Rumor: T-Mobile Testing Names For New Unlimited 4G Data Plan?

We’ve heard whispers of T-Mobile considering the idea of bringing back something resembling an “unlimited” 4G plan, but haven’t had any concrete proof that idea has made it out of the conference room so to speak, until now. Granted, this image of a survey going around to random T-Mobile customers isn’t a definitive sign it will come, but it’s the first “evidence we’ve seen that T-Mobile has moved beyond the “thinking about it” phase.

There is no word on what this plan would entail exactly, nevermind a lack of information on price, release date or what device(s) it will or will not work on. Still, I’m sure whatever name they choose will grow on us and we’re happy to see that T-Mobile may be thinking outside the box already and ready to challenge Sprint as one of the only “true” unlimited carriers out there.

For the record, no, that isn’t my iPhone.

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  • An unlimited GSM carrier and an unlimited CDMA carrier. At that point, it is up to the subscriber’s preferences on tech and coverage!

    • Bisayan

      I would move to T-mobile in a heart beat! Unlimitted data from GSM sounds a good deal! Make it happen Tmobile pls!!! I will move from sprint!!

  • Sustainable?

  • They’re dumping CDMA anyway.  ;)

    • considering T-Mobile doesn’t use CDMA…

      • TMOTECH

        UMTS is WCDMA….

        • WCDMA ? CDMA …unless I have a fundamental misunderstanding – which is ENTIRELY possible…

        • TMOTECH

          The big difference is the width of the carrier. CDMA is 2.5 MHZ wide and WCDMA is 5 MHZ. The only thing that makes it GSM Based is it uses the same switching and authentication network. But GSM is TDMA and FDMA combined and UMTS is CDMA based with a wider carrier. The CDMA/GSM monikers are really describing the over the air interface. 

        • The more you know – thanks. 

          I stand corrected!

        • MarcusDW

          Well said.  

        • William D

          Actually CDMA is not just 2.5Mhz wide, it is often (in the case of Sprint) used in the smallest spectrum amounts possible, which would be 1.25Mhz. Depending on the region, city, etc they may use multiple 1.25Mhz wide allocations to equal to 2.5 or more. Unlike a WCDMA network which requires ainimum 10Mhz spectrum block to launch a starter 3G network, CDMA can launch the same type of network with only 1/4th the amount of resources. Spectrum for spectrum allotment, CDMA surpasses capacity over WCDMA networks by double to quadruple. The problem however is upgrading the EVDO, it only can reach 1/4th the speed (theoretically) of a WCDMA network, not because of the spectrum limits used, but because Qualcomm and CDMA carriers have no interest in squeezing more QoS and Coding schemes into what’s already hitting capacity for smaller spectrum chunks. If companies wanna use 5Mhz chunks, they might as well use a world standard that can meet CDMA spectrum efficiency, but deliver WCDMA type of speeds and reliability, and that’s now coming in to play as LTE, which is extremely spectrum efficient compared to CDMA and WCDMA.

      • TMOTECH

        And so is LTE for that matter

  • Ceedubmn

    I took the same survey and the “proposed” names were absolutely absurd. Still, ridiculous name or not, I hope they do bring it back and DON’T charge extra for it.

  • It be good to see T-mobile with unlimited data. Voice and text are still data but the carriers charge us for it. I would like to see all this packaged into one package. Prepaid is now becoming increasing more popular. Sip providers as well are significantly cheaper than most carriers.

  • Could just be a re-branding of the current “unlimited offering”? But the wording does suggest no throttling.

    I’m pretty sure there are some customers would pay a premium for truly unlimited (aka: no throttling) data.

  • Toney70

    I’m sick of the throttling and then calling it unlimited

    • Wilma Flintstone

      agreed.  Even though they say it’s unlimited 4G, we know how Tmobile words things then changes their wording after they get in a bit of a bind.  Once you use too much on this, they’re going to say, “Oh you’re getting unlimited 4G but we meant 4GB of Data Unlimited.  We just forgot to put the B in our advertisement” Sorry, you’re on contract now so thanks.

