Samsung Says “It Doesn’t Take A Genius” To Choose The Galaxy S III

I love Samsung, they make some of the best Android smartphones on the market, but I’m a little on the fence with this advertisement. It’s easy for us to say that the Galaxy S III is more feature rich than the iPhone 5, most of you would not only agree with me, but put up little argument. Still, this list is mostly just contrived features most people don’t care about, will never notice and will never bother to learn. The idea that Samsung’s phone is better because it’s got a longer list of features is the wrong approach. Samsung should be saying “our phone is better because when it comes to a feature vs feature comparison, ours works better.”

The Galaxy S III is, in our estimation, the superior device, but claiming it’s because it has “Palm Touch Mute” isn’t why we think so. Still, Samsung clearly isn’t backing down from Apple after losing to them in court, if anything Samsung is digging in and preparing for the longer fight.

The one thing that Samsung seems to ignore with this ad is that iPhone buyers don’t care about specs, they care about ecosystem. That’s where Apple makes its mark, and if you’re looking (and willing) to see the flip side of the argument, check out the (reader made) pro-Apple ad below that parody Samsung’s marketing.

Samsung’s print ad started running today in national and regional newspapers.

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  • Jade Hart

    I feel this ad will just confuse people more than make them want the GS3. I mean what the hell is “Palm touch mute pause”?

    • cmalvado

      When phone rings placing the palm of your hand over the screen mutes the ringer. Its a beautiful thing.

      • ant

        “its a beautiful thing” lmao

    • od312

      If people don’t know how to do a google search or ask someone, they probably should be using a lower end phone.

      • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

        Like an iPhone?

        • od312

          Haha! Exactly :)

  • MatthewMurawski

    What phandroids really don’t understand is that the iPhone is all about the experience. The design and build quality is very elegant. The phone’s UI is very easy to navigate through and never lags. It is just meant to get the job done in a simple yet beautiful way. The iPhone has more apps, and integrates seamlessly with other Apple devices through services like iCloud. It does not matter how much RAM it has or how fast the processor is, because it has what it needs, and that is what most consumers want. So no, we are not sheep, and we are not technologically stupid. Apple products use great advanced technology bundled up into a superb experience. Don’t get me wrong, I love android, and my current phone is the Galaxy Note, but some people are just blind to their surroundings. They think the phone market is a specs race.

    • MagentaUser

      Galaxy Note and S3 have no lag whatsoever. So please spare of that tired old argument. There is nothing advanced about Apple’s technology either. Bitch please, the iPhone 5 doesn’t even have NFC!! The CDMA versions of the iPhone 5 still can’t do simultaneous voice and data!!! No VoLTE either. You call that advanced technology? lmao. 4″ screen? The Samsung Vibrant had it in 2010. 1136×640 resolution?? Why not 720p? “Ultra Fast Wireless” lmao. You mean the same Wireless-N available on most high end Android smartphones? Yeah ok. Apple’s just playing catch up to Android now.

      There was nothing revolutionary about the iPhone 5 whatsoever. If you weren’t so ignorant and arrogant like the typical Apple user you are you would know that there are similar services to iCloud you can use on Android. Lookout Security & Antivirus can locate your lost or stolen Android phone and backup your data. Box gives you cloud file storage. Miss iTunes? Spotify works just fine and it even syncs your previously owned music on to your handset wirelessly!

      The iPhone only two things going for it. OS and ecosystem. iOS is stable and easy to use, yes but it’s boring and restrictive. Where’s the widgets? Apple did a good job with ecosystem yes I’ll give them that. But the main reason why people want an iPhone these days is because all their friends have one, celebrities have them and it looks shiny and pretty. It’s a fashion accessory.

      The Galaxy S3 like it or not is a far superior handset.

      • GinaDee

        Actually the GS3 does lag. Mine has done this several times. Even have had several blank black screens for no reason.

        I could only imagine how it’d perform if it only had 1GB of RAM?

        • loyal

          actually the international quad-core version of the s3 does only have 1 gb of internal ram, it plenty fast rivaling any top end android device! for you to get your Galaxy S3 to lag, one you must of opened every single app, still running in the background while using something intensive after almost never power cycling the phone. not everything within Android is programmed perfectly. the play store album covers will cause a blank screen if you tap on the photo to get a bigger size. that’s not the S3 fault, the market file request goes null doesn’t upload the file, just a small bug that can easily be fixed.

      • Guest911

        The S3 is only superior for people who dont really get. Your post proves so. Good job.

    • kahlayoh

      I bet more then half of Iphone users don’t even use “iCloud” and all that crap!! They get it just to show their friends that they own a iPhone. I used to love the iPhone until they changed the way the music is synced. It sucks that I can’t grab music from different itunes…

    • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

      iCloud? Androids have always synced to your google accounts. For free, no less. Apple followed, once again.

  • I think you’re misreading it David, I don’t think they mean genius as in intelligence but as in an “Apple Genius”. Cute.

