AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson Still Angry Over Failed T-Mobile Deal

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson is apparently still having trouble sleeping over the failed AT&T, T-Mobile deal. Speaking at an annual conference, AT&T’s CEO took the opportunity and the public platform to whine discuss about the failed deal. Stephenson attacked competition in general and pretty much guaranteed he would raise prices as a result.

AT&T continues to complain about a lack of bandwidth in the United States without having added T-Mobile’s own spectrum holdings. “The more competitors you have, the less efficient the allocation of spectrum will be,” he said. “It’s got to change. I don’t think the market’s going to accommodate the number of competitors there are in the landscape.” Stephenson went on to further claim that since the blocked AT&T deal, data prices have gone up almost 30% and then took it another step by labeling the failed deal as responsible for throttling data customers due to necessary bandwidth caps.

We get it, AT&T wants to make money and like all companies, it’s what will keep them in business. However, I don’t know that publicly whining about competition, spectrum, and failed deals is the right way to make your case for a better wireless market.

Wall Street Journal

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  • trjcasper

    Great picture of The Randall.

    • JBrowne1012

      He looks incredibly evil. Just look at those yellow teeth.

      • He does have a that super villian aura about him

  • is there something wrong with his teeth or his he hissing maybe?

    • Zoe

      He is like Austin “Danger” Powers…he has bad teeth.

  • badbob001

    They were going to raise prices anyway, but now they can put the blame on “the man”.

    • Mark Williams

      dude, I was going to say that…lol

  • TritonX

    “I don’t think the market’s going to accommodate the number of competitors” — so how about you fold ATT up and let the others thrive.

    • MacRat

      How can the market not accommodate 2 GSM providers?

      Brazil has SEVEN GSM providers.

      • Aaron Peromsik

        Perhaps he means, “the market won’t accommodate the number of competitors at the price levels I would enjoy.”

      • TMOTECH

        AT&T plans to fold up it’s GSM network to use the Spectrum for their 3G network. They will be a UMTS / LTE only provider before too long. I would guess no more than 2 years. T-Mobile will be the only major provider to offer GSM. We will not be decommissioning our GSM network for some time because we rely heavily on international roaming for revenue.

    • At&T needs to follow Bestbuy into the trash heap, and drag down comcast with them! Funny how those top “3” are the #1 complaints from 99% of their own users/customers! go figure! Im glad AT&T didnt buy T-Mobile..wouldve killed a great thing!

  • trjcasper

    If data has gone up in price, how is it that smart talk can offer unlimited everything, no contract for $45 using ATT and tmobile network? Hmmmm, is he lying?

  • gwapo


  • guest

    He’s probably worried about getting canned for losing billions of dollars on the alleged fool proof merger lol

  • Jarrod

    He needs to take a Midol and shut up. Also he is the main contribution to why data plans have went up in price.

  • Prices were scheduled to go up anyways, this guy is full what makes the grass grow green. AT&T is and will always be a customer’s nightmare.

  • omnirep

    I hate to be negative,But screw him !!!!

    • StonersLane

      that did feel so bad did it ?

  • MagentaMadness

    Hes just pissed he had to give up some of his own pay lol.

  • Mark Hennessey

    I think I just heard him say “Luke, I am your father”…

  • need a maxi randy?

  • Robert

    He can suck the spectrum he lost.

  • Ilyas

    stfu randall stephenson and all of at&t, no one cares about your lack of bandwidth, it’s your fault for being such a horrible company. you failed, you suck, now stop bitching

  • screwyouATT

    HAHA! I’m glad he is still bitter about the failed merger.

  • jays_on

    A fool’s voice is known by multitude of words.
    Ecclesiastes 5:3

  • A fool’s voice is known by multitude of words.

  • …Hes raising prices? Good luck finding business that way…

  • Craigers

    He’s a 1%er who didn’t get his way. He’s shocked because he usually does so he is stomping his feet and holding his breath like a three year old. Typical.

  • ransack

    A big FU to the att overlord

  • JMAL

    wow what a piece of shit CEO…there is a reason there is so much backlash against wall street and assholes like him.

    Besides it was leaked that they have more than enough bandwidth, att is basically hording it to cut out the competition. They have a ton of spectrum they don’t even use.

  • Mark Williams

    raise prices 30% and openly discussing it…time for some AT&T customers to wake up and come on over to T-Mobile

  • ChadBroChillz

    I hate the arrogance of ATT. I wish the FCC would have made them forfeit more spectrum. I hope they keep raising their prices. More customers would realize how bad they are and leave. Tmobile, Sprint, and regional carriers could use the customers.

    More competitor means lower prices, which ATT does not want. Also means ATT will likely have to network share with a competitor.

  • StonersLane

    Still mad bro? :P

  • What a passive-aggressive crybaby whiner.

  • dkbnyc

    Is dude sane? He looks a little “Oh, I forgot my meds”.

  • 21stNow

    I know that spectrum availability in this country varies with things other than the number of people in this country. However, it is ludicrous to imply that 300 million US citizens can’t support four national carriers, but 30+ million Canadian citizens can support three national carriers in a healthy marketplace.

  • Haven’t you seen The Matrix??? Neo eventually defeats Agent Smith in the end…

  • I can’t believe AT&T is still talking about this? It’s done, it’s over, it’s been blocked. Get over it.