      • TMOTECH

        It is unlimited calling plan with 4GB of data included. Play on words I know but it is what it is…

      • GersonT1000

         I think T-Mobile has always been pretty clear about their terms. They state, with the 2GB plan for example, up to 2GB at full 4G speed and from then on speeds will be diminished.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Why don’t they just quit lying about Unlimited and just say it’s a 20GB 4G plan?

    • galaxydude


  • Trevnerdio

    This would be amazing…if…it didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

  • Unlimitedtmoweb

    its truly unlimited data!!! 

    • galaxydude


  • klrywuzhere

    Alot of people love the idea of unlimited data, the unfortunate part is, nobody wants to PAY for unlimited data, At least, there aren’t many. It costs a carrier money, but most consumers  get upset when they are asked to pay for a plan like this. 

  • GuestyGuestGuest

    It’ll hurt network speeds however they need to differentiate themselves from AT&T and Verizon, it definitely seems a great possibility given that those carriers are moving towards tiered data, Going this route and getting new phones such as a possible iPhone 5 would be a great incentive to leave those carriers and switch to Tmobile.

    • Eanfoso

      The problem with that is that we’d be having an at&t situation, where we have a lot of people and not enough spectrum, causing slow speeds and the infamous dropped calls lol

  • galaxydude

    ‘unlimited all the time’

  • needgoodQWERTY

    The thing is, if they do offer this, they’re probab
    ly going to charge some outlandish price for it, 80 maybe? Unless they’re planning another major change in how the plans work. its already 65 for 10 gigs

  • Makedortha2

    And if it turns out that even this plan will be throttled at 20GB maybe they can call the real true unlimited plan the “Really Truly Endless Unlimited 4G Maybe.” Also, I like that this weird screenshot is on an iPhone.

  • Qcknot

    So is sprint unlimited really unlimited can I use 50gb a month? Can someone with experience answer this.

    • Spanky

      Yes you can, if you’re lucky enough to find a place where Sprint’s speeds are conducive to using so much data.

      • HRoth_Gar

        As a former Sprint user who had his account turned off due to high data usage… No, it is not really unlimited.  I was using it for tethering in lue of a home internet service (I live in North Dallas, great coverage and was getting around 9-12 mb/s on wimax) averaging around 35-65 gigs/month at Sprint and had my service terminated twice, both times I was told it was for excessive data usage.  The second time I just had them activate the line long enough to port out. It wasn’t that I had a limit, I can afford home internet, but I never recieved notice that I would be losing my Sprint service or that I was doing anything that was worthy of termination.

        • William D

          Its in your contract that you’re not allowed to tether or use computer applications or anything that drives abnormally high data, puts their network or customers experience at risk. Straight up, I’d say you breached contract and you’re lucky they didn’t switch you to a tiered plan, charge you per KB overage, or charge you a justified ETF. Yes data is unlimited, tethering is not.

    • Eanfoso

      You’d be lucky to use 3 gigabytes, sprint is pathetic, glad I made the smart move to come to t-mobile, besides, their lte is even slower than our hspa +

    • fixxmyhead

      yes there unlimited but at laughable joke speeds of about 250kb to 500kb. u cant stream without it buffering like every 2 secs. i’ll take limited data at fast speeds than unlimited at slow ass speeds. i cant believe people actually switch to sprint on purpose.

  • Dimartini72

    Just out of curiosity, who does T-Mobile pay for our use of data? Explain how using data cost them money.

    • Guest

      They own their towers, so it’s data structure upkeep and employee wages. Plus T-Mobile USA has consistently been taking losses in revenue. So really just themselves.

      • TMOTECH

        Actually we posted a 200Million dollar profit this past quarter. 

        • Eanfoso

          How does that compare to last year’s revenue tech? If it’s less then it’s a loss, considering prices in some things have been bumped up from a year ago

        • TMOTECH

          I am not positive but I am pretty sure it was a year over year improvement. 

