• Anonymous

    Signing up for T-mobile with all of my emails, fake emails, friend emails, ex-gf emails, etc

    • Anonymous

      Well done sir….Well done!!!!


  • Anonymous

    At the same time though, wouldn’t you think that it is already decided which carrier the phone will be made available for?  Seeing as how it COULD start selling oh-let’s-say in December on TMO or ATT.

    After all, this is what Samsung is after:  “I would like to hear about the latest Samsung Phones, promotions and events, and receive special email offers from Samsung.”

    • That too…but everyone think because T-Mobile’s name is on there, it’s a guarantee now.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah I don’t mean to go against the meaning of your post at all but I’m not sold on the “more hits = more likelihood of it coming to that carrier” idea.

        I mean the 3 US Galaxy S2s were in the wild before the sign up page from what I recall.

        • As far as I can tell, it’s data mining.

        • BiGMERF

          Im really thinking of getting the SGS2.. It is going to be even sicker when you can disable bloatware using ICS..Well that is if it gets updated

        • Anonymous

          You’ll be happy.  And then when that happiness runs out, ROOT it and put ICS on there yourself.  There will be support like crazy for this thing officially or not.

        • Anonymous

          I have T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S 4G and I am waiting until next when the Samsung Galaxy S III comes out probably with quad-core processing…YAY!!!!

    • Anonymous

      You dont have to check that box.. Its optional.

      • Anonymous

        I know, but that doesn’t mean most people will uncheck it.  It’s easy advertising.

  • Auser72

    Completely happy with my Galaxy S2, but will sign up. 

    • Anonymous

      I rooted mine this morning.  I’m gonna get around to murdering that bloatware pretty soon.

      Thing runs like a champ doesn’t it?

      • Anonymous

        Hey post a speed test of your s2

        • Anonymous

          HSPA+ is extremely inconsistant from block to block and test to test here in South KC.  I just stepped outside my job and here’s the results that I got.

          PINGs between 67-90ms
          3939kbps down 1389 up
          5419                 961
          4825                 796
          2776                 483
          7693                 1851

          I had to call tech support a couple times since friday before last because the speeds around my house have dropped from 2-3Meg down to 200-500Kbps.  They say nothing is wrong but I’ve tried 4 different phones in my neighborhood and its just been horrible.  

      • Auser72

        Like a Dream. NO LAG, and thats with me throwing everything i could at it. Averaging 15-20 mbps. Already spent about $30 at market on games……LOL. This might be be the first phone I keep for entire 2yr contract.

  • BP

    Samsung already knows that T-Mobile customers want this.  The questions remains what is best for AT&T going forward?  If AT&T doesn’t allow T-Mobile to get the Galaxy Nexus, it will show the DOJ and FCC that T-Mobile can’t perform as a carrier should when T-Mobile loses customers to Verizon etc.  If AT&T allows T-Mobile to get the Galaxy Nexus, they risk their deal with T-Mobile but the customers are happy.  I see the Galaxy Nexus going to AT&T this year and T-Mobile getting it early next year.  The risk just seems to high for AT&T. 

    • Anonymous

      The gn is not that big of a deal in terms of the buyout. Also, id be very disappointed in google if they get involved in these types of politics like apple. Google owes tmobile for taking a chance on android in the beginning. Tmo compatibility should be automatic.

      • Anonymous

        I agree, but they did pull the Nexus S off T-Mobile, and T-Mobile never really marketed any of the Nexus devices, so i’m not sure how obligated they feel anymore

        • zazou1

          you can still buy a Nexus S with support for Tmobile.   On Sept 28, Google started rolling out updates to the  Tmobile Nexus S (V2.3.6).   

      • BP

        I stated the questions remains what is best for AT&T going forward?  T-Mobile already signed an agreement with AT&T that is just on hold.  In the minds of T-Mobile, they are now running the company as interim until the deal is done.

        • Rob

          when did they pull the nexus s off tmobile? last time i was in best buy it was advertised huge in the phones section. T-Mobile has stated many times until the deal is closed they are operating independently making moves that will help them. T-Mobile STILL has the best selection of phones than any other carrier can fit all budgets and needs from power users to casual. 

          want a great camera and with no keyboard take an amaze. want a great camera with a keyboard here is the mt4g slide. Want the biggest badest screen out currently here take a GS2. Need something affordable choose from phones like the nexus s, side kick, and another 5 phones. Still killing it in 4g in some areas getting the same as verizons lte with more users using the same network.

