The Most Popular Smartphone Currently On T-Mobile Is…

…The Galaxy S II, but I’m betting you already guessed that. The last time we saw a Canaccord Genuity Monthly Channel Check was the end of 2011 and guess what — not much has changed. The top 3 smartphones for T-Mobile remained roughly the same with the Galaxy S II and HTC Amaze 4G holding down the 1, 2 spots. The HTC Radar 4G ended December as the third most popular smartphone only to be usurped by the Nokia Lumia 710, which held the third spot for both January and February. So what knocked the Lumia 710 out of the top three? The Galaxy S Blaze 4G now holds the number three spot on T-Mobile’s network and rightfully so, it’s still the fastest phone I’ve ever used on HSPA+.

So what do you think? Does this list emulate your thoughts on T-Mobile’s top smartphones?


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  • This mirrors the trends I’ve seen in my store as well.

    • Drew

      Yeah, don’t get me started on Vzw force feeding (ad nausea) the plethora of Motorola DROID’s (Razr, Razr Maxx, Droid 4…)

      • Vim

        Gotta agree, I stopped in at 2 different Verizon stores, and the sales reps at both places told me the GNex’s were selling like hotcakes.  There is no way in hell the Droid Razr would have outsold the Rezound without the force-feeding however.  It only has two things going for it, the Droid name, and its thinness.  Aside from that the Rezound spanks it in every conceivable category. At least the Razr Max comes with that giant battery which I consider a winning idea on Motorola’s part. 

  • Notice how T-Mobile doesn’t have the iPhone. yeah that’s the real story behind that graph.

    • Kalel

       After showing how many hundreds of millions of dollars that Verizon and Sprint lost from adding the Iphone, I don’t think T-mobile will take the heavy price tag that Apple sells the phone to the carriers for and then forces them to subsidize it so low.  Subsidize the Iphone as much as every other phone does and the Iphone wouldn’t even be the highest selling phone on any carrier. 

      • Whiskers

        But their winning and have millions of more customers than T-Mobile will ever have , so who’s losing out now ….
        No iphone when the next one comes out , T-Mobile will be running on threads.
        Like it or not , the iphone sets record sells compared to any other single device.

        • Kalel

           Tell me who’s winning.  Sprint in the last quarter lost $1.6 BILLION and T-mobile during that same quarter had a profit of over $300 million. 

          Iphone sets records in sales and amount of profits that carriers lose.  If the Iphone is so great then why does Apple force the carriers to take such a massive hit on the subsidies.  If it’s really that much better then let the carriers do the same subsidies that they have on the other phones….oh wait, that’d mean the Iphone would cost more than any Android phone and not near as many people would buy it.

        • I agree with you, but you’re ignoring the long-term gain found in the iPhone. Each of the carriers that have picked up the iPhone at a loss are going to make profits from it down the road. Business is a long-term game, not a short-term one.

        • Kalel

          Verizon earned margins of 46.4 percent per quarter in 2009 and 2010,
          which dropped to 43.7 percent when the US carrier began selling iPhones
          last spring and subsequently “plunged” to 42.2 percent after signing
          contracts for 4.2 million iPhones in final quarter of last year.

          Verizon’s margins jumped up to 47.8 percent in the third
          calendar quarter, a period of delayed iPhone sales that gave the carrier
          a greater mix of higher margin alternative smartphones.

          AT&T and Sprint; the
          former’s margins dropped from 37.6 to 28.7 percent over the past year,
          while the latter’s margins dropped from 16 percent to 9.5 percent during
          its iPhone launch.

          I don’t see the long term benefits.  By the time they plan on making money off of the Iphone customers they upgrade to a new one, thus starting the process all over again.

          One major analyst report stated, “the cost of adding an iPhone customer is about 40% higher than the cost for the average non-iPhone customer.”  Apple is strong arming the industry and if the carriers gave the same subsidies of $400-$450 per phone to the Android phones then you’d see Galaxy S 2s given away for free for an upgrade and the Iphone would drop in sales. 

        • Whiskers

          If it’s such a financial loss to have an Iphone agreement with Apple then why does the Big Three keep signing with them ?
          Simple answer , the profits they will gain in the long run from selling the number one sought after cell phone on the market worldwide.