        • It was. Despite the losses in customers (largely from tightening up credit standards and eliminating FlexPay), T-Mobile USA posted the largest profit and revenue gain of all units of Deutsche Telekom. Not to mention that it had the biggest improvement YoY compared to all other units. The European unit (except Germany) is actually suffering more.

          Deutsche Telekom is being propped up more by T-Mobile USA and T-Systems than any other unit. It would not dare sell or damage that in any way now.

    • Eanfoso

      It’s the tower maintenance, the more people use it the more it costs the carrier


      We are charged for bandwidth from our providers. We have 50 to 200 Mbps Fiber Optic Ethernet circuits at all of our sites that have HSDPA / HSUPA turned on.(HSPA+)  The bigger the pipe the more we pay. This equipment needs to be maintained and that costs money too. 

  • Luis Medina

     is there a hint about the iphone in this post “For the record, no, that isn’t my iPhone” :)

    • Budhu168

      I think there will be no iPhone for tmobile.

      • predation

        I’d have to agree. Look at sprint’s horrible iphone contract. SUCKY!

        • Luis Medina

           How does sprint iphone contract suck?

      • TMOTECH

        i think we may get a surprise this year… Just speculation. 

        • Taron19119

          If t-mobile gets the iPhone I we’ll open a second line just to have a iPhone

        • Luis Medina

           It would be a great idea because people want it and sprint’s iphone’s data speed suck many people would switch to tmobile. If they can get their iphone orders through deutshe telekom it would be perfect.

  • predation

    Hmmm…. I Have the Android preferred for $20/month..

    This sounds interesting. Will be interesting to see at what cost T-Mobile offers his plan.

    My contract is up soon….. sway me T-Mobile.

  • Taron19119

    Who phone is this cause this make me think this is going to be unlimited iPhone 4g plan to get people to bring there iPhone’s over to t-mobile

  • gigis83

    i found my own unlimited plan using wifi and no tmobile data plan with my phone. i ditched the junk

  • michael

    Two years ago, when I upgraded from Blackberry to Galaxy S1, I had to get their “unlimited” android plan at a cost of 30 bux a month. I used an average of 250-800 Meg a month. Now that renewal time is upon us, and I’m actually using over a gig a month, they want me to switch to a restricted data plan… Sorry guys, I’m keeping my old-school unlimited data.  :-P

    • Taron19119

      You don’t have unlimited every one that had unlimited android plan now get 5gb of 4g and tethering so it’s not unlimited anymore

      • TheReder

        I still have the original Android unlimited data plan. I’ve used well over 5gb and never been throttled.

        • Taron19119

          What phone u using cause if u have a g2 or newer they throttled cause when I use my g1 I use 15gbs and don’t get throttled but when I use my g2 or gs3 I get throttled

        • TheReder


        • UMA_Fan

          You got lucky.  There’s no data plan that exists on T-Mobile currently that DOESN’T throttle you.  All those old data plans from before are supposed to throttle you at 5GB.

    • UMA_Fan

      There’s no data plan that exists for T-Mobile users that doesn’t throttle you.

      There are articles on this site you can pull up from around November 2010 where when 4G devices came out and there was only one data plan option it throttled you at the 5GB point.  It was later on where they introduced a lower end 2GB option and a higher end 10GB option but it’s the same data plan.

  • Jgarofola

    I also use wifi its and unlimited

    • jPOP


  • It’s already been proven that throttling doesn’t solve the root problem – congestion during peak hours.

    Traffic shaping during peak hours/locations is the future.
    Give users unlimited, but during peak hours/locations shape the traffic accordingly.

  • BigMixxx


    Unlimited 4g data plan…why can’t we just say, Unlimited…

    This is an easy read, but just make it simple, Unlimited 4G. and change EVERYTHING ELSE….
    4G speed up to two gig of data: 20
    4G speed up to 5 gig of data: 35
    Unlimited 4G: 40 something dollars

    Simple works….Please talk to apple marketing….simple terms people love simple terms….