  • Ken Bradshaw

    What phandroids do understand is that you don’t have to become a felon in order to install the applications you want on your android device. Having to jailbreak your phone, just to get the features you want clearly makes the iphone the loser in the smartphone competition.

    • GinaDee

      Why the drama Ken? Sure you like your GS3 better than a phone you’ve never EVER used and probably never will. Felon? Please put down the pipe.

      All you have to go by is a spec sheet that tells you your phone SHOULD be better and a disdain for Apple products that cloud your mind with hate for a product you can’t buy at a subsidized price as a T-Mobile subscriber.

      It’s okay to love a product but to put down someone’s opinion that they iPhone is a better phone really screams disillusioned fanboy and all credibility goes out the window.

      • Brian

        Ironic. It’s the iPhone partisans, trolling on non-iPhone forums about how any criticism of Apple is misguided, that strike me as disillusioned fanboys.

        • GinaDee

          There is no irony here Brain. This is not a Samsung only forum.

        • Barry Amith

          I have an Iphone 4s and I am bored with the same old same old from Apple. Does that make me a fanboy? I think several people on youtube are saying the same thing in the phone battle videos which is why the Iphone always seems to lose to the high end Androids.

      • Ken Bradshaw

        This isn’t really an argument between Android and IOS. It’s a basic property rights issue. If you buy a device, you should be allowed to do whatever you want with it. That includes hacking it to work in the way that you want. The Digital millenium copyright act and several other court verdicts have made it very clear that manufacturers want to retain legal rights to the property even though they have already sold it. That’s not a free market principle and it is certainly not ‘the American way’ I grew up believing.

  • ceegii63

    i found the counter ad really “high school” funny

  • redthunda69
    Not very well done, but you get the idea.

    • Zombie Killer

      Who put Skrape in that list?
      The proper product to put in there is google video chat.

  • mreveryphone

    Even with the longer iphone 5 list the galaxy s3 is still better

    • telegram

      actually iphone has a better bench score . Its not about the spec… Its the performance. I dont have an Iphone never had one. I still have tmobile mytouch which I owened for over 3 years now

      • Jake Smith

        I only saw Iphone on there, where is the Galaxy s3 to compare?

      • JBrowne1012

        Not a trustworthy benchmark system I have ever heard of.

      • mreveryphone

        If it’s about the performance then you should know never to use benchmark scores. Side by side real world comparisons really tell the real story. I remember this comparison video I was watching but I can’t remember the phones used but one was a quad core and the other a dual core and the person was going crazy because the dual core was opening everything faster than the quad core but the benchmarks were favoring the quad core. You might to rethink your use of benchmarks scores next time.

      • Loyal

        @telegram −actually iPhone has a better bench score* bias iFanboy

        yeah, but not even close! lol… Galaxy S3 with snapdragon s4 chipset using a 2GB of internal memory with double pipelines which is the secret of success of the S3 dual core. when bench-marking International Quad-core S3 and US version dual-core, surprisingly the US version Snapdragon dual-core wins by a friction, but still it wins. Ask anyone about the performance of quad-core international galaxy S3, it would out perform the A5 and A6 chipset in the iPhone. If US version out performs the International Galaxy S3, then it will also do a very good job against the iPhone 5 in performance.

        like noted before, Picture in Picture is a perfect mounted victory for the Galaxy S3, the 2GB of internal memory with double pipelines into the chipset allows HD movies to run without shutter or lag while multitasking, create a text or something else that consumes more of the device. On the other hand A6 will allow more life-like graphics with less strain in the powerful CPU. Apple engineers would state this is practicably for the average user, since in nature we tend to do one thing at a time. once apple puts on the new iOS 6 on top of the A6 chipset it should average out with graphic advantage. To me, a state of the art UI isn’t everything, its nice but performance average is extremely importance. personally if i used and owned a iPhone 4 or 4s I would not trade up to the iPhone 5 just for the A6, there’s to gain except the loss of weight from your wallet. If you must throw out that kind of money, it doesn’t take a genius choose Galaxy S3.

        Samsung made the right call with innovation direction within its galaxy line in, hold down on the home key for three second to prompt up the multitask menu, and setting a first in technology standard for 2 gb of internal memory on top the snapdragon s4, a great combination!

        • Trevnerdio

          The PiP is a true innovation in the mobile world…and just a total win!

  • ant

    yea i think this funny and they said it that way because people always say apple the “best smart phones” and some people act like dummies when they choosing a phone anyway but only dummies would take offense to this dont get mad at me i didnt write it

  • AntiCheap

    Another cheap movement of cheap product…

  • kay yon

    Only reason why the iPhone 5 has been reserved like hot cakes is because Apple is really good at brainwashing and taking over people’s hearts. They give a really simplistic UI and OS that everyone can use and it goes crazy. Yeah it works well in the Apple ecosystem, but Android can too. Google has made everything possible. (Moreover, Google provides more features than Apple.)

    • GinaDee

      Samsung does the same thing except they brainwash their followers by convincing them that cheap flimsy plastic housing is a better alternative to metal and glass.

      Don’t forget how much Americans have taken a liking to S Voice? We drool over it.

