Google To Release Nexus Devices From Multiple Vendors, Sell Through Google Play Store?

The Wall Street Journal is making quite the report this evening as they discuss Google’s efforts to partner with a variety of manufacturers to have up to five (yup, five) Pure Google (read: Nexus) devices available at one time. Better yet, the stable of devices will ship with Android 5.0 (Jelly Bean) and will be sold directly from the Google Play store, unlocked and direct to consumers in America, Europe and Asia. Can I get a hell yes?

This is a significant move for Google and the WSJ reports the announcement should come from direct from Google at their upcoming I/O developer conference. The idea that there could be up to five, unlocked and carrier free devices available at one time would be a real coup for the Android platform. Of course, Google isn’t commenting on the matter but sources “close” to the situation say the company’s hoping to ship Android 5.0 by Thanksgiving — just in time for the holiday season.

So, who thinks this is just the best idea they’ve heard in a long long time?

Engadget via Wall Street Journal

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  • Erik Knudsen

    umm…yes please

  • Guest

    Shut up and take my money, Google!

  • I hope one of these nexus has hardware QWERTY

  • Aaron Peromsik

    Hopefully 5 devices means a range of price points and feature sets, all with JellyBean goodness.

  • descriptionagex

    If they can get everyone to do it right with quality hardware and in a timely manner then it would be a homerun. Now is the right time. Unfortunately I doubt it will ever happen!

  • Juan

    They can have my money if they are able to pull off an unlocked CDMA version!!

    • I’m wondering about that myself. After the Verizon GNex debacle, I’m wondering if they are going to go all GSM. Perfectly fine for me being on T-Mo, but I feel bad for the Verizon and Sprint diehards.

    • Matlock

      whats the point of an unlocked CDMA version!??! GSM/HSPA I understand, but a CDMA version is quite pointless. If you want an unlocked phone then get a GSM/HSPA device, that is the most logical thing.

      • Steve Gavrilles

        Haha seamlessly transition between sprint and boost mobile!!

  • UMA_Fan


    Didn’t you say something about T-Mobile getting an exclusive Nexus in Q3?

  • Frill Artist

    One of them needs to have a hardware keyboard.

  • Get_at_Me

    This could really benefit t-mobile as they encourage ppl to bring their own device.  The other national carriers on the other hand can’t like the sound of this. This is interesting on so many levels…if several manufacturers sign on for this, what would this mean for highend carrier branded/manufacturer flagship phones???  Let’s look at the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S III as examples:  The GN is somewhat mediocre or average by today’s highend standards.  It wasn’t as groundbreaking as the Nexus One. It was the first device to run pure ICS (which is a big deal), but spec wise, it was nothing to write home about.  The GS3 however will be top dog in almost every aspect when it hits shelves later this month.  Will manufacturers like Samsung “sandbag” Nexus devices while giving their specific flagships all the bells n whistles???  What will this mean for Custom UI’s like Sense and Touchwiz???  Google has done great things with ICS and other services like Drive, Music, Movies etc…. 

    • remister

      As long as it runs buttery smooth, there no need for high end specs.

      • Get_at_Me

        Thats an interesting statement.  Just imagine if Google sold a 4″ single core device with 16GB internal storage and 1GB of RAM that worked extremely well for $200-$250 unlocked???

  • AnonymousAndy

    Good. We all benefit from competition. 

  • TheReder

    I’m probably in the minority, but I much prefer subsidized phones. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of carrier branding/bloat, but being a legacy T-Mobile customer with an outrageously good/cheap plan, I’m not going anywhere. Every 22 months I get a top of the line phone for $400+ cheaper than I would if I bought outright, and it just locks in my sweet plan for longer. There’s no benefit to staying off contract because there’s no way any other carrier is beating the deal that I have.

    • Get_at_Me

      The issue is politics…Google selling devices directly to consumers eliminates politics. No UI hurdles to overcome for OS updates…No carrier specific BS/testing to overcome either….Im a TMO employee.  I have a super cheap bill and i get phones cheaper than customers can at full discount, but i would still pay more for a Nexus device b/c of what it offers…Purity

    • 30014

      If buying subsidized suites your needs then by all means continue. I personally would love a nexus version of the droid razr maxx. I’m blessed to have disposable income for things like unsubsidized phones and am really hoping this is more than just rumor.

