most ‘data lock’ requirements in the industry

  • justincrouch

    As a tmo employee j have never sold 200mb plan. Ever. It charges overages and is not good more 99% of my customers. They may not be close to 2GB but most use between 300mb and 600mb. So yeah…good move tmo

  • GwapoAko

    I use iPhone 4$ and I always consume less than 2MB every month. Once the refarmed is complete I might get the 2GB.

  • philyew

    I dodged this bullet by recently re-tooling my family’s plans and hardware, but this will potentially impact existing 200mb plan users as well.

    The overages argument is BS. You can run apps to monitor wireless network use and take whatever steps are necessary to avoid those overages. Until now that included temporary data plan upgrades to cap the cost. Of course now there will be no going back for anyone with a 200mb plan who flips to the 2GB plan.

    While I doubt my wife’s line will ever trouble the 200mb limit because she works from home with access to wifi 80% of the time, I was relying on the ability to flip plans on my daughter’s account for the rare occasion when she would need to exceed 200mb.

    • Jose Hernandez

      Can I ask you a question? the overage argument is BS, but you state that your daughter would, on occasion need to change her plan because she would need more data? Why is this BS when you agree that sometimes more data is needed? they way things are going, more data in your plan will be a necessity. As far as I know, this is only a $10.00 difference. I have unlimited 4G for both my lines, we use WiFi at home and work, but for the extra $10.00, I have peace of mind to watch all the YouTube or Netflix I want and not worry about going over when I am not near a WiFi connection.

      • philyew

        It’s BS because smartphone users can manage that by using apps to monitor usage and shut down wireless data use, if necessary.

        I also had the ability to temporarily upgrade her plan to 2GB, if she alerted me about impending overages. I could then revert to 200mb in the next billing cycle. This change prevents that: once upgraded there is no turning back.

        It may only be an extra $10 per month, but over 2 years that’s an extra $240, making a total of $480 for data…and if the person uses less than 200mb each month they will have consumed less than 5GB of data IN TOTAL throughout the whole contract. Heck, I get 5GB of unthrottled data EVERY MONTH for $20 on the Preferred 5GB Plan.

        • Jose Hernandez

          I see your point better now, thanks for the reply.

        • An extra $240 over 2 years isn’t much however every other carrier will require you get data and if i’m not mistaken every other major carrier in existence of USA the BIG 4 everyone beside t-mo have higher data charges $20 for 2gbs is a great deal as competitors for $15 will give you only 250mb… Maybe this is a sign you should stop relying heavily on wifi because 200mb is easy to accidentally go through

        • philyew

          I’ve addressed much of this in my earlier reply. Most of this discussion is academic because I’ve already stated that if TM had been honest about their motives – that the 200mb plan doesn’t generate enough income for them to justify subsidizing a smartphone – I would have accepted their reasoning, as I’d already reached that conclusion myself.

          Instead they tell me that they are saving me from myself: I shouldn’t have a choice of plans because it might cost me more through being exposed to overages. Excuse me, TM, but I’m perfectly capable of looking after myself in this respect. Thanks all the same.

          That being said, I still think that there are a lot more people than you recognize who can get by each month without busting through the 200mb limit, and even if they did from time to time, they may very well still be better off than being forced to buy a 2GB plan every month.

          Smartphone users still make up only around 50% of all TM’s contracted customers and each new smartphone user comes from a background where they have yet to become immersed in the data hungry world that you, I and others enjoy.

          The fact that it is cheaper than the competition isn’t the point: it is still potentially more expensive than it was to be a TM customer last week.

          I don’t know you or your circumstances, but on my long journey to towards retirement, it’s been my personal experience that managing your budget and circumstances starts with making choices about the smaller things you can control and, if they don’t make sufficient difference, you start hacking off the big stuff. The $240 may be trivial in some estimations, but if it’s mine, it’s still better off in my pocket than theirs.

        • Lets be honest Tmo is not going to flat out say that they can’t do something so they give an alternate reason to look like its saving you potential unnecessary fees(and it is forcibly) .

          The people that can use less than 200mb aren’t doing much more than 1.) relying heavily on wifi which isn’t always consistent and 2.) Not using their phones for anything besides surfing the net and reading emails. Anyone planning on getting a good smartphone experience and doesn’t use data is just really wasting money and cheating themselves(that just my opinion).

