Two Separate Reasons To Consider Purchasing The Galaxy S III, If/When It Lands On T-Mobile

If you’re a dedicated Samsung fan and you’ve felt a little slighted at HTC’s sweet free Dropbox space, consider your fortunes changed. Samsung has announced that everyone who buys and registers a Galaxy S III will have their Dropbox accounts boosted with 50GB of extra storage for two years. No word on what happens to the storage space after the 24 month time-frame, but for two years it’s a sweet deal. The real question is how this fits in with Google’s Drive effort as Dropbox is signs deals all over Android smartphone manufacturers. A free 50GB storage offer, if only for two years is hard to pass up, no matter how enticing Google Storage may be.

The news gets even better if you, like me have waited and hoped for a Flipboard arrival on the Android platform. As I work my way through my Android experience, Flipboard is one of those apps I’ve long appreciated as an iOS user. That’s about to change, somewhat as the formerly exclusive iOS application is coming to Android — sort of. Samsung has locked down an exclusive version of Flipboard for the Galaxy S III, and it’s said to be a lot like the iOS version according to the SlashGear folks who went hands-on. As for when it will be available for other Android devices, Flipboard is only saying it will be available for “select” phones in the “coming months.” Hit the SlashGear link below for a few more pictures.

The Verge, Slashgear


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  • When is it coming out? I am returning my One S today, frustrated on how fast the battery dies, even when I have the minimum amount of apps running and customized for minimum use. I am coming back to my Sensation where, at least, I can switch batteries though.

    • You’re doing something wrong. I run my One S with GPS/WiFi/Bluetooth on and constantly connected to my Sony Smartwatch and get amazing battery life.

      • LMO

        I am having the same issue..I have the One S for one week and plan on returning it for the GAlaxy 2 since I gave my son my sensation :( . Do you have any suggestions and what we might be doing wrong. Mine lags and uploads to facebook get stuck and i have to log off in order to stop it.

        • I can’t comment on Facebook issues because the first thing I did was disable it. The Facebook app is one of the worst battery-sucking malware applications you can install on Android. When you say yours “lags”, are you talking about a stuttering GUI? That definitely makes it sound like there’s a lot of cpu or data load going on in the background, which will crater your battery life. I’d look into a third-party Facebook solution and investigate for other “rogue apps”.

        • Anonymous

          android gui will always lag when compared to ios and windows phones. I played with the floor model at a nearby tmobile store and was surprised to see so much gui stutter after hearing all the hype about it being :”buttery smooth”

          still not as smooth as ios and windows phones.. not even close.

        • fixxmyhead

          well try a custom ROM. i use to be a skeptic too cuz all the roms always say “insane UI”, “speed demon” and so on and when i flashed them i had lags. that is until i tried a gingerbread rom called slickmod on my s2(i forget which version) but damn was that a smooth ass rom. never had any hiccups or force closes and it was soooo responsive and fluid and fast. i really think it was on par with ios fluidity. i miss that rom but gotta keep up with the latest version

  • dkbnyc

    Cool. Just purchased the Galaxy Tablet 2 7 inch. Comes with 50GB Dropbox for a year.

  • Nearmsp

    I do not like Samsung doing deals for dropbox and Flipboard etc only for SGSIII. It shows disdain for other Samsung users such as myself on SGS2. I can understand the special deals if hardward limitations are the reason. I use both an Ipad and SGS2 and for sure my experience in the iOs environment is far superior the Android environment.

    • perfectalpha

      I think this is something a lot of Android folks don’t want to hear, but it is the truth. iOS ecosystem is definitely superior. Let’s be honest, these moves are more about Samsung providing you the “Samsung Experience.” Folks who own an HTC phone or a Huawei phone will just be left in the cold and that…sucks. None of that on iPhone.

  • Rudy Belova

    Flipboard is a “formerly exclusive iOS application”?
    Oh great. He comes the apple fanboy twitter storm coming!

    • StonersLane

      Dumped Flipboard for Google Current and never looked back.

  • MarcusDW

    I just looked at Flipboard for the first time and I gotta say it’s pretty cool.

  • BigMixxx

    ok, that’s a VERY nice application. it’s nice for real…

  • terryjohnson16

    HTC One S users, according to a post by TmoNews, T-Mobile will be issuing a software OTA fix, for the battery issues.

    As a T-Mobile GS2 user, I welcome the rumored ICS update. At times, I ready to get rid of the GS2, due to the sudden sluggish TouchWiz interface, and the annoying battery drain. I think its Android in general. No matter how large the battery capacity is.

    • duffmann116

      Actually, its not just android that kills battery. Mostly it is the 3g/4g wireless network that drains it. Get juice defender from the play store, it will turn off your 3g/4g once your phone is locked. I dont have 3g on my optimus t ever, i dont pay for it, and i get 3 days of battery life out of it. And i use my phone a lot.

  • Ray

    i guess ill have to get this phone if it comes to tmobile

  • StonersLane

    So David, How’s the HTC One S working for ya?

    • Still enjoying it, still tempting to try another Android device though! Maybe Galaxy S II laying around, just to have some fun messing around with different versions of Android.

      • StonersLane

        That’s good to hear. Keep us updated :D

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I’m glad this GS3 has an external SD Card Slot. I’d much rather own my memory than Lease it for two years.

    I’m interested in the GS3. I heard that a bunch of people were let down but it has pretty much everything I want plus more so I just need a date and price of it (Or the note).

    Also just a sidenote: This New Disqus is not very friendly with my mobile phone.

  • stevejobbed

    I’m a converted ios guy but I think Samsung really brought it with the S3. Want to check this phone out in person.
    Flipboard is a really great app, hopefully all android users get it soon. Google current is nice but nowhere near as intuitive as Flipboard.

  • carlkk

    who cares about flipboard having Pulse way more informative rather than all interactive and more animations than actual info

  • sanman202

    Not ugrading from GS2, just not enough new features to do so. You get the GS3 and a month later it’s old already. The GS2 still screams through apps and boots up in seconds.

  • TBN27

    this will not be enough for me to upgrade to a GSIII. i already have and recently bought a GSII to replace my Buggy G2X and will not upgrade until T-Mobile has their LTE network p and ready to fight. which means i will upgrade to an LTE ready phone. most likely will be HTC for playing with the one S, i found that sense is better to me than touchwiz

  • now_onTMO

    i hope tmobile gets the quad core exynos versin, it has quad core gpu which means it will perform really nice.. tmobile will change the design of this phone most likely.. i dont even understand why some people complain about the design when the US variants always look different… spec of this phone? awesome! sd slit ,removable battery! check!