    • Bajamin

      I agree with you BigMixxx but the problem would be they already call their current plans unlimited and I’m sure they are trying to avoid confusion. But I think keeping it as “Unlimited 4G” or “Totally unlimited 4g” is the best bet and just pump out commercials that say “hey, no throttle and no overages. All the 4g you can eat.”

      • BigMixxx

        They should do it at a buffet….

    • Tmofosho

      Except that there is a 10Gb for 60

  • Joseph Tongret

    I think unlimited plans would be nice, because they would bring in some of the Sprint customers who are upset with the slow speeds of their network, and probably bring back some customers who left. I honestly don’t need unlimited data though. I have 5gb $20 plans for my lines, and I don’t want to give up that pricing. I just hope I can hold onto that when lte launches.

  • Kevev

    This is probably not going to be “Real Unlimited”. They are looking for a name for their new shared data plan.

    Follow the leaders……

    • Taron19119

      Where have u been t-mobile has said they are against shared data plans they think it’s a rip off

      • cubanito151

        They don’t think. It IS a rip-off in my opinion.

  • Tbyrne

    How’s this: “T-Mobile 4G. No Limits! No Worries!! Just Go…………(as Carly is zoomin by on her bike).

    • Macman806

      Yea then her bike spudders & smokes when she passes a line marked “2gb”

    • RomneySucks

      Not a bad start but does marketing really show that Carly is getting them new customers?  I doubt it – Carly is stupid and has nothing to do with the Tmobile customer or potential customers.  I dont care about a girl on a bike.  Really?  And the commercials with the black jacket were stupid and the ones comparing a 4g tmobile device with a 3g iphone were equally idiotic.  ANother carrier should spoof it with the LTE iphone compared to Tmobile where my so called 4g only averages 2mpbs where ever I go…Lowest was .57 and highest was in the low 3s

    • galaxydude

      Sounds stupid dude

      • Tbyrne

        Like how you look?

        • galaxydude

          Okay why don’t you put your picture up.
          ——– Original message ——–
          Subject: [tmonews] Re: Rumor: T-Mobile Testing Names For New Unlimited 4G Data Plan?

        • Guys, enough…move on.

  • Grimbeaver

    Lets combine two words that mean “unlimited” and confuse people even more.  If all the carriers had not misused “unlimited” to begin with we would not have this problem.

    • MacRat

      Yes, the survey was quite sad.

      I got to the point where they gave 4 options of the same slogan with the words just rearranged and you were supposed to pick the one you like most.

      There was no option for “none of the above” to I stopped wasting my time with the survey at that point.

  • …………………. What a waste of time. The only reason the word ‘unlimited’ lost it’s true meaning in the mobile market is because of data caps. Make data TRULY unlimited and it explains itself. Or Data 5 gb Data 2gb throttle after

  • 0neTw0

    Bottom less data. You promise to not wear bottoms and we promise not to throttle you. 

  • 5 a.m.

    *** It just means you get ONLY DATA and you have to pay ADDITIONAL for MINUTES and TEXT ***
    Example: Endless Unlimited 4G Data Plan : $89.99

                   Minutes: 500, 1000, 2000; different prices
                   Mobile to Mobile: $10
                   Text: 500 – $10, unlimited – $20

    They are selling Data Plans like they were selling Minutes. It’s a shift in focus. But same thing in the end.

    • MacRat

      It would be nice not to have to pay for SMS and reduce the monthly charge even more.

      All my SMS messages come into my Google Voice number and I read on my phone through the GV app over data.

      The only SMS messages that come to the phone number are from T-Mobile or spam.

    • Tmoemployee

      I’m an employee and this isn’t true. Wouldn’t make sense when you can get unlimited talk text and web for 60/month now would it

      • MaseW

        You’re assuming that the plan you are referring to isn’t going to be eliminated.

      • Kiwini

        Where is that plan without throttling?  If youre talking prepaid, they throttle you at 2gb on the $6o plan and I dont see that type o f plan on postpaid anywhere

      • 5 a.m.

