• Please let tmobile have it Samsung!!

  • Justaguy


  • I’m very sure this is coming to all the 4 top carriers, Especially our beloved Magenta.

  • spoggle

    They also listed T-Mobile on the sign up for the Galaxy Nexus, and that never happened.

    • Didn’t I say that in the post?

  • Get_at_Me

    Theyll get it…..why wouldnt they?

  • Don’t see why they wouldn’t give the S3 to T-Mobile considering it’d be one of the easier transitions in comparison to Verizon or Sprint however At&t would definitely be the easiest to migrate the S3 hardware to though.

    • dingaling

      Or if its exclusive to AT&T only since AT&T loves to do that exclusive crap.

      • NO chance this is exclusive, Samsung does not do that with their Galaxy series. Not the smartphones, the Note is a different animal.

        • ChadBroChillz

          Plus, I am sure they regret their exclusive with ATT. The phone did not sell well on ATT. Phone manufacturers are slowing realizing making the same phone for all carriers makes for better numbers. Let people choose what carrier they want, and not lock a phone to one carrier.

    • badbob001

      Maybe Samsung wants iphone-level inventory commitments and high pricing and TMO no longer wants to spend the upfront cash to get it at the initial price. And so they wait until it’s far from being a hot item any more, especially if they wait until after the iphone 5 release. Welcome to being part of a budget carrier.

  • MarcusDW

    These thiings are completely meaningless.

  • Gary B.

    Samsung you need to offer this phone on T-Mobile US, It would sell great! because it would be by far the best phone on the carrier. Please trust me here, I am a Financial Analyst.

  • bleacherbums

    all tmo fans could do is to wait and see what happens… :(

  • taron19119

    this looks like the t-mobile gs2 so im going to say t-mobile well get the Global Galaxy S III


      The Global one does not have 42Mbps. We will get our own version.

      • You think we’ll get an HSPA+42/LTE model, or one with just HSPA+42?

        • TMOTECH

          I predict it will be HSPA+42 only. But I could be wrong. It will be a while before we light up the first LTE cluster…

        • redman12

          I’d be happy with HSPA+42 theoretical speed. LTE is battery hungry.

        • TMOTECH

          One thing that needs to be understood is that the reason LTE on the other carriers is so battery hungry is because LTE is in its infancy. The LTE release 8 network that Big Red and Blue are using is for data only because they have not implemented voice yet. Because it is not possible yetThis means that the 3G radio in the phone needs to be powered up as well for Voice. If there is a way to turn off the LTE radio it would help to save battery life but then you would have to turn it back on every time you wanted to use the LTE data. Very inefficient. Our network will be Release 10 and will most likely have voice capabilities at launch.

  • hopefully they won’t make Tmobile “special” version and change the dimensions like they did with original S2.
    If they keep same size it would be 5.3mm narrower than SGS2 that is extremely needed for 1-hand operation.

  • I think based on what’s happened in the past, T-Mobile will get it. But not before everyone else has had it for a while.

  • None

    I think it was kinda Samsungs point during the event that it would release on hundreds of carriers. I would think that includes tmobile.

  • getsome

    It’s being tested as we speak in Tmobile call centers around the nation ;) don’t worry, we’re getting it!

    • Ray

      who told you this?

      • ren

        The Smurfs!

    • taron19119

      yeah right

  • None

    Off topic but I gotta say I love the new Disqus. It is like voting people off the island with the -1 vote.

  • Ray

    So i’m assuming* that there wont be a galaxy note for t-mobile, however after seeing some of the videos of it so far and the screen size. I think i’d be happy with this phone. i can always purchase a stylus. Anyways still crossing my fingers, but my toes are def not crossed anymore.

  • Ray

    T-mobile is going to get this phone!!! Do not have any doubts in your mind(s)

  • David M. Garcia

    “trepidatious” awesome word David you get two stars for that one! = )

  • Dell can suck it.

    I still want he note. Some of the features will be revealed as CREEPY. It still looks like a strong offering .

  • souggie

    not really impressed. sticking with GNex

    • fixxmyhead

      can we please stop with this over rated, underpowered phone already. u guys are becoming just as bad as iphone users. yes we know u have a pure google experience its the “best” we get it.

      • souggie

        then you dont have to like my comment, i simply stated how i feel about the s3, didnt bash it. who ar you to tell me what to comment or not to? no one bashed your opinion, take that crap somwhere else

      • souggie

        underpowered? have you even USED this phone?

        • fixxmyhead

          yes. it can’t handle live wallpapers without lagging and dont deny it otherwise ur no different than iphone users. at least admit the faults in the phone. people act like its the most perfect phone

        • souggie

          FALSE. while SOME may, ALL do not have this issue. MINE certainly does not and i have an intensive live wallpaper on mine. stop generalizing. no one said it was the perfect phone, im sure you didnt hear ME say that, so chill with that. its perfect for ME. dont go on a piss rant because you feel too many folks talk about the phone, and dont come at me like that. Gnex is my daily driver, and i prefer it as it stands over the s3. and will continue to do so

        • fixxmyhead

          good for u then but i ALWAYS prefer better hardware.

        • souggie

          thats fine. whatever works for you.

  • Charger0707

    Hopefully it comes with the exyos chip and not a snapdragon processor… But the odds of snapdragon processor is way higher than the exyos chip…

  • Pig Vomit

    This doesn’t mean anything. May I remind people that Samsung had the same signup page for the Galaxy Nexus. I’m still waiting for my notification e-mail. I do think that T-Mobile will get this, but the signup page means nothing.

