Samsung Galaxy Note Accessories Begin Trickling Into T-Mobile Retail Owned Stores

It’s not always a perfect indicator of a device arriving soon, but the arrival of Samsung Galaxy Note accessories into T-Mobile owned retail stores is a good sign. Accessories can often arrive weeks before a phone launches, although on the same hand they can arrive a day or two before launch. Is it possible that Galaxy Note accessories are arriving in time for the once anticipated July 11th launch? Of course, but we’re still thinking August 8th is more likely given that a number of events that generally happen prior to a major phone launch for T-Mobile have yet to take place. For one, the PR announcement was expected on June 25th, which is well in the past along with the “Coming Soon” page on T-Mobile’s website which was supposed to appear on July 3rd.

Given that neither of these events have taken place, we’re pretty certain the July 11th date is a long-shot, though we’re happy to be surprised. We have learned that T-Mobile will be focus the Galaxy Note on, on B2B customers and limited store distribution.

We are however 100% certain that the device will launch with Ice Cream Sandwich, just in case there was any doubt. We’re also expecting an HSPA+ 42Mbps radio inside given that T-Mobile is calling for the Galaxy Note to “browse the web fast with one of T-Mobile’s fastest 4G devices.”

No matter how “late” the Galaxy Note may be after its initial launch last year, this is still one “phablet” we’re eager to get our hands on paired with T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network.

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  • Wilma Flintstone

    This is taking too long.  I may just grab one from CL and Hack it.

    Also with the news that Jolla is going to be manufacturing AND BRINGING TO THE CONSUMER (looking at you Nokia) MeeGo devices, I may just wait to use my upgrade on one of those.  Question is, when is Jolla going to start bringing these MeeGo devices out?  Now the investigations begin. :D

    MeeGo is BACK!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Here’s the article for those interested:

      @MarcusDW:disqus MEEGO IS BACK DUDE!!!!  :D

      • MarcusDW

        They may actually be competitive if they do this right.  

    • Dev

      Youbetcha-especially if they hew to the Nokia design philosophy of less is better. 

  • Anonymous

    this is an example of too little too late.. so we’re finally getting the note? guess what, the note 2 is just around the corner

  • GeekNerdStuff

    Seriously what is the hold up with this device? We all know it’s coming to T-Mobile and we all know it’s outdated and Galaxy Note 2 is on the way. At this rate it wouldn’t be too farfetched if T-Mobile announced it on Wednesday (July 11) and got it over with.

    • ChrisFromTheBronx

      I agree with you. I also hope they sell it for a decent price before they bury themself in a big hole with angry Customers. $199 would be great since the Galaxy Note 2 is coming soon and will also be hitting T-Mobile.

  • Joelsky

    so what if it’s late? still it’s a hit. i will grab one. 

  • wave

    Are u sure they didn’t take a galaxy note case and stuck it in a T-Mobile case that said Samsung

    • 100%? No. I know those dates are 100% accurate for what was supposed to happen with the launch though. 

  • One thing that bothers me about all of the phones tmo has been putting out lately, is the speed of the Internet on them. They keep saying 42+, but not one of them can do it. There is a tower right outside my Window, more so right across the road. I get 24mb max, nothing more. So to me, they don’t even deserve to get this wonderful device, because there is nothing special about it at this point. Getting 24 is great, but they should really stop trying to sell people on their network at this point. This phone is very nice, I have owned it for some time, so bringing it to tmo is just nothing special at this point.

    Tmo needs another windows phone, we have enough android.

    • Get_at_Me

      Thats theoretical speed… Speeds u could see if all the stars aligned with tmos network. Ive seen 24mbps on my gs2….ive seen screen shots of 26

    • Nick

      What did you expect, truth in advertising?


    • Baranauskasb

      Theorerical speeds on current 4G LTE is 72 Mb/s. Tmobile is 42. The facts are, you will NEVER stream the full theoretical speed. BUT, tmobile is running THE FASTEST AVERAGE DATA SPEEDS. I run between 17-36Mb downlink on average… Nobody in my area with LTE has been able to beat, or even match my speeds.

