Watch The Samsung Galaxy S III Event All Over Again

If you were unable to catch Samsung’s official Galaxy S III Mobile Unpacked event out of London yesterday afternoon, fear not as Samsung has posted the event online. For many of you, the live stream was a less than stellar experience and even forced me to close the video and follow along on Twitter.

While a lot of us have already formed our first impressions of the Galaxy S III, the entire event is worth watching all the way through to try to experience the excitement Samsung has over their next flagship device.

The question we have for you is, just how excited for the Galaxy S III are YOU?

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  • Abe_The_Babe

    I was really hoping for a Non-Pentile display, but I don’t think it’s a deal breaker. The more I learn about the software, the cooler the phone gets. Since T-Mobile doesn’t need an LTE version, do you think we will be one of the first to get it in the states?

  • ChefJamie

    I think overall the phone has some amazing things going for it! I am just not sure if it is what I want not the biggest fan of Touchwiz but I will have to wait and play with it to make a final judgement!

  • jlite99

    The phone looks good and have nice features. I would love to have that phone and my upgrade is coming up around that time. The bad thing is that Samsung sucks at upgrading Android in the US or its Tmobile fault. I’m still waiting on gingerbread for my vibrant and how long is the wait for the Galaxy S2 to get ICS. I think I’ll wait for a new Nexus to come out.

    • erod

      its hard yo say which company is good for it because companies are starting to use OS upgrades for selling points for new phones there is no money is updating software. im loving proof of it i still have a vibrant 1gen running ICS

  • Al Chandler

    The phone is amazing with a lot of functions, I just hope there is not any lag issues and it will move past 4.0.4 in a timely manner and not stop after one update.

  • breathetmobile

    the s voice stuff is very interesting to me :)

  • Omar Montesino

    David how can I watch the Samsung Galaxy S III Event?