    • Steve Gavrilles

      The problem with this model is that if the carrier doesn’t subsidize the phones, they’ll be able to offer better rate plans. They’re basically picking up the extra cost to lock you into a contract. That may work for you, but from a consumer standpoint as a whole, it’s not doing us any favors.

  • jian9007

    I think this would be awesome. Google would have to approve the hardware and ensure (hopefully) that all the Nexus devices offered would be quality phones. They can take away unnecessary carrier bloatware as well as carrier customizations that break phone functionality (i.e.- Wi-Fi hotspots that get disabled without a separate plan from the carrier, like with the upcoming T-Mobile ICS update on the Sensation 4G). Wi-Fi hotspot uses your phones data and there is no reason, other than sheer greed, to not allow you to use it (after all, you’re paying for the data no matter
    what, anyway). The OEM’s could also allow you to download their skin (because they don’t seem to understand that AOSP Android is just fine) should you choose to want it, and you could remove it at any time.

    Google could then push new updates to all the different Nexus phones much earlier and stop all the finger-pointing back and forth with the carriers and OEM’s about delays to the consumer. Google approved hardware, software, and updates. Sounds like a fine plan to me, as long as they
    keep it just as open as it has always been and don’t go all Apple on us and force us to conform. The only question is will Google allow the carriers to subsidize the phones even though they’re being sold through the Google play store. After all, Best Buy, Amazon, Wirefly, and others all sell carriers phones with subsidies. Will Google allow this and will the carriers accept that the phones must be sold with stock Android even if subsidized? That’s the question I have.

    Most consumers want a lower up front cost and may balk at the prospect of paying $400-$500 for a phone. Power users and fans of stock Android are fine with it, yet they represent only a small % of the overall Android users.

  • AndrewSingleton

    i like this idea. it seems to open up the market and promote independence. 

  • Bkidko13

    David, can you please work on your site? It does not fit correctly on my Galaxy S, cannot zoom out far enough. The content is all over the place, maybe some organizing is in order. I even have trouble loading it on my laptop, so many pics and ads all over the place. I am not trying to be a jerk, just some constructive (hopefully) criticism.

  • Tomnewtn

    I’d rather have an HTC Nexus. Samsungs are powerful, but hate the build.

  • FILA

    Im gettin my galaxy nexus in the mail tomoro, fuck, and all i ever wanted was a true HTC nexus, damnit

  • remister

    Please have one device that has a GREAT hardware keyboard. THANK YOU!

  • This is great if true. I told myself i will never buy another carrier subsidized phone.

  • haters on the rocks

    Other site say they are gonna be five cellphone manufactures but one phone. Its just their are gonna five cellphone manufacturer parts within the phone. For example
    Htc-quality as the body of the phone

    • Get_at_Me

      I’d call that the Google Voltron….lol

      • haters on the rocks

        Google voltron lol. Well it could happen do u really thing Google would really release 5 nexus phones on 4 carriers instead of making a one nexus phone that is comprised of other cellphone manufacturer best features. Like apple Google only release one nexus phone every year but now they wanna get out 5 phone kinda crazy. But its only a rumor if this was true I guess I told u so.

    • Jizz

      That is just ass backwards ridiculous. You should never go back to this other site that gave you this.

  • These are great devices, but the thing about them is, if something happens to them, your SOL. Samsung only offers a limited warranty with them. Mine was stole after a car accident this weekend, I called T-Mobile, Asurion & Samsung, then emailed Google. Google said they couldn’t do anything. Samsung said the same, T-Mobile & Asurion offered me a device, but guess what it was?….. a MyTouch 4G….I refused to accept that, talked to them back & forth they offered me a MyTouch Slide 4G, which was a better option, but I read up that would not be upgraded to further Android versions as of now. You think something like that will never happen, but you never know. I think Google should offer better protection (insurance for their products), because they told me that it would be handled through T-Mobile when I told them before hand.

