Firmware For T-Mobile Galaxy Note II Leaks, Shows Up With Jelly Bean

We’ve already pretty well confirmed that T-Mobile will be among the US recipients of the Galaxy Note II, but this time we’ve got some leaked firmware to tell us what’s going on under the hood. First things first, Jelly Bean is of course present along with HSPA+ capability. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any sign that T-Mobile will future-proof the Galaxy Note II with LTE compatibility, but given that all of this is just rumor and speculation, there’s a chance we could be surprised.

The current firmware is being tested as the T889UVALIC, compiled on the 15th of September. This build number is different than the T889UVALHF build number we received with our first images of the SGH-T889, otherwise known as the Samsung model number for the Note II.

We’re going to go out on a limb and say that the specs SamMobile has compiled for the T-Mobile-bound Galaxy Note II differ in one way — as we’ve been told to expect a HSPA+ 42Mbps radio, and not a 21Mbps radio. The quad-core processor, 5.5″ display, and the rest of the specs from the original Samsung announcement remain intact. It looks like Samsung will do a similar style launch as the Galaxy S III and launch the same device around the world.

Until we can get our hands on some more info that confirms a timeframe for release, you can take apart the leaked firmware and see what other goodies you can find. Hit the link below to get your sleuthing on.


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  • ccnet005

    Any US tmo note testers reading this?
    You need one more tester?

    • Paul

      I’ll test, as I’m looking forward to possibly buying it.

    • JoeyKhache

      You can’t be a tester unless you’re an employee…

  • Francis

    can’t wait… been holding off an upgrade for this massive phone….

    • Paul


    • Paul

      Aahh, S4 was fake. Sammy confirmed it isn’t true.

  • pick me a winner

    this is what im waiting for or unless the next nexus has better spec.

    • MarcusDW

      The Nexus will not have better specs. If you want a high powered phone running stock Android then get the Nexus. If you want a huge high powered tablet-phone with pen capabilities and a whole bunch of Samsung software features, then get the Note.

      • fixxmyhead

        at this point its not even about the hardware anymore even the current one runs flawless with JB. my wife has a galaxy nexus with JB and its already super fast and smooth. no custom roms or anything just rooted and unlocked (just cuz i can but she doesnt even need it). i have yet to see it stutter

        • MarcusDW

          I agree man and I was gonna put quotations around the word “better” because like you say, its just not about processor power anymore and thankfully.

          Sadly, people will actually start wanting something more powerful than a quad core A15 one day.

        • Loyal

          that’s true.. but take it back to the PC realm. Pentium 2 trading up to 3… 1,000 MHz why did everyone keep trading up until GHz then to multi cores? well the software support required the trade up to prevent crash or lag, in tech history, the developers pushing the envelope the limits on the upgraded OS and hungry graphics apps and 3D games. Same will hold true on the phone world.

        • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

          Agreed. PCs are no longer about power, but performance. The focus is on doing more with what you already have. Phones are quickly getting to the same place.

        • Paul

          I agree with you, there’s pros and cons to either. The major downfall to the NExus is the lack of expandable storage. I know there’s a rumor that they are going to incorporate it in the new models, but it’s not solidified.
          Otherwise, Nexus is a GREAT phone and runs Android the best…so I have been told from users.

  • Oh gosh, I’m so happy they made this device. Damn! Patiently waiting while I enjoy my S3, woohoo!

    • dude

      I def agree. Im goin to switch from my gs3 to the note2 ASAP lol

  • supercutwup

    Any guess on how much it will cost? My contract ends in 30 days. Im wondering if I should get this or the S3 by the time the price should have dropped

    • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

      Or just hold off and wait for it to come out. You don’t have to renew your contract as soon as it’s up. You will continue paying the same amount for the same service, but you can leave at any time. If you’re phone is still working, there’s no hurry to re-up your contract.

      Mine is up, and I’m waiting for either the Note II or something else that catches my attention.

    • MarcusDW

      $649 off contract and $299 with upgrade. Judging by the SG3 pricing, that is almost a guaranteed price.