          So why even get a smartphone if all you do is email and web surf on network data it would seem like the best economy efficient mean would be a basic feature phone and just eliminate the data req altogether than to ask why can’t I use only 200mb on a gs3? it would save a lot more money and make more sense really. Though I know people have their reasons just doesn’t make sense to me.

        • philyew

          This has no impact on you, so I can understand that you don’t “get” how offensive it is to be told they are helping you when clearly their motives are nothing of the sort.

          Your other comments are addressed in my other response.

        • Im not saying the motive is to help you, just more so elaborating on how it will help you in the long run… no matter their real reasoning.

        • philyew

          Until I have to pay a single dollar in overage fees that “help” is, at best, an illusion. At worst it’s a fraud because it achieves the opposite of what is claimed…and while you may not be saying their motive is to help, that is exactly what TM are claiming in their talking notes. That’s what is offensive, not your comment. Sorry if that’s what you thought I meant.

      • Matlock

        Preach on brother!! I have wifi all around me, whether at school or at home, but I pretty much only use wifi, if my signal is weak, other than that im using the Network all the time! My GF and I both have the Unlimited 4G plan, and on it so far ive used about 8Gb last month and this month am on track for 10gb. I stream music all the time, and also use the Watch ESPN app when im on the go, with some Youtube, and Netflix in between. I have a GNexus and she has an S3. Im definitely a Data Whore.

        • philyew

          But this isn’t about the “data whores”. It’s about people who have the need for a smartphone, but can meet those needs mostly on wifi.

          My wife will probably never exceed 100mb of wireless use in any month. That’s less than 2.5GB of data in total over the whole contract. Luckily I added that plan for her in August. If I was doing it today she would be paying $480 for 2.5GB of data. I get 5GB of data every month for $20.

          What’s BS about this change is the way that TM have chosen to sell it to customers. It insults the intelligence. Instead of claiming they are saving customers from themselves, they should be honest and say that a $240 income from the data plan simply doesn’t meet today’s needs for subsidizing phones. End of story. I would respect that.

        • Can’t rely on wifi forever… Obviously you will still go over and you think saving $10 a month is worth the hassle? Websites can host 19mb you realize if this amount was over the 200mb limit the overages charge would be well over what you could just decide to pay for and be hassle free? at $.99 per mb you are just asking for t-mo to take all your money

        • philyew

          At the point that you can’t rely on wifi, then it’s time to make a decision, of course, but why is it “obvious” that the data limit will be exceeded?

          My wife works from home which means that she can easily address 80% of her data needs using wifi. She doesn’t stream video or audio and has no interest in doing so, and any downloads required can be carried out over wifi.

          What’s the hassle? You run the My Data app if you’re on an Android device and get an alert when the limit is being approached. You then toggle off wireless data until the new billing cycle: 30 seconds of “hassle”.

          You are way off on the overage charges – they are $.10/mb on the 200mb data plan. That means you can overrun the limit every month by up to 100mb and still be no worse off than having to buy the 2GB plan. However, every month that you stick within your limits saves $10.

          My family plan costs over $200 a month, which is plenty enough for me to start looking at where we can cut down $10/month here and there.

        • Its obvious because the bar is set incredibly low it should have at least been 500mb a month I could see that as reasonable for some people, but 200mb? you gotta be kidding me especially with how data dependent Android is.

          Your wifes situation is a special one because while yes she is able to use 80% wifi it seems to me she doesn’t even use the phone for the features that are presented within Android. No streaming Audio? No streaming video? So is it also safe to assume she is not using the Nav? or apps that are dependent on data? From what you describe sounds like she just surfs the web and reads emails(if that) for what is dependent on data… Why even use a smart phone? you could just get her a feature phone and do the same thing and just not even have a data plan..?

          The thing is if you use the phone even slightly how its supposed to be used there should be no problem going through 1gb a month.

          The hassle of which i speak is having to consistently look at the monitor to ensure you aren’t going over. You can turn off data yes but you could still reach overage without knowing it if you don’t pay attention.

