Samsung Will Announce Galaxy S III Successor Next March At Mobile World Congress? Unlikely.

Regardless of whether it’s the Galaxy S 4 or Galaxy S IV, a Samsung company official allegedly told the Korea Times the company’s next generation flagship “…is expected to hit shelves globally in March at the latest.” The March launch would follow an announcement at Mobile World Congress in February, where the Galaxy S III was also expected to be announced. The phone is expected to keep its “inspired by nature” design and possibly get s bump from a 4.8″ to 5″ display.

If it seems a little early for Samsung to be making any noise for the Galaxy S 4 so soon after they announce the Galaxy S III hit 20 million sales, perhaps the presence of some brand new challengers has them talking up what’s next. Of course, all of this hinges on anonymous sources, some of which also expected the Galaxy S III to see a MWC launch, only to have Samsung announce the device in May.

The Korea Times articles does say that Samsung is only following their annual cycle for launches, and perhaps moving them up to be first to market as Apple continues its own once a year refresh cycle. Samsung will likely adjust launch schedules as they will want their smartphone models to avoid any direct rivalry at launch and maximize sales opportunities. As for that “inspired by nature” design, expect the Galaxy S 4 to see “some external changes but retain its rectangular shape with rounded corner concept” if the anonymous Korea Times sources are to be believed.

It may seem early for details to leak on Samsung’s newest handset so soon after the launch of the Galaxy S 4, but given Samsung’s once-in-a-while willingness to leak details to the Korean media, it’s not entirely crazy to think there is at least some truth to what’s being said here.

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  • Danny Rodriguez

    these phones are getting way to big. it ALMOST… ALMOST, defeats the purpose of a tablet. I personally wouldnt get something bigger then 4.3″ . Any bigger and it just becomes hard to use with one hand, not impossible, but definitely harder .

    • Since I’ve had my SGS3 I’ve definitely used my tablet a lot less so I have to agree.

    • philyew

      I have to agree about the size. The S3 is already a shade too large to do everything comfortably one-handed. Unless they plan to bring out something smaller as their flagship, they need to make sure that the device isn’t literally outgrowing its market.

      I’m not sure about the impact on the tablet market. I have a 7″ tablet and find it an impractical tweener size: too big for convenience, too small for functionality, so I’m not sure how long that format will survive.

      As for the 10″+ end of the spectrum, if I reflect the market in any way, then the next attractive development will be a tablet/notebook hybrid (i.e. screen detachable from a physical keyboard), with a pen input interface, but it will have to have an OS which supports the various business applications that I require for my work – meaning it will probably need a grown-up Windows OS, rather than RT. I don’t see Android closing the gap on the business software market any time soon.

      • qpinto

        i agree anything bigger is too much. i can do everything one handed as long as i use my pinky finger under the bottom of the phone like you would when holding a beer.

  • For one thing I cannot be Really excited for a Stupid new galaxy phone That comes out every 8 months. ;)

  • This is why I don’t care for trying be all caught up with technology, referring to Smartphones. Once you get one, the other’s half way out the door. Like I got my HTC One S, then a month or so later, it’d down to being $449 retail price, & T-Mobile is giving them out for free with their new unlimited 4g plan, & I purchased mine for $600. And the HTC One X is coming out soon. Which I wasn’t sure was the One S gonna be T-Mobile’s model or not.

  • Joy

    I’ll wait until 2014 when the Galaxy S V is a nine inch phone.

    • Paul

      That’s the note 3. Maybe they’ll just increase the height a little.

    • dude

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA That was funny

    • MasterTan

      OMG! That WAS so funnie! GOD DAMN, why are you so funnie! You should write jokes you’re so fucking funnie! ahahahahahhaha!

  • gpt2010

    If the new phone doesn’t have TMO LTE capabilities when it comes out in 2013. I will pass. I love my GS3. No need to get a new phone that can’t take advantage of TMO LTE. Come on TMO, and launch that LTE network early next year!!