        But the plan you mentioned has a 4G data speed cap at 2gb. It’s not the best solution for everyone. 

        If we can agree that “Endless Unlimited 4G Plan” implies no cap in data speed then I can see it makes sense and can attract a certain large group of people. I never said this plan will be the ‘only’ plan at T-mobile. Just like the $60 plan is not the only plan available. Obviously, T-Mobile is trying to capture a new segment. Perhaps this plan is good for customers that know how to take advantage of data plan to achieve all their needs. I can see why minutes and sms is not important anymore in the current market for early adopters of new tech features.    Streaming (content on demand) is huge right now. Netflix (movies), music, cloud sharing, upload high quality photos on Web 2.0 (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), high quality video conferencing, etc. If the pricing is good, I believe it will be a popular plan. 

  • guidomus_maximus

    Based on past experience, it will not be unlimited or endless. It also may not have anything to do with 4G or data

    • MaseW

      A humorous way to communicate a disappointing truth…

  • MaseW

    Sounds to me that T-Mobile is trying to find the right word salad to make people think they’re getting something that they’re not…

    “How do we make people think that they will be getting an unlimited amount of data usage at 4G speeds without actually giving them that?”

    So they send out a a bunch of proposed slogans that contain the words, “unlimited”, “data” and “4G”, along with other words, then see which one causes the fewest amount of people to immediately think that they are getting unlimited 4G data usage.

    • Sally

      could they throttle people to 3G instead of Edge speeds.  That might make it more tolerable and maybe having the throttle being less painful than every other carrier who does the same. Its always a bait and switch.  What they hope for is an all you can eat buffet where the customer pays  more but doesnt use it.  Thats what others try to do with their overages…so people pay for more data than t hey need

      • MaseW

        The problem is that 3G and 4G use the same “network”. The 4G (HSPA+) network, is just the “updated version” of the 3G (HSPA) network. If you are on any particular site, there is one part that provides GSM for phone calls and 2G (EDGE) for data, and a second part that provides 3G/4G data.

        It would be a more complex operation to try and throttle phones, device by device, on the 3G/4G portion, as opposed to just kicking the throttled devices off of the 3G/4G network, on to the 2G network.

        It’s the same thing with the other carriers. For Sprint and Verizon, there is one part of the network that provides CDMA for phone calls, and 2G (EVDO) data. Then the second part of the network gives you LTE (and/or WiMAX in the case of Sprint). AT&T uses one network of GSM and 2G plus and second network of HSPA or LTE, depending on the location.

        However, the key point as you stated, is the “bait and switch”.
        It seems to me that if an advertising slogan which uses well know, plain English words to communicate an idea, only to have that idea (and the definitions of those words) completely contradicted by the “terms” or “fine print” describing the idea, there should be legal consequences for that company.

        Even throttling to 3G speeds would contradict the plain English understanding of “Endless Unlimited 4G Data”. Either drop the “4G”, or the “Unlimited”, because the moment my phone gets throttled, I am not using “4G Data”, and the 4G Data I was previously using, was not unlimited or endless. It had a limit, it was ended when that limit was reached, then I began using 3G Data.

        Therefore the first two adjectives are at best, meaningless, at worst, intentionally misleading.

      • kalel33

        You wish they were Edge speeds, but they are just slightly better than dial-up, which makes it completely useless for almost everything but a text email.

  • Adding unlimited already has controversy around it adding endless makes it even worse. Endless means to have no limit or end. If there is a limit there is going to be a lot of confusion. Even though most users don’t use over 20 gigs a month. T-mobile already has 10 gigs a month for $60. Unless this newer plan is cheaper than this I don’t see people wanting it very much. Text are basically free with other services like whats app, G+ messenger, Google voice. The most reasonable price for this new data plan would be $80

  • nWo Galaxy

    Yeah sure its unlimited but wait till you go over 2gb of data and see what happens to your speed

    • STARz


  • Dfireballwow

    I pay $60 a month for 10 gb. It does me no good cuz I travel so much so I do use a lot of my 10 gb but I also roam too that 200mb runs out real fast. That is a big problem for me.