          Ok the overages is a bit less but why even want that? go over 10mb and pay $20 when for that same $20 you could have more data and no monitoring because of no overages? its bound to happen by accident eventually.

          My family Plan is right below the $200 mark everyone has 5gb of data and unlimited everything except for me with only limited minutes but unlimited all else of which I don’t use minutes because I text predominantly and if i call its after hours. Its just not ideally practical to be limited to only 200mb is all im saying.

        • philyew

          I think you are extending your preferences and determining that is how the phone is “supposed to be used”. I wasn’t aware that there were rules (at least not of that kind).

          My wife has a few key applications that she finds extremely useful, which you can only get on a smartphone. Some use audio files, which can be downloaded over wifi, then used (and re-used) without further need for streaming. That in itself is a perfectly good reason to have a smartphone – particularly when it is a Galaxy S2 for which we paid $50.

          As for monitoring usage, there are apps that can do that for you, and send an alert when a specific amount of data is consumed. You don’t have to pay attention, the system can do it for you.

          If you were to go over accidentally (which is hard to do, given the above) you would have to go a long way over (100mb, not 10mb) before being any worse off financially than having the 2GB plan instead.

          I’m sure that there are other things that you budget out of your lives in order to fund your priorities within your means. Why not just leave it that some people are happy budgeting lower data usage in order to assist in funding their priorities?

          You seem to be assuming that my family are denying themselves some pleasure in order to fit into this constraint. That isn’t true. My wife used 49mb of wireless data last month and didn’t know the difference.

        • Jose Hernandez

          I used to have the 5GB plan, used to track it like crazy to not go over. I now have unlimited and go over 9GB a month. Easy!!! I love it!!!!

  • Enzowned

    I rely on wifi so much. I wish 200mb didn’t go away, though it wasn’t an option to me anyways hah. I love my value plan, I like that I can tack on 2gb data for $10, but I’m saving so much over AT&T ($100/month), so I was kinda thinking if there was something small since I would only use data on very, very rare occasions/emergencies. Though that’s probably not practical as a business model at all. How much does data cost on a per/mb basis?

  • Angel devil75

    This why I aalways said data have ro unlimited ……period,

  • red

    If you get smartphone WITH value plan, eg previous Magenta deal w/5GB requirement, then does it mean the NEW requirement is 2GB minimum?? … OR … can data be removed completely after rebate??

  • kpb321

    It seems like most of the MIRs on the high end phones already required the 2gb or greater data plan anyway so this shouldn’t that big a change.

  • googlephone

    I don’t have data plan right now but have a GS3. Will they allow me to add a 200MB data plan to my line? I don’t upgrade my phone or change service.

    • philyew

      Yes, as a Value Plan customer, that option is still available to you.

      • googlephone

        I am a classic plan customer.

        • philyew

          Not sure how you have a GS3 without a data plan then…you’ll need to elaborate. If you have paid full price for the GS3 and are effectively out-of-contract but still paying for the Classic Plan, you should be able to convert to the Value Plan including the 200mb option. However, if you are still under obligation for another subsidized phone then it could be more complicated. Normal rules regarding migration from Classic to Value Plans will apply, but I’m not sure that extends to offering the 200mb plan in those circumstances.

        • googlephone

          I am still in contract but I got a GS3 from my girlfriend.
          My contract still have more than one year and I have no intention to move to value plan.
          I just checked the third colume of the bottom of the picture above, it says “smartphones: No data service requirement”. Is it talking about my case???

        • philyew

          If you are still under contract on a Classic Plan then it presumably relates to your previous phone, which you are no longer using, but for which you still have an obligation.

          The fact that you are using another device doesn’t change that, so the Value Plan provision will not apply to you.

        • jake

          Penny smart, dollar foolish.

        • googlephone

          I got a GS2 for $100 from T-mobile WITHOUT A DATA PLAN last year (extend my contract by two years). Now I am using a GS3. Am I smarter than you?
          Someone is curious about how I can get a flagship smartphone without a data plan. The answer is smart enough people can get it.
          I have wifi around 95% of the time so I really don’t need data plan but I want to use subsidized smart phone which I have been using from G1 to HD2 to GS2 to GS3.