          Your out of your mind if you think tmobile isn’t trying to do whats best for tmobile still

        • BP

          BWAHAHAHA!!!  You must work for T-Mobile.  Read Tmonews articles for the last few months and you will see what customers think.  

        • Anonymous

          Do you read anything other than tmonews opinions from readers, Who are fanboys and go on this site to vent? This site entails less than 1% of t-mobiles costumers. As more and more information comes out about the deal it looks like it’s not going to happen read any other technology site.

          I in no way work for t-mobile the only stake I have in them is my families grandfathered in plan.

          I used to read and value comments on this site until the buy out was proposed and the comments turned into those like yours that are just ignorant with no fact base.

          Again t-mobile still has the best line up of phones with the greatest selection and price ranges. T-Mobile also has a network that is fast, battery saving and backward compatible. My nexus s (a 3g phone) )gets a consistent 3-5 mbps. Faster than the avg 4g speeds on sprint. 3-4x times faster than my gf 3g on verizon and 2x times faster than what people have been getting on at&t 3g/hspa+ network. 42mbps phones are just as fast as Verizons LTE phones, oh and guess what they can get through more than half a day.

          If manufactures are so worried about the merger why is t-mobile getting highly, highly valued phones even after the announcement? Such as the amaze, gs2, sensation, mt4g slide, g2x, gs4g, sidekick(not a power house but had a completely unique UI samsung had to spend time and money on) and so on? Why are new t-mobiles phones consistently a contender for the best android phone on the market? Why is t-mobile lighting up cities with 42mbps hspa+? Seriously get your head straight. If they were so worried about “running the company as interim until the deal is done” they would put themselves in money saving mode and phase out upgrading their network and optimize revenue and profits not be spending money upgrading their network.


          First video I clicked on of the amaze i have seen numerous ones like this show casing T-mobiles HSPA+ network. Thats real speed using what haters and competitors call a “fake 4g”. Instead of wasting your time freaking out on this site write a letter to your congressman informing him of why the deal shouldn’t go through, if you even understand why. Be a lot more productive with your time.

    • Anonymous

      In line with what @Get_at_Me:disqus said, I say the good thing is that the decision to allow the deal isn’t driven by T-Mobile losing some customers.  If that was the case, it would be a done deal by now.

      • BP

        I stated the questions remains what is best for AT&T going forward?  T-Mobile already signed an agreement with AT&T that is just on hold.  In the minds of T-Mobile, they are now running the company as interim until the deal is done.

        • Anonymous

          Of course “what is best for AT&T going forward” is T-Mobile looking worse off than they should be.  And our reply is “its a good thing tmobile looking bad doesn’t ultimately decide our fate as far as the deal is concerned”. 

          But yes a side effect could be TMO not subsidizing the Nexus because of the deal.

        • BP

          I apologize.  I didn’t mean to send that twice.  I agree with what you said.

    • Enoel69

      For ur info Att doesn’t run Google..it is a Google phone though manufactured by Samsung…they don’t run Samsung either. Further more…that buy out deal is going nowhere. 

      • BP

        I never said AT&T runs Google.  Learn how to read.

      • BP

        I never said AT&T runs Google.  Learn how to read.


    signed up with 7 emails..Love BiGMERF

    • Bimmerz

      LOL BigMerf! I hought it was only 3 emails – did you setup 4 more?! ;o)

      • BiGMERF

        used my girls emails too.. i also broke out an aol email i havent used in yeeeeaarrrrrrrrrrsssssss lol

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    I signed up also

  • Anonymous

    Dave…..do u think carriers will sell this susidized or will there just be an unlocked version as in the past? Based on deman ofcourse. One gsm model could cover att and tmo with all hspa bands in one device. Tmos done with highend phones this yr most likely. The gn would fill a gap in that segment if vzws exclusivity ends soon

  • I don’t understand why people would have difficulty comprehending would this post actually means. 

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    Did my part.

  • PhantomWraith

    Thanks David, I did see a lot of people confusing this as well.

  • Daghost

    We shouldn’t have to prove to samsung that we want this device. Leave that for at$t, sprint and the lesser known carriers.