      It’s all relative and subjective.

      • tulio

        Funny i now have a permanent scar on my index finger thanks to the 4s “better” alternative of glass.

      • LOYAL

        GinaDee i’m not a fan of Samsung, but you clearly are a bias iphony. Samsung has never convinced plastic better than anything, where’s the article directly from Samsung that states that?

        so what, 99 percent of the manufacturers dress their phones in plastic. that line if attack doesn’t work, it doesn’t make the Galaxy S3 inferior. I can guarantee that that line of attack was against china imported products into the US. Have you recently checked where both the iPhone and Samsung galaxy device were made… China. that’s right!

        iPhone releases is old news in the tech world, the belated Steve Jobs can’t save Apple now because the iPhone is dying of pancreatic cancer, its downhill from here. the hype will die and decline to novel phone users that invested themselves within the apple store and are content monthly cellphone bills. The original reason why i wanted an iPhone was because i wouldn’t need to carry my ipod. when i saw the monthly bill for the iPhone, i said no way i’d rather rather have more money in my wallet, for other cooler stuff each year.

        By the way the voice assistance is very old technology. Google had this technology in its dusty storage closet for over a decade now for desktop. When iPhone 4 produced Siri, apple users thought it was innovation and apple got offended because Samsung rushed to the scene to do its main task, to be the iPhone killer with S Voice…

        but now its fine though that iPhone can copy Pandora Radio as their own spin off, but now one can incorporate their own. watch out because Apple will sue for 2 billion dollars if a corporation does the same thing.

    • kahlayoh

      It’s taller now..hahhahaha!! But still has the same ol look!!!

  • bydavidrosen

    “Free updates annually” that break your phone so you have to upgrade to the new model. My iPad (first gen) has absolutely sucked since the last iOS update. Terrible. It never used to run like that.

  • UncleFan

    LOL @ “Free updates annually” when you can get fresh ROMs for the GSIII *every night*.

  • @David Beren I can see how you’re on the fence about this one, but you can’t be mad at Samsung by touting their own features as a benefit. When was the last time you didn’t see an iPhone commercial pushing facetime, iCloud, or iMessage? Both Apple and Samsung know damn well that they can’t tout around 3rd party apps in their advertisements because platform exclusivity is a thing of the past. That’s why they both go out of their way to show what sets them apart. You can’t be mad at Samsung when Apple does the same thing.

    • My point is that Apple advertises iMessage and iCloud in their own campaigns, Samsung doesn’t advertise most of the second half of that list, so it’s the wrong tool to use. There were so many other strengths could have used, I’m confused why they focused on features nobody knows about and without explanation. They should have just left it at the top of the list, and included major features, like picture in picture which is a ridiculously cool function, but hardly advertised. How many Galaxy S III owners even know they can watch a video and compose a text at the same time? You could mount an entire campaign on that, remember how awed people were when picture-in-picture debuted on televisions? Sure it’s old news now, but on a smartphone? That’s pretty slick.

      • JBrowne1012

        David the point is to get out there the feature nobody knows about and to ask questions. If a person doesn’t know something they are going to ask about it and from there the person goes to the carrier, the carrier sells the device. Boom done deal.

      • od312

        I seriously don’t get your point, David. You talk as if the S3 is doing poorly. They are projected to sell over 30 million units. Let’s be frank here. Not all smartphone users geeks. It’s human nature to always go for bigger. In this case, bigger, meaning more features (showing a bigger list vs the competition). That’s marketing. I don’t get how that’s the wrong approach.

  • benjitek

    That’s what they’d (Samsung) really like for more people to believe, especially the judicial system :-(

    At they end-of-the-day, it amounts to you using the device you prefer.

    It’s really not a debate, merely a preference… ;-)

  • snyper77

    You’d have to be BLIND to choose an S3. I’ve been to ATT, VERIZON, and TMOBILE and every S3 has a blue tinted screen. IT SUCKS! I loaded Google’s home page on my Droid X2, then loaded Google on the S3, put them side by side, and my Droid has perfect color. Whites are white. The S3 has a BLUE tint to the screen (at every store I visited). Not only is it “blue” but it’s dull and dingy looking (even with the brightness maxed out in the phone AND in the browser). I don’t see what everyone is raving about. YUCK!

    • Brian

      So get the Motorola phone with “Blur” instead? Hourly crashes and three hours of battery life? Yikes.

      • JBrowne1012

        Thats what we really want.

    • kahlayoh

      Droid X2??? It’s Iphone5 vs SGS3 you nimrod!!

    • archerian

      Talk about looking at something through colored glasses :)

    • Drew

      LOL!!…. Ohhhh….Boy, I’m finally done laughing at your comment. Motorola has been putting on the market the biggest pile of s#it for the past 3 yrs. They have the WORST screens of any device on the market and their build quality is absolute garbage. My brother went through 9 (yes 9!!) Motorola devices from the original Droid, Droid 2, Droid 2 global and Droid X. All were replacement devices from Verizon. Please tell me you’re joking.