    • MarcusDW

      I anticipate it to be LTE ready. T-Mobile would be stuuuuuuupid to sell this device without LTE considering how far behind they will be in the LTE race next year AND the fact that they won’t have either one of the two best selling phones availible to run on that network. The iPhone or the GS4.
      That is unless they plan to pull another Vibrant/SGS4 and update the device a few months later when the network is ready. Watch out for that!

      • TMOTECH

        I predict A Galaxy S3 with LTE capabilities early next year on TMO…

        • MarcusDW

          Early? Have they sped up the LTE rollout or something?

        • TMOTECH

          No, And I guess “early” is probably too presumptuous to have written for this blog but I do predict a Galaxy S3 with LTE before the GS4. I would not be surprised if the Current GS3 has the LTE radios in it already and are turned off with a software block. And this is pure speculation on my part. So let us not start any crazy rumors…

        • MarcusDW

          lol gotcha.

    • Peaches

      Incidentally, the AT&T version of the S3 supports TMO’s future LTE. The only thing is that it doesn’t support dual-carrier HSPA+ (42Mbps).

      • gpt2010

        If that is the case. I will get it. If TMO is sticking to launch LTE next year. There will come a time when buying a new phone that doesn’t support LTE will not be a smart move on TMO’s network.

        • Peaches

          Not a good idea at this point I’m afraid. See my post above.

      • dave

        What About After RefArm?

        • Peaches

          The AT&T version of the phone currently does not support UMTS on T-Mobile at all. After the refarm, it will support UMTS, but only single carrier UMTS (i.e. up to 21Mbps). When TMO introduces LTE, it will support TMO’s LTE.

          The TMO version of the S3 supports DC-UMTS (42Mbps) on TMO. It also supports all of AT&T’s UMTS bands. However, it supports neither AT&T’s current LTE nor TMO’s future LTE.

        • abc

          can you please tell whether AT&T’s Lumia 920 will support T-Mobile?
          I am guessing that Lumia 920 will be exclusive to AT&T. I am on t-mobile and want to buy it full price and use it on T-Mobile.
          I dont know whether it will work on T-mobile or not?
          Also, is there a map which shows where the refarm is happening for t-mobile? which places are affected?

        • Peaches

          According to the current specs then it will not, but then AT&T may get its own version that may differ from the “global” version.

          Now after the refarm, the global version of the Lumia 920 it will support UMTS on TMO but it won’t support LTE on TMO.

  • MarcusDW

    Samsung should pull a iP4 to iP4S move and just upgrade a couple things. We really don’t a bigger or higher definition screen than the GS3. Just slap a PureView competitive camera on it, make the SAMOLED screen an RGB one, and give it a Quad-Core A15 with LTE here in the states. Boom. Galaxy S 3 Plus and keep it moving because a Galaxy S 4 so soon seems like they’re trying too hard.

  • Peaches

    4.8″ is at the very top of the size reasonableness range for a phone. Anything bigger than that is simply unwieldy. I hope Samsung doesn’t go there.

    • fixxmyhead

      so im guessing u cant even handle 5 inches ;) cuz its “too big”

      i wonder when girls see a 4.8 penis they say “wow that is big”

      • od312

        Someone seriously fixxxxxxxhishead

    • 21stNow

      I think that Samsung should leave the Galaxy S line’s screen size around 4.8″, as well. Unlike Apple, Samsung has a line of super-sized devices-the Note series. Don’t make the Galaxy S as big as the Note. Let the Galaxy S be the Galaxy S and let the Note be the Note.

      Unless they plan on pushing the Note III to 6″ or something. I like the large phones but at some point, it’s got to stop.

    • g2a5b0e

      I love the fact that every one feels the need to tell every one else what is a reasonable max for screen size in phones. I’ve held the 5.3″ Galaxy Note in my hand & I think it feels great. For that reason, my next phone will be the upcoming 5.5″ Galaxy Note 2. I am also 6’4″, 225 pounds, & I played football in college. Just because 4.8″ is the biggest you could possibly go, it doesn’t mean that’s the case for every one else. I personally could see myself with a 6″ phone, but I would never tell people that that’s the biggest phone anyone should have. I bet Shaq would beg to differ.