        • Kalel

           Can you show me where AT&T has had increased profits per Iphone customer?  There’s almost 5 years worth of data to go by and there’s not a single bit of data that supports our assertion. The only thing you can say is that Iphone’s sell well but at a major financial cost to the manufacturer.  The carriers are filling the pockets of Apple and there has not been any evidence that doing that has benefited the companies over what Android or WP7 provides.

          Simple answer to your question…..more customers.  They make less per Iphone customer but they get more customers.  Like I said, if the carriers subsidized the Android phones as much as they do Iphones then the Iphone would not be the #1 phone sold and IOS would have a smaller marketshare.  Iphone is large because the carriers are taking the hit to give Apple that $46 Billion dollar per quarter profit.

        • Kalel

          Edit:  “financial cost to the CARRIER” and “benefited the CARRIERS”

        • Hell, even nTelos with 400,000 subscribers just announced it is going to sell the iphone 4s for $150. Also, Alaska Comm, GCI, Cellcom and Applacian wireless are going to start selling it April 20th. So if these little carriers can sell it why can’t Tmobile?

        • Vim

          Most of these little regional carriers are in areas where the big four have poor to non-existent coverage, like Alaska.   They can get away with charging an arm and a leg because of that lack of competition, so their profit margin per customer is higher than T-Mobile’s.  They can thus afford Apple’s high subsidy, albeit at a far lower volume, and buy the same model that everyone else is, without any changes to the radio the way T-Mobile would need.

  • Brad

    Why no iPhone T-Mobile? The executives are totally dropping the ball!

    • Nothing is stopping you from using the iPhone on T-Mobile.

      1) buy one unlocked
      2) plop a micro-SIM in it
      3) ???
      4) profit.

      • Klawatti

        Who knew it was that easy?

        Any ideas on how to crap the $700 for an unlocked iPhone, Einstein?

        • That’s your problem not mine.

          Saying it’s not available is ignorant. It’s totally available – IF you’re willing to pay for it.

        • Wex

          & doesnt it run on Edge on Tmobile?

        • Rayen321

          For now. Soon 1900mhz will become available and hello 3g

        • Whiskers

          Only in certain areas will it will be available.

        • Littlesis1774

          That the problem

    • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

      Apple has said they have no desire to sell through T-Mobile. Talk to Apple about that. 

      • Whiskers

        If you believe the BS from T-Mobiles management.

        • Kalel

           Yeah it is BS what T-mobile is saying but they’re not going to come out and say they can’t afford the Iphone because of how much Apple charges and forces large subsidies.

        • Whiskers

          And they will continue to be on a shoe string budget until they do.
          People want more of a choice than Androids latest flavor of the month options.
          There is not one single Android device on the market yet that can compete to the iphone in sales on a one on one comparison.

        • Kalel

            Then don’t be angry if T-mobile has to raise it’s rates to get the Iphone. You can’t have your cake(lowest rates in the industry) and eat it too(getting very large profit killing of Iphones and get an LTE network). 

        • Littlesis1774

          Well before AT&T had the iphone Apple did go to them  T-mobile from what I heard.

    • Deadeye37

       According to T-mobile’s top brass, the ball is in Apple’s court.  That was a few months ago, so who knows where we are with this now.

      Personally, I hope the iPhone does come to T-mobile.  While I dislike the way Apple does things and iOS’s closed eco-system, it’s pretty and very intuitive, which the masses really like.  Having the iPhone would help at least keep customers at T-mobile, and might attract new customers with a Value plan pairing.

    • Drew

      I don’t think T-Mo is keen on forking over their right arm and first born child like Sprint has done. What has it gotten them (Sprint)?? They can keep that phone off of my network as far as I’m concerned…

      • Littlesis1774

         have them lose more customers

  • wsj

    And the rest of the story is that AT&T sells more iphones then all other andriod combined.

    To Ben Pike: The iphone is only available unlocked running on edge, unless you live a certain cities in the US.  Yes I am willing to pay $700 for it and will buy at least 4 on them for the 7 lines that I have, if they can run full speed, and not edge.

    TMUSA knows what they need to do, so stop being stupid and get the phone that will run on your network, with the next model.  If you wait for a complete LTE & refarm before you jump, you will not have any customers left except pre-paid.  I guess if  DT wants to be a low end, crap for phone carrier then keep on doing what you are doing.