    • Mirad77

      Now let’s be realistic here for a minute, what exactly do you or would you do with speed more than 24mbps? My home internet workds just fine and it’s only at 6mbps. We all get hyped about all these specs that we but put them to use at their capacity and for what reason….. just to be on top? The max I’ve got on my Gnex is 11mbps (almost 2x what I have at home) but will not trade my GNex for GS3 anytime. We all are chasing ghost with these spec bs beause I have used them from N1,GS1,GS2,RAZR, Atrix 2, RAZR MAXX, and tonight I’ll be getting the Atrix HD but seem to only keep my GNex.  These OMEs are selling and we are buying thats all, before 3G it was the same and after 4G it will stll be the same.

    • Bradley White

      24mb is ridiculously fast. LTE averages about 10mb real world. Comcast has a premium service that give 20mb. I wouldn’t be complaining. 

  • Joel

    We haven’t even received our training on this device yet. That’s usually one of the signs that the device is hitting stores soon. (Currently a T-Mobile TPR 3.0 employee.)

    • ChrisFromTheBronx

      Awesome! Thank you for the insight!

      • Joel

        For sure. I’ll be on here more periodically with TMo info, love the site! :)

        • Jose Hernandez

           Thank you so much Joel, We all would really appreciate the information. Welcome!!!! lol

  • I don’t think the US will see the Note 2 this year.

  • mreveryphone

    Been there hacked that! Next!

  • Nehemias Rodriguez

    all i want to know are the specs. is it going to have a Snapdragon S3 Or S4??? and at least 2GB of Ram. if it doesnt have a S4 Processor and at least 2GB of Ram, then its a bad waste of time on t-mobile part.  

  • Nehemias Rodriguez

    SPECS, SPECS, SPECS…. Can someone please tell me??? Processor, Ram, Battery Life, ICS?

  • Elpapipr

    GS3 or NOTE?

    • Get_at_Me

      The age old question… If the note has the s3 chip im going to have a hard time picking it over the gs3.

    • ChrisFromTheBronx

      If you don’t mind spending money, then buy the S3 now and when the Galaxy Note 3 comes out then switch to that. If you can’t wait or don’t want the Galaxy Note from T-Mobile or the Galaxy Note 2 or 3 then I suggest you buy the S3 or a HTC One S.

    • Taron19119

      I love my gs3 best phone ever made and I paid 150 for it you gotta love t-mobile

  • Azazellov

    I have a question, if it’s really a HSPA+ 42 mbps phone, doesn’t that mean it has a Snapdragon S4 processor? Then again it could be the same processor the galaxy SII has, a Snapdragon S3 running at 1.5 Ghz with a 42 Mbps HSDPA modem.  Well even if the Galaxy Note 2 is announced soon, I doubt it will come out for T-Mobile before 2013, so I’m still going to buy the Galaxy Note. I just can’t stand the way the Galaxy S3 looks… It’s too bad because all Samsung had to do is replace the processor with an S4 Snapdragon and add 1 GB of RAM and it would have been a really great phone.
    I’ll just have to overclock it to get better performance out of it.

  • ChrisFromTheBronx

    They should just release it on July 11 already. We know the Galaxy Note 2 is coming and some people know and if you guys don’t know that T-Mobile will also be selling the Galaxy Note 2. I hope T-Mobile is the first carrier to get to sell the North American Galaxy Note 2 before it’s competitors do like AT&T. I’m not going to give up on my International Version for the T-Mobile Galaxy Note or Galaxy Note 2. I will be saving my money and try my best to patiently wait for the Galaxy Note 3. I also think T-Mobile should start making more and selling more windows phone. A 4.5, 4.8 or 5 inch Windows phone wouldn’t be bad. Plus it is a bummer that the Galaxy Note 2 doesn’t have unbreakable glass like the 1st one. Might as well wait for the Galaxy Note 3 which most likely will have a unbreakable glass or even maybe a gorilla glass. The Galaxy Note International is my first Samsung phone. I was formely a MyTouch and G1 person. If you are a fan of Samsung you can see this coming. Galaxy Note no unbreakable glass, Galaxy Note 3 will have unbreakable glass or gorilla glass. Well Played Samsung. Until then, Go T-Mobile!