      FYI, the ‘bluish hue’ can be attributed to the use of a pentile screen (as opposed to an AMOLED Plus display), the Samsung Galaxy S3 provides truer blacks and more contrast detail than the HTC’s One X LCD display. Funny you should complain about the Pentile display which is the same screen technology that all of the Motorola phones have used for years. And for Christ sakes, replace that outdated POS and stop trying to bad mouth phones that aren’t even in your class…

    • Zombie Killer

      AMOLED displays do tend to screw up the colors a bit, but they are FAR FAR FAR better when it comes to power consumption. This is a trade-off, as most things are.

  • Brian

    It’s ironic how Apple fanboys can dish it out but can’t take it.

    The “if you use a Mac, you’re hot and getting laid, but if you use PCs, you’re a fat virgin” ads were “funny,” we were told. They contained flat-out lies, such as “Windows PCs cannot connect to digital printers, edit video or print in color.” When pointed out, these were laughed off as “too technical, just enjoy the ad.

    When Samsung countered Apple’s decade of ads with their “We’ve been Samsunged” parody, many of us, even in Windows (not Android) land laughed and applauded. Finally, Apple’s tidal-wave of douche had washed back to them!

    And years after claiming that PCs were worse because they didn’t have Apple’s crappy iLife software, Apple partisans complain that Samsung’s ads saying Apple phones suck because they lack Samsung’s software are “unfair.” They whine endlessly about anybody who DARES to compete with them. They did it to Dell and HP, then to Palm, then to HTC, and now to Samsung.

    You’d think Apple wasn’t the largest, richest company in tech.

    In the land of the Apple True Believer, it’s not fair to mock them with the same tactics they used against others for years.

    Bravo to Samsung for throwing it back in their faces — long may it continue!

    • GinaDee

      Throw what in whose faces? Nothing on the bottom of that list that was awe-insring.

      You use the term “partisan,” as if only Apple users are somehow biased and Samsung users just love to agree and get along with everyone?

      I tell you some of the nastiest hate filled comments are from bitter Android users on Apple forums all over the web mad that the rest of the world doesn’t see things from their rose colored glasses.

      It’s like we have to like plasticy oversized phones on an OS that doesn’t get timely updates or we must be brainwashed by the collective?

      • Jake Smith

        well when you call it plastic oversized phone that doesn’t get timely updates it makes you sound like a fanboy. You have never used a Galaxy s3, just admit it. I mean most of the phone battles on youtube have the gs3 beating the Iphone 4s but you still like apple because….it’s apple. Right?

      • What an iDiot. Doesn’t even deserve a serious response. I bet you think the GPS has issues right? Do even know what the most current version of Android is? Maybe even Apple for that matter? How about windows phone? Do you even know what features are in iOs compared to old iOs? your comments are so ignorant!

      • od312

        Oversized? You must have a small one–apple phone, that is. But wait. Your crappy iphone is oversized with dead space, due to that ridiculous case that you must use to protect your crappy little phone. My “oversized” phone has size I can actually enjoy.

        • Zombie Killer

          As an Android user myself, yes, a 4.8″ screen IS oversized. FOR ME. Maybe not for you. This is ONE of the places where Android shines — there is something for everyone, unlike the one-size-must-fit-all approach that apple takes, and that everyone who doesn’t agree with this must be wrong. My next Android phone will probably be a Samsung. Not a 4.8″ screen though, a 4.0″ — I am currently drooling over the Samsung Relay. It has a KEYBOARD, which is obviously HIGHLY offensive to iTards. Oh well, they are entitled to their own preferences, even if they aren’t their own, but personally, I’ll take what best suits MY needs, not what somebody else tries to tell me I should have.

          Apple has always seemed to me, to be more a question of status and fitting in to their “style” than to actually be a provider of a useful product. I prefer to keep my individuality intact and choose a product that complements me rather than being an iBorg trying to blend in at starbucks with the black turtleneck thing. You will be iSsimilated. I don’t say this to put down the apple “type”, but it just isn’t me.

          Style is just another word for conformity. I very proudly lack style.

    • GBGamer

      I liked the parodies of those ads, done by sivartis. Always made me laugh.

  • mingkee

    Removable battery is A MUST.

  • Telegram
  • Ashley

    Oh no! Somebody sue! Apple copied Samsung’s ad and changed little pieces of it.
    Wait. I highly doubt that’s an official Apple ad. Apple would do abetter job than the just list mentioned or at least I hope. The maps apps and panorama aren’t a great call out in my opinion with both devices having those.
    I thought that anandtech ripped the phone apart to find a dual core processor too !

  • Its just silly because the galaxy line is so much better than the iPhone, they should not even waste their time. But hey, ya gotta love a good battle. Go Sammy.

  • Fish

    That user created add has one thing that REALLY matters to me. The “free annual updates”. Samsung is abhorrent when it comes to updating their phones’ OS.

    Nexus all the way for me.

