T-Mobile’s All Hands Day Begins September 21st, Value Plan Oriented

Note: As with all pieces of early information, we don’t have a complete picture of the “Magenta Deal Days” T-Mobile will start running this Friday, so stay tuned to the site as we gather more intel and piece everything together!

I’ll be the first to admit that I had higher expectations for T-Mobile’s “All Hands Day,” otherwise known as “Magenta Deal Days” set to coincide with the launch of the iPhone 5. We had high hopes that T-Mobile might go all-in with a price reduction on the Galaxy S III, easily the biggest competition the iPhone 5 has on the market.

So, what is the deal going on from September 21st to September 30th?

“Customers who sign up for a Value Plan with Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data can purchase any T-Mobile phone for $0 down payment after mail-in rebate with EIP. This special promotion is available in Retail, Branded, Customer Care and Telesales.”

This offer will include Classic to Value Plan conversions, new and add-a-line activations on the Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data rate plan. We were told the 5GB and 10GB Value Plan lines are eligible as well, but haven’t been able to confirm that.

The “Hate to Wait II” promotion will offer more than 1 million Classic/Legacy customers between 15-21 month the same pricing as new customers would receive. This offer will run from the middle of September and end in mid October. This is the kind of deal T-Mobile should be running, and a way to easily earn some good favor with existing customers.

So what do you think? Enough to help combat the iPhone 5 launch or just the tip of the Iceberg?

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  • izzatmofan

    Hate to Wait or Hate to Hate ???

    • taron19119

      He said hate to hate as a play on words caus every one is going to hate this

  • I’m upgrade eligible but i will not be taking part in any of this, i’m ready to leave T-Mobile, they have been very horrible and I only get GPRS in my area for internet speeds, when every other carrier has 3g/4g, and there excuse is “we are continuously upgrading our services in blah blah blah”

    • ogopogo

      “….their excuse is…” not
      “…there excuse is…”

  • bydavidrosen

    so can someone explain this deal to me? i’m not getting it… i switched to the value plan and got the galaxy s3 for $200 in store (plus tax) and $20 a month added to my bill for 20 months. so essentially its $600 spread out. my girlfriend is up for renewal/upgrade now, so if she did this deal, what would she be paying for the s3 if she waits for the 21st?

    • scooter

      It means she would pay the 200 down and get a mail in rebate for 200

      • bydavidrosen

        So same deal as me ($200 in the store plus $20 a month added for 20 months) and then get $200 back as a rebate, so she’d basically be paying $400?

        • Ding ding ding. We have a winner.

        • bydavidrosen

          yea yea yea. i never understand these damn phone deals. haha.

    • Rock

      Yes. Most likely, it would be the same down but she would get the down payment back in the form of a mail-in rebate.

  • Aurizen

    Its an ok deal, expected. but not bad of a deal if you don’t want an iphone I actually am 21 months in my contract classic family plan. but it isnt enough to grab me into getting another phone other than iphone. I still want an iphone 5 might get one unlocked and change my family play to the 119 value plan, shave off a good 18+ off my bill.

  • I called TMO over the weekend to find out how much to cancel my lines (prior to finding out TMO will probably get Note2) I was told that I’m paying 60 more a month than I should and they could make the change …..but it would be a new two year contract….WTF….I’m on the loyalty plan for being a customer for 11 years that plan should change to the best rates when they are there….

    • Jose M Gonzalez

      i did the exact same thing since they’ve been giving me the run around on fixing or replacing this sorry amaze 4g and when i tried to cancel my service they tell me i’ve been getting over charged on my phone bill. i asked how that had anything to do with me canceling and they said they just thought i should know. i finally got pissed and hung up. i’m shopping around now and hope to drop t-mobile all together. this whole deal sounds like a plan to con everybody into a new contract and trap you even longer.

    • J.L.

      I am so upset with TMO, I have been a customer for 10 years and just like you, when I want to upgrade on make any changes, I am forced to sign a new contract. At&t and Verizon don’t do this. This along with other things make me wanna bolt.

      • deano

        If you’ve been there for 10 years already, where are you going? Apparently you don’t have an issue with commitment so why complain if switching to the new plans which are typically cheaper than the Loyalty Plans will save you money? You’re going to be using a cell phone on one carrier or another so the contract thing is pretty much irrelevant.

  • jimbobfromomaha

    it should be called “i hate working for this company”

  • normn3116

    So the Hate to Wait thing…would this mean that I could upgrade to a galaxy s relay at the full upgrade price? I would just be continuing on the Classic plan I’m currently on, and do not care about the $0 down thing. I’m just 17 months in, want a new phone, and am jonesing for some QWERTY

  • Ok please, explain this to me. As far as relating to Classic plans, to Value plans. My best friend has a Classic plan now, but wants to switch to a Value plan to save. Would this help her? Please explain in detail.

    • That all depends on how long it’s been since her last upgrade.

      If it’s less than 18mo? The no – it wont help.
      If it’s been more than 18mo? Then yes – it will.

      • It’s less than 18 months. So please explain to me how it helps in detail please.

        • Well considering I said if its less than 18 mo it won’t help…

        • So what it it’s more than 18 months? I really can’t remember, I’m just trying to see how would this help Classic plans.

        • steveb944

          I think what he means is for 18+ you can’t be charged any fees or little fees to switch. Less than 18 mo. and you get charged outragous fees that don’t make it reasonable

    • Unless she likes paying full price for a phone then no. If she doesn’t care then yup it helps.