    • Sam

      not only is the iPhone the #1 selling phone on the other carriers -look at where the iPhone 4 is ranking too.  Thats pretty impressive.  Just reading those figures has to make people think ‘what am i missing?’

      • Minioninnc

        What am I missing? Nothing. Had it, used it, wasn’t impressed, sold it. 

        • Whiskers

          So now what , Android,Android,and Android only on T-Mobile….
          Which is practically a IOS ripoff anyways.

      • ObsceneJesster
      • Vim

        1) AT&T has the largest concentration of iPhone fans of all 4 carriers. (This is a major reason why their profit margin is far below Verizon’s, iPhone subsidies are highly expensive for the carrier.)

        2) AT&T’s Android phone selection is crap. The Galaxy S 2 is the only worthwhile high end Android phone they carry, unless you want to carry a small tablet like the Note.

    • Kalel

       If t-mobile offered the Iphone 4S with 14.4mbps HSPA+ only on the Value plan for $700 I can guarantee that there will be some sales but if people actually seen the price difference on the phone that it wouldn’t even make the top 3.  The ONLY reason it’s in the top 3 on the other carriers is because Apple forces the carriers to do vastly larger subsidies on their phone than the others.  If it was subsidized the same as Android phones then you’d see the numbers much differently than you do now.

    • Vim

      AT&T’s android phones were all crap until the Galaxy S 2 landed on October 2nd.  Their second best android phone right now is an LG…  The Note is nice, but it’s a specialty item, not many people are going to go for a phone so big that the manufacturer considers it a small tablet. And the Vivid, while a nice 2nd tier phone, doesn’t compare the S 2 or the Amaze.  So it really isn’t a surprise that the iPhone 4 came in third.  AT&T doesn’t carry anything else running android that’s competitive.


    get the unlocked Galaxy Nexus (pentaband), ICS without touchwhiz and true 720p, way better than the Galaxy II..

    • 30014

      Got mines 2 weeks ago and absolutely love it. Coming from a g2 all i can say is ics blows gingerbread out of the water.

  • Wex

    You can talk iPhone all you want and yes thats important but Tmobile needs to fix its horrendous customer service lately.  As someone who has been for TMobile for a long time, the reason Im leaving is not just to get an iPhone (although thats look ing more and more likely because of the bugginess of my Android) but the total collapse of customer service and 90% of the people Ive spoken to in the last year have ranged from incompetent to rude – both of which are unacceptable and have infuriated me to no ends

    • Jarrod

      I called them a few days ago asking them about refarming and the whole time I was on the phone they were extremely nice and pleasant.

    • Buddy

      I cancelled my regular account and went to prepaid when I got laid off. They never sent me a bill, and immediately cut off my access to My T-mobile, so I had to call in to make sure I pay my final bill on time (T_mobile billing can be a little crazy). Everytime I call (Of Course) it transers me straight to Pre paid care, tehn I have to ask for regular care (on hold forever). Finally I get through to regular care, and all they tell me, I have to call a month later. I go theough the same thing a month later, and they say, You are paid in full- but also have a credit.
      So I say- Can you return the credit to me, since I had overpaid. No they say, Wait another month and then call in and “Escalate” the issue to get your check. (But It Is My Money).
      I call a month later, they say- Ok we’ll send your check.
      Now I get emails telling me I dust upgraded.
      Can’t check the account because the myt-mobile site only shows my prepaid number.
      So I call again- same deal. trasnfered to prepaid care, then to reg care. Justy so tehy can say..”We’re sorry” that was just an error.

      Ok T-mobile may be trying to improve customer service, but so far, I’m not impressed. And as someone who had a regular account, I would think they’d treat me better so that when I decide to get a two year plan again, I will stay with them. But so far, it looks like I’ll be going elsewhere.

      • Redred77

        Are you serious man? Common sense man if your not tied to a contract then u have no meaning. In other words your tenure resets no one know’s that you used to be on a contract for 10 years exc. Also by you not being on a contract that is not guaranteed money for any phone company and you don’t get access to all the towers as contracted customers do.

    • kcwookie

      I’m headed to Sprint if TMo doesn’t get their act together by November. Their customer service is getting so poor that i might consider buying out my account if a new iPhone comes out before then. I have the HTC Sensation 4g and is sucks, I get it as a replacement for the MyTouch 4g which blew. TMo wouldn’t even fix the email attachment problem on the phone.