    Though i’m curious, does WP get updates direct from MS or are those managed by the manufacturer or carrier? With Win8 coming out i’m definately gonna get the Surface Pro. I’m considering getting a WP8 mobile but I want to make sure it’s got all the features I want (eg, wireless access point, A2DP, pandora, gps navigation, etc…). But if WP8 doesn’t get updates from MS then i’m totally not interested.

    • Zombie Killer

      Any particular product will only be receiving updates from the manufacturer for as long as the manufacturer chooses to support that product. The ipone fanboys will try to present apple as being different in this regard somehow, but the reality of the situation is that apple, too, stops supporting non-current hardware after a little while. The first two apple phone handsets are NOT still receiving updates.

      So in this regard, Android is actually FAR FAR superior to apple. Android is open source, so if you happen to have a phone that is no longer being supported by the manufacturer, you actually do have the option to DIY and upgrade it ANYWAY. In fact, the VERY FIRST android hardware made commercially available is able to (marginally) run the most current version of Android.

  • od312

    Cheap plastic?? hahaha! Whatever!! How many cracked iphone backs AND screens have we seen? TONS. This has been happening since the very first iphone. And thanks to them, I’ve been able to make some money on the side, replacing said backs and screens. Samsung makes their “cheap plastic” for a reason–durability. I’ve dropped my Samsung phones countless times. Worse thing that’s happened is a scratch, and I don’t even use a case, EVER. Who could say that about an Iphone. Isn’t it true that people have to buy dumb-looking, expensive cases to protect their phones, making them about as bulky as a 1996 style Motorola phone? If you ask me, that pro-apple ad isn’t only wrong, it’s plain stupid. Typical apple lover. Time to get out of the bubble :)

    • Trevnerdio

      I absolutely love my S III, but I hate the new Gorilla Glass. It shatters too easily. I’ve dropped it many times and one time is just…totally shattered. Other than that, it’s ok I guess.

  • od312

    Wait! Do all non-apple wireless companies get to sue apple for using a larger screen and almost identical charging port???

    • Zombie Killer

      One would think that that would be fair, but most wireless companies are actually focused on providing a good product rather than just suing everybody to make their real money. Yes, everybody gets sued by apple for no good reason. Even Polish grocery stores.

  • Daibidh

    I think Samsung makes some of the best engineered tech around. Without them and their expert manufacturing, my iPhone would never have existed in the first place. That said, this ad does little to build the Samsung brand. I think I could have completed that list with more positive affect and I don’t even use one! Come on Samsung!

    And those calling names, really? You do realize you’re taking this whole Android vs iOS a bit too personally. We are talking appliances, for logic’s sake! Get a freaking grip! Buy what you like an quit the “Team Vampire Warewolf” psycho crap! You all need lithium!

  • Abhijeet Mishra

    “Don’t settle for cheap plastic”..

    I never understood why people put so much focus on what their phone is made of or how it feels (though feel is important a bit so you’re comfortable using the phone). I buy a smartphone for its functionality, the Galaxy S3 is great and has everything for its price (off contract), I don’t care if it feels like plastic, I care about it working the way I want it.

    Always shake my head at people who think high of their device just because it’s made of aluminium or glass or metal or whatever. -.-

    • Zombie Killer

      I’m unaware of any apple products that aren’t made of cheap plastic. iPonez are made of cheap plastic. My wife’s macbookpro is made of cheap plastic with a simulated aluminum PAINT on it.

    • tomarone

      I felt that way until I got an HTC One-S. It’s so slick in the hand it’s like having sex.

      • Abhijeet Mishra

        Yes, I’ve used the One S a bit, and a friend’s One X quite a lot. I still don’t understand it. Maybe I’m just stupid, but functionality is what matters. As long as the device is not fragile like a cheap Chinese knockoff, it’s fine in my opinion. But then again, to each his own.

        • That’s the point. Samsung phones feel fragile and cheap. Not saying they are fragile, but that’s how they feel. HTC phones have much better build quality and have that premium feel that one would expect from a high end device. Now if only HTC could do something about the poor battery life on their handsets.

        • Abhijeet Mishra

          I’ve used the Galaxy S and now using the Galaxy Nexus, they both feel fine to me, so I guess I just don’t see it.

          Here in India, HTC also needs to do something about their pricing, they always charge more than Samsung for lesser specs (Galaxy S2 was cheaper than the Sensation despite a more powerful chipset, better display, more internal storage, more RAM, bigger battery etc), though the HTC CEO has said they are gonna reduce the premium pricing, so I guess that day is not far off, hehe. But that Super AMOLED display has also spoiled me, can’t use any other display (One S display really bad due to low resolution). :|
          Last, HTC’s limitations on Sense 4’s multitasking also means I’ll never buy their devices, I already don’t like Android’s multitasking itself that much, don’t want HTC’s additional limitations on it.

