Two Separate Reasons To Consider Purchasing The Galaxy S III, If/When It Lands On T-Mobile

If you’re a dedicated Samsung fan and you’ve felt a little slighted at HTC’s sweet free Dropbox space, consider your fortunes changed. Samsung has announced that everyone who buys and registers a Galaxy S III will have their Dropbox accounts boosted with 50GB of extra storage for two years. No word on what happens to the storage space after the 24 month time-frame, but for two years it’s a sweet deal. The real question is how this fits in with Google’s Drive effort as Dropbox is signs deals all over Android smartphone manufacturers. A free 50GB storage offer, if only for two years is hard to pass up, no matter how enticing Google Storage may be.

The news gets even better if you, like me have waited and hoped for a Flipboard arrival on the Android platform. As I work my way through my Android experience, Flipboard is one of those apps I’ve long appreciated as an iOS user. That’s about to change, somewhat as the formerly exclusive iOS application is coming to Android — sort of. Samsung has locked down an exclusive version of Flipboard for the Galaxy S III, and it’s said to be a lot like the iOS version according to the SlashGear folks who went hands-on. As for when it will be available for other Android devices, Flipboard is only saying it will be available for “select” phones in the “coming months.” Hit the SlashGear link below for a few more pictures.

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