      • She’s not gonna care, because she still paid $300+ for her HTC Amaze 4G, & she wants her monthly plan to be lowered. She can afford it.

        • LC

          Yes, the Value plan would be the plan to go with.

        • 21stNow

          Two things. Looking at today’s phones, they are usually $600 when they first come out, so she would either have to pay the $600 upfront, or do the downpayment and EIP of $20 a month, which means that she wouldn’t see the savings until after the 20th month of the contract.

          The other possibility is that she wants to keep her current phone and switch to a Value plan. Since she upgraded around a year ago, she would have a migration fee of around $100 to switch plans (her exact timing could make this fee higher).

      • bob90210

        If she likes saving $20 a month then switching to a value plan is better. If she likes spending more a month and for the life of the contract then the classic plan is for her.

  • predation

    so basically this is a “last one shot” deal for legacy customers to get a “subsidized” phone when moving over to a value plan….. this might work for me for the galaxy note 2!!!! but only if that damn phone supports LTE-A…

    *edit* nvrmnd, i saw the dates… boo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • fixxmyhead

      dude just go for it theres nothing that LTE does that hspa 42 cant do other than “go faster”. isnt the ultimate goal for things to download fast and no buffering which both do. unless its about the e weiner

      • predation

        Its not about eweiner. Its about future proofing and lte-A. Different from lte. Especially if I’m locking into a two year.

  • What about upgrading?

    • taron19119

      Its not for upgrading its for people that wanna move to the value plan

  • Whitney

    I am getting the new iphone in January so I can get the college discount for both imac and iphone. My question is that should I removed myself off my current family plan and to the value plan? I am still living with my parents since I am going to back college and college is expansive.

    • bob90210

      You should try a college with a smaller campus; they are not as expansive.

      • PiCASSiMO

        You made my face smile…

      • Whitney

        Still have not decided which school to go to. It won’t be too bad since I got majority of my credits done at Oakland Community College. College is expansive no matter where you go

  • Bratty

    I’m not sure why they need “all hands on” for this. And if this is the best Tmo can come up with to combat the iPhone launch, then I would not want to see Q4 churn results.

    • Paul

      COM’ON GALAXY NOTE 2!!!!

  • Tmo.user

    Wow tmobile! Nothing for people upgrading?! You’re going to lose current customers. Let’s see what retentions says during this promo

  • I thought T-Mobile would come a little harder to combat the iPhone 5 launch. No down payment “after mail-in rebate” won’t help much because people still have to pay upfront for the down payment and most hate dealing with mail-in rebates. I don’t think this will do enough to combat the churn that’s coming this weekend. I would love to be wrong on this though.

    • ROFL MAO

      I was thinking – maybe T-Mobile could do some sort of rebate program for purchasing an unlocked iPhone. You could show them the receipt, and they cover the cost difference to $199($299, $399 for other models). Obviously this would come with a 2-year contact, of course, just as any other subsidized phone on T-Mobile.

      • That would incur such a loss for them, that they might never make up during the course of a contract, I can’t imagine they would ever consider that.

        • ROFL MAO

          The Galaxy S3 is listed for $549, and T-Mobile is selling it for $99, which is a $450 subsidy. The cost of a 16GB iPhone 5 is $649, so T-Mobile can provide the same subsidy of $450 to bring the price to $199, which is what all the other carriers are subsidizing it to.

        • 3560freak

          T-Mobile is selling it for $279 (after a $50 rebate) so its really only a $270 subsidy. Now 3rd parties might be selling it for $99 but they are doing it at super slim margins (from their commission paid to them by t-mobile) so that you hopefully buy other higher margin items from them.

        • ROFL MAO

          T-Mobile is directly selling it for $99 at the moment.


        • RotaryP7

          I work at a store. When you buy phones from TMO.com make sure you read the requirements. Most of them have you adding a 5GB data plan. No lower than that to get that special web only price. And right now, all that TMO does for an iPhone customer opening a new line is a $100 MIR.

        • Jwxyz

          Sad thing with this promo is Verizon plans are now cheaper than the new TMO unlimited plan- unless you get the highest data allowance plan…this makes it cheaper for me to pay ETF and switch to big red! I am missing the point in this switch and save marketing aimed at unlocked iPhone users…when it’s cheaper for me to leave TMO than it is to stay.

        • secret shopper #42

          how do you figure that?

        • secret shopper #42

          Verizon’s plans range from $110 (4GB) to 140 (10GB)/month.. right?

        • GwapoAko

          Are you a verizon employee??

        • kalel33

          T-mobile might sell the GS3 for $549 but that’s not how much they buy them for. When I was a rep, I bought the HTC Amaze for $209 when they were selling it for $549. We only paid a little over cost, which means that they are making quite a bit of money off of people buying them at full price from T-mobile.

  • kpb321

    I just wish that T-Mobile would drop the silly 2 year commitment from the Value Plan. You aren’t subsidizing a phone why should we be locked into a 2 year commitment.

    • UMA_Fan

      Because the PLAN is subsidized. Your rate is subsidized monthly… which turns out is the cheapest thing out there. In a perfect world there would be a third option where you could pay full price for a phone and do the Classic Plan with no contract.

      The fact you would think that T-Mobile would give you a cheaper monthly rate for nothing is silly. You might as well ask for a subsidized phone without a contract because that’s EXACTLY what you are saying.

      • ROFL MAO

        What? How is the PLAN subsidized? Lol!