          Samsung currently gives me more bang for the buck. But since I’ve decided to use only Nexus devices now, guess I’m gonna have to go with whichever manufacturer makes the next one :P

  • tomnewtn

    I think Samsung would do justice to their engineering and specs by putting all of that into a cutting edge professional build that worthy of their creation. Apple, Nokia, Motorola, HTC, Sony,even LG (and others) have exceeded Samsung in this category. Oh yeah, and get rid of Touchwiz. I’ll never buy a Samsung because of the foregoing grumble, but also unlike some, I don’t wish to constantly convince myself that it is ok that this device is a cheap plastic build, because it houses an abundance of wondrous amazement. One that needs a charger ever at hand, and has a twitchy unreliable OS because Samsung, like some others, couldn’t resist screwing up a very useful and amazing OS that is Android. I have serious Android devices, Nokia E7, unlocked iPhone 4s, HP Touchpad with ICS CM9 on it, and I have to say, the iPhone has been reliable, and just works beautifully (and now I get 3g in certain areas on TMO). I love Android but with all these different variations, skins, bloatware, I’m just enjoying how productive, predictable, consistent, supported, and trouble free the iPhone has been. It also makes a big difference that we have an Apple Store in town and Apple’s customer support has been amazing. I wanted the One X+, and had hoped TMO would get this with pure Android. But of course, in classic TMO fashion, this is not to be. Sorry TMO, but I now await shipment of my 64 GB iPhone 5 with Samsung designed memory (thanks Sammy).

    • Totally agree with you here. I’ve tried various Androids because tmo doesn’t have the iPhone and Samsung has the worst design and build quality. Always hated that cheap plastic feel of their devices. I would always opt for HTC over them if I had to use Android. Back on the iPhone 4s now though as I await the network refarm to be completed.

      • tomnetwn

        I found it interesting that I get 3g in the iPhone in Tacoma, but couldn’t get it in Seattle this past weekend.

    • Trevnerdio

      I’m not crazy about the look of Touchwiz, but I just love its functionality.

  • auser72

    I think David is on point. I believe the reason why most people like the IPhone and apple products in general, is simplicity of use. Most people don’t care about customization, or bench marks. They just want to be able to pick a device. and use it with minimal effort. Yes Apple is playing catch up to Android as far specs and features, but Android playing catch up to Apple OS’s integration (ecosystem). Right now my wife is putting pressure on me to get her new IPhone because she love the IPad I bought her for mothers day.

    • Zombie Killer

      The problem, however, is that apple is NOT easy/simple to use. It is incredibly convoluted. It is very difficult to manipulate them into doing simple things that are just marginally less common than sending an SMS message. This lack of simplicity is actually caused by trying too hard to be simple. My wife ditched her apple phone a year ago, mainly because it was incompatible with her network of choice (wind mobile canada), but now can hardly believe how much more useful her Android phone is. A few months ago, I set her up with a dual display desktop running Fedora 17. From that point onward, she hardly touched her “macbookpro”, because it was slow, and difficult to do simple things with it. She soon started monopolizing MY laptop (an Acer with AMD Vision running… Fedora 17). Last week she had me wipe the apple off her apple and install…. Fedora 17.

      She is very intelligent, but not any kind of engineer. Having a computer that “just works” and does exactly what she needs of it is paramount. Just the exposure to things that ACTUALLY WORK WELL has caused a drastic change in what products she demands. Apple is now off the list. Purchased initially because it was *supposed* to just work. Ditched because it failed to live up to expectations.

  • Clifford Martin

    While the Samsung SIII may exceed the iPhone on some technical specs, imho it fails on a couple of practical everyday ‘use’ specs.
    Before anyone slams me, let me say I have been a TMO customer for over 6 years and recently tried to use the Samsung Galaxy SIII as my primary phone. After a week of use, I reset it to factory clean and sold it off and then bought an iPhone 4s to use on TMO.
    Where the SIII falls down in my opinion is in the mail client. If you have multiple email accounts, like I and many people do, there is no easy way to look at the mail client and know which email account has new messages. I had to toggle between each account to see if it had new messages. On the iPhone and iPad it will list the multiple email accounts and the number of new messages. This saves time when checking the messages.
    The other issue I have with the SIII is that the phone is too big. I carry my phone on a belt clip. The Samsung phone, with the otterbox defender case is just too big to comfortably have on my belt. The iPhone 4s is about the same size as my former HTC Touch Pro2 and is of a size I am used to.
    The Samsung sycronizing software, KIES, just stinks. I could not get it to work on my Windows 7 64-bit Enterprise Edition workstation. That meant I couldn’t sync my Outlook contacts, calendar appointments, and other files. The KIES Air software wouldn’t function for me since my work Wi-Fi is outside our firewall and for security purporses wouldn’t contect with the work desktop inside the firewall. The iPhone uses iTunes, which loads on any machine without problems.
    And finally some of the SIII’s motion functions just drove me nuts. I couldn’t easily find a way to turn them off and also couldn’t find a way to easily change other settings and sounds/tones.
    Again, imho the Samsung Galaxy SIII just isn’t the best smartphone for use in a business/corporate situation. The iPhone 4s is better. Plus what no one mentions is that if you have an iPad, the iPhone will use many of the same apps and sync data between the iPhone and iPad.
    So while I would like to see Apple knocked down a couple of notches and their pricing brought under competition, their product is still better integrated into the business marketplace than the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

    • Zombie Killer

      If your biggest gripe with Android phones is the email client, got news for you…. there are alternative email clients available in the android market.

