Samsung’s First Galaxy S III Commercial Now Live, Creeps Me Out

I know, all we really care about is the possibility of the Galaxy S III coming to T-Mobile and how much it will cost? Until we get answers to those pressing questions, we’ll continue to hype up Samsung’s newest flagship device. To aid in that, we’re giving you a first-look at Samsung’s first TV commercial, and it’s rather creepy. The Galaxy S III will “recognize who you are,” and “follow your every move,” and know when “you’re asleep.” I feel like Skynet starts with the Galaxy S III. Check out the 60 second spot and let us know what you think.

The Verge

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  • Ilyas

    Skynet lol nice one David

    • Realcool2000

      LOL totally +1 for skynet reference David.

  • RJ Scott

    Nah, doesn’t seem creepy to me.

  • frank

    The whole designed for humans tagline seems kind of retarded to me.

  • bulletban

    so the SII are not for human???? i guess they were designed for primate

    • guest

      Looks like a primate wrote your post…

  • B-Mobile

    my main issue with this phone other than i’ve been waiting for it seems like forever (vibrant user) is the PenTile display

    • whiteiphoneproblems

      I’m basically in the same boat (also Vibrant user).

  • ok seriously .. wtf is samsung marketing thinking ?? designed for humans as opposed to other phones designed for animals? and why can’t these phone commercials just be about the damn phone these days and not some episode of a new NBC comedy or whatever.

    • Hahaha, exactly, definitely seemed like an ad for a tv show, or something

    • Deaconclgi

      Designed for animals!!!! Lololololololololol!!!!!

    • Realcool2000

      Aliens wont be able to use the GS3 ;)

  • So fn disappointing, this is what sammy has been up to! Pos.. more plastic!

  • Cupcake

    I like it. And I love the phone in white. Just wonder if it feels as plastic as the white SII. I got the white SII first and returned it because i kept thinking I was going to drop it. Got the black one instead…has more weight. But overall….can’t wait this comes out…gonna get it.

  • I just thought that couple pictured was creepy. Like, this is going to happen when I buy this phone.. it will be awesome, I’ll youtube myself in the tmobile store longing for someone to put their phone up to mine… maybe, but I don’t think so. Still torn between this and the HTC One S though.

    • whiteiphoneproblems

      Meet you in the T-Mobile store; we can hold up dummy phones to each other…

      • I hate that too! I found one store that has live models though. But I’m in Manhattan, and that is BS that we have to look at phones that don’t even have correct weights but are still tethered to the wall.

        • whiteiphoneproblems

          I don’t know how TMO is going to improve their position by moving to all dummy phones (which I assume is a cost-saving move). All the stores here in L.A. seem to have done that now — even the one in Beverly Hills, where I assume they’re not concerned about someone yanking a live one and running (which I might understand in the dodgy neighborhood where I live).

  • phone-o-logist

    This looks like a good phone, I have had bad experiences in the past years with Samsung, but this sounds and looks really nice and if it’s like the SII, then I would give it a thumbs up. Would I get it, probably. As long as it has a good camera.

  • James

    still plasticky

  • Li Yun Sak

    This commercial has absolutely no relevance to the phone. Samsung Mobile is really dropping off.

  • whiteiphoneproblems

    I far prefer their humorous ads; I hate pompous commercials for electronics (Apple and Google are big offenders).

    Anyway, Samsung is clearly emphasizing the software/ergonomic features of this phone, rather than its (kinda disappointing) physical design…

  • benjitek

    Very creepy — they should definitely rethink most of those one-liners, comes across like a parody from SNL…

  • badbob001

    This stock-footage commercial can be used for MOST current phones. And prescription drugs. And feminine products. Watching all these Samsung artsy videos reminds me of a college art class. Compared to someone else who spent days crafting an engineering marvel, I just slapped something together the night before. But the teacher seemed more impressed with my creation because I spun a compelling tale full of abstract words and infinite other meanings. WTF is with art that can’t stand on it’s own without someone to sell it? Suckers. :-) And Samsung is playing the same game with the whole ‘technology is not the focus anymore’. Obviously you’ll want to draw attention away from the specs if the specs are no better than the competition.

  • What the hell kind of commercial was that? Very weird commercial and made no sense. They do realize that they are trying to pull iphone users, right? That’s why all these new Androids are unibody, having 1 home button, and all that bull. Apple is excellent at marketing, I give them that. Samsung should go back to the drawing board on this, and produce a better commercial/advertising campaign.

  • redman12

    I like all the features they added on the phone, the overall design of the device.. Not so much.

  • it’s all leading up to having sex with a damn phone. 1 point against samsung.


    Oh God, it’s starting…

  • guest

    Did they use the same advertising firm that tmobile did with the motorcycle commercial? Both show very little of the phone and ZERO features! Great job!

    • Deadeye37

      They showed a feature. The phone turned off when the father & daughter fell asleep reading. It also showed that its ok to run into the ocean with it….

  • Deadeye37

    They need some different background music. I’m thinking “Every Step You Take” by The Police. The pictures weren’t creepy, but the subtitles were. I take it back, Some of the pictures in that context were creepy also.

    • V_i_m

      Don’t you mean “Every Breath You Take”?

  • cray820

    We can only hope it comes to T-mobile but I wouldn’t be surprised if any company ignores T-mobile after its recent attempt at seppuku.

  • impasse

    set to private now, bah!

  • V_i_m

    Yep, gotta agree. This ad is a bit creepy. I don’t want my phone “following” my “every move”. Samsung’s ad agency really misfired on this one. At least they didn’t voice the lines.

  • Kahlayoh

    Would’ve been nice if it actually showed what the phone could do instead of reading it!

  • Jim

    Says Video is private….anyone?

  • That’s one of the worst commercials I’ve ever seen.

  • Levizzzle

    Definitely going to agree that this video is creeeeepy!

  • It says “This video is private.”