      • ROFL MAO

        They should price it at $199, which would be a nice price point to compare against the iPhone. Perhaps bundle it with a $50-100 rebate, if they wanted to be aggressive.


        There is no way its going to be $649 off contract, your looking more like $750-$800 & $199 on a 3 year.- KID ANDROID

    • 21stNow

      I’m hoping that they keep it in line with what the other carriers are charging, instead of charging more like they did with the SGS III.

  • I’m definitely Enjoying my launch day 32GB Galaxy S III and I bought it outright so I still have a discount waiting. I may look at this but I really think I’ll hold off using that discount on the GS4 which will most likely have Magenta’s LTE bands included for sure next Spring or Monster htc phone(crosses fingers). Whatever I do, its Nice having Options so thank you T-Mobile for promptly bringing the Galaxy Note 2 to the United States. – )

  • TMoFan

    Have to hand it to Samsung for getting their devices to launch on all the major carriers at once. Tempted by the quad-core but it’s just a little too big for me. I’d much rather wait for the hox+. I really hope (pray) that TMo and HTC are working out the issues.

  • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

    Anyone remember the original release price for the Note on AT&T?

    • 21stNow

      It was $299.99 on contract. I think that the no-commitment price was $599.99; but I’m not positive on that.

      • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

        Then we’ll probably see $349/on $649/off for the first couple of months.

        • 21stNow

          I certainly hope not (even though you are probably right). I haven’t bought a phone from T-Mobile in over a year because the phones that I wanted were also available on another carrier for a lower price. Since I already have accounts in other places, I won’t pay a higher price for the same device.

          Patience isn’t my strong suit either, so I won’t wait to see if T-Mobile will come down to what I can get it for in other places. The SGS III has been out for almost three months now and T-Mobile only came down $30 on that phone, which leaves them $50 higher than AT&T for the same device.

  • Richard Yarrell

    This device has been being tested since August 22nd great job Tmobile. This will sell so big it’s going to be stupid. No need for LTE ADVANCED here Tmobile and it’s HSPA PLUS 42MPS network is simply perfect for this device. Day one purchasefor me that’s for sure. Having both the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 ends my 2012 buying spree. Not bad for a year Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, how many people get that chance.

    • Knowledgeispower

      “so big it’s going to be stupid” what is this Boyz In The Hood ?

      • Byanymeansnecessary

        Its tech-ebonics or Ghetto-tech its what happens when you mix Rick Ross with mobile phone talk.

        • sheniquajacksonsharpton

          Dude is like 40 and trying to be cool with urban teen slang so pathetic.

        • Ihadadream

          He needs to be smaked on the head with my Samsung s3 with the otterbox defender case on .He is a mobile phone wanna be gangster.

    • auser72

      They shocked the world with this one. You remember everyone crying about T-Mobile not getting Galaxy Note 2, or getting it next year some time……. lol. This year is shaping up nice for T-Mobile. First with the timely release of the Galaxy S3, then news of Galaxy Note 2. If we actually get the HTC One X Plus, that would be a device slam dunk of T-Mobile this year. And ignore juvenile rhetoric!!!!! There are plenty of hip hop heads(including me), who are also tech heads who knew exactly what you were talking about. I appreciate your comments.

      • Tbyrne

        Yes. Hopefully all the trolls that come in here to bash T-Mobile will STFU for a bit.

        • StickyIcky

          Trolls my ass… I’ve been a LONG time Tmo user and I’ll bash their shitty selection phones all day long if I want. Wow, Tmo finally starts getting decent hardware around the same time as other carriers… in 2012!
          That’s what they SHOULD have been doing for the last 5 years.
          I guess when you beat a dog everyday for 364 days, they would appreciate the bone you throw them on day 365, don’t they?
          And outside of Android… then what? The only way to get any decent non-Android hardware is to buy unlocked, which really wasn’t such a great option until the refarm.
          2012 is the year of improvement, but they have got a LOT of proving and convincing to do.