    • Boy03892003

      Um compared to AT&T and Sprint WE are the lesser known carrier…. The numbers of customers don’t lie!

      • Daghost

        In terms of #’s yes. But in terms of support we have been supporting the nexus line since day 1 and all of samsung phones much more than at$t and sprint (home of the evo).

  • Anonymous

    “We saw the very same thing with the Galaxy S II, seven carriers listed…only three sell the phone”

    Not quite. SGS2 isn’t a developer phone and while only 3 may sell, take a guess at how many of these 7 carriers the SGS2 can operates on?

    While I totally expect T-Mobile to let this slip away unsubsidized and Verizon to be likely the only one to subsidize it, I still think any carrier exclusivity is out of question.

    The nexus phones are developer phones, something that all the rumors like to ignore so they can get hits on their sites. Google doesn’t expect devs to be all with Verizon, much less force them onto Verizon just to be able to get the Nexus.

    The Verizon exclusivity rumor came from the BGR site, one should take a look at their iphone5 articles before the 4S was released to see their track record.

    • Daghost

      BGR makes lots of mistakes.

    • Anonymous

      Yep. And Verizon fans want to believe…

      Because they think there’s some big reason that Verizon didn’t get the Galaxy S II, and that big reason has been a Huge Exclusive that caused them to pass up the S II so Verizon could “wait for” the Galaxy/Nexus/Droid/Prime <- Pick two

      Meanwhile Verizon has about 10 current gen Android phones while AT&T has about 2…

  • Boy03892003

    T-Mobile is not getting this phone!!! The phones we already see are the phones we have…. T-Mobile does not care about the US branch anymore, they just want to see there customers content, NOT HAPPY! I am pretty sure the nexus will support our frequencies but it will not be on our website… Or yaw know how T-Mobile does, when the Nexus Prime 2 comes along then T-Mobile will support the first Nexus Prime…. Remind you, this is the company that let the 9th Largest carrier in the US support the iPhone before them… Count this as a lost as well!!!

    • Anonymous

      Nexus was only ever to support our frequencies without being sold through official tmobile website not getting the iPhone first is not a loss either they have done best with Android.

      • Boy03892003

        So I wonder why U can go to AT&T and Verizon website and see their Nexus Devices but oh wait T-mobile we gotta go through Samsung

      • dko3tgk

        That’s not correct.  The Sony Ericsson X10i had all the Tmobile frequencies for 3g.  I was sold directly from Sony Ericsson or via Asia, websites or in person.

    • Mos_Def

      In case you didn’t realize, the reason T-Mo did not get the iPhone 4S is because T-Mobile’s 3G/4G network relies on the AWS frequency band pairing that operates on 1700 and 2100MHz spectrum. This spectrum pairing is not supported by the iPhone 4S, even though the 850 and 1900MHz bands that T-Mobile uses for 2G GSM connections work just fine on the iPhone 4S (and previous iPhone models).

      C-Spire Does have the required freq-bands to operate the iPhone

      • Boy03892003


        • Actually it doesn’t have Tmo frequencies so make sure you’ve done your own research. If you can provide a single, solitary website that shows the T-Mobile bands than you’ll be the first person on earth to do so.

        • Boy03892003

          Um David… There won’t be a website stating that the iPhone does support AWS why?! Because there will be about 15 million customers walking away from the top 3 carriers which do not support AWS. I did not say the iPhone does support AWS I said it CAN which it CAN. The Qualcomm chipset in the original AT&T iPhone 4 and previous models does not and cannot support AWS but the Verizon iPhone 4 as well as the iPhone 4S can support AWS (All 5 3G bands). Apple wanted a WORLD phone, T-Mobile is NOT the only carrier in the WORLD that uses AWS. I do believe T-Mobile was testing out an iPhone with AWS frequencies back in April without a different model iPhone. Its more of AT&T wanting to buy T-Mobile and T-Mobile giving in. I do my research… I read a lot more then tmonews.com… You should have me work for you. I read sites like these basically all day to know. David when you work for Apple and or T-Mobile then your statement would be correct but working for tmonews.com your only going off what your being told or what info, snapshot, whatever is being giving to you from these companies.

        • Ok, keep telling yourself all of this. I’m pretty sure I do more reading than most.

