Is This T-mobile’s First Windows Phone 8 Smartphone? With LTE?

Windows Phone fans, now would be a really great time to pay attention as believe we’ve discovered T-Mobile’s first Windows Phone 8 device — with LTE. That’s right, your eyes are not deceiving you as the user agent string indicates this device is  running Microsoft Internet Explorer 10, which tells us this is running Microsoft’s newest OS. The better news, tucked away inside the radio portion of the document is a listing for LTE — so not only is this T-Mobile’s first Windows Phone 8 device, but it’s ready to rock T-Mobile’s upcoming LTE network.

If we sneak a peek back at a leak from The Verge back on July 31st when they outed two Windows Phone 8 devices heading to the US, we believe we’re looking at the Samsung Odyssey for T-Mobile. That’s a 4.65″ 720 x 1080p Super AMOLED HD display listed as having a LTE/HSPA+ 21 radio, 1080p camera on the back, 720p front-facing camera, 1 GB RAM and a MSM8960 (dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4) chip. The chip is listed on The Verge’s leaked sheet with a HSPA+ 21Mbps radio, though it can support an HSPA+ 42Mbps radio as well.

If you’re afraid that T-Mobile always gets the short end of the Windows Phone stick, it’s looking like they are about to prove you wrong. Did we mention that the Odyssey is better than the Marco, the Samsung Windows Phone 8 LTe device with a 4″ WVGA display headed to AT&T? Just thought we’d drop that in.

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  • chris125

    Hopefully they actually have a lte network launched before the phone is ready unlike sprint.

    • Personally, it doesn’t matter if they have LTE up and running. I’d be satisfied with a high-end (finally!) WP8 device running on TMo’s 21 or 42hspa network. 

      • with the HSPA+42 speeds I get in my area (20 to 25mbps), I can hold off on LTE a bit seeing as their about on par with everybody elses LTE at the moment.  I’m just very glad LTE is listed in this phone and ready for the Future! – D

  • This is incredible news! Just so happens that I’ll have an upgrade available in November too. :)

  • Man, I do want to try Win8 phones since I’m so used to JB on my Galaxy Nexus. Not necessarily bored, but eager for new OSes to make appearances.

    • Gouv

      Download that launcher that makes it look like identical. I was impressed at how well it worked.

  • Pauldro952

    I was hoping for a Nokia.

  • the_dinger

    Personally bummed its not HTC or Nokia. I’m not really a huge fan of Samsung’s tendency to have cheap-feeling plasticy devices. Not even on my Gnex. Maybe the solid polycarbonite plastic fashioned from a single block, or aluminum the same way, but I guess time will tell.

    • Gouv

      I don’t like Samsungs build quality either but I have to admit the gs3 is surprisingly durable from the way I’ve seen my coworkers clumsily drop them on the floor. So it may feel crappy and cheap but apparently it’s not.

      • the_dinger

        Yeah I agree totally. I have a friend that has a gs3 and it is MUCH better than my gnex. Way more solid feel. But I had a nexus one and have an HTC radar, and there is really something to be said for aluminum unibody. I’m actually a weirdo who likes phones to be heavier and feel more substantial.

        • unbearablepleasures

          A device with a bit of weight makes it feel high end in my opinion. I prefer that feeling.

        • None

          There is no reason Samsung needs to use such primitive plastics.  There are many coatings that they can put on plastics to give them a more expensive feel.  They read the reviews and customer feedback and they have essentially said no, and raised the plastic feel with hyper-glaze (which makes the phone squirt right out of you hand)

        • Joseph Tongret

          Are they still outselling every other manufacturer on the market? Answer….YES! So why would they change? I would love to see a Samsung built like a One X, but their choice of platics will not stop me from purchasing their amazing products. Honestly, Samsung products are still quite attractive in my opinion, and as Gouv stated above, they’re very durable as well.

        • I’ve never been one to complain about size… when you consider I’ve owned Nokia Ngage, HTC MDA, HTC G1, HD2 and now a Dell VP… I’m used to ‘chunkier’ phones… but lately, I’m over it.  I see thin, light phones and I want a thin light phone!  On screen QWERTYs are so much better these days, I feel confident to ditch physical keyboards.

