• ChurnBaby

    I love  how Tmo people always bash the iPhone.  Everyone I know who has it loves it.  They laugh at me and the problems I always have.  If I had a nickel every time a developer tells me they can’t help me with their app because of fragmentation and they can’t test on all devices, Id be very very rich.  And you look at the chart above, and the iPhone is the top phone on every other category — even six months after it was released.  

    • perfectalpha

       Yeah, I work at TMO and own an iPhone as well myself. Folks who believe Android is the best platform overall are only kidding themselves. It isn’t that Android is bad; but the Apple ecosystem is so rich. The synergy in their products is fantastic…and most importantly the damn thing works. Apple’s stock is 600 bucks a share…they’re freakin EVERYWHERE! You simply can’t ignore a graph where 43% of folks choosing smartphones over the last 3 months chose an iPhone. This means that 43% of folks purchasing a Smartphone WERE NOT CONSIDERING TMOBILE AS A WIRELESS CHOICE. I would think this sentence would be common sense, but its impossible to “grow” this business without an extremely popular platform!

      • chumlee

         *uses 4G*

        Call me when the iPhone reaches 2012.

      • Igorshteyngart

        You are dumb ass who works for the worst phone company in US.

        Apple’s stock is 600 bucks -why should i case about this???
        You should pray you do have official ipoop on your network cos you know what will happened??
        Apple ecosystem is so rich. ???–apple  ecosystem  is so closed for slaves like you and many
        Last point on the menu.Could you tell me what can you change in your phone
        fonts,themes,boot animations,splash screens,bars,lock screens?????

        Hopefully one day you will get official gmail app cos you know mail app you got on your phone is pretty bad :)