    • WW

      Is it a slap in the face to TMo that AT&T is getting a magenta colored Lumia 900?

      • 21stNow

         It looks like they lightened the color up a little to make it more pink than magenta.

      • ChrisFromTheBronx

        Of course it is but I would rather buy the white or blue.

  • Harddude5

    They’ll probably price the Note at around $350 for an upgrade, which should only encourage those of us sitting on an upgrade to wait until Holiday season and see if the rumors about as many as 5 new devices appear on the Google website with no contract, instant updates and a similar price. How about a Note II with no contract?

    Or maybe I’ll race down to TMO today and burn my upgrade on a state of the art Blackberry 9900 for $350. Or not. Is there any truth to the rumor that RIM and TMO are run by the same family of village idiots?

    • Adal

      well said my friend 

    • jian9007

      Yeah, and the 5 Nexus devices rumored are just that. Rumored. Also, with the release of the Nexus 7 and the Nexus Q, that’s already 2 Nexus devices released. How many of the other 3 (if there is actually 5 total devices) will be phones? I wish Google would actually confirm if it’s true, and if so, how many of which type (tablet, phone, etc.) will be released. Until then we can all only speculate and hope. Also, this is the only time in the last 2 years that the new OS wasn’t released with a new phone. Nexus S with Gingerbread, then the Galaxy Nexus with ICS. Makes me wonder what Google is planning.

      • J-Hop2o6

         We will see. And don’t forget the Nexus 10″. So that’ll be 3 so far, leaving 2 phones, if that rumor was true.

  • Anonymous

    WTH why is Tmobile just now talking about getting the note the phone is like months old plus their going to probably over price it Tuh going to AT&T bye Tmobile maybe I’ll come back in 2013 when LTE is up

    • IM The Boss

      I don’t matter when they get it or how long they been talking about getting it i know one thing IM GETTING ME A T-MOBILE GALAXY NOTE

  • TMoFan

    Even though it’s “late”, it’s great that it’s coming our way. Wasn’t Sprint suppose to get the Note too? I don’t think they ever did either.

  • Mirad77

    I just hope these accessories would fit the GNote 2 as well if not T-Mobile will be in hot shit with bith GNote and the accesseries. A word from the game to T-Mobile US, “Get it when it’s out or don’t get it at all”.

    • Jose Hernandez

       Oh my God! at least We “T-Mobile Customers” are getting it!!! Tell that to the Verizon and Sprint customers that wish their carriers where getting too, even this “late”. Be a little appreciative that T-Mobile is getting, What is still is a really great phone btw, and are giving you the choice to get it. If you don’t care about it now, fine then, but stop with the mindless complaining. The GNote 2 is rumored to be a larger device (5.3 vs 5.5 if I am not mistaken), how the heck do you expect them to sell accessories that fit 2 phones of different sizes?

  • Youngtexas_balla06

    Can’t wait for tha NOTE!!!! Have the Galaxy S 3, and will be giving it to my wife, although its a pretty good phone, I just rather have the NOTE with ICS or Jelly Bean, and for those who talking about the NOTE2, switch carriers and go get it, geeeezzzzzz, it’s that simple…. Tmobile is not holding y’all hostage…. You are just another $$$$$$ sign same as I….

  • GG421

    Don’t you guys think its embarrassing that Tmobile is JUST getting the Galaxy Note while all the media buzz is the release in a few months of the Galaxy Note 2?  It just promotes Tmobile reputation as a second tier brand.  Any people here in ATL?  Was shocked today to be in Decatur and not even be able to get anything but Edge.  Really getting closer and closer to leaving for good.

    • 30014

      I don’t know what that was about but 4g was fine all day out here in Covington. I hope they get that taken care of.

    • ogopogo

       If you are looking for someone to convince you to stay, then you’ve posted in the wrong forum. 99% of the people here know why they are here. T-Mobile offers good value for the money. I don’t think that any of us are ashamed of the fact that we save hundreds each year with our plans.

