HTC One S Meta Hands-On/Review From Around The Internets

Let’s kick this off with a quick note and mention that all the HTC One S review device you’re seeing in these videos is the global edition and not the version that will arrive on T-Mobile. That being said, it’s still the same hardware and likely the same software minus T-Mobile’s own add-ons that we’ll see later this month when the HTC One S is expected to launch on T-Mobile. If you’re looking to read the full run-down on the HTC One S, we urge you to hit the Engadget and The Verge links at the end of the post for two excellent reviews.

The bottom line shows both sites love the phone however, Sense remains a love it/hate it proposition as an Android overlay. Hit the links below for both reviews with plenty of images to show off the One S in full glory. Otherwise hit all three videos on this page and catch the HTC One S in action.

PhoneDog; Engadget; The Verge

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