T-Mobile Readies SIM Card Release For ISIS Mobile Wallet System

With the announcement yesterday that the mobile payment program ISIS has been pushed back into October, T-Mobile is still continuing to make preparations for the platform launch in both Austin, Texas and Salt Lake City, Utah. ISIS head of marketing, Jaymee Johnson declined to comment about why the project had been delayed for the second time this year. Johnson did however state that the project had made continued progress.

“We are wrapping things up and finishing that final punch list of items,” he said, adding that the company’s partnerships for the service had not changed.

Johnson said that ISIS would have “hundreds of merchant partners” by the time it launches in the two test cities with the number increasing to the “thousands” of partners later. Partners included in the ISIS project include American Express, JP Morgan Chase and Capital One Financial.

For T-Mobile’s part, residents of both Salt Lake City and Austin will be able to pick up ISIS compatible SIM cards beginning on October 1st. As of now, the HTC Amaze 4G, Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy S II are set as the launch devices, though we expect T-Mobile to announce more devices soon.


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  • fixxmyhead

    hurry up with this in so cal my s2 is dying to get a piece of this

  • Been making payments with my google wallet app on my galaxy Nexus. I hope this ISIS thing really picks up. I really like the idea of paying with my phone.

  • loopyduck

    Hrm. I guess ISIS nano SIM cards are a ways off…

    • The iPhone 5 doesn’t support NFC, so they aren’t necessary.

      • loopyduck

        Ah, for some reason I thought ISIS would be pushing SIM cards that have embedded NFC chips. Those would allow devices without integrated NFC to still use the system.

  • JeffWalenta

    I hope they hurry up and release this Isis thing so it can fail and carriers can stop blocking Google wallet

  • SocalTeknique

    ok I have the international version of the HTC Amaze flashed with Bulletproof 2.5 Rom (Gingerbread with tmobile 4G and all) and registers as an official T-Mobile Amaze. Will this work on my phone?

  • Excellent! Hope they come to Michigan sometime soon-ish.

  • datjuliusdroid

    I live in austin and have been using google wallet on my sprint gs3 for everything from soda AND snack machines to paying at the bowling alley(highland lanes). Peopke really trip out when they see me paying w/ a phone

    • datjuliusdroid


      • Side benefit is that you can tell all the bums *Austin has too many young lazy bums* that you honestly don’t have any change to spare =)

  • Vic

    I was excited for NFC payment, but with carriers blocking Google and now ISIS being limited to two markets at launch (and with all the delays, I don’t expect rapid expansion), it seems like NFC will get overshadowed by barcode and location base solutions from Square, PayPal, Starbuck, etc.

  • FILA

    Google Wallet Nexus with NFC for the win! No extra hardware, simple procedure, and widely accepted compared to everything else. Any PayPass merchant, McDonalds, gas stations, Walmart and drug stores among others. Fuck Isis

  • Aaron

    I still don’t understand how to use Googlewallet I have a t-mobile galaxy s3.do I have to download a appp???? Excuse my lack of knowledge .

  • UMA_Fan

    I truly don’t believe mobile payments from your nfc phone will catch on until the iPhone adopts it. I’m no apple fan, but its the sad truth of the industry if they want something like this to catch on… the iPhone’s gotta do it!

    That being said, it would be very cool if mobile nfc payments catch on in a big way while iPhone user look on in envy… but sadly even as I type that I feel like I’m talking about a fantasy universe

    • CJ

      I respectfully disagree, I think once people understand how it is used and that is more secure than a wallet it will catch on. Windows phone is suppose to get NFC so hopefully that helps.

      • SouthernBlackNerd

        How it is safer than a wallet? I ask, because I am under the belief that it is less secure than a wallet, which is why I believe it will not catch on even if Apple adds it.

        I mean wallets are not susceptible to malware, viruses, hacking, etc.

        • CJ

          Two things need to occur for this to happen. 1) Password Protect the wallet application and 2) Password protect the lock screen. So if someone pick pockets your phone you can then remote wipe it from a remote distance and move on. With a real wallet someone can take your wallet and there is no protection. If you have cash it is gone, If you have credit cards they can take your numbers and use it with clever techniques. I just feel if you lock your phone correctly it is a lot safer.

  • tomarone

    Why can’t my phone just generate a QR code to pay? I could read one first to get the amount and vendor, then generate one for the payment. huh? Who needs NFC? I had speed-pass 10 years ago.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Because scanning a QR code is a bitch. When I worked at a water park we always had problems using our scanners to work with coupons, same with the grocery store I worked at. Add an LCD screen and a screen protectors to the mix and it’s much more trouble than it’s worth. NFC you just tap it, type in your pin, and you’re done.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Any idea when the HTC Era is coming out?

    • It’s supposedly not, it was the One X+ and now I’m being told it’s delayed indefinitely or outright canceled.

      • UMA_Fan

        Wow! That’s a real bummer. T-Mobile hasn’t had a high end exclusive device since the HTC Amaze and that was almost a year ago now.