        • UMA_Fan

          Because your monthly rate is cheaper than normal every month. Why is that so difficult to understand?

        • ROFL MAO

          By Zeus, surely you can’t be this daft? The only reason the Classic plans are more expensive is because of a PHONE subsidy. The Value plans are NOT subsidized, they just remove the PHONE subsidy from your monthly payment. By your logic pre-paid plans are also magically subsidized.

        • IPityDaFoo

          By Thors Hammer does your brain not work!? Its people like you that keep cell phone companies charging an arm and a leg for service. In Europe this is all that is done value plans. But now I see the correlation between education here in the states and Europe. They can obviously do 1st grade math.

        • Don’t be a loser. Just because one person is ass-backwards doesn’t mean a whole group is. Besides, even smart people get things turned around once in a while so you really can’t judge by one incidence.

        • UMA_Fan

          No doubt US carriers want to make their money.

          Keep in mind though to be a NATIONAL carrier in the United States you are maintaining a network covering a VAST area. A lot of European carriers have networks only covering the equivalent of a couple states here. I’m not going all out to justify price gouging here but it’s important to keep things relative.

        • Nearmsp

          This is because our regulators do not force companies to provide access to other providers at cost price. Here every company makes their private toll roads and thus everyone needs “national” network. In Europe, Comcast would have been forced to lease their cable lines. Here we expect competitors to stay away or like Verizon to build a separate line. Think of the mess in Europe if US system was the model or even in isolated Australia.

      • Durandal_1707

        …the best deal would be to pay full retail on a Classic plan? So you want to pay both the full phone price *and* the subsidy as well?

        What are you smoking?

        • UMA_Fan

          It’s the CONTRACT/commitment that logically is giving you the subsidized phone on T-Mobile’s normal (classic) plans.

          When you go on a Value Plan T-Mobile DOESN’T subsidize your phone but will reduce your monthly rate in exchange for that same commitment. Sounds reasonable to me.

          I said the best deal would be the full price and go on the value plan. Have you passed your sixth grade math class? Because I have and that’s how I know it’s cheaper to pay full price on the phone and switch to Value.

          Can’t see how it’s cheaper? Think of the classic plan as a monthly tax because you can’t do math well.

        • 21stNow

          It didn’t seem senseless when T-Mobile offered the Even More Plus plans. They had no problem with cheaper plans for unsubsidized phones just over a year ago. The planned buyout changed (ruined) everything.

        • UMA_Fan

          No. If Even More Plus plans helped T-Mobile grow those plans would still be around. Turns out most Even More Plus customers cancelled either due to not understanding their plan or being lured away by subsidized phone offerings from competitors since they were ‘out of contract’.

          There’s a psychological aspect to the average consumer when they are a free agent, don’t understand the mechanics of their current plan, their current carrier is making them play full retail price for the phone they want, and a competitor is offering the same phone for much cheaper.

          The planned merger likely had NO impact in spawning the Value Plans. If you think back to the time the plans launched, I think it was their response to knowing that they were going to be the only national carrier without the iPhone 4s that year. It looked like a move to recontract as many people as possible with ultra cheap rates.

        • 21stNow

          So how do the churn statistics compare during the time of the Value plan versus the time of the Even More Plus plan? I think that T-Mobile lost out on the attempt to make all postpaid customers contract customers. They are losing customers when the other three national postpaid carriers are gaining customers.

          I know that T-Mobile USA lacks a permanent CEO right now, but they need a new strategy. The mail-in rebates and locking everybody into a contract aren’t working.

        • Durandal_1707

          You didn’t say Value plan, you said Classic:

          “In a perfect world there would be a third option where you could pay full price for a phone and do the Classic Plan with no contract.”

          That may have just been a typo, which I would be willing to forgive if you hadn’t decided to call me a Classic plan fan that can’t do math. Since you did, however: you’re an idiot.

          When you are on a Classic plan, you have to go on a contract, because the carrier has paid for a good chunk of the phone price and needs to make sure they can recoup that. With a Value plan, they are under no such pressure, and thus there is no good reason for the 2 year contract. Carriers in Europe have done the equivalent of the Value plans with no contract since time immemorial. T-Mobile used to do the same thing as well until recently; they called it Even More Plus. I’m still on an EM+ plan, which was basically a Value plan without a contract, and I won’t let it go until they pry it from my cold, dead hands.

          Of course, there is one good reason for a contract on the Value plan – most US customers are used to Classic-type plans, so the EIP is a good option for them; lower up-front cost, $20 extra per month until the phone is paid off, and then the plan becomes $20 cheaper. Obviously, you have to stay on contract for that to work, but there really should be an EM+-like option for those of us who are fine with paying full price up front to avoid a contract.

          Anyone who would pay full price and then go on a Classic plan, however, would have to have been dropped on their head as a child.

        • UMA_Fan

          Actually pre dating the even more plus days, T-Mobile USA did allow you to pay full price and go post paid no contract. Although they only had one type of post paid plan back then where you get device subsidies.

          The advantage there is no commitment. You can cancel your T-Mobile service whenever you want to. Which is really the only scenario where the contract is relevant.

          When it comes to Family Plans, the Value Plans come out much more cheaper than Even More Plus.

          T-Mobile’s focus as a company, if you’ve been following them, is to combat post paid churn. Is a customer less likely to leave if they are lingering off contract or aggressively recontracted? I’m sure T-Mobile did the study and data on their customer base to figure these things out. Looking at the plans they currently have available they are basically saying, if you want no contract, go prepaid. If you sign up for post paid service with them they want you to stick it out.

