Google To Release Five Nexus Devices On November 5th To Celebrate Five Years Of Android?

On the heels of a Wall Street Journal report indicating Google is prepared to announce a variety of partnerships for their exclusive Nexus lineup of smartphones — comes news that these five devices will all arrive on November 5th. Remember, remember the fifth of November. In fact, the fifth of November this year will mark Google’s five-year anniversary for Android.

According to TalkAndroid, a reliable source has provided them with intel that Google will offer all five new Nexus devices via the Google Play store beginning November 5th. Though they do clarify they are unsure if their source meant if the devices will be unveiled on November 5th or released for sale on that day. In any case, I’d pencil in November 5th on your calendars just in case. For Nexus fans, this could be a big, big year.

Talk Android

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  • Max!

    One of the manufactures better be HTC!

    • fixxmyhead

      i dont like them but duh thats a given. there like #2 OEM

  • Adam Yates


  • TommyOI

    After buying a Galaxy Nexus a few months ago, I will never buy another carrier-branded phone! never again. Only Nexus from now on! pure Android FTW!

    • Dnyyanks62

      How do you like it? I am not locked into a contract right now but can still use my parents’ T-Mobile plan, so the Galaxy Nexus is on my radar.

      • George Kougianos

        Get the NEXUS from Google today and thank me when it arrives in two days.  I thought it over for almost a week before pulling the trigger.  Received it on my day off and after using it for hours upon hours (literally taking the whole day to familiarize myself with everything it offers), I wondered why the hell I waited to get it.

        I am never buying anything other than a NEXUS from here on out and I don’t care if it doubles in price!  It’s worth every penny getting the latest of what Google has to offer.  Google has been and always will be my favorite brand of anything on this planet!  

        • TommyOI

          Agree, only Nexus gives you the real Android experience as designed and envisioned by Google. 
          You will be at the bleeding edge of Android software. I already got 3 ICS updates (including updated radio) all directly from the Google mothership. Forget about the crappy UI overlays and nonsense animated stuff that bogs down most carrier phones. 
          Also the Nexus is a GSM pentaband phone so you will be able to use the new frequency once the refarming is done (1900Mhz). 

    • Spanky

      Likewise. Having an unlocked Galaxy Nexus, I can never even consider a carrier-branded, bloatware-infested, overlay-ridden phone again.

  • Qbancelli

    I’ll hold on to my Nexi until then……

  • HTC Nexus One X 
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2
    Motorolla Nexus Razr
    Asus Nexus Prime (yeah i am bringing it back)
    Sony Nexus TV

    just my wishlist lol

  • mreveryphone

    The gs3 should still be worth 400 by then. CL ftw

  • Verizon

  • Youngt82

    WooHoo!!!!! Sounds good to me, hope its true because ill just keep my rooted Sensation 4G until  November 5th:D

  • $400-$500 is still steep more the vast majority of people.
    If they release phones that are top of the line completely unlocked for $400 I would definitely consider it though although I think Google could make a bitter impact if they do like Amazon and actually sell the phones at a loss or at a slim-profit margin (i.e. $300). 
    I think $300 is the sweet spot where most people would start to buy phones straight from Google unlocked, for most people that’s only an extra $100 with the peace of mind knowing they are not tethered to a 2-year contract. I think that would be huge for Google. 
    If however they sell them for normal unlocked phone price (i.e. $600-$800) then only a niche segment of the market will actually bite and Google’s experiment will fail once again. 

    *Apologize for any spelling/grammar mistakes. I’m exhausted. 

    • Giraffe

      A $300 unlocked smartphone would not a top of the line device be.  Personally, if I’m looking at a phone for Tmo, it’s top of the line, I’m dropping 500-600 on the puppy (value plan).  That makes sense for a Nexus device to match that amount.

    • Yeah, I will make it to the moon on my own before Google, or anyone else for that matter, sells a top of the line Nexus device for $300 with no contract of any kind requirement.

    • Harddude5

      The net cost is what matters. Until I sprung for the GN for $399 from Play Store I have always kept my prior cellphone as a backup in case my new subsidized cellphone was broken, lost or stolen before I was eligible for another upgrade. No need to do that anymore, so I sold my 2 year old Blackberry 9700 for $150 and the net cost was $250 + tax/shipping. If I really like one of these new phones I am going to guess I’ll be ably to get a lot more than $150 out of my then 6 months old GN and the net cost will be manageable. Google found out $529 was too high when they tried direct sales two years ago; now they are fishing at $399. I am guessing the most expensive of these new phones will be near the $399 price point, which means my net cost certainly won’t be more than $150 to $200 after Ebaying my GN. No contract, timely upgrades and not having to wait for two years for a new toy. All for what seems to me to be a reasonable cost.  