    • sorandkairi

      …that’s funny…. my wife got her SGII replaced from Asurion 1 month ago because she “lost” her phone on the top of her car going probably faster than she should have….

      If you purchased a phone thur T-Mobile than the are have to give you a phone of the same retail value as the one you lost, provided that you take care of said deductible. Now If you don’t get a phone though a carrier but purchase through another 1st party Manufacturer (HTC, MOTO, NOKIA, …GOOGLE….) then I thought that you had 14 days to register the phone with them so that they may cover it as well. 

      Correct me if I’m wrong but, I thought that how’s they operated their services.

      • You are wrong on the last statement. They don’t give you that option. For one, I was never told about a 14 day register period. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus itself (not from T-Mobile or Google) has a 14-day period where you can “return” the phone if you are unsatisfied through Samsung. But there are no options to cover a Samsung Galaxy Nexus as far as it being “lost” or “stolen.” But you are correct on the 1st one, thou I did make reference to that above, ”
        T-Mobile basically said, since they didn’t sell that device, they couldn’t do much with insurance.”

        • sorandkairi

          Yeah, I could’ve sworn that you could use Asurion if you bought your phone from a manufacturer rather than a carrier if you had proof of purchase or something…. again… I wasn’t 100% sure on that. I thought that I read something like that one their site, surprisingly enough. I thought it was weird or at least a new policy. 

          I looked, for about 2 mins, and couldn’t find the page…. funny thing ….memories…

        • I mean don’t get me wrong, you can, but they won’t offer you anything comparable from my experience. Because we all know a MyTouch 4G is not comparable to a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, & a MyTouch 4G slide (Even thou a step up) is not comparable either. So, technically you can, but it’s not the best option or getting the most out of your buck, because they won’t replace it with a tier phone you had before. I remember having to give them 3 different proofs of purchase, because they would not accept the receipt (From Google) I scanned & uploaded to them, even after I spoke to a rep before hand & explained I bought it directly from Google at Google Play. I was originally told they’d probably give me something of the Samsung Galaxy S series. But what in the blue h*ll is a MyTouch 4G to that? *smh*. Never again… I’ll stick to buying T-Mobile only devices for now, learned my lesson.

        • sorandkairi

          LOL! I thought so…. but, lol…. did they really offer a MyTouch4G as sub, lol!?

        • Yup, dead serious. I was livid. They were so keen on a (almost) 2-year old device being “comparable”, & I’m like “they must think I’m one of those stupid customers that don’t research their phones.”

    • In addition a Samsung Galaxy S II would’ve been more “comparable.”

      • Gordo

        You will Love the One S. It is AWESOME!

  • Tuliom Mesa

    Google is starting to see the bigger picture, which is the lack of their new operating system being pushed around to all their google phones. ICS was suppose to be this wicked awesome OS that was going to change everything, but manufactures and then phone companies are delyaing these updates, so google is doing the only thing they can do best, is make full google phones so they can sell more and getthe user experience across. 

    Cut out the middle man, and get your updates accross users how yo want them to, forget sense and then Tmobile bloatware or ATT bloatware, if google sticks to this more updates, more support better phones better google experience! 

    • lolzerzzz

      GB was supposed to be this wicket awesome OS that was going to change everything
      Honeycomb was supposed to be this wicked awesome OS that was going to change everything
      ICS was supposed to be wicked awesome OS that was going to change everything…

      Do you see a pattern? 

  • Silk7412

    Dog gone it google- Now you gone and made me mad!

    Do i get the nexus tablet?

    Do I get the HTC nexus? Or motonexus. Or nokia nexus? Palm nexus? Bell nexus? Lego nexus!!!

    Ah heck , I don’t have enuff money!!

    • Spanky

      Motonexus has a nice ring to it!

      I can just see the marketing copies. Want a Nexus with a permlocked bootloader? Choose Motorola!

      • Spanky

        I kid, I kid…

  • Moises

    Google keeps on messing things up by giving carriers exclusivity, and that is killing Google in the long run, look what happened to the galaxy nexus, they lost a big business opportunity by giving Verizon exclusivity, now none one is buying the device any more because is already adapted, i think that was a huge mistake on Google’s part, lets hope they go back to the original idea, to release their devices on every carrier at once.