          Besides, this article is about a sale where you pay less for your phones which justifies the contract even more.

        • Nearmsp

          You stop churn by continuing to provide best value for best price not playing gimmicks and contracts. Using you logic, groceries should prevent their churn by forcing people to buy at their stores on contract. And they might start charging everyone for the shopping cart other than contract shoppers.

        • Todd_the_Hunn

          Well said . I just don’t get the two year contract on a plan that doesn’t involve subsidized equipment . The main reason I’m with TMO is my EM+ plan .

        • Nearmsp

          What happens when the contract is over? Does T-mobile say your rate now goes to classic plan rate unles you buy another phone and committ to 2 more years?

      • Guest911

        You confused playa. Subsidized plan??? Hahahahaha

        • UMA_Fan

          YES. The Value Plan is cheaper than the normal plans that give you subsidized phones.

          You’re not getting a discounted plan AND a discounted phone. You are getting one or the other. Simple math tells you what’s smarter.

        • IPityDaFoo

          Thats right “playa” your rate plan is cheaper therefore its subsidized. If you like paying 150+ a month for 2 lines just cause your broke ass can’t afford a phone upfront doesn’t mean bash something. But then again you might have failed remedial math “playa”

        • Guest911

          Hahahahaha – moron dont know what “subsidized” means. fail playa!

      • Matt Munson

        As long as you are not getting the phone financing you should not be tied to the two year contract. If you are getting the phone financing the two year contract is the security device on the phone.

      • Nearmsp

        I see it as value plan being a service where there is no subsidy for phone and thus no need too recover the additional cost through a higher add on price in the form of classic plan. In any case T-mobile can sell this horse only once. When the value plan contract ends, this plan will default to the old even more value plan, in effect a value plan with no contract. My thinking is provide good customer service and value for money, people will stick with you. If like AT&T you provide lousy high paid service you need contracts and exclusive phones to lure and lock in customers” T-mobile should not get in to this lousy strategy of using contracts as the sole way to lock in customers.

    • UMA_Fan

      Geez guys, show T-Mobile some SUPPORT. The rest of the industry is ripping you off by SUBSIDIZING your phone which always comes out more expensive.

      You’re using your ignorance of the situation to let the other carriers justify practices against your true best interest.

      Always look in terms of cost in a full 24 months: plan times 24 months plus price of phone.

      • guest

        The only ignorance i see here is Tmobile not carrying the Iphone.

        • UMA_Fan

          Provided you start getting HSPA+ signals on the iPhone with T-Mobile it’s STILL cheaper to pay full price on an unlocked iPhone from the Apple store and sign up for an unlimited Value Plan with T-Mobile than get the phone subsidized from Verizon, Sprint, and At&t. Sprint 3G is useless compared to T-Mobile HSPA+

        • Paul

          Why carry it, and cost the company a ridiculous amount of money just for the product, when they can now support the AT&T version on their network?
          Win-Win to me.
          Don’t need the iPhone, just support it on the network.

          Ignorance is jumping a carrier for a specific phone.

    • Louie

      I’m more than willing to sign the 2 year commitment for the value plan
      pricing. Cheapest by far (plan+phone) and honestly have more features
      now with better service than att.

    • Dakota

      With no contract; I’d sign up today

      • bob90210

        They do have no contract plans; T-Mobile has Monthly4G which is their prepaid plans.

    • David Nunez

      Because T-Mobile has a payment installment plan. It allows you to purchase any phone with a $200 down payment + tax and pay an additional $20 a month on top of your bill until the phone is paid off. If they dont tie you down with a contract people will just run off with a brand new phone and not pay the difference.

      • Nearmsp

        By your reasoning, T-mobile should not put on contract those who buy phones for full price on cash.

        • unknown

          Why wouldnt they put you contract so u can get the phone for a cheaper price then contract upfront abd then cancel the line??…I would hate to run my business with you cuz ur an idiot lol think before u speak

  • J.L.

    I am in agreement with a lot of people here when it comes to the 2 year contract extension just for changing a plan. At&t and Verizon don’t do this. You can change you monthly plan without being told You have to agree to an extension. That along with not getting quality service is enough to make me want to bolt after 10 years.

    • Every single carrier does this, though they may not be as transparent. But it’s definitely an industry wide practice.

      When you signed the original agreement, you agreed to keep those terms for 24 months. Now that you’ve changed the terms of the agreement, you’ve accepted the new terms.

      You can swap in and swap features as much as you’d like, but changing the entire plan is different.

      TL; DR

      Be an adult and read the agreement before you sign it.

      • 21stNow

        That’s not true. AT&T doesn’t do this and Verizon Wireless doesn’t do this. You can change your voice/text/data plan whenever you want or need to. The contract is a commitment for service, not the service plan.

      • jdubtrey

        I’ve been on 3 of the big 4 (not TMo) and I never had to extend a contract to change my plan.

        I had to extend the contract only to receive a company discount or to accept a retention bonus.

      • ROFL MAO

        No, “every single carrier” does not do this. Please don’t post more disinformation, Joel. Btw, nice high-horse remark with “be an adult.”

      • kalel33

        You’re wrong Joel. NOBODY but T-mobile makes you do a 2 year contract for just changing the plan. NOBODY.

