A Full 360 Degree “View” Of The Galaxy S Relay 4G Emerges

Ok, so maybe it’s not a complete “view,” but these images straight off Samsung’s website show a complete 360 degree view of the upcoming Galaxy S Relay 4G. Unfortunately, we’re still not seeing any concrete specs on this page as it mostly highlights hardware functions like the earpiece, proximity sensors and the camera, for when you confuse the camera with the home key.

Unfortunately, this is the only page referring to the Galaxy S Relay 4G we could find on Samsung’s website after an TmoNews reader linked to the page in the comment section of the Galaxy S Relay 4G post two days ago. 

Hopefully we’ll find out something concrete on this device soon and hopefully that information will come straight from T-Mobile.


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  • noelsito

    man i would so get this but my contract is up in june >_<

  • 2dott0

    Not a big fan of physical keyboards but from what I read of the specs a few days ago, I would snatch this in a heartbeat.

    • randomnerd_number38

      Us QWERTY fans usually have to settle for lesser phones than what we want for the sake of the keyboard, but if some of the rumored specs of this phone hold up, we may actually be in for a treat this time! If it’s truly packing a S4, I can even overlook the likely 800×480 screen.

  • Joe333x

    Wow looks good, hopefully it gets CM support and that power button can be mapped as the camera button, would be perfect! Iv been waiting to go back to a QWERTY ever since i switched from the mytouch slide to the g2x. No on screen keyboard can replace how awesome it is to have a physical keyboard! I just hope this phone doesnt get crappy specs. I imagine the specs should be out soon, iv been checking this site like 50 times a day hopeing for more info!

  • randomnerd_number38

    The more I see of this phone, the more I’m looking forward to it! This will be my first non-HTC phone since the G1. I’m gonna miss HTC, but I just can’t go without my QWERTY keyboard. I’ve tried.

  • If i wanted a keyboard, i would be all over this phone!

  • TedC

    From Samsung’s website:

    Samsung Galaxy Relay 4G – T699-(TMO)
    5M 2560 x 1920 
    Resolution: Select a resolution up to 1280 x 720. 

    • randomnerd_number38

      What? Where did you find that? Which FAQ or article?
       Edit: Nevermind, it’s in the camera FAQ. Good find, though. This debunks 1080p video recording.

      EDIT 2: Searching through the 30 articles/FAQ’s that come up when I search t699…

      EDIT 3: Screenshots in the “How do I use the task manager” doc shows a total system storage of 5.06 GB and a total RAM of 750MB(probably after the RAM set aside for the OS)

      EDIT 4: The screenshot aspect ratio used in all these DOCs is consistent with 800×480 and NOT 1280×720

  • Joe333x

    Just had a thought, have you heard any news on wether it will have a sd card slot? If it doesnt thats a deal breaker for me.

    • randomnerd_number38

       It will have a SD card slot. See http://www.samsung.com/us/support/supportOwnersHowToGuidePopup.do?howto_guide_seq=7950, second screenshot from the bottom.

      • HTC G2

        thank you!  you found SD Card !!!!  i have been looking everywhere!  lol…

      • Hector

        good info, was checking the ram stats and seems its got a little less ram then my SII i have 769 of ram compair to its runing 750 of ram, this seems to be a SIII low end upgrade with a slide out key board for those who may want a real key board.

  • Dion Mac

    the headset jack is at the bottom of the phone? #Weird

  • randomnerd_number38

    My conclusions/educated guesses from reading the documents found on Samsung’s website by searching “t699” :

    1) Camcorder only records 720p (stated in camera how-to)

    2) Processor is S3, not S4 (No 1080p recording even though camera sensor is capable of it)

    3) 8GB internal storage, 5 of it for app storage (screenshots shows a little over 5GB system storage on task manager how-to and 2GB media storage on music transfer how-to)

    4) 800×480 screen, not 720p (screenshots in FAQ’s and how-to’s, while resized, are consistent with 800×480 aspect ratio)

    I’m a bit disappointed that it’s not looking good for our original rumored specs :( Hopefully I’m wrong

    • Guest

      If that’s true than the mt4gs has similar specs. No one will buy this… well, not us nerds lol! Not seeing any references to processor type but if those specs are close to those on the faq on their website… you’re probably right. The only way I’d go with the S4 was if the screen was 720. Not looking good with those screenshots. :( Looks like I’ll keep my mt4gs for a while longer.

      • Sigewulf

         It’s just a Samsung Blaze/ mini S2 with a keyboard.