        • Mastrorj

          @ Boy0389

            i worked for tmobile up until a few months ago, and my GF’s brother is a “mac genius”. Iphone does not have tmobile frequencies so…therefore:Nah Nah, Nah Nah, Nah Nah, Hehe, Hehe, Hehe, Hehe  :) 

        • TMO INSIDER

          With all due respect, boy03892003, you’re incorrect. In fact, you don’t need to be a T-Mo or Apple employee to know that. I’m a store manager for T-Mo (and I’m sure David knows his fair share of Magenta knowledge) and none of that information is accurate. If it was, it would be widely available online for us all to see. If anything, you sound like a conspiracy theorist at best. (Weapons of mass destruction, anyone?) I can tell you that T-Mo is in talks with Apple to look into bringing an iPhone onto it’s network. In fact, Philip Humm was said to have stepped outside of a meeting recently to have a conversation with Tim Cook. This was announced during a company-wide conference call this morning. In any case, until this AT&T nonsense is put to rest for good, I wouldn’t expect an official T-Mo iPhone until then. Perhaps you should do your homework next time and be a little less narrow-minded about stuff you clearly don’t know much about.

        • Rex


        • Mastrorj

           i worked for tmobile up until a few months ago, and my GF’s brother is a “mac genius”. Iphone does not have tmobile frequencies so…therefore:

          Nah Nah, Nah Nah, Nah Nah, Hehe, Hehe, Hehe, Hehe  :) 

        • Anonymous

          did you read your books in school?  Because you seem to not have a freaking clue whats going on.  How the hell did we even get on the iPhone when this is a Galaxy Nexus article? i work for Tmo sir, and ATT doesnt own us at all yet.  AND apple hasnt made a iphone with AWS bands because the AWS chip would make the iphone thicker, which apple doesnt want.  Apple and Tmo are now working together to fix this.  ALSO the nexus is prolly coming to Tmo, the last 2 have, so why not this one?  

        • Bkidko13

          What a load of crap! Lte makes phones thicker, so tmos would be no thicker than verizons. I,dont know if you are being sarcastic but your comment was absolute garbage

        • Anonymous

          yo troll, does the verizon iphone have LTE in it? nooooooooooo.  please sir, stay in school like ya boy3405830495. you and him both need it.

        • Bratty

          David – he is right. The Verizon iP4 (not sure about 4S) has TMo frequencies. This was discovered when the cdma phone came out. The MDM6600 (which is in VZW iPhone 4) does support T-Mobile 1700Mhz but it is not enabled. And then there is the whole sim issue. You can search iFixit for confirmation

        • I know that it does, but it doesn’t because it isn’t enabled. Just because it has the capability doesn’t mean it’s actually capable. If nobody thus far has been able to activate the band…then it cannot be done.

        • Deff

          I think you left your caps lock on.

    • It’s not up to T-Mobile. The Nexus One was never officially supported by T-Mobile. Google just released it, and all you had to do was put in your SIM card to get it to work. If Samsung and Google decide to release it for T-Mobile, I’m sure it will work the same way.

  • Anonymous

     Did my part =D

  • Nickts1989

    Hopefully enough T-Mobile people sign up to help them get the device. But also they have an LTE and an HSPA+ version so chances are if a carrier doesnt carry it there might be an unlocked one on the market through retailers or what not that will sell a compatible version. I might be mistaken but thats how I see it.

  • Anonymous

    i think there’s a big chance tmo will get this device.. tmobile always have, so why not this one?

    • Deff

      what about the nexus S 4g? that went to sprint..

      • Bobby Phoenix

        The Nexus S is also available with T-Mo bands.

        • Ya but not from t-mobile or in 4g is what he means. I mean we got the nexus one, S, so i think we will see a Galzxy nexus.  Or at least a unlocked one

  • Meagan

    My guess is Samsung will use the info to show carriers the demand from potential customers of their products. Though they should have done it before creating the product.

    I wonder if the Nexus line made a profit for Google? Wish Google would be the first to create a mobile that has every frequency like a FM radio, so that all carriers can work with it. Easier to support one product and update one product, and promote one product. Easy to create accessories too.

    • Ferminmartin2003

      That is why the iPhone is so popular with a lot of people

      • Lovmykugl

        Maybe Google will do a premium single, consistent line with their Motorola buy

      • The 4S is the first time it happened with CDMA and GSM technology. And even then it doesn’t support Penta or Even Quad-band GSM.