    • steveb944

      The reason is the other companies don’t offer real ‘different’ plans in comparison to TMO. The Value plan is a whole different structure to the Classic plan so a contract is required when it’s changed. The other companies just have the same basic subsidized plans that rip people off.

    • jedifarfy

      Verizon “doesn’t do this” because every two years when we went in to get new phones, their stupid plans had changed so we had to change our contract. When my phone broke two and a half years ago and I decided to get a new model, they extended the main account holder’s line for 2 more years on the same plan because we added data to my phone.

      Also, T-Mobile specifically told my friend just two days ago that you can call and change your plan, no penalty. So, instead of angrily typing on the internet, try calling them and asking questions.

    • Paul

      I changed part of my plan without renewing, like switching to Truly Unlimited Data.
      My service experience has been great, with the exception of the tower near my parent’s house not being fixed.
      That’s just my side of the story.

  • brian

    so if i have a no contract classic plan i can sign up for a value plan and get the Galaxy S3 for free?

    • 21stNow

      I haven’t heard of a no-contract Classic plan, since the plan has been out for less than two years it could not have expired yet. Unless you were referring to a legacy plan.

      You can get a Galaxy S III for $200 downpayment (you get it back in the form of a rebate card), and $20 a month for the next 20 months. So your final cost for the phone is $400.

    • No you get $50 off your down payment meaning that you will pay $100 plus tax upfront and then get mail in rebate for $150 back. You will still have to pay out the rest of the phone ($400) at $20 per month for 20 months.

  • john

    NO DOUBT that once again , TMO will lose about 200,000 customers beginning from October 2012 to 05/2013. All because of the IPHONE 5 thing. we all know how many customers TMO LOST TO OTHER 3 BIG CARRIERS ALL BECOS OF THE DAMN IPHONE THING.

    SADLY the upcoming tmo deal doesn’t apply customers that are not eligible for upgrade!

    • 21stNow

      Only 200,000 over 8 months? I think that you are being extremely conservative.

    • It’s going to be way more than 200,000 over that period of time. It might be more than 200,000 just from Sept 21-Oct 31.

  • robert

    Is AT&T’s IPhone 5 quadband GSM? if yes and if it is about the size of galaxy s2 or galaxy s3, I would switch

  • thepanttherlady

    I’d like to know if TMo is going to waive the migration fees for Classic customers to switch to Value plans. For my account alone, the fee to switch from Classic to Value is $400 PER line!! I didn’t see anything in the screen shots above addressing this and I hope TMo is upfront about these possible additional costs to customers.

    • 21stNow

      How did you get to $400 per line, when the maximum amount of the migration fee is $200 per line?

      • kathy

        i’d rather pay $200 to get off TMO than pay them $200 or $400 to get value plan! this is insane!

    • bob90210

      The migration fee is pro rated based on when when the line is eligible for an upgrade. You will have to search around for the migration fee schedule to figure out exactly how much it will cost to migrate to a value plan.

      • Secret Shopper #42

        Migration fees have changed now and are based on “months since subsidy,” not on your contract end date. This is good news for most.. bad news for some.

  • taron19119

    Ok where is T-Mobile iphone apps can’t find them and how does a T-Mobile store has the unlocked iphone advertisement but don’t have a unlocked iphone to show off I thought every T-Mobile store thats advertising the unlocked iphone is suppose to have a unlocked iphone to show off

  • chris

    Can i get a Galaxy S III for free if I’m on a non-contract classic plan and switch to this value plan?

    • deano

      No, you’ll get your down payment back…0 money down after rebate. But you’ll still have the monthly installments of atleast $20×20 months.

  • thepanttherlady

    I unfortunately, can’t see my original posting via my work computer for some reason but in response to someone who replied to the migration fees I mentioned:
    *correction: It’s $400 for all 3 lines ($100 ea for 2 lines and $200 for the 3rd).
    Having a family plan, switching to the Value plans don’t save me any money like they do for single lines. My main point is that TMo is offering what I consider a good deal on phones that Value customer’s don’t normally get & they’re trying to sweeten the deal to move Classic customers over to Value by offering an additional $50 off the cost of the down payment. At a cost that the average customer isn’t aware of. Heck, I wasn’t even aware of a migration fee until I fiddled with my online account to see if I could save money by switching. :/

  • taron19119

    I got 3 at&t iphone 5 600 and whe October come and t-mobile gets the nano sim cards I will put my s3 up for sale and use the iphone

    • iFonePhag4S

      Lame story bro.

  • steveb944

    The Hate to Wait is the biggest waste of time ever. I think TMO could have done better, I’m not sure what to not hurt their bottom line, but this is not going to stop people from leaving. SMH

    Also a good point someone made, with those mail in offers we pay the sales tax and we never get that back, I’ll remember that next time I’m making calculations on savings for these promos

  • jRi0T68

    This may not be enough to combat iPhone 5 launch, but Hate to Wait will get my wife to stop nagging me about her aging G2. Relay, here she comes.

  • Zach Mauch

    So would I be able to do this down payment subsidy with my current value plan? I don’t have a phone currently subsidized as I bought a Nexus. Also, my wife bought a prepay phone outright.