    • ChrisFromTheBronx

      It is embarrassing. You can always flash your phone at a profesional store that flashes phone. Google it or check craiglist if there are any locals near you.

      • Nehemias Rodriguez

         i bet on cragslist!!

    • Addi

      No I think it’s awesome! So what if Tmo took so long to get it. We have it and Verizon and sprint both don’t. We’re not as dumb as AT&T to pay millions for some exclusivity fee. It’s still a damn good phone and everyone is talking trash but who says we don’t get the note 2 in a couple of months. If you want to cry and complain do it on someone else’s board. You can spend your tons of money on a so called “first tier carrier” then. Just don’t cry when Tmo gets even faster next year with LTE!

  • Kevin

    Bring it on! I can’t wait.

  • Auser72

    Was seriously thinking about getting Galaxy Note, but already pre ordered nexus 7. Just couldn’t pass it up for $199, and hold on to GS2 and full upgrade a while longer.

  • Bonay

    Im going to wait and hope its one of the phones offered in November by Google. That way T-mob  wont have it F’d up with all their bloatware shit and Google will get my money and not T-mob.

    • FILA

      nah forget this phone man, the Note 2 is coming out in a few months. T-Mobile is way to late for this phone. The next Google Nexus phones will launch in November. Once you go nexus like i did, you will never see these carrier phones the same anymore. 

      • Bonay

         I should have been more specific. I’m gonna wait and see if Google has the Note II as one of their phones in November.

        I bought my wife the Nexus from Google and flashed it with Jellybean. She loves it. I want the Note because I want the bigger screen. Im tired of fat fingering buttons.

  • Torrey Morgan

    That is fake. Why would someone have it at home on their desk? And that is deff not a tmobile case. Plus, all the paper inserts still say tmobile on the phone pic, that one doesn’t. I smell fake!

    • FILA

      lol, well lets look, the phone is def coming we already know that, that could be a managers desk right? why the hell would someone go out there way and make fake accessories images now? lol

  • o? o

    It is fake look there’s like scratches on the box if you zoom in on it that tmobile box is old

    • Jordan Pereira

      You can see through the plastic that it says “Note” under “Protective Cover.”

    • Lady Lowe

      Well not so fake after all the Tmobile Samsung galaxy note will drop in less than 48 hours

  • Nehemias Rodriguez

    David Beren Why you keep deleting my comments and replys. all i did was asked a simple Question and replied to a few comments. what did i ever do to you and tmonews. im pretty sure your goin to delete this one as well. im just a normal person commenting and seeking answers like the rest of us on Tmonews. i love this website and you guys rocks.

  • HummerH2dude

    I have a htc hd2 that has been on it’s last legs for the last six months. When I went to the t-mobile store, which had just been renovated, the best t-mobile had was SGSii. Even after I explained to the sales person that I wanted  and needed a larger phone because this OG can’t see as well as I used to, he insisted that the best I would be able to do was get the SGS[[, which only has a slightly larger screen than my htc. I asked  him about the SGSiii  and he replied that it couldn’t possibly come out until around x-mas, and if I did decide to wait it would be a huge waist of my time. So then I lamented,” will you guys ever get SGN”? He told me t-mobile would never get that phone.Well, needless to say he was wrong on both fronts. I was so happy to learn that the SGN was going to be sold by tmo. But, alas, as much as I want the Note, the on sale date of  8/8 is just a little too long to wait considering I now have an htc brick.  I                                
    have dreamed and drooled over the Note, but as much as I want to get it, I can’t wait another 3 weeks without a phone. I reckon           
    I will HAVE to go with the Siii. I almost made it, and I am still hoping that some kind of miracle will happen and tmo will sell the Note starting tomorrow. Even if they don’t I still need to buy a phone come Friday. Yeah,  I am totally bummed that they decided to sell my dream phone a month from now.

  • Boss lady lowe

    Just less then 48 hours.away the Tmobile Samsung Galaxy Note will be here I cant wait