      When Apple releases a new or updated OS, it’s available that day to all. I’m still waiting on ICS and Google is getting ready to release version 5. It you like to jack with your phone, Android is probably the right OS for you. I want to earn a living and make money, iOS is the only real choice.

      TMo has one more chance and when they blow it I’m gone. I’ve been with them for over a decade, but the management has run the company right into the ground and are still digging the hole bigger.

  • Sam

    I just read a stat on another website that one out of three US teens are planning to buy an iPhone in the next six months.  Its really an amazing growth story; and on Bloomberg, an analyst just said he expects Apple to go to $1000 stock price in 2 years.  

    • ObsceneJesster

      Teens fallow….They like trendy shit. Are you surprised? I bet most of them have never even used a smartphone. They just want the iPhone because it is the cool thing to do.

      • Jarrod

        I’m 17 and I have a second hand 3GS from a dads work freind, I have had three android phones with in the last three years. The reason is because they all had issues with software and having my iPod the whole time I had never experienced a issue that was as bad as the things my android phones did so I took that into consideration and jailbrome the iPhone to use my tmobile plan. I have been really happy the only thing I’m waiting for is them to switch there 3G frequency so I can enjoy high speed data.

      • Michaeljohnson729

        I’m sorry but you are wrong. I am 16 and a junior in high school and I would say that about 3/4 of my entire school has a smart phone and 2/3 of those who have a smartphone have an iPhone and it’s not because it’s “cool” you should really check your facts before you go around making generalizations that are not even remotely true.

  • mreveryphone

    The best phone on tmo right now is this note I’m using on 4g! The devs released the radio that’s in the blaze 4g and this thing cooks! I’m in kansas City mo and I’m getting 6-7mbps on a phone meant for att. Might sell it for the gs3 depending on how it comes packaged with screen tech processor tech memory tech and the most important battery tech

  • Josrphtongret

    Sensation! My sensation w/ custom rom is faster & smoother than my gs2. I wish it weren’t so, but I’m hooked on my sensation. So fast, so stable, great resolution, and lots of roms for the flashaholics. The tmo gs2 just doesn’t do it for me, and I need an upgrade. Feels funny using a year old phone, I need tmo to come with some goods! I’ve had all their high end devices at one point or another, minus the lumia 710.

    • Tortionist

      I agree on the HTC Sensation, mine runs The Revolution HD ROM at 1.5 GHZ without flashing a new kernal and it is awesome.

      • Loueradun

         The qualcomm chip in the Sensation has no problem taking a bump up to 1.72Ghz, pushing it to 1.78 is generally too much.

        At this speed the phone is disgusting, absolutely decimates a GSII in benchmarks, and runs reliably without crashing.  The biggest problem running it at past 1.5ghz is heat.  Playing Dead Space for half an hour will get it as hot as the new iPads.

        I run mine at 1ghz, simply because there is no discernible difference in speed (besides benchmarks).  Apps launch almost instantaneously, no lag in the home screen or when switching apps.  It’s just amazing.

        FYI. I am running Virtuous Inquisition if anyone is curious.

  • Josrphtongret

    Sensation! My sensation w/ custom rom is faster & smoother than my gs2. I wish it weren’t so, but I’m hooked on my sensation. So fast, so stable, great resolution, and lots of roms for the flashaholics. The tmo gs2 just doesn’t do it for me, and I need an upgrade. Feels funny using a year old phone, I need tmo to come with some goods! I’ve had all their high end devices at one point or another, minus the lumia 710.

  • what does TMO not understand about their customers wanting high end phones?  yes the Lumia 710 and all those low end phones are cool but as this shows, your customers want the hottest and latest “best” out there.

    • Plkoih

      As a rep who deals with customers constantly bitching about the cost of the phones I must say that most don’t want to pay for the high end phones. People are always asking for higher end phones but then balk at the price. Can’t have it both ways.