      • BigMixxx

         amen…I didn’t think of it that way.  At 399, right price…good device….(wish it had an external Sd card adapter and better camera)

        • Tomnewtn

          Speaking of micro SD. I’ve had those go bad before. My Nokia comes with a cable that has a USB receiver for flash drives for back up or file transfer purposes. I like that idea and maybe that cable would work with Android or iphone. Will have to give it a try and see.

        • The_Guest_Who

          Hate to burst your bubble, but if the USB-on-the-Go cable that came with your E7 is like the one included with the N8, you can forget using it on anything except your Nokia.  The male end is a squared-off MicroUSB connector, unlike the standard trapezoidal shape found on most devices.  I believe a few high-end Androids support USB OTG, but you’ll have to Google for a generic cable.

          From personal experience, I loved being able to read flashdrives and connecting keyboards/mice to my N8.  Always threw people for a loop seeing my N8 connected to a widescreen monitor (with HDMI), editing a Word doc in QuickOffice using my MS wireless desktop connected via USB OTG… all on a 2010-vintage device!

      • Tomnewtn

        Always have a backup! I have my N1, Nokia E7, G2x, unlocked iphone 4s, uhh…I guess that’s it….for now. I use mine for biz, and all are set up with google apps, accounts, and work great.Only the G2x is locked to TMO, and TMO sent me an unlock code.

    • Jonathan Wong

      Samsung ahs the great Exhibit II 4G for only $200 and it has a hi-res screen.   Google ought to make more budget phones like that with good quality and hardware if they really want Android selling like hotcakes.

  • steveb944

    I read 5 Nexus devices release on T-Mobile on November 5th. haha.

    Can’t wait for it either way!!

    • Farhan

      Remember remember the 5th of November.

  • Khalints

     I hope its true but knowing my impulsive behavior i’ll end up with a GS3…. even though my G2x could easily last me until November…

  • i’ll be tuning in then to see what comes of this.

  • Jeff

    With so many new devices coming out, carriers should consider option of 1yr contracts with maybe a higher phone cost..You buy a device and after a few montgs its ancient. Googke talking @ Android 5.0 by end of year & NEW devices still launching with Gingerbread. Reviews seem to love GoogleNexus si just add great camera….Tmo could benefit lots if affordable Gsm unlocked phones continue cuz unlike the others theyll give u a discount if u bring ur phone–they need to get that message out to customers who like that

    • Nate453pl

      Well, the beauty of the Nexus phones is that they will get the very first Android updates (incl Jelly Bean or 5.0) several months before the GSIII, OneS, X, you name it. they will always be ahead of the competition and even newer hardware so they ARE a better buy.

      • Agreed. Still using my nexus s I purchased a year and a half ago.

      • V_i_m

        Only the GSM versions bought over the web direct from Google are guaranteed to be updated first.  The others have to be approved by the carriers just like all the rest.  That’s how HTC’s Vivid w/Sense on AT&T got its update to ICS before Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus.

    • Harddude5

      Jeff, maybe you are somewhat new to TMO. Until a few years ago they had a one-year upgrade option as long as you paid $50 — or maybe it was $100 more for the one-year privilege. I don’t know why it wasn’t profitable for them.

      • WW

        It was $50 more if you went with a one year contract.

  • Dcpyro

    I really hope that this time around the new Nexus devices will be either on par with current high-end android phones or a step ahead. I owned the Nexus One but skipped the two after because they were just behind, spec wise. Oh, please bring back the microsd expansion slot for nexus devices! 

    • Tomnewtn

      Same here, same reason but also, I couldn’t see going to a cheap Samsung build after owning a N1 with a high quality build.

    • Matlock

      Honestly, I owned an N1 and aesthetically it was/still is the best LOOKING device ive owned, thus far. Other than that, the N1 was an alright device. The Nexus S, was a huge let down in terms of specs, imo. It was essentially a Samsung Galaxy S with vanilla Android. As far, the Galaxy Nexus goes, it definitely is a step above many of the other devices that were out on the market around the time of its release. The only device that rivaled the Gnexus, was the Droid Razr. I own a Gnexus, and even though it is made of plastic, it feels quite solid in the hand. Yes, the flimsy back cover isnt my cup of tea, but other than that, the device is very solid, and the screen is just amazing! So, you guys should stop knocking the Gnexus.

      On the subject of the expandable memory card, I am dying for it to be bought back. That is my main gripe with my Gnexus, the lack of microSD slot! I could do sooooo much more with my phone if it had one!

  • Sirrebral

    Boo. How about June 5th…or May 25th?