    • predation

      200mb for roaming data? Isn’t that only for prepaid customers?

      • kalel33

        Nope, this was changed by T-mobile earlier this year.  2GB plans get 50MB, 5GB gets 100MB and 10GB gets 200MB.  

  • Gouv

    “Endless” doesn’t have such a bad feel to it. It just better be truly endless if they want to entice the user into staying with the service. IMO, marketing is only trily effective if makes people want the product/service based on realistic expectations. In other words, no data caps… Truthfully, tmo doesn’t have a massive user base so they can probably afford to lure in customers with this for a while. They can easily kill it off if it really became a problem.

    • Guest

      Honestly when I hear endless, I think of waiting endlessly for a page to load.

    • Guest

      or they can do something like this periodically as a promotion.  I remember several times VZ did a double the data price.  I was close to jumping on that as they were offering 4GB of data for the price of 2. Tmo should do more discount promos on their monthly rate plans as opposed to their phones.  People wet themselves to see a discount every month for 24 months that they can brag about and feel like theyre getting a deal vs having to jump through hoops for a 1-time $50 rebate.  My first plan was $10 off the regular price and that made me give Tmo a chance

      • Gouv

        Yep that would work too!

  • MatthewMurawski

    What about “Truly Unlimited 4G Data Plan”?

    • Ot4

      Only problem is they currently refer to all their limited data plans as UNLIMITED.  They even do that with the prepaid plans.  Thats the type of thing that turns people off…A big company advertises something they want and then the fine print kills the deal.  When I was throttled, my data was basically dead.  I couldnt even get a website or email to load – and GPS left me stranded.

      • JBLmobileG1

        Well, they could always call it… “truly unlimited high speed 4G data plan” that’s how it is on my screen… I get 10gb of high speed data but it shows unlimited in general.

        • bob90210

          my says “truly unlimited high speed 4G data plan turbo championship edition EX”

  • JB

    It’s kind of redundant, since endless and unlimited basically implies the same thing… If you’re going the route of Sprint, that’s awesome, but keep it simple…. Just “Endless 4G” isn’t such a bad idea… (since Sprint uses the buzz term “simply” and “truly” you don’t wanna go with that) 

    If you’re going to tier off your plans, then just label the throttled data plans as “Limited 4G” with some sort of tagline like: “Pay only for what you need” and the “Endless 4G” could carry some sort of tagline like: “All the data you want”I rarely go over 5GB (let alone 2GB) but there was a storm in my area recently that knocked out my internet for days and my saving grace was my hotspot.. I ended up being throttled, so that kind of sucked!!! So there’s definitely a need for a plan like this particularly if someone’s travelling or gets in a situation like mine. If they offered some sort of truly unlimited plan.. I would be all over it.. but only if the price was right. They could kill off the 10GB plan and price it $10 cheaper. I think that could work. 

  • Kenn

    just spoke to a coworker who is looking for a new cell phone and carrier and asked her about tmobile.  she said shes too scared to sign a contract because she feels the company wont be around in its current form in two years.  She also said she thinks of them more like a second tier carrier because of no iphone or LTE.  Anyway she said Sprint may be attractive if their LTE network in Atlanta is up and running (although many in ATL say its only working in some suburban areas) ; Shes a single woman so Verizon’s share plans are outrageous so ATT seems to be the likely winner , esp if she goes for the new iphone .  She currently has an Android but its not a top-tier one so shes been disappointed with the bugs

    • chris125

      You can get individual plans on Verizon don’t need share plan.

  • TmoFuture?

    Just say unlimited 4G with no throttling and emphasize a better network than Sprint and much cheaper than VZ and ATT.  But dont play games or have asterisks.  And make sure this doesnt put so much stress on the TMo network that everyone begins to suffer.  Honestly, with all the problems I read about on Sprints data network , I cant understand how they can be ahead of Tmobile on customers ?