  • josue cifuentes

    I was hoping it was the LG GS-170 lol

  • T-Mobile Sales Rep

    Absolutely.  I just got the Blaze today (had to wait until the 28th to order as I’m an employee) and I’d say the two best phones we offer are the Blaze and the SII.  Personally prefer the Blaze due to screen size, and I’d say it’s by far the best phone I’ve ever used.  I’m not an Amaze fan, but it is a good phone.  Personally I’m surprised to see the Radar/Lumia up there because both stores I have worked for doesn’t sell much of either.  I don’t like Windows too much, but with the promotions we’ve had I guess the Lumia/Radar sold due to those plus we had a huge Lumia promotion at the retail level to win a lot of prizes (amazon, best buy gift cards, headset etc).  I am surprised to not see the Mytouch not hit the top 3 because both stores I’ve worked for sell a lot of mytouches due to the low price and easy learning curve not to mention most people don’t know they’re crappy phones.

  • Vim

    The rankings don’t surprise me at all, but the prices listed seem a bit of an oversimplification.  The $180 price for the Amaze didn’t apply to contract extensions, just to new customers. The supposed $50 price advantage of the Radar 4G and the Lumia 710 also only applied to new customers.  For January and early February when I was checking daily, tThe 710 was considerably cheaper for contract extensions, ranging from free to $19.99 depending on the day, while the Radar was a more expensive $99.99. 

    • Vim

      I meant to say: The supposed $50 price advantage of the Radar 4G  —OVER— the Lumia 710 also only applied to new customers, and not even that all the time since the Lumia was on sale on T-Mobile’s web site like every day. 

      • Kalel

         The Radar is now free to new customers.

        • Vim

          Yep, the promotions appear to have been reversed for the moment, at least for new customers.  The 710 is still cheaper by about $50 for contract extensions however. 

        • Vim

          The 710 is back on sale for free until the 17th.  This is how it is with the 710, it spends more time on sale for free than off sale.

  • Dinkydoo

    Fudge the iPhone. The DROID RAZR kicks butt :). Honestly if carriers could do away with low end android devices that basically give android a bad name and just basically keep windows phone as the low to mid tier I think everything would be fine. Windows is simple and effective as a os and that’s what sells along with the price range. Android needs to be supported by good hardware to run efficiently. Yea the iPhone is great and all but as a T-Mobile sales employee I’ve been through every phone out in the market including the iPhone and honestly I’ve seen ios crash more times then android apps. Just saying.

  • Blah

     It’s incredible that the Lumia 710 sells so well when Tmobile hardly markets it at all.

    It’s all word of mouth.  Tmobile has no plans to offer superior windows phone models such as the Lumia 800 and 900, which means Tmobile hates the idea of getting more money and being more successful.  I think Tmobile are idiots because they’re forcing me and others to switch to AT&T to get the Lumia 800 or 900.  I’d rather stay, but Tmobile doesn’t give a crap they’re rather push the android garbage.

    • Vim

      T-Mobile rarely markets anything at all, and that includes the Galaxy S 2 and the Amaze 4G as well.   (All the Gal S 2 marketing that I can recall was done by Samsung, not T-Mobile, and good luck finding someone who saw an Amaze commercial on television.) Personally, I doubt word of mouth has as much to do with the 710’s popularity as all the promotions directed at customers and sales incentives aimed at the sales reps.   T-Mobile has been pushing the 710 hard the past few months, both in its stores and on the web. 

      BTW, why would someone move to AT&T for the Lumia 800 when not only doesn’t AT&T carry it, but the unlocked international version is missing AT&T’s 850MHz HSPA+ band?  FYI more of AT&T’s HSPA+ network is on the 850MHz band then the 1900MHz band.  So your data connection is going to be mighty spotty.   And if solid data coverage on an 800 isn’t important to you, then there is no point in leaving T-Mobile to get the 800.  I know you hate Android and love Windows Phone, but do try to put together more rational arguments in the future.

      • Blah

        I mentioned switching to AT&T for the lumia 900, you ass

        • Vim

          Your memory is as bad as your attitude.  Your words are a matter of public record.  You clearly said: “I think Tmobile are idiots because they’re forcing me and others to switch to AT&T to get the Lumia 800 or 900.”   Including the 800 in that statement was a total exaggeration on your part, and that’s why I called you on it.  Next time, instead of denying the obvious and calling people names, perhaps you should own up to your mistake and try to be a little less childish. 

        • Kalel

           LOL, that was funny.

        • Vim

          *bows* :)

  • Dinkydoo

    honestly talk all you want about how good windows phone is, I’m not saying it sucks, but the high end and low end phones are rly the same due to the fact that there’s a limit to the os. Look how fluid it runs on low end hardware its made to be a budget phone. I just feel like if your getting a 500$ – 600$ phone it should at least be able to do everything and that’s were Android takes the cake. And I’ve constantly been hearing from windows phone reps about how they plan on improving the os but rly they’re going to slow paces for people who want the best to really care for them. Just saying.