      • bobododo

        Well, there will always be outliers out there (and that’s why Samsung makes phablets). The idea is that for most folks, anything over 4.8″ is too cumbersome to use. Whenever the issue comes up, that is usually the general consensus. But that’s not to say that there are some who fall out of this range.

        The important point to consider is that when Samsung goes to make their mainstream flagship phone, they need to concentrate on the majority of the population’s preferences, not folks who fall may fall out of what’s preferred by the mainstream. After all, Samsung is in the business of selling as many phones as they can.

        • g2a5b0e

          I would tend to disagree with that. People keep saying that a certain size is too big, but the next version comes out bigger & it sells more. The original Galaxy S sold over 10 million. The S2 has sold over 20 million. The S3 will more than likely sell over 30 million. The Note sold over 10 million. The Note 2 is projected to sell over 20 million. I would hardly call that many phones sold outliers. The proof is in the pudding. Obviously, at some point, there will actually be a size that is just too big, but based on sales alone, I would say we just haven’t reached it yet.

        • Peaches

          I think it’s a matter of opinion. My feel is that most folks do think anything larger than the current S3 would be to large for their daily use. Look at just the responses on this thread alone. Anyway, I guess time by itself will tell.

      • qpinto

        on a day to day use a 4.8″ screen is great. my issue is using the phone as an all in one device. music, video, email, text, phone calls, etc. its not a burden to workout and run with the sgs 3 the size that it is now. its a LOT easier to workout with the original sgs series with the 4″ screen. if they make it bigger than it becomes an issue. keep the 4.8″ screen, but shrink the phone down as much as possible. with nav buttons there isnt a need for physical buttons except for volume and power.

    • GBGamer

      Even my phone is a bit unwieldy, being a TMo SII. I think I might try to stay within that range or lower for my next phone. 4.3 inches with a keyboard Nexus, I say!

  • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

    There are business cycles people have to understand that. If you buy something something else comes out new to replace it a year later. Cars, electronics, and most other consumables are like this. You have 2 choices, buy something when it first comes out and pay more or wait and pay less but have technology that’s going to have less “shelf life” so to speak.

    I paid $350 for the GS3 when it first came out now it’s $150 at Wal Mart but at the time I had the money and it was worth it. I know it will get Jelly Bean and it will be fast enough to last me 2 years if I have to go that long before getting a new phone (I really want the Galaxy Note 2 but I couldn’t wait, the MyTouch 4G was to out of date I couldn’t stand it anymore. I’ll buy it off contract if it’s really worth it)

    Either way it’s a tool we use just like a car so if everyone understood business cycles it would make more of the “rumors” to create hype go away but that’s the machine. Apple has been doing their press conference at the same time every year for years and people still ask, When is the next iPhone coming out? The same time it does every year lol. It’s because most people don’t think about it like that

    • Anonymous

      more like most people just don’t think.

  • Pretty sure T-Mobile will be selling devices with LTE by the time this comes out.

  • Rob Daman

    if they go toa 5inch then the note 3 would has to be like 7 inches.

  • MasterTan

    Lol. Samsung is so threatened by Apple. So desperate to one up them. Get over it Samsung, Apple has a bigger dick than you.

    • od312

      Dont believe ur mom Mrtan. She’s a habitual liar

      • MasterTan

        lol. Mom diss’? That’s the best you can resort to is a middle school insult? What a douche. Good try though.

        • od312

          Haha. Look who’s talking. I was only stooping to your level. You mad?

    • romicom

      @MasterTan, agreed. Beside I think Samsung is overrated these days. SGS III is really buggy and I own one. Maybe it is ICS, or the Samsung bloatware. Just not in the league of iPhone at all in Software and Hardware quality.

  • Johnh24

    Much better than iphone5 no matter what you guys say here.

  • secano

    @David – *its

  • qpinto

    perhaps they will announce when the wireless charging mats and battery doors will be released. that will be a good thing considering i want to mod a wireless charging mat to fit in the bottom of my cup holders in my car.