  • lion heart

    LOL, thats funny, nobody feed this shark!

  • rtechie

    The reason the deal failed is that internal documents proved that AT&T did not intend to use T-Mobile’s spectrum at all. Their plan was to buy T-Mobile and then shut it down, closing all stores, firing all employees, and transitioning all customers to AT&T’s already overloaded network over 2 years. There were NO plans to use T-Mobile’s 1700hz bandwidth for LTE, as they claimed publicly.

  • dethduck

    I see the lips a flapping, but all I hear is “Whine, lie, whine, lie, whine!”

  • remister

    Y U NO think plans through?

  • Jonny Flynn

    This guy is a total scumbag. Here’s to hoping that he never gets another good nights sleep.

  • Grammatica di Polizia

    There’s no spectrum crunch and AT&T is behaving EXACTLY like the oil companies are, make up bogus crisis to justify money grab tactics.

    E.g., When AT&T did away with unlimited data plans and came out with the $15 200 MB plan, I have since accused AT&T of setting an artificially low data cap at that price, so to eventually impose overage charges on unsuspecting users (that is, people who have no idea that 200 MB does NOT let you use any of the smartphone’s features, specifically, all the great stuff AT&T advertises one can do with the latest phones.)

    Just how nefarious is Stephenson and his co-conspirators: Well now that AT&T has millions of people opting for the cheapest data plan, the $15, 200 MB plan, AT&T is treating data exactly like talk, AUTOMATIC imposition of overage charges when you exceed your 200 MB cap!

    And these conspirators have imposed policies that assure AT&T will make BILLIONS in overage charges. Stephenson is NOT angry, he is looking for ways to cheat unsuspecting consumers out of an additional $50 to $100 monthly in data overage charges until the consumer wises up and either moves on to another carrier or stops using their phones for anything other than checking e-mail.

  • Grammatica di Polizia

    Stephenson’s greed will end eventually, from people leaving AT&T, word-of-mouth that AT&T is a company to not do business with, defections, or “avoid” ratings by consumer magazines.

    Actually, I think Stephenson and the other big carriers can see the writing on the wall, millions of people switching to prepaid and an end to consumers ignorantly and blindly signing two-year contracts to save an ARTIFICIAL $300 on a phone.

    To be sure, signing a two-year contract does not make financial sense to even the most desperate consumer. The bait & switch is obvious.

    AT&T baits consumers with:

    Advertisements for snazzy phones; Commercials showing all the cool ways the super phones can be used; The phone for the default $200; An enticing $20 data plan, that AT&T knows customers will select (considering the bad economy and $4.50 gas).

    AT&T’s “switch” occurs by the Company:

    Requiring a two year contract to get the above supposed great deal; setting artificially low and unrealistic 300 MB cap on the $20 plan, that GUARANTEES customers will suffer monthly overage charges; imposition of draconian overage charges, $20 per additional 300 MB of data used; and proving that Stephenson’s soul is black as coal and he is on the express train to hell: overage charges are “AUTOMATICALLY APPLIED.”

    What’s Wrong With This, After All, A Deal Is A Deal, Right?

    The unfair aspect of all this is that AT&T financially penalizes people for “taking AT&T’s bait,” the $20 data plan.

    AT&T knows full well that people don’t have a clue about data consumption, how much each the various functions consume; prospective customers don’t choose a data plan based on bytes, they shop based on the total out-the-door price.

    Given the total costs associated with a new account (phone, sales taxes, activation fees, recurring monthly fees & taxes, accessories, talk plan, texting options), when looking at data the consumer is always going to go for the lowest price, the $20 data plan (this is in part because the customer being unaware of usage concepts is not going to opt for the $30 3 GB plan.)

    I am most curious to find out how many extra billions in profits AT&T will realize from unknowing consumers getting saddled with two to three months of data plan overage charges until they wise up that the $20 plan is a screw job.

    At the end of the day AT&T is loving life. It longed for the profits of the old days, where customers suffered two to three months of talk overage charges until the consumer understood their usage patterns and curbed their talking so they would not suffer $100 to $300 in monthly talk overage charges. Data, AT&T has realized, is a gold mine to fleece ignorant new consumers out of $20 to $100 monthly in extra data charges. I have no doubt Stephenson is saying “Ah, just like old times. And we get to blame it all on the T-Mobile deal spoilers.”

  • Grammatica di Polizia

    This isn’t Stephenson’s anger, it evidences his greed:

  • Tre Goolsby

    Nobody cares about this failed deal… Nobody truly wanted it to happen. The T-Mobile customers who are granted amazing customer service and pricing would have been greatly affected by this deal.

  • Tre Goolsby

    Nobody cares about this failed deal… Nobody truly wanted it to happen. The T-Mobile customers who are granted amazing customer service and pricing would have been greatly affected by this deal.

  • Tre Goolsby

    Nobody cares about this failed deal… Nobody truly wanted it to happen. The T-Mobile customers who are granted amazing customer service and pricing would have been greatly affected by this deal.

  • Tre Goolsby

    Nobody cares about this failed deal… Nobody truly wanted it to happen. The T-Mobile customers who are granted amazing customer service and pricing would have been greatly affected by this deal.