          Sometimes I pick up my wife’s small little dumb/feature phone and I think… “How nice does small and light feel” rather than the brick I carry in my pocket.

          4 – 5 inch screen, HECK YES… but the lighter and thinner, the better.

  • jelliottz

    Happy Birthday to me (its my birthday)! This could be my GNex’s evil twin.

  • MarcusDW

    BOOM!  THAT’S how T-Mobile should jump off with Windows Phone 8!

    If I was to be persuaded to even try a Windows 8 phone then this is what I would want to hold while I give it a whirl.

  • Gouv

    It’s about time!!! I’m cheering this mobile OS on. The more platforms the better!

    •  I agree, but I don’t think Developers do.  :)

      • Gouv

        Well they should agree because it’s another way for them to make money. How hard can it be to develop for windows phone now that it shares the same kernel elements with windows pc? I personally thought that was an absolutely brilliant and necessary move on msft’s part. Why go digging for gold when there’s plenty left in your own mine?

    • Joseph Tongret

      I’m with you on this one Gouv! I think Microsoft has what it takes to ROCK the market! I have a feeling were going to see some serious integration between phones, tabs, & pc’s!

      • Gouv

        Yeah definitely. I think the pc+ era is a nice way of saying “this is the step before post pc, you were just a step ahead by saying “post pc”. So yeah man!! I say it’s time Microsoft got back into the rhythm of things and became a force to be reckoned with again instead of a company that people expect disappointment from.

  • It’s about time they got back on their windows game, the HD7 was nice.

  • Bronze 6

    Basically Tmo took what ATT was supposed to get. Sweet!

  • Dax

    A Samsung Focus S III?? YES!!

  • CobaltDragon

    Might be a nice upgrade from my trusty Radar!

  • i wouldn’t mind upgrading my HD7 .. if this is true of course .. i’m a fan of Windows Phone .. it’s either that or the rumored One X variant ..

  • That twitter teaser made me think there was a photo of the device, not a boring picture of some text.  :P

    (Also boo for Samsung, I was hoping for the next Nokia.)

    • This picture of the text is super important as it comes straight from Samsung itself, this is better than any render or rumor could ever be.

      • Hunterremington

        Do you think we may see a windows phone on tmo, with wifi calling, does the technology microsoft uses allow it?

        • Technically you can run an IMS stack on Windows to offer WiFi Calling, so I see no reason that Windows Phone 8 can’t support it.

    • Joseph Tongret

      Are pictures easier for you to comprehend? Hey David, draw a picture for this man so that he is able to follow the discussion! Lol;-)

  • Hudi G.

    Hell ya!!!!! finally t-mobile will carry a high-end windows phone device, and future proofed!!! :)   Is it too much to hope that they also snagged a high end nokia phone (pureview please) thats also future proofed!?

  • Our VERY first glimpse at a T-Mobile LTE phone, that in itself is Exciting!!  this also just happens to turn out to be a killer handset spec-wise as well and even better than Att’s first Windows 8 phone seemingly.  – D

  • HeLLo

    Poor WP even with LTE it still is a joke.

    • Theguy

      Hater. I bet you’re using one of those crappy android phones. “Force close”

      • Guest911

        “Force close” if you are lucky.
        “Battery pull” and “throw against wall” is more likely.

    • Guest

       Yeah…. thanks for the enlightening comment that speaks volumes about you but nothing about the topic.  Psst….. the joke was on you.

    • Joseph Tongret

      Hey, Android is my favorite mobile platform atm, but don’t count Microsoft out! They’ve managed to bring killer software to us for so many years, that they can NEVER be counted out! I foresee Microsoft making a ground shattering impact on the mobile world, because the see the future as bringing mobile computing together with desktop computing. I bet were going to see some big integration of phone to tablet to pc from Microsoft, and they have a serious chance of tipping the scales if they do this right! Also, if you think Microsoft isn’t capable of that, then you my friend are a fool! They have been here forever, and they will NEVER go away!

