Windows Phone To Overtake Blackberry Marketshare In November?

Oh, how the mighty Blackberry has fallen as Windows Phone prepares to overtake Blackberry’s third place market share position in November of 2012. It’s not terribly surprising given Blackberry’s stale OS and lack of exciting new products, not to mention delay after delay for their upcoming Blackberry 10 platform.

While Windows Phone has yet to take off in ways Microsoft would have hoped or truly capitalize on Blackberry’s fall from grace, it’s still an incredibly solid platform with great appeal. With Windows Phone 8 on the horizon, we can be sure that Microsoft is prepared to make yet another go at mega-million dollar marketing plays.

The latest numbers from StatCounter show that in the next three months, Windows Phone will overtake Blackberry. Of course, these numbers are based on current sales patterns of Windows Phone, to say nothing of any spikes that might be achieved from Windows Phone 8 launches.

StatCounter has been able to project the November 2012 marketshare shift by extrapolating web usage data from the beginning of 2012 up to the current day and as we can see from the chart above, things are looking very, very bleak for Blackberry.


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