    • Get_at_Me

      Just to be fair, It should either come to every carrier at the same time or it shouldn’t be on any carrier at all (sold only thru Play Store and or 3rd party retailers)….I would love to see TMO be the exclusive Nexus carrier though.  They helped launch Android after all and their open device philosophy is tailored toward this type of relationship.  TMO would agree to sell a Nexus device untouched too..meaning no bloatware…Don’t see any other carrier doing that

  • now_onTMO

    didn’t google try this strategy before with the first nexus and nexus s but people complained that the devices were not available through the carriers but only online through google? people wanted to see it first or play with with it first before buying?

    this is a good idea more exclusivity

    • Get_at_Me

      that’s the downside to only selling the device online…..altho i think bestbuy sold the nexus s unlocked…i remember a customer bought one at bestbuy then activated it at my store immediately after.

  • Carmen

    As a Value Plan customer I am thrilled with this news except I need wifi calling and as far as I know you only get that if you buy the T-mobile branded phone with the T-mobile wifi app.  Can anybody tell me different or steer me towards a way to get the T-mobile wifi app if you buy an unlocked phone straight from Google?

    • Get_at_Me

      WIFI Calling is built into the software now on newer android phones….its usually enabled automatically when WIFI is turned on in the settings menu or via drop down toggle….You also need a newer GBA Sim card in most cases too.

      • Carmen

         You sure? Because have put off ordering the Nexus due to posts like this one, and others at the T-mobile forums.

        • Get_at_Me

          i should clarify my last comment…its built into the software of TMO Android phones in conjunction with the GBA SIM card.  I have a rooted Galaxy S II, but im running an older SIM card, so i’m unable to use WIFI Calling….If you truly need wifi calling, i wouldnt recommend the Galaxy Nexus

        • Get_at_Me

          i should clarify my last comment…its built into the software of TMO Android phones in conjunction with the GBA SIM card.  I have a rooted Galaxy S II, but im running an older SIM card, so i’m unable to use WIFI Calling….If you truly need wifi calling, i wouldnt recommend the Galaxy Nexus

    • Roger

      Tmobile’s wifi calling cannot be later installed to an arbitrary Android phone.  It needs access to the security side of the SIM card which can only be done via a kernel module, and hence requires code written and compiled for that hardware, SIM access and kernel version.  Then the dialer needs some pretty invasive surgery too.  Tmobile gets the software from Kineto Wireless and has to have it integrated into the particular handset software.

      If you ignore the tmobile side of things then SIP and Skype also perform “wifi calling”, but aren’t quite the same thing.  However both do have a way of tying into the phone system.

      • Enoel69

        Maybe Google should require the inclusion of this capability on Stock devices…

      • Carmen

        Thanks for technical answer (which I don’t really understand except up to the point where it confirms my suspicions).  Wifi calling is critical to me because 1. there is no cell service in my home – I was totally unable to use my cell in my home until I had a wifi enabled handset and 2. It keeps my costs way down – with free wifi calling I’m able to share 1000 minutes on a 4 user family value plan and never even come close to the minute limits even though both my husband and I use our phones extensively in the house.  I guess the trade-offs for the wifi calling are T-mobile branding, device pricing, and bloatware.  At this point it’s worth it.

    • Frank Krawczyk

       Thanks for pointing this out. I just got all excited about the prospect of multiple Nexus phone to pick from, but no WiFi calling no deal for me. I hope there will be an option too to pick one up from TMO too (one can dream)

  • Caseybea

    Having just acquired an unlocked nexus from the google store, I am thrilled to see this.   Very happy with my phone and its capabiliies and that it’s NOT been mucked or slowed down by any of the typical carrier bloat or BS.     Anything like this that sends a HUGE wakeup call to the carriers is a good thing for Android.    I’m tired of the way the carriers are ruining the devices.

  • Zetsuei18

    This will help with their fragmentation problem. I hope it works! =)

  • Abu Hassan Abu Laden

    in other news, the iPhone 5 that should be coming out at around the same time will overshadow this and android will still remain in true second place sadly, no matter what the surveys say. 