  • Edgy_Timekess

    Im on At&t but I always loved T-Mobile service and plans. This deal is not gonna do anything for T-mobile but loose more customers. When the iphone 5 comes out on Friday its going to be epic!. The last thing on anyones mind will not be T-Mobile and their products.. If they wanted a deal breaker then they should have made every phone free, forget the rebate gimmicks stuff, just free, and their network should have been ready nationwide by friday for all unlocked iphones & others. Nano sims should have been available by friday so that iphone 5 users can head to a t-mobile store after. Hell, how bout $100 to each iphone user that comes or pay cancellation fee for all unlocked phones to come to T-Mobile. Now that will be a deal. Watch Apple and T-mobile make headlines on the sameday yet T-mobile technically doesn’t carry the iphone. lol

  • SAM

    i hate tmo more when they introduce these nonsense FAKE deals! I know what a deal means but TMO introduces fake deals!

  • ftm

    Really again with the mail in rebate that you never get and still make payments. 3 more months till I can go with a company that works in my area.

    • dave

      what good would a new galaxy s3 be if its not LTE for the upcoming tmobile lte network?

  • GinaDee

    The value strategy doesn’t work. It just devalues your brand and attracts budget only minded subs.

    People will pay more for a better network with devices they love. How many CEO’s do you have to go through before you figure this out?

    Accelerate the LTE and PCS upgrades already and bring us the iPhone.

    Stop with the gimmicks and retarted MIR’s.

    • Secret Shopper #42

      O god. where to start.
      1. The value plan does work for lots of people. It does not devalue the brand.. and I’m not sure how you figure that. Maybe you’re thinking of something else. The only “gimmick” is the hidden upcharges that carriers use (including T-Mo’s classic plan) to recoup their money on devices.. which do not cost $0, or $99, or $199. The value plan is not a plan for people on a tight budget. It’s an alternative model.
      2. Misspelling “retarded” is in instant self-burn.

  • tomnewtn

    I’ve been seeing 3g on my iPhone 4s in only the same areas where I got true HSPA+ with my TMO 4g phones in the past year or so. This tells me that 3g for iPhone is going to be spotty, but it reinforced my deduction some time ago that TMO’s firmware always displayed 4g (deceptively I might add) even when in 3g areas. I think that issue was corrected in the G2x…I’ll have to check. Maybe it will improve but when? Like others here, I don’t have any faith that TMO is going to really compete. Paying $15.00 per month more for better coverage, speed, and devices is sounding pretty good about now….especially when friends using the competition I am looking at are quite happy with their service. This is a business expense, and I’ve been with TMO for years, but I need reliability, not dropped calls and 2nd rate devices.

  • BB User

    I just bought one S3 for $40 ($190 phone – $100 credit – $50 rebate). I was offered a new family plan for two lines for $100. That gives me shared 1000 mins, free nights/weekends, and unlimited text and 200 MB data for each phone. I still have my old blackberry for the second line. TMo rep also said that I will still get throttled data after reaching 200 MB and not be charged. Is this possible? I thought Tmo amended their policy on the 200MB plan to charge extra for going over unlike the other pricier plans.

    • philyew

      Unless it’s changed in the last few days, the 200mb plan definitely carries overages @ $0.10/mb, with a maximum overage charge of $30 (maximum total $40, including plan).

  • Frank Alvarez

    Hello T-Mobile; Virgin Mobile Beyond Talk Unlimited Plan with iPhone $55/mo no contract.
    This is your competition now. Oh yeah, they already have 3g speeds on the iPhone; no refarm waiting…

    • Secret Shopper #42

      LOL. u have fun there on ur 3G, virgin.

    • Virgin uses Sprint’s “3G” network, which is almost as slow as T-Mobile’s Edge network. Have fun.

    • Hesster

      3G on the CDMA carriers is in no way comparible to 3G on the GSM carriers, since it uses EVDO instead of HSDPA. The maximum EVDO speeds top out at under 1 Mbps, and given what I’ve heard about Virgin Mobile’s network speeds, I’d be shocked if you got even half that at prime time.


    WOW! Are you serious? This is the best they could come up with for i-phone 5 weekend?? They are about to set a Guiness Book Of World Records this weekend for the most customers to ever leave a company in a 3 Day Weekend! T-Mobile U.S.A. Is offically DONE!! R.I.P Trash Mobile!!! You will continue to be a non-factor in the wireless game till you lose every single remaining customer and become BANKRUPT…Let The Bleeding Of Customers Begin, BloodBath Style—

  • Stephen A.Smith

    T-Mobile should be ASHAMED of themselves! For stepping up to the plate with such a ridiculous offer!! They better go back to the drawing board and step there game up and come back with something better than this!!! Or face the reality of making the Guinness Book Of World Records for the most customers to ever leave a company in 1 day…And continue to be a non-factor in the wireless game—

  • Cozzy

    If you don’t want a contract but want value plan pricing do monthly 4g

  • S3 ftw

    No one here mentioned how tmobile last night till midnight was selling the s3 for $99 for new customers on their website

  • Clifford Martin

    I’ve been a TMO customer for over 6 years and currently out of contract. I have a very old, grandfathered 1500 anytime minute plan. I wanted to switch to a Value plan when I got an unlocked iPhone 4S a couple of weeks ago, but I don’t want to be locked into a contract. TMO wouldn’t let me do that. So intead I will either switch to the TMO Monthly 4G plan with auto pay or switch to Straight Talk.
    I currently have an unlocked iPhone 4s and the 2G service is killing me with effectively no useful data, since the download speed is so slow. I was hoping that TMO was going to turn on the refarmed 3G network here in Atlanta by the end of this month. If they don’t, then they will be losing me as a customer. I will most likely move over to Straight Talk for six months to a year and then reevaluate which carrier offers the best solution for me.
    I see nothing in any of these TMO offerings to retain me as a non-contract customer.