  • andy

    When is ICS coming for the g2x. This is ridiculous -.-

  • mreveryphone

    This will go nice with my recently purchased sdxc 32gb memory card. Blue Ray movies, hd photos, and my music on the best phone/tablet known to man! Can’t wait!

  • predation

    i really hope this phone is LTE-A compatible when Tmo rolls that out. if not, might be a deal breaker.

  • Ruben Hernandez

    I wonder if someone would be willing to trade me their Galaxy Note II for my SGS3 when this comes out??


      Why would anybody trade a way better brand new device for a used one thats months old? I dont think so. Good luck wiyh that, pull that off your the king of deals.- KID ANDROID

  • Diamond Prince

    If It’s Being Launch The Same Time Around The World its going to be October 21 Cuz That’s The Date At&t Has.

  • Rob Daman

    I’m using a Note 1 right now and after getting used to the size of the screen anything smaller is just uncomfortable. If tmo doesn’t price higher than they did with the s3 i’m going to jump on it.

    • Get_at_Me

      i went from a gs2 the the tmo note and i feel exactly the same way….its funny to think that a 4.5″ phone is too small, but it is….lol


        I agree with both you guys. I bought the Galaxy Note the week before the Galaxy S3 came out & was kind of regreting it till I held the S3 & put it beside my Note & the S3 seemed just puny. Im so glad I went with the G-Note but I wony have had it too long before I get the G-Note 2 which brings some better specs like the quad processor & 2gb of RAM which are the only things wrong at all with the original Note. The Galaxy Note 2 is the ultimate device without a doubt & no matter what any other company dies with a tablet/phone hybrid it will Never Ever be as great as the Note series because they wont have the S-Pen which brings some really cool features that you become surprised at how much you actually use. – KID ANDROID

  • $299 on contract and $599 off is fair.

  • AndroidRules

    This is amazing ,remember this will be the first quad core carrier released phone for the american market !!! Now the final step is FCC approval . If Samsung anticipates selling 20 million Note II and the phone specs are all listed on Samsung websites why do companies like Seidio Otterbox Trident don’t start selling their cases? I hate waiting 2 months for a phone and another month for the case!

  • Josue

    I heard they where gonna but the carriers logo on the home button? any word on that?

    • So far that’s just Verizon. Hopefully the T-Mobile isn’t that stupid

      • Josue

        isaw the ‘leaked” photos and it looks horrible…i hope TMOUSA (like you said) is not that dumb enough 2 do it

        • Paul

          The leaked image was Big Red, Magenta knows better than to ugly up an already beautiful device.


      It looks to me to just be on the protective plastic that devices are shipped with, not actually on the device. The ones that cover certain areas of the device that you pull off when ya get it. –

  • jedifarfy

    ACK I need it today. I was going to get myself a new phone for my birthday this week, but now I think I’ll wait. Halloween gift is legit, right?

    • Paul

      My birthday is in October and it’ll be my b-day present.
      Belated one for you.

  • hmm. I would seriously think about selling my Galaxy S3 for the Note 2. Hell I might sell my Nexus 7 AND my S3 to pay for the Note II since it can legitimately replace BOTH devices.


      I had the Acer Iconia a500 10.1″ tablet & the week after getting the G-Note I got rid of the tablet because I really seen no use for it. The G-Note is the first device in my life that Ive totally fell in love with & it never leaves me & Ive had every single big mobile device from phone to tablet to PSP ect. I highly recommend the G-Note to everyone, especially if your a big guy like me (6’7″ 300lbs) with some big ass mitts its amazing-KID ANDROID

  • Josue

    SGN2 Add: “The Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Designed for humans”

    me: “you don’t say? I thought it was for cats”

    • Napster87

      you’re sooo funny! -.-

      • Josue

        lol thats the motto for the S3 im sure they will use it for the GN2

  • Mod

    I am totally fine with the 21 radio as the quadcore will kill anything on the market. Also I don’t think alot of people can constantly get 42mb anyways. Plus it will be easier for Tmo to get the international version to work as nothing needed to be change like the 42 radio.