    • jessejames111981

       if there is more android users than ios users, hows is android in second place?

      • Just let that person have a moment, they don’t know any better lol. Don’t waste your Time.

        • Abu Hassan Abu Laden

          if you weren’t an imbecile, you could read the last part of the statement where it says “no matter what the surveys say”. android only has more users because it is available on more types of phones, tablets, media players, etc. worldwide. iOS is available on 5 iPhone variants, 4 iPods, and 3 iPads. 12 total devices vs thousands. iPhone will ALWAYS be more powerful because of its ability to capture so many users with so few options, vs Androids ability to capture so many users with so many options. and anyway, comparing iOS to all of android isn’t an accurate comparison, like most surveys do. Compare iPhones to Nexus phones and you’ll see how big and important iPhones really are. remind me the last time people worldwide lined up to buy a galaxy phone. exactly. they never did, and they won’t this fall either. like i said, the iPhone will overshadow it and the nexus phone will sell about 1/100th of the number the iPhone 5 will. you android users are too far stuck up your own snobby *** to see that android will always be iOS’s little brother. 

        • Kyle Rico

          Your analysis does not make sense. A operating system, regardless of how many types of devices it is installed on, is still the same operating system. Imagine you have 100 iPhones (obviously with iOS installed on it) and 100 Android Phones (25 each from HTC, Samsung, LG and Motorola). 50 people use iPhones, thus using iOS and 70 use Android, the preferred manufacturer is up in the air, since the main thing being analyzed is the use of the OS. Thus 70 people are using Android. If people want to us iOS, then they go to Apple. If people want Android, they can choose a variety of manufacturers. The matter at hand is, as I stated, the OS only. However, your analysis would be correct if Apple were still locked to Att, but since it is available on the Big Three now, that variable is null and void now.

        • Guest

          Can you say, with any certainty beyond your own speculation, that if Android was only available on one single device, that it would have less users? I am an Android user that ‘happens’ to have an HTC One S, but if HTC never made it, I would still be using _some_ type of Android device. I chose my phones based on the fact that I prefer Android to the other operating systems. I suspect most other Android users would agree with me on that sentiment. Having choices is merely a side benefit. ;)

        • WW

          I for one, believe I’d have an iPhone if there weren’t choices for Android.  

          The reason I’m an Android user, is specifically because of the open ecosystem.  

          If Android wasn’t open and my choice was between 2 controlled ecosystems, I’d go with Apple because there are more software options (apps) and there’d be little reason to believe Android would ever be more than a niche OS (apologies to Windows phone [I’d been using Windows CE/Mobile since ver 2]).  Blackberry’s another example of a controlled ecosystem and look at them now.

          I’ve hitched my wagon to Android because I believe that, like Windows dominance of the PC market, the open (freedom!) ecosystem will eventually dominate the market.

        • WW

          FREEDOM…just try to buy yourself an iPhone with a 4.6″ display (like my new GNex that’s arriving today; can’t wait).

        • You typed all of that, just to say absolutely nothing.

        • Jcdc98

          maybe if you got off of Apples balls you’d realize choice its not a bad thing why not just sell one type if TV or one type of car. I use ios and android but you Apple fan boys are such bitches you’re not number one anymore and you never will be again android is the undisputed king of mobile phones tablets is a whole other show where iPad is and always will be king but to make an argument saying choice is the problem makes you sound like a fu#king moron

        • Can the iPhone be used as ied? Haha!

        • Spanky

          It could most likely be used to trigger one.

        • I think that’s why Abu hassan Iran Iraq finds the iPhone so compelling:)

        • I think that’s why Abu hassan Iran Iraq finds the iPhone so compelling:)

        • Spanky

          An Apple fan calling Android fans snobby…talk about a dictionary definition of delusion!

        • HeLLo

          Oh my an iTard calling Android users snobby.That’s  really funny coming from an iSheep who usually are the ones who have their heads up their asses.And you once again proved how bitchy iSheep are.Why the need to post on Android related topic?.Do you iSheep envy Android that much that in every post related to Android you iSheep feel the need to troll?.Typical iSheep always trying to make a case on every Android post just to make their stale iPhone seem relevant.