    • JBrowne1012

      because sprint didn’t have a huge carrier trying to buy them out giving negative pr

    • bleeew

      More coverage than Sprint, and more affordable than Att and Verizon.
      I guess people left because tmobile hasnt upgraded rural areas to 3g

  • Nearmsp

    Both me and my wife have 5GB with hotspot.We have Wi-Fi at home and work. Our usage thus is never more than 2GB at most. I would rather see T-mobile provide us faster speed (current 3Mb/sec) to 4G speeds before offering unlimited plans.

  • Dave Macias

    How about HiSpeed internet? Or HiSpeed 4G?

  • Oh. you mean like my unlimited data thats not capped? Yea, I love it

  • DJ Lawless One™

    I can see the commercial now:

    A guy walking down the street with a baseball cap and beats headphones on he gets a notification on his One S to watch a video and the video is of Carly on her motorcycle and the “fast internet speeds” blows his hat off of his head. Then comes the tagline…..

    4G speeds with “no caps”…………get it?

    • Ah… I see what you did there. Good one

  • NardVa

    Just call it the “No throttle No Limit 4G Plan”

  • JosephLagalla

    Read my mind with the iPhone comment.

  • I just hope it doesn’t cost an arm & a leg. I mean 10GB of data is already $55-$60 alone. That’s a lot. Shoot, at least throw us loyal customers a bone, & gives us a little discount on this if it ever comes. lol

    • Phoenix31756

      Ask yourself if an EMAIL being delivered via your cell phone is worth the cost of that $50-60 bucks when you could get it over your computer while at home ? 

      Make’s you really look STUPID if you use your cell phone to get directions to a McDonald’s fast-burger joint and you stop and consider it just cost you more then what you forked over with the real bucks, huh ? 

      The cost of that WHOPPER or BIG MACK plus the cost of  whatever data you used to get directions !

  • kahlayoh

    True Unlimited 4G Data…simple!!

  • Olber Ramirez

    tmobile =no iphone 5 no lte
    tmobile= unlimited 4g speed 
    thats what they gonna start offering next month because they wont get the new iphone and they know a lot of costumers are gonna leave because they are exhausted to be waiting for the iphone on tmobile 

    • Chris

      They don’t have to get the iphone for the customers to get one. When they turn those network bands that they got from AT&T and Verizon, you just need an unlock iphone.

      • bleeew

        But some people are idiots and think that an Unlocked iPhone is really expensive compared to a subsidized price. Trust me, some dont have that knowledge.

  • SirWilliam4

    Or how about a plan that includes unlimited data for the phone or tablet and a throttled amount for devices tethered? So unlimited with 2gb tetherable 4g. Cuts down on the network usage and you still have tethering, but you won’t get stuck in the middle of nowhere with slow/useless gps.

  • dude

    I see some. Comments saying they would rather have faster speeds but I just used ten GB In tweleve days. Thank goodness for WiFi but my schools WiFi sucks and honestly don’t no what to with only 2 GB……so unlimited isn’t Appealing but sexy as hell right now lol

  • UMA_Fan

    I don’t see how this work.  The whole point of tiered data is to tailor plans according to rising data consumption.  You use more, you pay more.  T-Mobile has the only overage-free tiered plans in the industry.  Having a plan option with no tier sets T-Mobile up to be compared as more expensive than the competition when looking at what Unlimited Talk, Text, and Web cost.  I doubt if such an option existed that it would replace any of the tiers available now.  It would be something that’s priced higher.

    T-Mobile should introduce roll over data.  Unused megabytes carry over to the next month.  A lot of people perceived value with that when at&t did it with voice.  T-Mobile should beat them at their own game.

    • bleeew

      How about Unlimited Data(No Caps)
      Once TMobile gets full and gains momentum, take away unlimited and let grandfathered people use it.
      Later introduce tiered data with rollover or unlimited with throttling again

  • MuthaFuckinStephen

    Why not just scrap the tiered data plans and give everyone back the old “real unlimited data”. None of that slow down BS.

