Google Schedules Android Event For October 29th, Nexus Anyone?

Ok, so the title is a little speculative, but we’re hopeful as some of the recent signs point to Google’s just announced Android event on October 29th being related to the Nexus — in at least some capacity. The actual purpose of the event is unknown, but the tagline “playground is open” certainly has our attention.

If you aren’t in attendance, have no fear as Google always comes through with a live-stream at Oh please let this be Nexus related.


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  • achusaysblessyou

    A playground for all the Nexii? :)

    • HalfwayCrook

      The plural of Nexus is Nexus

      • Anonymous

        the plural of Nexus is Nexuses or lots of Nexus. LOL.

      • achusaysblessyou

        What’s the plural of fungus?

        • 5odead


    • This is gonna turn into the Prius/Priuses/Priui adverts Haha.

  • charles4

    ==========OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO just give me enough time to get my iPhone 5 and sell it!!!

    • Dakota

      Thinking same thing but with Gnex & backup phone

  • Chris

    Wow if the new nexus gets announced before the T-Mobile note 2 release I’m gonna have a tough decision to make…

    • Well Nexus is gonna be cheap off contract anyways so note 2

      • Chris

        I’m buying off contract so that’s why it’ll be a tough decision. But I want the stylus and bigger screen so I think I’ve made my choice.

        • Motoki_Mo

          I am the same so unless Google surprises us with a Phablet I think I am just going to bite the bullet and go with the Note II. I do wish though that the phone carriers would be more reasonable with their off contract pricing like Google is and not over inflate it to try and push people into contracts.
          If Google can sell the Galaxy Nexus for $400 to start with a drop to $349 later than in my opinion the Note II should be $600 tops but I am pretty sure I’m going to be paying $700+ for it.

      • L. Ron

        Since you know the price why don’t you tell us more? … Well… That’s what I thought… clueless.

      • Dakota

        Galaxy nexus might even drop even lower

  • Oscar Dominguez

    I’d be happy with the LG Nexus but I’d Love more that one Nexus for better choices.

    • WW

      It seems to me that if there’ll be multiple OEMs making Nexus phones, it’d be reasonable that they’ll make a variety of screen sizes both with and without keyboards so they’re not all fighting for the exact same consumer with only the nameplate setting them apart.

      Hopefully, we’ll see high to high-mid internals with a good variety of form factors to cater to lots of Nexus/Android users’ needs/wants. Maybe we’ll even see a high end budget phone with a similar value to the Nex7.

      Speaking of Nexus 7, I read that Staples is showing a (future release) 32gb Nex7 for about $2 less than the 16gb version.

      Speaking of Nexus, I just got a notification (this morning) to upgrade my GNex to 4.1.2.

  • FILA

    so fucking excited KandyKane anyone?!!????

    • Dakota

      No key lime pie yet. Kandy is a stripper downtown


        oh yea

  • Brandon

    yesterday I had a hands on training with the note 2. I am not one to jump on the big screen bandwagon, but the note 2 is really slick and has some great tech inside. the 3100mah battery and the Samsung rep saying she has been getting 1.5 days of heavy use before needing a recharge seems really nice. Also the s-pen is really nice and very responsive. I am going to wait for the windows offerings first and if they don’t live up to the hype,I will be going note 2 all the way. It also does not feel that big in retrospect. a case would make it bulky but without I think it will work for me.

    • Chris

      Any idea of the release date of the note 2??

    • achusaysblessyou

      Release date??? and off-contract pricing?

    • Rk

      I feel the same way about wanting to see what Windows Phone 8 brings before making my next big purchase. I’ve never owned a Nexus device, and my last 3 phones have been Samsung galaxy’s. The Note II is in top position right now, but I really like what I’ve seen so far with the Surface tablet. If the Surface lives up to the hype, and the rumors about a Microsoft Windows Phone coming next year, I may convert…

  • Steven

    perhaps the rumored Samsung Nexus 10.1?

  • Benito Camelas

    Will the Note II have LTE though? Cuz then it’s gonna be obsolete in a year…



  • Anonymous

    i sure hope they’re announcing an HTC nexus.. the LG one is already a disappointment.

    • Anonymous

      No thanks, I’ll speak my mind. You will listen.

  • Noel

    My MAGIC EIGHT BALL tells me it sees a Playground of not one but multiple Nexus devices. Probably a few different brands from a few OEMs or just LG Nexus 4’s playing around.

    • Motoki_Mo

      Haha @ Magic 8 Ball, I was thinking that thing would be making a comeback at some point.

  • Dakota

    :-( just getting used to galaxy nexus and as always its old. New version prob LTE/HSPA+42….wish it was 5.0 but won’t be..hopefully the new device won’t have the low volume (+battery drain) of the Galaxy Nexus..The volume alone –after so many past Android prkblems– keeps pushing me to iOS.

  • Fish

    Apple is having their iPad mini event 2 days before Microsoft has their Win8 event. Now Google has decided to have their Android/Nexus event the same day as Microsoft’s Win8 phone event.

    • Apple’s event is the 23rd, not the 27th.

      • Guest

        I think he was referring to the Windows 8 (desktop OS) launch, on October 26th. In that case Apple’s event would be 3 days before that, since it is on the 23rd.

        I think you’ve confused it with the Windows Phone 8 event, which is on the 29th.

      • Fish

        Microsoft is having an event in New York on the 25th for the midnight release of Win8. iPad vs Surface.

        Then on the 29th they are having an event for Windows 8 Phone in San Francisco. Nexus vs WP8.

        • Ordeith

          Windows is probably the better choice in both instances.

  • i’ve always said that if they bring a Nexus device out that impresses me i’m on the Nexus train and leaving my fandom of HTC. heck maybe even HTC will have a Nexus experience for me.


    Interesting how Google scheduled October 29th as that’s the same day the Windows Phone 8 event is.

  • sidekicker89

    ugh no news today? :(


    Please God Im begging you make the Google masters bring us a 5.2 inch Nexus phone with 16 or 32 gb storage options, 13 mp camera, 3 mp front facing camera, 4000 mAh battery and a variety of colors, all witin a unibody design with a metallic finish

  • They’re probably announcing the LG Nexus 4 (8gb 399, 16gb 449).

    As well as the new pricing and additions to the Nexus 7 family (8gb for $99, 32gb for $249). 16gb will probably go down to $199.

    As far as the Playground being open, it’s likely a play on words with Google Play in mind. Considering that the $99 Nexus 7 will open up the tablet market to a whole new segment of buyers, the playground is obviously their store.

  • Dubs

    I think the reference is to the gift cards being available. Would love to see at least 3 new phones. Never owned Nexus phone. Would love to see what Google has up there sleeve.

    • Dubs


  • None@None.Com

    Will Google continue to sell the current Samsung Galaxy Nexus after the news ones arrive?
    Best guess?