      For your information, I absolutely agree with you that the default/included email clients leave a lot to be desired. For example, only the gmail client accepts push notifications. As I understand it, the apple built-in email client is similarly limited, you need an apple or yahoo account to receive push notifications.

      Although BOTH android and apple default email clients support connectivity with generic IMAP servers, neither of them supports IMAP IDLE (push).

      My preferred email client is (weirdly named, yes I agree…) k9mail (free and open source). It supports multiple email accounts, joining or segregating them as the user desires, and, of course, IMAP IDLE, so it can receive true push email from ANY generic IMAP server, from any number of different email accounts on as many different email servers as the user desires (though it should be noted that the more servers pushing email, the more battery consumption).

    • You only tried it for a week? sounds like you didn’t really try at all with that said you aren’t going to get the feel for any device even an iPhone for just a week of use. You had your mind set whether you like it or not.

      There are many email options in the Android market.

      The Phone is too big? yet you decided to bite the bullet and buy it? hmm… doesn’t make sense. of course its gonna be huge with an otter box an otterbox adds bulk to any device. Nobody really needs an otterbox for a GS3 of all devices the thing will already withstand a whole bunch of drop tests and scratch tests. Maybe get a different case there are hybrid cases out there with less bulk than an otterbox that work better.

      So Kies sucks huh? Again there are apps in the Play store that lets you all your info wirelessly.

      Sounds like your problem was that you tried to use your knowledge of how an iPhone works and applied it to your use of the GS3 instead of configuring it how you want it. The Gs3 is not an iPhone, you can’t just expect it to be set up out of box. Android is about customizing and letting you do what you need to easily.

  • JB

    I saw this ad over on Droiddog, so I’ve already made my case as to how I use most of the software features on the Galaxy S III.

    David, I’ll agree on you that Samsung did fluff out their ad a little bit without explaining what some of the features are… and like you said in a response down below, a few of the features, such as pop up play could be advertised heavily, because let’s face it, it’s a pure example of multitasking at it’s finest. That feature along could push a few units.

    What I have to kinda disagree with you on is that you said iPhone users don’t care about specs, just ecosystem as if you’re lumping all iPhone users together. It’s true that some people truly care about ecosystem, especially those that are heavily tied into iOS, I know you’re one of those guys (though with all the reviews you do on this site I’m sure you’re pretty tied into Android as well by now)… It’s a pain starting over with something new. However, I’m sure there are a lot of people that want an iPhone just because it’s just an iPhone and it just looks cool. Others find it easier to use and can find Android a little intimating. (Granted, Android has vastly improved on that and their ecosystem is nothing to sneeze at, especially if they can get to a point where fragmentation is under control)

    Taste is totally subjective, so of all the arguing and fanboy-ism that’s all over the place, at the end of the day people who love Apple, will get Apple devices, no matter what. People who love Android will buy Android devices, no matter what. Then there are those with tech lust that will have or at least appreciate both (I’m in the third category, though I am more Android than Apple) We all know that all this marketing are for the ones that are on the fence or ready to jump ship to another OS anyways.

    The one thing I’ll never get is why can’t we have a decent argument on this forum (or any) without resorting to calling people names… Let’s keep calm and enjoy the tech, guys

  • Spooln3

    Panorama? Really? That’s a new feature that Apple is bragging about? I think my Galaxy S had that, and it came out a few years ago. Whats amusing to me is that Apple can throw anything out there, and the Apple fan base will think its ground breaking and awe inspiring, yet they aren’t doing anything that hasn’t already been put out there with the 5.

    You get an extra row of icons.. Ooooo. 700k apps? Awesome, how many of those are actually useful and productive? Not sure I would call that out as a benefit, though you could call out the Google Play store and get hundreds of thousands of apps as well. I used to root for Apple, back when they were the under dog and actually had good products, but IMHO, all of these new “Features” that are in the iPhone 5 are things that should have been in the 3(G) at worst the 4.

    Changing up the charger, which is essentially forcing the new owners to replace what they have, is a bad move. Apple should have gone the universal route and did the Micro USB. Instead, its that pride of being different that I think will hurt them in the end.

    • JBrowne1012

      My non android motozine Zn5 could do Panorama

  • jshy82

    Apple users only use the iPhone for a status symbol. There is NOTHING this phone has to offer. A longer list of features IS why people want the S3. Point blank to the period. I dont care that the back of my phone is plastic…I actually like it because I am not constantly wondering when my keys will scratch it! Also, I have NEVER seen an iPhone on a friend who didn’t have a monstrosity of a case covering its “slender” profile. So, its the case that is durable? Not the phone? I would be bored had I stuck with the iPhone from the 1st generation. Nothing is changing enough to keep me interested. Oh, you never have to pull your battery? In other words, when you get a looping boot screen you have to wait for the phone to die or plug it in via usb to a computer and hope it is okay.