  • Meagan

    My guess is Samsung will use the info to show carriers the demand from potential customers of their products. Though they should have done it before creating the product.

    I wonder if the Nexus line made a profit for Google? Wish Google would be the first to create a mobile that has every frequency like a FM radio, so that all carriers can work with it. Easier to support one product and update one product, and promote one product. Easy to create accessories too.

  • Anonymous


  • Getreal


  • Peter Martin

    I posted under Sprint. Tmobile is the titanic and I got out before it sunk.

    • If T-Mobile is the Titanic, would Sprint be the Hindenburg?

      • Ricktrann

        Haha nice one!!!!

      • Mastrorj

        not to be argumentative, but whats wrong with sprint? 

        • Crazythunder1968

          i almost switched to sprint for a little more money than my tmobile plan. but after researching their networkdata speeds, i decided to stay with tmo until they die,or sprint get’s some real speed on their network. i’ve read almost nothing but bad things about the quality of their data network.

        • Lovmykugl

          yeah i was going to get an iPhone on sprint (and still might) for only $70 but am worried about slow network speeds.

        • Anonymous

          In my opinion Sprint is doing a very delicate balancing act. They’re putting billions into their recently announced “agressive” LTE roll-out, the iPhone deal cost an untold (rumored to be insane) amount of money and as of Q3 they were still bleeding customers. They’ll probably see a spike in postpaid from the iPhone launch but if that growth sustains into next year I’ll be very surprised. Hindenburg sounds like a fair assessment. There is potential for success but the chance of catastrophic failure seems imminent.

          They’ve already tacked on 10$ a month to all smartphones, increased the ETF and jacked the upgrade activation fee up from 18$ to 36$. They’ve tapped into what they can to make more money. Unlimited data will be the next thing to go when they need to make an extra buck unless they start being a little harder on credit and stop giving new service to damn near everyone that applies, even people with $900 balances 36+ months in areers. 

          Just my opinion but I think Sprint is going to find itself in trouble sooner than later. I’m looking at moving 5 lines from yellow to magenta in hopes that she survives big blues harassment.

  • Kristoff119

    Anyone notice that when you search for the page the description of the page says “Sign up to get the latest on the Galaxy Nexus from Verizon.” But on the page it swaps “Verizon” for “Samsung”. I would be quite happy if they did bring it to Tmo, though I am getting more and more unhappy with them. I definitely won’t be switching to any of the other big 3 if I do switch.

  • Tech7

    They should have postponed that bunk release in Hong Kong til Christmas. They obviously don’t have their stuff together yet and don’t know what’s going on. Where is the organization? This release reminds me of Android, great nerdy ideas but no execution.

  • Mr Crabs

    Duh! The freq bands require a slight modification. It cannot be done over the air. The phone is not thicker. What rock do you live under.

    Why are you even posting this? You know that you will only by an iphone not a brick.

    The design is done. It is simple. Just as people are walking around running iOs on their android devices. 

    If you dont know where to go you wont find it.  My Droid has been rockin on iOs thanks to my man Mr P!

    • Bratty

      What? Again, what???

  • Lovmykugl

    I looked at SamsungGalaxy2 on wire fly for 179 with contract or was like 600+ without.  But actually its probably still a better deal to buy it off contract.  The monthly prepaid price is 50/mos vs 80 mos.  If you save 30/mos x24 mos (and actually is more with fees and surcharges), you save money by paying for the phones up front if you can.  People are thinking they’re getting a great deal.  I guess the prepaid phones must be much worse quality if they’re selling for 200 without contracts vs the 600-700 of these high end androids and iPhones. But android keeps releasing new versions – like this ice cream sandwich – that whenever you buy ap hone thats advertised as ‘latest os’ its out of date.  I see all these websites still advertising froyo as latest os.

    • That’s why you want this phone. It will get updated to the newest OS for at least 18 months. My nexus One has been updated 5 times since it’s release. It came with Eclair and got Froyo and four versions of gingerbread. I don’t think it will be getting an update to ICS because of it’s age but the Nexus S will. That’s why I really want the Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Good points. I have always contended that where people make the biggest mistake is not calculating the real cost of a phone. As you say, people think they are getting a great deal when a post-paid phone is advertised for $200, but that’s a sucker price. For a $300 discount and what’s perceived as the latest and greatest phone:

      – A 24 month contract (locking one in to paying $30 to $70 more per month for plan service).