    • JJCommonSense

      Doesn’t Straight Talk use TMO’s networks? So if TMO hasn’t refarmed, then they wouldn’t be refarmed either. So you’d leave TMO to go to ST and have the same service? It seems like they’re pushing through with this refarm business since they’re rolling out the red carpet for iphones… You might want to just stick tight for a minute to see whats in store.

      • Yes and no. You have to decide when signing up. Straight Talk resells service on both AT&T and T-Mobile. I’m not a Straight Talk customer btw.

      • Clifford Martin

        Straight Talk uses either the AT&T or Verizon networks depending upon which phone and SIM you have. For iPhone users, they require either an AT&T or unlocked GSM only iPhone (can’t use unlocked iPhones from Verizon or Sprint). To get the AT&T 3G network, just use the Straight Talk SIM designated for AT&T phones (there are multiple SIMs in the retail kit sold at WalMart). It is Simple Mobile that uses the TMO network, so they aren’t an option.

  • TmoPimp

    Bust!!! Free Phones would have been much much better than this… Iphone 4 & 4s are Free on a 2 year contract with other carriers, Why would Tmobile throw out this weak offer…

    • kalel33

      Idiot. How much do you pay per month for those free Iphones. I get unlimited talk text and web for $60 a month. Come back when you get a free Iphone and that monthly pricing.

      • Guest

        Wow The Extent of you Vocabulary amazes me… I have a Unlocked iPhone on Tmo. I’m a Dealer for Tmo and I’m stating the fact that Free Phones are more of a catch to bring customers in… But you being a Little mindless Turd can not comprehend what I was saying, so go back to your Internet Porn and your hot pockets you waste of sperm.

        • kalel33

          Your grammar is horrible. You should have a comma after Wow, and it should be “have AN unlocked”, By the way, were talking about Value plans here and free phones for Value plans is a horrible business plan, but thanks for the meaningless suggestion.

        • thepanttherlady

          “we’re” talking about ;)

      • TmoPimp

        Wow The Extent of your Vocabulary amazes me… I have a Unlocked iPhone
        on Tmo. I’m a Dealer for Tmo and I’m stating the fact that Free Phones
        are more of a catch to bring customers in… But you being a Little
        mindless Turd can not comprehend what I was saying, so go back to your
        Internet Porn and your hot pockets you waste of sperm.

      • philyew

        Was that a typo, kalel? How did you get unlimited everything for only $60, when the Value plan is $69.99?

        • kalel33

          I have the unlimited with 2GB, which T-mobile considers unlimited. It’s still much better than AT&T and Verizon.

    • philyew

      Without any abuse…

      Since you are a dealer, you should know that these offers are sustained by a recovery of the subsidy on the back end.

      What you are saying may be true: that giveaways are obviously more dynamic…But what kalel is saying is equally relevant: you can’t make those kind of giveaways without covering the loss on the back end.

      That means instead of offering unlimited everything for $89.99 (or $69.99 on a Value plan), TM would have to be charging the $100, 110 or even $120 that Verizon, Sprint and AT&T respectively charge for their closest plan offerings.

      • TmoPimp

        100% True and Agreed, It just annoys the dealers who get hurt by these promos and we end up losing money and customers, for example the GS3 Launch we had a list of easily 20 people ready. But Tmobile released it on the website first and allowed customers to EIP it by calling in, we received the phone 3 weeks later and lost the list of customers who wanted it to Tmobile, not to mention our cost is $575 on the phone we sell it and a customer decides to leave within the 4 months we get hit with a charge back and lose the phone… $$$ in tmo’s pocket, no money in our pockets, just 1 example of how Tmobile needs to focus on the dealers.

        • philyew

          No disagreement here that the model for mobile service and equipment in the States is a mess.

  • supercutwup

    So they’re not cutting the $279 Galaxy S3 price when everyone else are giving them away for $99? How will they even compete with the iphon5 at $199? This sounds like a bad decission. My contract is up and Im ready to upgrade, I don’t really want to get an Iphone but it’s an insult for tmo to still price the S3 that high

  • supercutwup

    So they’re not cutting the $279 Galaxy S3 price when everyone else are giving them away for $99? How will they even compete with the iphon5 at $199? This sounds like a bad decission. My contract is up and Im ready to upgrade, I don’t really want to get an Iphone but now I’m considering it as an option. it’s an insult for tmo to still price the S3 that high.

  • supercutwup

    So they’re not cutting the $279 Galaxy S3 price when everyone else are giving them away for $99? How will they even compete with the iphon5 at $199? This sounds like a bad decission. My contract is up and Im ready to upgrade, I don’t really want to get an Iphone but it’s an insult for tmo to still price the S3 that high

    • philyew

      Yet again you repeat this $99 claim (3 times) and, yet again, a quick check of the AT&T, Verizon and Sprint sites shows that they are still asking $199 for the GS3 16GB device…

      • supercutwup

        You can get it for $99 thru amazon (verizon, sprint, and att) but no t-mobile.

        • philyew

          When I just went through the process for each, Sprint was $99, AT&T $189 and Verizon $149 in the cart. They don’t offer a contract option for TM.

          While the phones prices are indeed better, the plans are nowhere near as good. Sprint’s unlimited everything is $109.99/month. AT&T’s unlimited talk, text and 3GB of data is $119.99 and Verizon’s unlimited talk, text and 2GB of data is $100. Compare that to TM’s Classic unlimited nationwide talk, text & 4G for $89.99.