    Little do people know that the HTC SENSATION can out perform all these phones. I was going to get a SG2 till I did some research and seen with the revolution Rom the SENSATION even beats the Amaze (same processor). ENJOY YOUR BLOATWARE YOU STOCK SUCKERS.

    • SensationUser

      I have the Sensation as well.  I have been extremely happy with it (except when hitting the home button Sense seems to reload almost everytime and I am sure it is something I have done).  I wish I was a little more tech savvy to get the ICS update as many have done.  I jailbroke and unlocked a few iPhones, but I am a little less understanding of the “root” and loading ROMS.  I am sure when the ICS update is released that I will still be just as happy with this phone.  I am debating the One S this month.  I feel it wont be much different from my Sensation, but again, I could be way off.  I look forward to your comments below.

      • XDA IS THE WAY
        • SensationUser

          XDA…I appreciate you posting that link…(its gibberish to me)  I may have to find someone on craigslist or something to do this for me.  Right now I sit with an out of the box Sensation…nothing has been done to it and I just do not know where to begin.  Again, thanks!

    • Kalel

      Sensation and Amaze don’t have the same processor but I do understand what your saying.  My Mytouch 4G was faster than a stock Sensation because I was running CM7. Unfortunately, I can’t put Cyanogenmod on my Amaze but even stock it’s faster than my Mytouch running CM7.  I can’t wait for Cyanogenmod to finish the CM9 build for the Amaze but it’s going to be a pain to load.  Sense is nice but a big resource hog.

      • Raymondramirez06

        Both phones do have the same processor but the Sensations is clocked lower so they gave it a different model number. Most custom roms take care of this and clock it back up to 1.5ghz so it reports correctly as the same 8660 SOC. The Sensation development community is far and ahead of any other phones and with the right rom is the fastest thing out except for the new One series.

    • Loueradun

       I disagree about the processor.  I am pretty sure they have the same guts, but the Sensation development is much further ahead.  If you plan on rooting your android, the Sensation is THE BEST choice on T-Mobile right now (although hopefully not for much longer).

      Still loving my sensation, got it last year and it still is the fastest T-Mobile has to offer, never had a new phone stay new for this long.

      Also the design/style of the Sensation is wonderful, especially combined with a cheap clear TPU case.  Unibody style design means the back case and battery don’t explode out of the phone when you drop it on pavement.  In fact this phone has seen about 20 falls (from about 4 feet in it’s TPU case), and its still in perfect condition.  The curvature of the screen also prevents it from getting scratches when dropped.

      I can only hope the One X will come to Magenta, perhaps in time for the Wife’s upgrade later this year, although unlike my previous devices, I have absolutely no incentive to upgrade (other than the fact that I’m not on a value plan yet and wont waste my upgrades).

  • Chase

    As a business professional in my upper 30’s, I have used many Blackberry phones and older style wwindows phones. Over the past 2 years I have also tried several Android models and a couple Windows 7 phones including the HD7 and HTC radar.
    Overall, I find that the Android opperating system allows me the ability to do a great deal more (Many useful applications), I enjoy having all the capabilities that come with the OS, such as the ability to scan a document and fax it from my phone. The Goole Maps built in.- But as a business professional, I always feel as if I’m using a kids phone. Partly because of the little green alien-android smileys in place of the traditional yellow smiley faces (minor- but irritating), and due to the fact that many phone designs seem aimed toward yonger markets. The Amaze- heavy, bulky for a business shirt pocket, the Galaxy S2 Too big for a business shirt pocket…Most business men I know use IPhone or blackberry.
    And to get an Android phone that is a little smaller, you end up buying a cheaper device which looks, feels, and acts cheaper. – I wish they would make an Android phone with a more professional look in the hardware and software.

    Blackberry looks good, has a great keyboard, but is too limited these days, Windows 7 is a great fluid system, with some great apps, but limited as well, and I hate the Zune interface for transfering data between my computer and the phone. Much easier with drag and drop functionality of Android, and Balckberry.
    iPhone is very popular with other carriers because it has teh most apps, and is functional and stylish.
    It definately looks odd fore a business man/woman in a suit to pull out an HTC Amaze at the office.