      – Unconscionable monthly overage fees (assured by carriers because they set artificially low limits on customer usage. See recent national news coverage on “cell phone bill shock”).

      – ETF penalties (designed to sucker people into not breaking a contract and to not calculate that they could save more money by paying the ETF and going prepaid, for example) .

      – Fees and taxes added to the advertised monthly plan prices ($8 to $10 additional monthly).

      – Additional unconscionable fees and costs (such as “new line” charges or Sprint’s $10 4G charge, even if one is not using or can’t get 4G).

      On your assumption that prepaid phones are “much worse in quality if they’re selling for $200 without contracts,” as of April 2010 that is incorrect.

      The quality of prepaid phones is excellent, many manufactured by the same big names who make the $500 superphones, such as Samsung, Motorola and LG. Those companies have reputations to protect. They would not risk their brands by manufacturing phones “much worse in quality,” as you opine.

      What is different from the $500 post-paid and $250 prepaid phones is the specs, quality and form factor (and now even appearance) are the same.

      Users don’t know squat about phone specs, features and performance. In fact, you could price the $249 LG Esteem at $500, discount it to $200 on a 24-month contract and subscribers would be quite happy with their purchase thinking, as you say, they got a good deal.

      See these phones that IMO are just fine considering the alternative (see above total cost factors on a post-paid phone).

      Metro PCS LG Esteem (An impressive phone, selling for $250).

      Metro PCS Samsung Indulge (I have this phone and am quite pleased with it, now $200).

      Virgin Mobile Motorola Triumph (Have this phone too, now $250).

      Sidenote: Even though it is a litigation strategy, a benefit of the DOJ antitrust lawsuit is that prepaids are starting to get these really nice phones.

  • Anonymous

    According to a Tmobile Rep, she said “later 2012”. Rather vague but hey, it’s an answer.

    • Alvin B.

      “Later 2012” basically would mean “NO, T-Mo is not getting it, but once the merger is underway you can get the AT&T version”… which is what I think the plan is.

      • even if the merger goes through, we won’t be on at&t next year.

      • Anonymous

        there will be no merger……. once the Department of Justice Sues this will knock out the merger for good.  lesson learned in Canada now there are only 2 Cell companies in Canada… so the consumers gets the big Fck

    • No rep knows for sure.  In fact, David learns before most reps

    • TJG

      That is not what I wanted to hear. Looks like I might be switching to Big Red. 

  • I signed it with the T-Mobile option the first time it was mentioned in other blogs. I hope a lot of others do too. I know it’s no guaranty but it can’t hurt our chances of getting it.

  • 5 to 1 this is on tmobile. Look we started Android, we started the nexus line, and we even gone out of our way to say f-u iphone we are focusing on what we know best and thats android. If we don’t carry this phone than I’ll be amazed.

    • Giraffe

      T-Mobile’s botched their iphone agreements twice – don’t pretend if they couldn’t have it on the network they would.

  • Lazera Thompson

    Google always has made the Nexus line available for t mobile

    i have faith in them! 
    We shall receive this device
     I just hope it is b4 this year is over 
    Because even though this is the better phone the T-Mobile GS2 looks good 
    or i could just get the GT 10.1 :/ 

  • Anonymous

    T-Mobile represented Android since day 1 even till this day than any other carrier in US.if Google don’t see this, they’re blind or just blinded by too much profit they making.

  • Mehardeep Singh

    I think tmobile will get it because they were the only carrier not to get the iphone.

  • Anonymous

    People just sign up for Tmobile…

    Stop whining & bitching…

    I love Tmobile than any carrier…

    I tried the big 3, expensive & don’t have more smartphones selections like Tmobile… Except Iphone 4s…

    Can we just help Tmobile???


  • There are definitely some cool things about this phone, but spec-wise the Galaxy S2 sounds better. As long as they update to ICS within the next few months, I might just rather go with the SG2. Since Samsung was the first to have access to ICS code, I can’t imagine it would take too long to upgrade the SG2. 

  • Anonymous

    ive signed up like 25 times , and im going to keep doing it until they wont let me do it anymore lol this phone has to come to t-mobile, its a nexus dammit