        • HeLLo

          Oh my an iTard calling Android users snobby.That’s  really funny coming from an iSheep who usually are the ones who have their heads up their asses.And you once again proved how bitchy iSheep are.Why the need to post on Android related topic?.Do you iSheep envy Android that much that in every post related to Android you iSheep feel the need to troll?.Typical iSheep always trying to make a case on every Android post just to make their stale iPhone seem relevant.

        • Google

          Notification bars on iDevices? Constantly trying to keep up with Android Specs? Usually Qualities of a little brother trying to be like big brother…. MAYBE I AM WRONG…. doubt it tho. sure there are lots of android devices. but understand this. google isnt a close minded fool. they give their users what they crave, variety. u see someone with an idevice and you already know what it is. BLAND AND BORING. android allows its users to be individuals. KEEP ON BEING A SHEEP FOOL

        • Ugh, you guys are all so funny. Ten million people buying the Galaxy S II are all individuals. That argument is tired, move on!

    • Kyle Rico

      And earth is also only 6000 – 7000 years old too huh? Never mind all the radiometric dating techniques and reports, they are all lies huh? If it weren’t for Android creating competition, you’d still have a 
      480 × 320 px (HVGA) screen with a 163 ppi, and a 400 something MHz processor. 

  • jelliottz

    As long as Android 5.0 comes to my Galaxy Nexus, I support this move. I bought my GN without ever using one (or seeing one in person for that matter) and I couldn’t be happier. Its a great phone. While I’ve left it stock for now, I don’t see it staying that way much longer. 2 weeks is probably my limit before I start hacking.

  • Youngt82

    Sounds awesome to me:D Hope its true!

  • They are listening. This can be a Strong force if they just price them right, and have a version for all carriers. They can make lots of people happy, and also make lots of money. (as long as apple does not start saying they are not allowed to sell them directly, because you know they created direct sales) lol.

    Ahahahahahjahahahahahahahahaha omg, lol.

  • GS3

    I am happy to hear about this since I need to get 2 new phones and I was holding off to see what would be the next Nexus phone. Looks like I will have some options now if the news is true.   

  • Data Renegade

    umm…seems like déjà vu…oh wait…Nexus..err…It did happen already in a colossal fail kinda way. Its ok Google we still love you. If you fail try, try again.

  • I think we’re all ready for Google to do this now. Back when they tried selling their original Nexus directly I don’t think consumers were really ready for that but I think times have changed. I think with the rapid pace at which Android has grown and with Google revamping the Android Market/Google Play Store I think selling unlocked phones through the Play store (like they’re currently doing with the Galaxy Nexus) is a great move.

    I hope Google can sell their next Nexus for between $400-$450. I think that’s the sweet spot for an unlocked top-of-the-line device where a lot of people will actually buy it. If they come out of the gate asking for $600+ then the endeavor to sell directly to consumers will probably fail again.

  • They should get their act together and wit next year to release any new phones. Most of the mindshare and pocketbooks are on the One X/S and Galaxy S III. Launching a Nexus phone in the fall may garner eyes and ears, but probably not as much sales as they could have.

    That said, there are a lot of improvements the Galaxy Nexus left out that’s easy to fix in the next version, such as better camera, micro SD, and larger internal storage. Perhaps a non-Pentile display.

  • MarcusDW

    Game changer!

    I still gotta have my TouchWiz though.  I wish I was a pure Android enthusiest because this would be doing backflips over this.

    • BahamasGeek242

      You will still be able to get your TouchWiz just not a Nexus phone but you should give a pure ICS phone a shot man 

      • MarcusDW

        I’ve owned a Gnex and still feel stock Android is missing some extra features on top of the core features compared to TW.

  • Yogi

    Google is finally learning the lesson from Windows Mobile… don’t let OEMs customize the OS and control the update process. If you do, you’ll end up with phones that are updated maybe once, have uninstallable crapware on them, don’t promote the brand, and are even released with old versions of the OS. Apple learned the lesson before releasing the iPhone. Microsoft almost learned part of the lesson before Windows Phone, but they let the carriers and OEMs have too much say in the update process. If Google can correct their mistake, they will really help Android going forward. Although, this could be a case of them shutting the barn door after the horse is already out.