  • Daswahnsinn

    I would love unlimited 4G, well any 4G would be good. I think they should try to make sure that people could have 4G before making it seem like they can. Unlimited isn’t good if you can’t access the product.

  • Phoenix31756

    What I don’t get is the WHY part of this ?

    WHY, do we constantly NEED,WANT,CRAVE and DESIRE to acquire INFORMATION, that has become obsolete the minute you see or hear it and trash it ? We have become so DEPENDENT on the information highway, that it has become everyone’s LIFELINE to life !



    • Airvirgo0911179

      Well said

  • Phoenix31756

    T-Mobile is playing “Tail End Charlie” here regarding service, Guess what everyone’s afraid of now ? Everyone’s afraid of T-Mobile going Belly-Up and leaving us LOYAL customers rushing around with our heads cut off like chickens ! T-Mobile is acting like the US Government last year, Facing financial debt crisis time after time, threats of shutting it’s doors because it has no money in it’s coffers. Instead of trying to INVENT a NEW Mousetrap, maybe it should look for ways to IMPROVE on that mousetrap it babied over the years.

    If T-Mobile wants to stay in this Telecommunication business, they better start doing their BEST in giving what their customers desire the most ! Remember that old saying back in the days about ” An Honest days pay for a Honest days work ? ” well, T-Mobile….Give us Loyal customers what we desire the most……A TOP QUALITY PRODUCT and SERVICE for an HONEST BUCK !

    We are not DONKEYS ! Quit with putting the CARROT in front of us and just deliver an honest good old American service with a Quality product !  

    • Bobby

      I agree..I been with tmo for 14 years

  • unfaix

    What the… so this is a real unlimited plan that uses the word unlimited correctly?

    So what happens to my “Unlimited (5GB high speed data)” become?

  • James

    I had the even more plus plan that claimed to havr unlimited data, but of course this was before 4g speeds were available. So per T-Mobile my unlimited data plan turned into a 5GB 4G speeds and throttled after the 4G cap. Still they kept to their word offering unlimited data. Just hope they don’t put LTE in a different catagory saying you get unlimited 4G HSPA with this plan but not with LTE.


    I’m srry I kno this off topic but I got the galaxy note and not very happy with my upgrade because my mind told me congratulations you’ve just upgraded to a larger s2 and want to kno from you guys should i return it and get the s3 or keep the note because i feel like i upgraded up to the same thing that just has a larger screen? ???????

    • patrick

      You know i was thinking the same thing i wasted my upgrade on a larger s2 to but T mobile made it seem like it was a new release from Samsung i might return it and just get the s3 having a big screen is what attracted me to it but now reading your comment im have second thoughts about being in a 2 year contract with the g note but if you really dont like the g note definitely go get the s3 because thats what i plan on doing to i like to stay up to date with spec


        Too late i already got the gs3 with sprint and im very satisfied with my purchase should have got through s3 in the first place the galaxy. Note on Tmobile is a big gimmick sense they released it after the galaxy s3 but thanks for helping tho.

  • Yup!

    How about…

    “We’re not lying this time!”*

    *After 1 GB of data usage, connection will be limited to GPRS.

  • GBGamer

    I like “The Full Monty”.

  • Jose Hernandez

    They should be straight about it

    Unlimited Talk & Text, 2GB 4G Data*
    Unlimited Talk & Text, 5GB 4G Data*
    Unlimited Talk & Text, 10GB 4G Data*
    Unlimited Talk & Text, 20GB 4G Data*
    *4G Speeds will be throttled down after data limit is reached, no overages

    Unlimited All**
    **Unlimited Talk, Text and 4G Data, full speed all the time, no overages.

    Something like this, people would know what they get, what to expect and how much they pay.

    Why is something like this so hard for them to do?

    • Jarrod

      Thats basically what Verizon is doing and I don’t like it at all. Why should I have unlimited voice shoved down my throat when I only use data and text mainly. They need a 300 min plan with unlimited text and web for $40/$45.