User Agent Profile Tips New Samsung Galaxy Nexus Successor?

Note: While this rumor, or model number doesn’t do much to hint at anything T-Mobile specific, we’re hopeful that a new Galaxy Nexus will continue the pentaband capability of the current model, providing T-Mobile users anunlocked device just waiting for their SIM card. 

Rumors continue to fly around the next Galaxy Nexus smartphone (s) and a new User Agent Profile may be the best evidence a Galaxy Nexus successor is on the horizon. Samsung GT-i9260 sports a resolution of 720 x 1280, and an ARM 11 processor. The i9260 appears likely as a Galaxy Nexus successor as the current Galaxy Nexus is designated as i9250, so the small step in model numbers seems like a logical succession.

Unfortunately, details are slim as a broader list of specs in the User Agent Profile is absent, and the ARM 11 processor, which sounds outdated, is often used by Samsung as a placeholder on these pages. On a separate note, it could also reference the ARM Cortex-A11, which would be a step up from the current Galaxy Nexus dual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9. Initial rumors had hinted at a 1.5GHz dual-core A9 CPU, so at this point we’re still keeping our hopes up for a major upgrade in processor speed.

For now, the i9260 poses a few questions, including just how big of an upgrade will it be from the current model Galaxy Nexus? Will it hit store shelves under the name “Galaxy Premier,” referenced in another document obtained by Pocket Now.

While we wait for confirmation from Google, Samsung or another manufacturer, what do you want in a Galaxy Nexus successor? What would it take to get you to buy it no questions asked hardware wise?


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  • zazou

    I would really like to see HTC release another Nexus phone..

    • Guest

    • mintslice

      I would really like to see HTC use vanilla Android. I’ve used the SenseUI a couple of times to help friends with their phones and it’s just overwhelming.

    • I would also like that. I like the way HTC build their devices. The only thing I don’t like about them is that the screens look so washed out compared to Samsung devices. HTC’s body + Sammy’s screen + vanilla Andy would = a beast of a device

  • jelliottz

    A better camera and processor is really all I need. Maybe a 2000+ may battery to boot. I like the current Nexus a lot. Its a great device!

  • Josue

    expandable memory for me please lol

  • ceegii63

    the Lumia 920 has won my heart, sorry Nexus

    • Noel

      Lumia 920 seems to be a very lovely device but it no replacement of a Nexus. If u run pure Jelly Bean on the 920 hardware…i will take it in a heart beat.

  • Guest

    1.7 Ghz dual core Exynos 5 CPU
    8MP rear camera (on par with the Galaxy S III/Galaxy Note, if not better)
    2GB memory (faster memory)
    1280x720p display that is used in the Galaxy Note II (if not better)
    64GB capacity
    5 inch display (maybe 5.5 inch?)
    3000+ mAh battery
    Penta-band radio HSPA+ 42 mpbs/LTE (GSM LTE radios)

    I will gladly trade in my Galaxy Nexus to get one like that. :)

    Edit: For those who don’t follow along, Samsung has shown off far faster CPU’s, far faster memory chips and memory (storage) chips, few weeks ago.

    • What you want is a Galaxy Note II. :p

      • Guest

        Galaxy Nexus Note. :P

        “Upgraded” Galaxy S III (with 5 inch display, software buttons) Nexus Style or Galaxy Note II in Nexus style…?

        I’ll be happy with either.

    • nathan118

      No…it’s not going to get bigger. 4.65″ is about max. Only way screen gets bigger is if they can keep the size of the phone similar to what it currently is.

      Joel is right…you’re describing a Note, not a galaxy nexus. Maybe the Galaxy Nexus Note?

  • Guest

    “Samsung Galaxy Nexus S IV Spectrum Q Storm Z Rainbow 4G LTE with T-Mobile”

    • Wunderbar_car


  • J-Hop2o6

    Cortex A11? There’s A9 then A15. Never heard of A11 David. And no need to mention that it shows ARM11. Just emphasize to the readers that are not technical that its just a placeholder and nothing more. I really wish manufacturers would just place the correct CPU in the UAP. But hopefully this is using either a S4 Pro (Quad Core + Adreno 320) or the Exynos 4412 (Quad Core + improved Mali 400). Currently (and happily) using GNexus w/ JellyBro/CM10 Nightly rom + Franco.kernel @ 512MHz GPU. ^.^

  • Iucidium

    I want a Nexus MAXX.

  • mreveryphone

    Please make the phone louder! I like the phone but I could never hear it, or the people I was talking too.

  • Bronze 6

    Really, what we need is a Nexus Max, and a CPU/GPU/RAM boost on the current GNex

  • Fish

    Google bought motorola. Just go ahead and start making the phones modular so people can by what they want and even update their hardware (screen, ram, motherboard and processor) at different intervals.

    Nexus Modular.

    • Fish


      gee thanks for correcting yourself, not like i couldn’t figure out what you meant to say

  • Arvin

    honestly dont change anything just a slightly better camara… the phone is amazing

  • Chris Ainsworth

    I’ve had every Nexus GSM phone. I’ve loved them all. I just hope the next iteration has a good camera, fast bus speeds, and preemptive LTE radios and chipsets on board for T-Mobile.

  • alexb.

    Any chance of the having the A15 as its next processor?

  • D Velasquez

    you mean the Xperia Nexus, LG Nexus and the succesor of the GNexus?

  • DocWllk

    Galaxy Note hardware but without the S-pen since the pen specific software wouldn’t be on it and without the pen it could be thinner. But the rumors about a 5 inch HTC device makes me wish that were a Nexus too.

  • squiggleslash

    More importantly:

    – Does it actually have a useful battery, or does it have to be left on the charger except for short periods of time like the current Galaxy Nexus, which barely squeezes out 10-12 hours?
    – Icanhazdecentgooglephonewithkeyboard, please?

    Whenever I whip out my GN, I usually impress people with it, and then have to explain that, no, in good conscience, I can’t recommend it because every single fantastic feature it has is undermined by the fact it has to be plugged in all the time. I’m staggered Google went with it – were they seriously completely unable to say “Add 1mm to the width, put in a proper battery, and we’ll go with it”?

  • Mirad77

    The only reason I seem to buy my PC from HP is the fact that they create a base then I can customize the rest of the spec as I see it. My point being that Google can do the same with Motorola and trust me that you will know where your moneys goes in terms of hardware when you shell $700 for phone.

  • i’d like my next phone to be a Nexus .. so i hope they bring it as far as specs go so that i won’t feel slighted going from my One S.

  • Done

    To same space, I would like my battery non-removable. –says no one.

  • Andriodluvr

    Goggle should just stop playing around and beating around the bush with Samsung and all these generic names for it’s Nexus line with names like Galaxy and the Nexus S. Nexus ONE was the pure Andriod Google phone. Google should look in to building a larger name for it’s Nexus device and call the next Nexus THE “Nexus 2” and build from there to Nexus 3 and so on. Make it revolutionary, let HTC or Motorola make the phones with great hardware that last and are NOT PLASTIC, Samsung devices are made cheap and flimsy.

  • techdude

    I would love a better camera, faster proc somewhat larger screen.

  • CPPCrispy

    Something that I would like to see is a micro SD card slot.