    • Matlock

      They are on a Yearly cycle now, so devices will come out around fall/Q4 of each year now.DUH!!!!

  • $400 to $600 is a great price, and you think it’s not you need to go home. Stay in your lane, because if you are in a contract and don’t have an upgrade, it can cost even more. Upgrade fees, and other things. So get over it, and stop being cheap. It’s like a street racer complaining about gas prices. Bounce.

  • Guest

    Hopefully ALL future Google Nexus phones will be sold directly through Google.  I’m tired of buying phones from carriers only to see an update in 6 months.

  • Carloslacend

    David that he published a week ago. You forgot to add that all 5 nexus have android 5.0 nexus jelly bean. While gs3,htc one s and tmo galaxy note will have 4.0.4.

    •  That has yet to be verified so we can’t add more speculation to an already speculatory report.

      • Carloslacend

        That is something that was rumored a few weeks ago. Rumors are that Google will sell an unlocked version of the nexus with android 5.0. The report said it was a move by Google to overshadow the launch of the iphone 5 which will be available in summer

        • Carloslacend

          Next month a conference where Google will officially do so. They are 5 phones and 1 of them is brand new. It also speaks some announced a tablet that day.

        • V_i_m

          That sounds strange.  Why wouldn’t all 5 be brand new? 

        • Carloslacend

          That’s just a rumor. The day of the conference our questions and doubts will be clarified by google

        • Nick

          That doesn’t make any sense at all.

          where’s the link?

        • Well, he’s speaking about Google I/O.

  • xSAVAGEx

    If they can make a $200 tablet then they can make a $200 phone. Screw the carriers!

    • Jonathan Wong

      If they can get a Dual core tablet fopr only $200, it’s madness that they don’t try to make a unlocked phone for that price.  But recently, no one has made any real attempts to do so.  Samsung has the Exhibit II 4G which is a great phone for $200 but I would love more options.

      • Matlock

        The Exhibit 2 4G is quite archaic! Its running on two year old tech, and I was not too impressed by it. It basically was stripped down Vibrant, with HSPA+ capabilities, a 3MP camera, a VGA FFC, and about 2GB on-board memory. so it was very well priced. 

  • Trill43

    Nexus devices have there limits as well and jelly bean is more of a revision so keep in mind that when working on the next OS release its with set hardware in mind so older hardware will not get the update or features will be omitted. The advancement of tech is patrially to blame and I’m not saying its a bad thing just keep what I’ve said in mind and a point will come when a Nexus device will have to be running a custom ROM for the latest

    • This post is impossible to read. Get a spell-check. And a grammar check.

      • Nick

        “And a grammar check.”

        Incomplete sentence.

  • UMA_Fan


    Didn’t you mention a T-Mobile exclusive Nexus for Q3 at one point?  What’s happened with that?

    • V_i_m

      I don’t recall him ever saying it would be an exclusive.

  • Xavier

    Ill wait for a g2x successor, ive been blessed with a none buggy one. indeed, google wants us prepared and in anticipation….remember, remember, the 5th of november.

  • Gomez

    they’re already making ANDROID 6 KEY LIME PIE for next year…..

  • smithgo

    omg!!! i am gonna dieeee wht brand should i get???? HTC or MOTO or Sammy should be sure winners. now they all have to compete to build the best Nexus this should be fun!

    • Spanky

      MotoNexus – for stock Android enthusiasts who prefer locked bootloaders. Sorry, just had to sneak that one in there. :)

  • Wilma Flintstone

    LOL!!!  This is surely going to be a huge laugh if rumors are true.  If this rumor of these coming with the next version of Android is true then I’m going to be laughing my butt off at the people that are INSTANTLY going to be saying that ICS is Outdated the second the next version comes out.  I’m definitely going to keep an eye on this if just for that one reason. 

    Also, Hopefully these devices come with Good Removable Batteries and SD Card Slots, leasing memory through the cloud is not a good substitute for SD Cards.

  • ChadBroChillz

    I do not think we will see 5 traditional nexus devices( cellphones). I believe we will see a platform of devices. A 10.1 tablet( probably by asus), A 7in Tablet( probably Samsung), a Phablet( Samsung), and two regular Cellphones by Motorola and HTC( One will be midrange and the other High end).

    I think that will be the lineup, which will probably clean up the fragmentation. Google could be like this is the new standards for screen sizes. Developers would not need to build an app that works for 50 different devices, plus faster updates.

    • Just wanted to say I love your name. That Bro-rape video that put Donald Glover on the map is a classic. Wanna come over and play some xbox and chill bro? I got the Natty Light.

