Samsung Will Announce Galaxy S III Successor Next March At Mobile World Congress? Unlikely.

Regardless of whether it’s the Galaxy S 4 or Galaxy S IV, a Samsung company official allegedly told the Korea Times the company’s next generation flagship “…is expected to hit shelves globally in March at the latest.” The March launch would follow an announcement at Mobile World Congress in February, where the Galaxy S III was also expected to be announced. The phone is expected to keep its “inspired by nature” design and possibly get s bump from a 4.8″ to 5″ display.

If it seems a little early for Samsung to be making any noise for the Galaxy S 4 so soon after they announce the Galaxy S III hit 20 million sales, perhaps the presence of some brand new challengers has them talking up what’s next. Of course, all of this hinges on anonymous sources, some of which also expected the Galaxy S III to see a MWC launch, only to have Samsung announce the device in May.

The Korea Times articles does say that Samsung is only following their annual cycle for launches, and perhaps moving them up to be first to market as Apple continues its own once a year refresh cycle. Samsung will likely adjust launch schedules as they will want their smartphone models to avoid any direct rivalry at launch and maximize sales opportunities. As for that “inspired by nature” design, expect the Galaxy S 4 to see “some external changes but retain its rectangular shape with rounded corner concept” if the anonymous Korea Times sources are to be believed.

It may seem early for details to leak on Samsung’s newest handset so soon after the launch of the Galaxy S 4, but given Samsung’s once-in-a-while willingness to leak details to the Korean media, it’s not entirely crazy to think there is at least some truth to what’s being said here.

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