    • Gouv

      A joke? Ok this os has received great reviews all over the tech blogosphere and is considered a “powerful” operating system throughout the world. To say its a joke just because you don’t like it is really unecessary and quite frankly… Rude! So try and have a better attitude about it, there is plenty of room and need for a 3rd mobile OS. Apple and google alike deserve the added pressure to keep them in check so they can keep making stuff better for US!

  • Jake

    Woo hoo! Such awesome news, I have been using a Samsung focus unlocked on T-mobile for a little over a week due to my sensation falling apart and I love windows phone! It’s a really solid OS I haven’t had any problems so far, so this leak has me really excited! Thank you David for this awesome news!

  • None

    Yes, please, thank you!

  • Joseph Tongret

    I sure wouldn’t mind having a windows 8 phone around to toy around with! Im most looking forward to a windows 8 tablet, but who knows, maybe I’ll fall in love with windows phone? As much as I love Android, it’s nice to have options. There are circumstances when I sim swap depending what I’m expecting the day to throw at me. Just like every phone has it’s strong points, I’m sure WP8 will have some areas where it will dominate, and most likely that will be real productivity such as document editing, etc.. Bring it on Tmo, and I’ll definately be sniffing around it, lol!

    • Gouv

      My personal guess is that you won’t love it as much as android or in my case iOS but….. It’ll make an amazing work phone!! I’m coaxing my boss to use them as future work phones and we likely will for many Microsoft related reasons in particular the outlook support.

  • This device is IPv6 enabled, too!

  • FML! & I just got a HTC One S a few months ago. I always wanted a Windows phone (from T-Mobile), but they took too long to release a good one. & No to my birthday because I’m working on that Wii U -___-

  • UMA_Fan

    I think it’s critical that T-Mobile gets some real heavy high end Windows phones this fall.

    Apparently Verizon is stating they want to do for Windows Phone what they did with Android… basically throwing insane $$$ towards marketing it.  Hopefully if Verizon succeeds in making Windows Phone 8 ‘in’ T-Mobile can piggy back off that with devices like the Samsung Odyssey.

    Secondly, with Windows Phone 8 supporting VOIP clients though the stock dialer would this lend itself to support T-Mobile’s WiFi Calling?  I know WiFi Calling is technically uma/ims and not voip but it would be great if that happens.

  • 2ndTBlues

    Hopefully Tmobile gets a top end Nokia also.  I’m tired of only having a choice of second tier phones.  Although I must say I like the HTC Radar a lot more than the Titan.

  • Guest

    And a qwerty keyboard, says the profile /

    • That doesn’t mean anything, it’s generic.

  • Fish

    A list of features not in wp7:

    Number 24, no a2dp for Bluetooth, no streaming Pandora in my car, deal breaker. I haven’t seen a list of features not in wp8 but Microsoft really needs to step up after the wp7 blunder.

  • CSJr

    Yeah, well I am not too happy about this.  As an AT&T user, I don’t see why this can’t go to AT&T as well.   This means I have one less manufacturer to choose from for WP8.  Nokia and HTC.   And more than likely I will go HTC because I don’t like unibody. (cant upgrade battery)

    • Makoute

      Really, because AT&T does not offer enough windows phone selection!

    • Jtfinn

      Ahhhh, poor AT&T.    Once again, like the Nokia 900, they get “temporary exclusive” rights to the high end Nokia phone (Phi) while T-Mobile gets the “mid level” table scraps (Arrow) and their customers want to cry because they don’t have EVERY high level phone available.    Tell you what, get AT&T to fully unlock the Lumina 900 and the Phi so they can be used on TMO and I’ll feel sorry fo you.   I don’t know why ALL the carriers can’t get the Nokia Phi when it comes out instead of a year from now when it’s being replace by a new model.

  • Happy about this rumor… though it makes me think Tmo’s HTC and Nokia selections are going to be low/mid range budget phones.  I might just be looking at my first ever Sammie phone.

  • Jtfinn

    Lets all rush out and buy the new Samsung Windows phone and then 6 months down the road when the first “upgrade/update” to the phone comes out, Samsung will announce that they no longer support this particular phone, but they are introducing a NEW version of the phone (with the updated items) that they will be very happy to sell you!    I don’t know who is worse for customer service/support – Samsung or LG….have had very unhappy situations with both companies and swore I’d never buy another product from either one.