HTC One Kickstand Cases Revealed, Comes In Four Colors

If you’re looking for a case to offer a little added protection to your newly purchased HTC One S — HTC has just previewed their upcoming cases for the One S, including the kickstand variety. The cases will come in four colors — gray, granita (red), navy blue (looks royal blue in the pictures)? and black. HTC used a precision-molded flexible plastic shell covered in a soft touch finish. The kickstand is composed of a metal alloy and is spring-loaded, but does block access to the microUSB port when in use. The cases offer complete protection for the rear of the device, though the front remains exposed to the elements. Availability is listed as “soon,” and pricing is $24.99 for the plain model and $39.99 for the kickstand variety.

Hit up Engadget’s gallery at the source link to see a gallery of just over 40 images showing these accessories from every possible angle.


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  • Jason

    I wish HTC would actually employ people who USED these devices when considering their design. The USB on the side is so annoying, of course if you’re gonna use a stand it’s because you want to have the display on for a LONG time, hence you’d probably want it plugged in. That is the one thing I miss about my Galaxy S 4G and the snap on kickstand case, it could stand 3 ways plus still be plugged in…

  • ingram1225

    That’s nice… but I believe this is better.
    HTC HC V741 Hard Shell Flip Case for HTC One S