  • Mirad77

    Do you remember the “I am a Mac” TV commercials? What happen is after spending so much money, apple’s market share on PC didn’t get any major jump and they abandon it. The mistake Samsung is doing is putting themselves side-by-side with apple in their commercials. Sammy just do you! You will prevail as you’ve around for a while and still doing it if not better.

  • The problem with the ad is that other than maybe NFC, the majority of the bottom of that Samsung list is just full of fluff features that most don’t know or care about. They could improve their case if they removed the crappy S-Voice and used Google Now instead which is a decent rival to Siri. In the end I doubt this will do much to help Samsung get people to choose the S3 over the iPhone 5.

  • Michelle

    “A totally different plug”
    I lol’ed

  • steveb944

    The Samsung ad is the same as the parody. Bottom line is features AND ease the Androids do win now. Maybe a few years or even months back it wasn’t the case but Android is advanced enough to match and BEAT the iPhone. Google just needs to let it be known.

    P.S. this comment system sucks, had to try 3 different browsers to finally be able to type

  • Also this ad indirectly helps advertise for Apple. Notice Apple didn’t release any ads acknowledging the GS3 when it was released. When you’re on top the best way to keep your opponent beneath you is to ignore them rather than acknowledging them and putting them on your level.

  • ogopogo

    I don’t understand the hoopla over this. So what? Every company touts and embellishes their “strengths”, while hammering their competitors “weaknesses”.

    It may not be a great piece of marketing, but it is no different than anyone else’s.

  • iTried

    This discussion is full of angry people.

  • ogopogo

    I’m not sure what all of this hoopla is about. So what? Every manufacturer touts their embellished strengths while hammering the competition’s short-comings. This is nothing new, and is standard marketing fare.

    What’s the big deal?

  • GS3 over iPhone 5 on merit alone no prejudice

  • offense..but..are you serious?… “features most people don’t care about ” ..I really don’t know who those people are…3 more hours of talking time?…you are telling me that “people” wont notice that?..or the extra .8 inches of display?…really?

    • I think you misunderstood the point I was making in the post, I wasn’t focusing on hardware, but the gimmicky features Samsung lists such as Palm Touch Mute. Those are gimmicky.

  • souggie

    Apples A6 is not quad core. The apple ad just lost all credibility with that one, and all the other mentioned stuff has been in smartphones since before last year. *yawn*

  • Queso

    Loving my Bold 9900 and Playbook!!! LOL

  • Mr_kuntri

    In response to ,, ” iPhone buyers don’t care about specs, they care about ecosystem. That’s where Apple makes its mark ”

    To be fair and honest. I work with both Android & Apple users. I tend to hear more how Apple users can live within their eco system of Mac PC, Macbook iPad, Docking peripherals and are satisfied.vs Android users I rarely hear them say .. “i can use google drive, google play, cloud printing, chrome-to-phone, etc on my PC. No, I hear, “i didnt know that .. i can do that”

    I’ve own an iphone, ipad, SGSIII and Wins7 laptop. The syncing b/t my ipad/iphone is flawless on the other hand trying to sync my Google Play / Music Manager .. Google Cloud Printing .. with my SGSIII is a headache and explaining it to customers is too unless i take out my own laptop and show it to them. I could have stayed with my iphone as my daily but next to the SGS3, the size was a factor to me.

    I can see how apple users care about the eco system because (my experience) is flawless between peripherals. Google on the other hand, has a good eco system too. I think in order for consumers to truly understand google (and not this size vs size, speed vs speed) is that they need to promote their eco system a little bit more. Anyone heard of Chrome Book? Do you know someone that owns one(Im getting one soon)??

    Not to make this any longer. Imagine an all Google / Android Store with 1:1 DroidTechs, Mini Tutorials on how use their ecosystem.

  • Android tech

    My wife has the new iPhone and I have the the gs3, I have to admit the new iPhone is a lot faster and it has way better apps. I am tired of people saying android has more apps, which is true but their apps suck and a lot of apps just do the something. i honestly use about ten apps from android matket. Example apps they don’t have(ABC Player which shows all full episodes, NBC Player, podcast I mean a real podcast not like beyond podcast crap, st@ash this app allows you to hide all web sites documents files videos and pictures I think it’s great for work cause I have a lot of important contracts that my kids can’t erase, and yes I tried the stuff that android puts out even the paid apps suck compared to st@ash, in.sight and my favorite app would be a real GPS not google map I mean TOM TOM, Magellen, Garmin etc. all those GPS apps are offered on apple market. even though android is open source they are reporting 5000 plus viruses in their market realisticly that means around 7000 plus. And yes apple has something similar to music wizard and bit torrent apps already even though its not free but they do offer it.

    Plus why did Samsung create a quad core gs3 for international version and dual core for the US? Is it because they couldn’t pass FCC????

  • fuck i hpone dont settle for glass and aluminium 1 aluminum could get hot over temp. problems i assume 2 glass drop that shit camera broken bottom glass part broken if apple was smart they would put gorilla glass 2