  • WW

    I’d love to see the OEMs trying to one-up each other in performance/specs/price on a stock Android phone.

    Poor Red and Yellow will be left out though.FREEDOM OF CHOICE IS AWESOME!!

  • Spanky

    Although I’ll be switching to AT&T sometime this summer (I’m not trolling, just unhappy with T-Mobile’s data speeds in my area), I’ll sell whatever phone I get with my service plan (most likely  the GSIII, as it’ll retain value) as soon as the new Nexuses come out. The GNex is the best phone I’ve ever had. I hope that an LTE version will be among the new batch.

  • Enoel69

    AMEN FINALLY THANK U GOOGLE lets hope the WSJ article is right on point ….i love love this idea. As one who bought my first Nexus directly from Google and loved the experience, i am all for this. This is certainly one way to reduce fragmentation and get many pure Android devices to as many hands as possible. While OEMs and Carriers are dragging their feet with updates hence the result of the high fragmentation…Google has figured a way to reduce that and at the same time satisfying the aspirations of most OEMS…that of making a Nexus branded device. I guess this will eventually make the OEMs realize that many of us want devices with the pure Android experience and timely updates. Also one thing i will caution Google on is to make sure that in addition to buying direct from them… there should be another avenue to get this devices from like Best buy or in carrier stores where ppl can go and physically interact with this devices and get a good feel of them. I think the lack of in-store sales and interaction with the potential buyer is why the Nexus one did not succeed as much. Even with five Nexus devices available in the online store, Google MUST couple that with some form of store shelve interaction with the masses. PLEASE just give me the HTC made NEXUS with ample internal storage 32GB, SD card expansion, bigger battery 2500+mAh, 4.7″ HD screen, 12Mpx rear cam 3Mpx front and abt 130mm tall, 69mm wide and abt 10mm thin.

    • Mark

       … micro SDXC would set it off just right.

  • Hello World

    Noting the article from a few months back where T-Mo leadership indicated the desire to kill off phone subsidies, I think the analysts saying this move will cause the carriers grief could be completely wrong.  I would actually bet the carriers would like this to succeed as it would put the hardware cost burden on the consumer and the hardware vendor and not require the carriers to recoup the costs through the service pricing.  If Google can succesfully offer devices directly it opens up more possibility for low-cost services from carriers while they maintain similar or better ARPUs.

  • if true i would love this.  to finally be able to choose a phone based on the phone and not forced to decide based on what the carrier provides.

  • Man_of_La_Mancha

    Let me guess their names:
    Galaxy Nexus
    Optimus Nexus
    One Nexus
    Droid Nexxxus

    • remister

      Don’t forget
      Prime Nexus and Tab Nexus :P

      • Timmy

        And soon to be Megatron Nexus. Oops Mega Nexus

    • None

      I would be SO down for a One Nexus.


  • John Voss

    As long as these phones have TMob HSPA 42+ and LTE baked in.  All for it.

  • remister

    You know what would be awesome? Google lets you customize your own phone specs (just like when you order a computer the Dell, HP, etc) The higher the specs the more you pay.

    • None

      I do believe that will happen one day but only many years down the road when carriers realize they truly are just dumb pipes and nothing more.

  • Gemors

    I suspect the Jelly Bean Nexus will be manufactured by Motorola mobile, which Google now own.
    This will be the first device from Google. Beware Apple they crept in the back door. 

  • Please let one be a good 5 row QWERTY with a large screen

    Currently there are only a million slates to choose from a bit of diversity would be nice.

  • Mattcat03

    I think the best part about this is that it offers you a way to get out of contract with the carriers.  Specially if the pricing is aggressive and competition is back on the table again we should see these phone prices go down,  hopefully like the way calculators did.

  • BahamasGeek242

    Great News but only for T-mobile and AT&T,  I love my Galaxy nexus on T-mobile 

  • Woo hoo! Yes please! So happy to see Google back in the handset sales game. So much so that I even bought a GNex even though I hate Samsung.