        • philyew

          If it’s a “smart people” thing, could you do it again? If not, it’s more likely a “lucky people” thing ;-)

    • enoch861

      You should be able to do it.
      You said you got it from your girlfriend, but you didn’t answer what your previous phone was. If it was a dumb phone, your all good to do it. And assuming they go by when you signed your contract, you should be able to go ahead and do it anyway since this is a new change that requires 2gb data.

      • googlephone

        My previous phone is GS2 I got from t-mobile last year without data plan(just extend my contract by two years).

        • enoch861

          How did you get a GS2 without data?

  • gigis83

    wow i guess no smartphone for me i was going back and the 10 dollar plan was good since i use wifi everywhere.

  • who does this affect? like 5 people because thats the amount of people who are ever able to use 200mb a month. I go through that in 15minutes anyways.

  • tommest

    200 mb ..I blow that up in 15 minutes.

  • tommest

    200 mb I used that amount in 15 minutes

  • lower the price a little and no one will care

    • anonymous

      how low can you go? how low can you go? sounds like a game

  • awesome_username

    does this involve just the contrract plans?

  • Freak4Dell

    As long as it doesn’t affect the Value plan, I’m happy.

  • CRT24

    Go to the value plan and you can have whatever data plan you want or none at all…. Problem solved

  • CRT24

    Go to the value plan and you can do whatever data plan you wish or none at all….. Problem solved

  • tmobile should make a 1gb for $10. 2 gb plan $15 and 3gb $20 a month

  • james

    they need the money to pay for the metro pcs deal and for they unlimited data plan

  • Keith Colombo

    Even if you are not on WiFi most people do not use 2GB of Data (according to most Studies it’s just barely over 1GB) Not sure why there is a need to jump to a 2GB requirement. Only reason I can see is to cushion the subsidy for these phones that are getting more and more expensive.

    • philyew


    • Nothing wrong with that IMHO.

      • philyew

        No there isn’t, but they chose a lousy way of disguising that fact, in my view.

        Instead of being direct and business-like, they chose to insult customers intelligence by telling them they were making the change for their own good – to protect them from overages.

  • derwahnsinnig

    I would like to see forced 4G because I pretty much have to use wifi for data since all that is out where I live is EDGE. So do something to warrant the mandate of 2gb minimum plans, like use the AT&T billions to build up 4G/LTE.

  • Dakota

    More choices is always better, esp for a company promoting value. Will the 100mb $50 prepaid be gone soon too? That’s even less data on a smartphone. Not everyone needs 2gb…maybe they should’ve increased the 200mb to 1gb since I always read that’s the average for most people. The real reason of course is to make more money w people who pay for 2gb but use a lot less

  • Gabriel Mariani

    That 200mb limit was one of the reasons I was thinking of leaving Verizon. I love my smartphone but don’t care for 3G, that’s what WiFi is for. I used maybe 20mb a month. What a crock to steal ..i mean ‘protect’ consumers…

    • Person

      Pay full retail price for your phone, then you have no requirement for data, you can’t complain when you have an option to avoid it :)

  • AndroidGG

    I’m on the even more plus plan.. Does anyone know what is the price to add on a 2GB Data?

  • anthony2413

    Verizon announced their earnings were up- even when they raised rates for data. Actually record earnings with more subscribers. Maybe t Mobile needs more cash with the Metro PCS aquisition?

  • thepanttherlady

    **Edit: I’m confused. :)

  • metalchick719

    I read this article last month but felt compelled to reply now, after the experience I had at a T-Mobile store yesterday when I attempted to buy the Lumia 810 and extend my contract. The customer service rep told me I would have to upgrade my data – but not to the 2GB plan I would have been okay with (only $5 more per month than what I’m currently paying) but to the 5GB data plan! Utterly ridiculous! I’m on Wi-Fi probably 95-98% of the time, so what do I need 5GB for?! It would have increased my bill from $54 after taxes to $80 before taxes! I didn’t bite and walked out of the store. Even went to AT&T to ask about their plans because I was THAT angry. In the end, I ordered my new Lumia 810 online from T-Mobile’s site. I’m just floored that they would treat a loyal customer who’s been with them since they were still VoiceStream for nearly 11 years like that. They just want to bleed you dry of your money, which sucks!