          That’s another $240 saved over the lifetime of the contract compared with the best of the other’s plan pricing – and $480 over 2 years over Sprint’s pricing.

          Go ahead and jump to Sprint. Save money with the subsidy…and then pay it all back by next summer through the costlier plan.

  • supercutwup

    So they’re not cutting the $279 Galaxy S3 price when everyone else are giving them away for $99? How will they even compete with the iphon5 at $199? This sounds like a bad decission. My contract is up and Im ready to upgrade, I don’t really want to get an Iphone but now I’m considering it. it’s an insult for tmo to still price the S3 that high.

  • So for existing Value Plan customers / already under contract nothing of interest on September 21st? I’m not expecting discounts on phones but it would be nice. My G2 still working great but I’d pick up a Galaxy S3 if MIR included.

  • JJCommonSense

    This could workout for people who are considering a classic-2-value switch, because there may not be a migration fee, depending on how long you’ve had your phone. I just got a OneS due to an insurance “upgrade” from a broken Sensation 4G. I had this question though – if the ETF or migration fee is $200, right? So if I get an upgrade to my legacy plan and the phone is free, or subsidized (Let’s say TMO loses their mind and has a sale on the S3 where they’re charging $150 w/ a 2year extension)… If you buy the phone, and cancel or migrate a month later, pay the migration or cancellation fee of $200, you’re essentially getting the phone, free & clear for $350….Or am I missing some “extra fine print” somewhere?

    • archerian

      $350 plus one month usage costs (but you’re using it for that one month so its not the same as the $350)

      • JJCommonSense

        Yea but of ur already in the contract, you’re paying for the same service u were already paying for..

  • Joe_PDA

    Instead of arguing back and forth, let’s figure out a strategy on how best to attack this task.
    If all of us who are ready to either upgrade phones or change service, coordinate or even negotiate together, we will get the best possible deal. Anyone in New York interested?
    Imagine going in to a store with 5 or 10 people to negotiate for service & phones?
    the more the better as it seems there is flexibility since this is a commission situation.

    My situation:
    I have no contract and haven’t had one for the 15 years I’ve been with T-Mobile.
    I want and unlimited text and data and at least 500 – 1000 minutes per month voice.
    I am interested in this new Samsung Galaxy Relay 4 S 4G phone but only at a deep
    discount, not the full EIP price.

  • supercutwup

    In a couple months the S3 won’t be the top dog anymore and T-mo still refuses to slash the ridiculous $279 price while others have already cut theirs to $99 and iphon5 sells for $199. Sounds like a terrible deicission by T-mo.

    • Paul

      Sprint is a great example of how the cost to sell the iPhone can cripple a company on it’s own.

    • archerian

      Try one of the resellers like Costco, they have it for $200 with free activation/upgrade, accesories etc

    • ogopogo

      Hey dipshit – how much is it over 24 months???

  • Disgusted in Miami

    To be quite honest I have been a T Mobile customer and I am quite disgusted to see all of these Sales, Which to me is a major joke, I have lost respect for T Mobile. And I guess is Very True the saying that goes “If you can’t beat them Join Them” I have been waiting for them to carry the infamous Iphone and is Very High Time to start looking else where for it………

  • Joe_PDA

    Hey T-Mobile…Want to piss off customers. Offer them a big discount on phones that they can only get through a mail-in rebate. Most companies stopped using them since they are so customer un-friendly. If you want to charge an upfront fee, make the 2nd or 4th month of the contract free.

  • taron19119

    I think T-Mobile will get the iphone in December when the reframing is done here’s y c Spire had to do a upgrade to there network before carrying the iphone and cricket has the iphone but only in certain regions because it don’t have a pc network every only the regions where cricket has pcs it will sale the iphone

  • GwapoAko

    We am on Value Plan 1,000 minutes and 200MB for $65 taxes included (2 lines). We use unlocked iPhone 4$ and 3G. We do not care if we are on contract. We are saving a lot of money. We can also buy anyphone that we want.
    Thanks Tmobile. Glad we switched from Verizon (Robber)

  • Cahdek

    I was hoping (and still am) that they drop the price on the SIII. With the relay launching tomorrow, I might just pick that up and give it a whirl. After all, I’m pretty sure I can return it within 30 days and get an SIII if I really want to


    So are they still doing the Hate to Wait? I was kind of looking forward to using my upgrade. It also says: Offers will be in targeted offers tool and customers will receive a personalized video message.” so does that mean customers will be notified if this is happening? My Mytouch 4g is on its last legs and with no One X+ insight… I have to bite the bullet and go ahead and get the Galaxy S3…

  • John Laury

    Hardly, there’s nothing $0 down about it for starters. The rebates are between $50 and $150, so how is this different than any other day. On top of that, you’re lucky to get your “rebate” back because you may not qualify because they foist the more expensive 5GB plan on you weather you need that amount of data or not. You may want the new unlimited plan for $30 (no tethering/wifi hotspot) plan, but that’ll loose you your so called “rebate”. On top of that, we’re on the precipice of the largest mobile phone launch ever with record preorders doubling last year’s model, this carefully crafted and often used sale (this is nothing new, it’s the Father’s day sale renamed basically), will give T-Mo a few days of high sales, but honestly, it won’t so much as make a dent in iPhone sales. It’s like a Dixie cup vs Niagara Falls.

  • Winski

    Is Humm back? This is worse than before !!!