    Sorry- Just an opinion, but most arguments for these phones seem to deal with teh phone’s specs, while in truth, Looks matter a great deal when spending $500-$600+ on a new phone.

    • Whiskers

      I agree  i have the HD7 and even though it gets the job done for my business needs , the apps just blow or you pay out the ass for something i can get for free on the iphone.
      Most all business people i deal with use the iphone and rarely a blackberry anymore.
      Every Android phone my wife has had feels like a toy and never lasts without OS issues , so i’m going back to IOS and keep  my HD7 as a backup phone.
      If T-Mobile don’t pick up the iphone this summer and don’t pull through with their 1900 switch so you can use one on 3G with T-Mobile , i’m looking at other options.

      • DRew

         Maybe the two of you should give the Galaxy S2 a spin. The phone is very sexy, great in hand, and while it may look odd in a shirt pocket, most phones these days are made for a back/front pocket. With the S2’s slim profile, no one would ever even know it’s there. I personally use the S2, and when I whip it out, every person within 5 feet of me gets phone envy.

        The beautiful screen, amazing moving wall paper, and when I’m multi-tasking something in front of them it almost blows their minds because my phone does it so smoothly.

         I love when I have to present something, or come up with a calendar that’s displayable for work. I simply scan a small version from my phone, and email it to Kinko’s with size directions, all the while knowing the game that I wasn’t  supposed to be playing is on pause.

        I agree the Amaze is bulky, but seriously, head to your tmobile store, pick up a Galaxy s2, and you will be blown away. As for bugs, I’ve had mine since launch in November, nothing.

    • Vim

      That’s odd. I never get odd looks when pulling out my Amaze, and it fits just fine in my front pants pocket, or when I’m wearing a suit, my inside jacket pocket.  It’s certainly less fat than my old Touch Pro 2.  Now something like a cyan-colored Lumia 900 or as big as a Galaxy Note would get stares, but 4.3″ handsets like the Amaze and the Galaxy S 2 are becoming the new norm outside of the iPhone crowd.   I suppose if you want to bond with someone who owns an iPhone, it doesn’t hurt to own an iphone too, just as it doesn’t hurt to learn to play golf if the CEO and all the company execs play golf.

    • stevejobbed

      I agree. Android is great for the tech enthusiast crowd and for the younger demographic. But no executive that I work with would ever be seen using an Android for business purposes. They might as well flip open their Sidekick. For a long time it was Blackberry for the superior email client but lately the iphone has become more of the norm. I just read an article that the iphone has even overtaken blackberry this year as the most requested phone in congress as well.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Just waiting to grab me a Galaxy Note or a Tizen Phone

  • EXIBITman

    I recently purchased the Samsung blazers 4Gs its the fastest and smoothest I have. Ever owned I like it better then my galaxy LLC.!!!!!!!!

  • T-mobile to AT&T

    LOL iPhone #1 on networks who are privileged to have the best phone ever.
    Thank god after 7 years of being with T-Mobile I finally realize iPhone is better and ordered iPhones for the 4 of us. T-mobile is always in our heart though for treating us right and hooking us up with beast android. Packaging At&t services will benefit us financially and hopefully treat us just the same.

    R.I.P. T-Mobile customer.

  • # R.I.P: You are delirious bubba, the Samsung GSII smokes the IPHONE in EVERY respect!  The IPHONE is the Bose of Smartphones. Over rated, excellent marketing second rate garbage for the lemmings who want to fit in with tons of issues. The ONLY thing the IPHONE has going for it is SIRI. The ONLY reason you purchased 4 IPHONES is that AT&T gives them away for free. The 1.5 gig Processor can not be beat by ANY phone. Hope you have fun at AT&T, the MOST dropped calls with poor service you will ever get!

  • Pimpmolta

    iPhone started this whole touchscreen smartphone craze. Android STOLE the idea. Wake up android fans, IPhone IS the best, regardless of screen size, or any other gimmick android makers can come up with. The iPhone doesn’t need a 1.5ghz processor to beast your corny, trademark infringing iPhone clone, loser!!!

    • JDariusH

      Tell me when you guys get something as simple as Flash.

  • Jmart922

    My white Amaze 4G is anticipating the arrival of ICS, still the best phone on Tmo