New Details For Samsung’s Upcoming Windows Phone Leak?

We always love starting off the week with new details for an upcoming smartphone and this time we’re hopping back on to the Windows Phone train and tiny bit of new intel on the upcoming Samsung Odyssey. This time the information comes from the boys at SamMobile, with some new details on the Samsung Odyssey, which if you recall was the phone we discovered earlier in the week as the Samsung SGH-T899 headed for T-Mobile with LTE.

According to SamMobile’s intel, the Samsung Odyssey will feature a 4.8″ HD Super AMOLED display, 8 megapixel rear camera, 1.9 megapixel front-facing camera, 16/32GB size variants with expandable microSD storage and a dual-core Krait 1.5GHz processor.

Now here’s the thing, this information is a little contradictory to the information obtained by The Verge which shows a 4.65″ HD display. A major or minor bit of differentiating information depending on your point of view, but it’s definitely a Galaxy Nexus size vs Galaxy S III size comparison. So, whichever size you like best is the one you should be rooting for. Still, we have to lean a little more toward The Verge as their intel is supported by a leaked document — however, we have no reason to think the intel from SamMobile isn’t correct either, so it’s a toss up.

So, there you go, a bit of “new” intel on the upcoming Samsung Odyssey, headed to T-Mobile later this year.


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  • UMA_Fan

    I hope the Samsung ‘Odyssey’ line for Windows Phone will be what the Galaxy S line is to Android.  It’s a good name even though it might be a working title.

    If this thing has WiFi Calling i’m jumping ship from Android.

    • It’s not a “line” of phones, just a single phone I believe. The Odyssey and the Marco are two Samsung Windows Phones.

    • Dan Rubin

      I can’t confirm this, at work, but I do believe my HD7 has WiFi calling. 

      • UMA_Fan

        Nope, Windows Phone does not support T-Mobile’s WiFi Calling as of now.  WiFi Calling would most likely require changes at the OS level since it has to register with the sim card.  It’s not just a simple app you could download.  Since Windows is more of a closed OS T-Mobile would likely need Microsoft’s cooperation to get that going.  With Android, you can change whatever you want and bypass Google’s consent entirely.

        • Gouv

           “With Android, you can change whatever you want and bypass Google’s consent entirely.”
          That’s the part that has always made me distrust android somewhat.  I can only imagine the holes that OEM’s and carriers open up sometimes.  Just imagine what doesn’t get noticed and slips under the radar before someone realizes something is wrong.

        • None

          I have heard that from multiple people…that it isnt just a simple app.  But how does “wifi calling” differ from using something like Skype without looking at the screen?

        • 21stNow

           Wi-fi calling allows the phone to make regular phone calls (including to people who don’t have any special apps on their phone like Skype) when there is no cellular signal present.  Some T-Mobile customers have unlimited Wi-fi calling, as well.

        • None

          ahhhhh.  It is funny, I never thought about landline phones.  duh! 

    • Guest911

      Bingo! Same here. Throw in wifi calling and I can finally drop my Android.

  • Dan Rubin

    I can’t wait to own my 
    Samsung Odyssey…. getting excited

  • ceegii63


  • Crush

    why would I want this over say the one x plus with a wa quad core processor just asking? FR

    • Gouv

      because just maybe you really want windows phone 8?   remember specs aren’t what define the device or the user experience.  Windows phone is a very well engineered OS and is very efficient on processing and memory resources. It’s pretty darn smooth on a lumia and therefore should be smoother with the new hardware.  Throw in the fact that Microsoft finally did something brilliant and implemented a semi-universal kernel for all their supported os types and you have something interesting with lots of potential.

      • Estallings15

        That was very well said. Keep an eye on WP8, people. Good things are coming

    • illegaloperation

      simple. The most cores doesn’t necessary give you the best experience.

  • Bryck

    Hopefully Lte :-)

  • Nathan Aker

    Well this would be consistent with the rumors from awhile back that Samsung was going to release a windows mobile version of the S3

    • None

      If they did the same casing so that it shares accesories with the GSIII, I believe they would really do well.

  • None

    So excited!

  • i hope TMO’s LTE goes smoothly

  • Littlesis1774

    I really don’t care for Windows Phones after my windows phone experience. 

  • guest

    At the moment i dont own a iphone or android phone, but whats so great about a windows phone?  Whats so great about a windows phone that seperate it from apple or android? Just wondering for my next mobile purchase.

    • 21stNow

       Simplicity, fewer quirks than Android and the different UI.  Not everyone likes the icons that are prevalent in iOS and Android.  There is also “better” Microsoft office integration.

      By the way, I prefer Android.

    • UMA_Fan

      I personally think it runs a lot more smoother than either iOS or Android.

      • Only smoother if you slather the phone with ky.

    • None

      Just for fun.  It is new.  It is interesting.  But in a month or two it will be just as boring as any other OS.  So honestly, I would go WP just to be different for a few months.

  • Littlesis1774

    Don’t care for Windows Phones after my experience

    • Alda

      how bad can your experience be other than not having alot of apps in the market?its smooth as butter 

      • 21stNow

         No screen orientation lock led to a negative experience for me.  To be fair that should be an option in Windows Phone 8, but I can’t believe that it takes until the end of 2012 for Microsoft to figure out that they need to put that on phones.

        I also would have liked to have the text reformat to the screen’s width after zooming in.  Video playback on the Lumia 900 left much to be desired as far as video quality.  And yes, the lack of apps (keyboards) is a downfall.

        • if you double tap the text reflows, if you pinch zoom it doesn’t

        • 21stNow

           Thanks for that.  I thought that I had tried that way, too and it didn’t work.  I’ll try it when I get home, as I’ve retired the Lumia 900 from my lineup.

      • Eanfoso

        screw both research in motion and microsoft, it’s all about meego OS, nothing compares to it, if it wasn’t for shitty microsoft doing an agreement with nokia there could’ve been hope the n9 would’ve made it to t-mobile, since it’s HSPA + 14 mbps along with penta band (yes it has the 1700/ 2100 band) I hate microsoft for that reason, I can’t believe I got my nokia n9 from mexico, wtf they even have better phone selection

    • Dave

      You never had Windows Phone so stop posting crap!

      • You never had Windows Phone so stop posting crap!” – True, very few people have Windows phones and most of those that do don’t like to admit it.

        • illegaloperation

          “most of those that do don’t like to admit it”


    • illegaloperation

      If you don’t care, you wouldn’t have comment.