    • Just wanted to say I love your name. That Bro-rape video that put Donald Glover on the map is a classic. Wanna come over and play some xbox and chill bro? I got the Natty Light.

  • V_i_m

    This announcement has me purring. Love it!

  • Enooel69

    Very very exciting news…as a Nexus one owner who still cherish the beauty and build quality of the device, please HTC i am certain u will be one of the fab five OEMs for the JB Nexus. Don’t let us down…many of us have been waiting eagerly for thee to bring us that super Nexus device which will incorporate all the advancements in cellular tech. Please don’t screw it up by not including a micro SD card expansion, ample internal storage 32/64GB, a replaceable bigger battery 2500+mAh, a 10 to 16Mpx cam with 3Mpx front cam and very important as well a device that is 130mm tall or 132mm max. I recommend dimensions close to those of the Sensation XL which has a 4.7″ screen but 132.5mm tall 70.7 wide 9.9mm thin. This device with its 4.7″ screen and some empty space at the bottom bezel…getting rid of some of that bottom bezel can get the device to 130mm in height.  The Tmo GS2 is another device with great dimensions suitable for one handed use… 129.8mm tall 68.8mm wide and 9.4mm thin even though it comes with a 4.52″ screen it could handle a 4.7″ screen on the same form factor if done right. This should be better than some of the current devices that are about 135mm in height and too cumbersome for one handed use.

  • I’d really like this to happen. Nexus class devices!

    Its that or an established phone maker to also produce a stock experience ROM for advanced users to download and flash. Out of the box, it should be the user-friendly, identity signature Sense/Touchwiz/Motoblur/etc. But a non-warranty-destoying manufacturer provided stock Android ROM would be nice as an optional download.

    If I were in charge of HTC or Samsung, and did that for the flagship devices (where most enthusiasts are going to be), I bet it would make even more sales.

  • If one of them is an affordable WiFi-only tablet, I’m ALL in for it. No more Nexus Smartphone for me after the experience lack of, fully supported insurance from Google for my Samsung Galaxy Nexus HSPA+.

    • Guest

      Get a square trade warranty. You pay upfront the entire cost instead of a monthly payment, but it works out to be roughly the same or even cheaper. I got their insurance for my laptop and then stepped on it accidentally. They sent a box, I shipped it, got it back good as new. The whole process took less than a week. If they can’t fix they will replace.

      • Thanks, it’s too late for that now. The point wasn’t just having insurance. It was the point that Google acted like I would be fully supported by my carrier when I inquired them about it, but I wasn’t. Had they had lead me to believe to get a third-party insurance, I would’ve. So, it was more like customer service/business experience with them that was the issue.

  • Manit Suri

    Most excellent, if some of the phones will be contracted, I upgrade around November/December. 

    • I think the idea here is if they are sold in the Google Play store, they aren’t contracted.

      • Marc Klein

        Didn’t Google try selling the first Nexus One through their store unsuccessfully?

  • Nick

    Sweet, I’m due for an upgrade on Nov 8!!

  • Nick

    Semi-related to this post, everyone seems to think that Jelly Bean will be 5.0, but I wonder if it would be more like 4.1.

    Version 5.0 would be for a major leap forward and I’d expect the next version to be more incremental, like 2.2 to 2.3.

  • Tuancdo

    I hope t-mobile is able to figure a way to release an app for wifi calling through google play.  As much I love my nexus, I sometime do not have reception in buildings and the wifi calling would really help.  

  • Jim Jiang

    What i would prefer is 3 phones, Huawei or ZTE lowend, Samsung/LG for a mid range, and HTC or Samsung for high end. The N1 was infact a great phone, the nexus s imo was just bad. And the gnex was like meh, ill bite, but theres better stuff out there. What i would like is like a SGS3S as a GnexSlim, then a HTC V for lowend, and maybe a huawei ascend quad for mid.

  • I can’t wait for Google to release these phones & show the OEM’s / cell providers how to support hardware problems & firmware updates. I can’t wait to see updates in a timely fashion, not like Samsung who’s had 8 months to release the ICS for the SGS2 or the LG G2X which had it’s update release pushed back to the 3rd quarter of this year. With “Jelly Bean” being released soon I for one refuse to get stuck in the middle of another firmware upgrade fiasco.
    I just pray that at least one of the new Nexus phones includes a MicroSD slot, 32gb of storage & gorilla glass. in any case I’m through with Samsung / LG & will not be buying another one of their phones.

    • Surya Prakash Manchikanti

      My LG G2x gets no ics love :(

  • Danbambam

    Am I the only one that read that Google China purchased Motorola?? If that is still true, I am pretty sure google will have motorola make those 5 Nexus devices.