  • mike

    so is the case ceramic or plastic

  • ren

    please they did the same thing with Galaxy nexus. Still waiting for it to come out for Tmobile.

  • ransack

    so whats the chance that galaxy note leaked for tmo last week is our version of the galaxyIII

  • MarcusDW

    “Comment score below threshold.”

    This new Disqus is gonna make me stop using the boards…

    • Hmmm, don’t worry, I’m switching the blog to livefyre at some point. I do not like Disqus. The ONLY reason it’s been kept is because of how widespread it is, but livefyre is coming on strong!

      • I’ve never heard of that ‘livefrye’. Does it have a nice interface?

        • I have it installed on DroidDog, or check out PandoDaily, TheNextWeb for a look at it. It’s more “real-time” than Disqus is. It has cross compatibility with logins for Facebook, Twitter etc.

        • Thanks

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        • Wow, it is nice. So fresh and so clean, very smooth. I like it

        • Hey David, just trying to gather some info for our team. Disqus supports all of the things you mention — do you think they’re implemented poorly?

      • MarcusDW

        Yeah please switch to livefyre David if the old Disqus is no longer an option.

        This looks like an unfinished program.

        • I will, I’m waiting for Livefyre to roll out a few changes to their dashboard, when they promised me this afternoon are still coming in their next update so it’s easier for me to moderate. Once that’s finalized, I’ll switch the blog over.

    • The voting behavior is still fairly new, and we’ll be tweaking it along the way. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Reaper

    taken from a Samsung spokesperson who interviewed on the BBC news website. the full article is under the ” tech” section on the homepage.

    The new handsets will be available from the end of May in Europe. Launches in Asia, the Middle East and Africa will follow.

    A 4G version will go on sale in the US and South Korea in the summer.”

    guess we will be the last to receive it AGAIN!

    • MarcusDW

      This thing was made in South Korea. Imagine how they feel.

    • Marcelo_L

      TMo !

  • meek82

    sad news that a new version of hardware is/was released before ICS is out for SGH-T989 I guess I should be used to this crap. It’s a shame I want to love T-mobile, but this is god damn ridiculous we don’t have ICS and EVERYONE else does….SMH

    • MarcusDW

      What’s worse is that when we DO get ICS with TouchWiz, it will look outdated compared to the new and improved TouchWiz found on the GS3.

  • fixxmyhead

    i will never buy another carrier branded phone again i learned my lesson. its unlocked from now on cuz once it hits the states it will get stripped of the processor and the damn updates take longer than the international ones. even if by the grace of satan tmobile does get the one with quadcore exynos (thats a big IF) i will still get the international one for better development

    • Marcelo_L

      So I guess you won’t buy this one if you’re on TMo then, as it won’t support the 1700/AWS band out of the box…..good luck with that.

      • fixxmyhead

        ill switch to straight talk then

  • Ian

    I’ve seen several comments which amount to complaints about the sub-standard hardware. What exactly is not ideal about the hardware? Is the t-mobile version expected to be dual-core instead of quad? Does the screen suck? What are all of these complaints about?

  • If T-Mobile wants to start picking up new customers they need to get these top phones when the rest of the US Carriers get them or before so their own customers don’t jump ship. Please do not ruin this device, bring us the phone as Samsung has shown it to the public. I would rather have the great processor that Samsung has gone with and suffer a little bit on DL speed then put a snapdragon processor in it to gain the extra DL speed. This is a great phone, please do not ruin it.

    • Marcelo_L

      Couldn’t agree with that statement more.

    • souggie

      but you know thats EXACTLY what will most likely happen though…

    • Jake

      I’d take the slower dual core processor and enjoy even better battery life. After all, they’ll ship the same battery regardless of processor.

  • Won’t believe until I see the device in my cold dead hands!!

  • Marcelo_L

    Curiouser and curiouser…….they’ve removed the drop-down from page that lists the Carriers from the sign-up page………I know this is so 2004, but…. FAIL!

  • westsups1

    I work for one of the cellphone providers (not t-mobile) in Michigan and our Samsung Rep came in the store today who also is a Rep for T-mobile. Now i use T-mobile and I love it , i couldn’t help but mention to him the Galaxy S III and that i’m finally giving up HTC for Samsung . I asked him if he thinks the S III will come to T-mobile and his response was “As much Samsung Phones as T-mobile sells for us, rest assured that the Galaxy SIII will be coming to T-mobile” . Reliefe for me cause i was actually going to leave T-mobile for any carrier that carries that phone

  • Ilyas

    It didn’t give me an option to choose the carrier but whatever lol

  • souggie

    if they stick an dual core S4 processor in it to play nice with tmo’s 42mbs network, i might as well get a One S with decent support from HTC

  • souggie

    it just feels so….plain….outside of the processor……but thats just me….i was expecting something more, i guess i got caught up in the hype for it,

  • souggie

    how about a 12mp camera and 3mp front facing? and if they have to do a processor swap…hell stick four s4 cores instead of two in the bitch and market appropriately….i guess something along the lines of that was what i was expecting, but one can only wish

  • jason smith

    why offer a us cellular option, there is no way they get the phone for at least one year

  • jason smith

    why offer a us cellular option, there is no way they get the phone for at least one year

  • jason smith

    why offer a us cellular option, there is no way they get the phone for at least one year

  • jason smith

    why offer a us cellular option, there is no way they get the phone for at least one year

  • jason smith

    why offer a us cellular option, there is no way they get the phone for at least one year

  • Cristoforo

    I hope Cricket gets this phone that would be awesome hahahaa