    • htc g2

      how did you know the phone have S3.. not S4?  i m just wonder…

      • needgoodQWERTY

        He’s just making a guess based on the fact that the camcorder records 720p at max. 1080p requires more processing power for the encoding. Plus if it’s 800×480 display and 5m camera that points to mid range device, s3 makes more sense on a mid range

        • MatthewMurawski

          I am not disagreeing with you, but the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note for T-Mobile both have S3 processors and can record 1080P video. Why not this phone if it has an S3 also?

        • randomnerd_number38

           Ha, good point! Maybe we’re not even getting a dual core processor in this phone?

  • Tc

    This seems very similar to the Galaxy S Captivate on AT&T

  • Tc

    Sorry Captivate Glide*

  • Joe333x

    Love the research BUT hope your wrong! Lol

    • Tc

      If you were referring to me sorry I am not wrong. The specs are so close to the captivate glide its not even funny. Other that the processor- similar looks, lack of dedicated camera button, same 8gb of rom, 1gb of ram, display, 720p video recording, same flat keys, and there’s so much more.

  • For those who still love physical keyboards this is pretty nice (aside from the name).  It’s the first one that T-Mobile has offered in a long time that has a dedicated number row at the top.

  • nooch

    I’m pretty disappointed that there is no physical button for the camera shutter. Recent phones all seem to have dropped this, but I find it to be one of the greatest features a phone can have. 

  • Mrcool1234567890

    More support details, phone gestures can be found at the samsung link,

  • Littlesis1774

    That nice but is the reframing done so when I get my iphone 5 I don’t have use it on edge

    • Alex


      • Littlesis1774

        When will the iphone be on their 3/4g

        • randomnerd_number38

          That’s supposed to be done with by 1st quarter 2013 from what I understand. Wouldn’t that be a laugh riot, maybe it’ll be an overclocked Hummingbird processor. LOL!

  • Psaux

    Wow.  I waited months for this?!?!?!?  What a giant “Screw you!” to keyboard-phone users.  Unless randomnerd and ted are wrong, this is a horrible waste of everyone’s time.

    So, anyone know of a QWERTY phone that doesn’t suck (needs to have , and | on physical buttons) which is available from other sources which is compatible with T-mo’s network?  Orrrrr … am I having to change carriers?

    • peelabrownie

      droid 4 works on gsm just wait till tmobile gets their 1900 network and you’ll have a decent qwerty phone. don’t really think many carriers make high end qwerty phones though.


  • Sara

    For those upset about the lack of a camera button at least it has this: “Touch the slider to turn the Camera quick access feature on the lock screen on or off. Touch and hold any place on the lock screen while rotating your device from portrait to landscape orientation. Your screen will unlock and your camera will open.”

  • charlieboy808

    I like how a lot of people are mad that the “phone” doesn’t have a dedicated shutter button. First off, its a PHONE. Second, there is no second it is a phone. How many people I’ve seen with the MyTouch 4G Slide and its magical shutter/camera capabilities and still using the on screen button. Eventually people are just going to forget about the shutter button. All I was hoping for out of this phone was a Sidekick type of keyboard, instead the buttons are flat and basically useless. Texture is key when typing IMO.

    • None

      You lost me at Sidekick

      • charlieboy808

        Yeah I understand understands it is so hard to keep track of the phone that was responsible for creating the smartphone market. The phone that brought more than just sms to communications. The phone that created the platform of what we use today. So hard to keep track of where you were just reading.

  • None

    Android (or maybe just Samsung) has gotten stale very fast. 

  • Dko3tgk

    I don’t care about the camera button.  But I do care that this phone is turning out to be very mid-range. Dual core S3, with a 480 screen is not looking that good.
    The original rumors of 720p with S4 AND with a keyboard is why I really wanted this phone.  
    This is just a an update to current mid-range specs on a keyboard phone.
    I may still get it since I really like keyboards and it seems like HTC is getting away with keyboards altogether, but I’m still disappointed compared to the original leaked specs.  We could have had the first high-end qwerty phone, in years, on our hands.  

  • Arvin

    yawnnn i stay with nexus 

    • None

      Yawn, I will go with the first HD Windows Phone.

  • thestrangestone

    this is the real t-mobile mytouch 4g slide

  • William Strickland

    dko, 1.5 ghz, 16mb expandable, same screen as i phone. This is a good midrange qwerty.

  • Khiladi786

    lol, for a second I thought this was a galaxy s 3 with a keyboard slapped on to it. 

  • So, I’m looking at the back view and I see a 3.5mm jack on the top yet the diagram indicates it’s at the bottom…

    • Hesster

      The side images show the phone upside down for some reason. You can clearly see the bump for the camera/flash near the bottom.