T-Mobile Springboard Ice Cream Sandwich Update Coming This Wednesday

T-Mobile Springboard owners should be on the lookout for a special update arriving on August 15th in the form of Ice Cream Sandwich. That’s right, Ice Cream Sandwich is coming to T-Mobile’s only Huawei-made tablet and with plenty of improvements in store. What kind of improvements you ask?

  • UI performance improvements (improved touch experience)
  • Unrecognized SIM Card Error
  • Power and Reboot Fixes
  • Wi-Fi Connection Improvement
  • Improved Memory Allocation – critical update to allow device to receive future OS updates
  • Ice Cream Sandwich related improvements

The update will bring the T-Mobile Springboard to software version Android 4.0.3, up from Android 3.2. Manual update checks can be performed by hitting Applications > Settings > About tablet > System updates > Check now.

The update will also be available OTA beginning August 15th and running for an unknown period.


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  • unbearablepleasures

    Best news I’ve heard in weeks. I seriously thought this device wouldn’t see any updates since it didn’t seem to sale well. Glad to see you can count on Huwawei to deliver on support.

  • Tylormde18

    Great news for my wife’s tablet. Kinda sad though that it gets updated before my Tab 10.1…

  • All seven Springboard users must be thrilled to get the ICS update!

  • UMA_Fan

    I really love my G-Slate to this day.  Great size screen, build quality, and feel.  It’s IPS HD 8.9 inch size fits just right for typing when holding the tablet vertically.  It’s a shame LG won’t update this thing past Honeycomb.  It has the exact same specs as the Motorola Xoom internally.  Some Ice Cream Sandwich on this guy would REALLY help with the occasional lag while typing.  Other than that it’s a fantastic tablet.

  • Bronze 6

    Ill let this slide because this is one of the first tablets to get updated, and that it is Huawei, kinda late though…

  • Wadeiator

    tab 7.0 is getting. ics on 8/14.

  • Gouv

    Has t-mobile even sold many of these? I can’t imagine it being one of the better selling android tablets.

  • Ridingonfumes04

    awesome, I got mine free from tmobile with a new 2 year data contract, very impressed with it so far, even my friend who just got a nexus 7 is jealous of the sd card slot, the hdmi out, and the front camera,
    And it sounds like they plan to give us jellybean at some point ………………”Improved Memory Allocation – critical update to allow device to receive future OS updates”

  • Tmo-Mike

    Can. Not. Wait.

  • Scooterg23

    Did I hear that it was delayed now?

  • Ridingonfumes04

    Yes they delayed it after posting an update of the 15th, this from the T-Mobile forum. Today

    ” tmo_candace
    replied 4 hours ago
    Hey Everyone!

    Although delayed for further testing, ICS is still in the works to be released for the SpringBoard. A release date is not available at this time; any updates will be posted in the support community.

    Community Mod”

    • Tmo-Mike

      Thanks for the info.  I was wondering why it had not come through.  I hope they don’t out on this one…

  • Cloud Lee

    i just got my update this morning and was psyched!!!!!  i have been trying to update it manually every night ever since the announcement.  Finally!!!!  anyways, the update came pretty random and took about 30 minutes or so including download and installation.  it is so much more responsive now, the ics works nicely with the Huawei interface and is actually pretty smooth.  it did crash and restarted ONCE so far but no other problems yet.  the wifi doesn’t go in and out like it did before.  it used to crash and restart itself all the time.  i did get this for free since i was an employee so i can’t complain about the price.  i had it with the 4g sim but that has expired and didn’t want to pay for it.  so far so good people!  just hoping for the jellybean now!!!!!  send it soon t-mobile!!!!

    • Marl

       My update on 9/7/12 and can’t wait for the ICS experience. Looking the at the status bar is it loaded quickly on Ligthpath network.

    • D. H.

      HI, I put the sandwich on my Spring Board and now the launcher won’t start so I have no icons or anything. It’s dead!