HTC One S Meta Hands-On/Review From Around The Internets

Let’s kick this off with a quick note and mention that all the HTC One S review device you’re seeing in these videos is the global edition and not the version that will arrive on T-Mobile. That being said, it’s still the same hardware and likely the same software minus T-Mobile’s own add-ons that we’ll see later this month when the HTC One S is expected to launch on T-Mobile. If you’re looking to read the full run-down on the HTC One S, we urge you to hit the Engadget and The Verge links at the end of the post for two excellent reviews.

The bottom line shows both sites love the phone however, Sense remains a love it/hate it proposition as an Android overlay. Hit the links below for both reviews with plenty of images to show off the One S in full glory. Otherwise hit all three videos on this page and catch the HTC One S in action.

PhoneDog; Engadget; The Verge

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  • Taron19119

    No beats headphones if t-mobile version dont have beats headphones then I well pass on this phone

    • YellowRex

      …really?  Beats headphones are a make-or-break feature for you?  You can get the bundled ones on eBay for less than $10, or you could get some earbuds that are actually good:

    • Kalel

       Why do you want Beats headphones when there are much better headphones out there that cost less.  Beats are for people that are ignorant of audio quality and just want to look cool.

  • Chris

    Can’t freakin wait to get my hands on this sexy beast!

  • HTC is trying, good job.

  • PimpStrong

    I gotta say I’m a fan of the HTC One series and Sense 4.0.  

  • Really looking forward to this phone.  Timing is about perfect.  As an original Vibrant owner, I’m upgrade eligible on May 5th, and I’m already inured to pentile AMOLED displays by the last two years of usage.  Should be a sweet upgrade for me.

    Wish they’d gotten it perfect, though:  camera key, Galaxy Nexus-style soft buttons, stock ICS recent apps list, oh well.  Hopefully I can find ICS-updated apps to avoid that awful menu button bar most of the time.

    • It will also be really nice to be able to use Chrome for Android.  Won’t run on my Galaxy S with an ICS ROM because the internal storage is screwy.

      • Rob Reder

        Which ROM are you using? I’m running Passion v13 on my Vibrant and have no issues with Chrome.

        • Was on ICSSGS, am now on Passion.

          They both have the same issue, which is a small /data/data partition.  It’s only 170 MB, whereas most ICS phones have 1 GB.  I had an Exchange account set up and a bunch of other apps installed and Chrome filled it the rest of the way and started the phone crashing.  It’s a known issue with Vibrants.

        • Rob Reder

          Have you tried moving some of the other apps to SD?

        • It’s not apps, it’s app data.  It’s possible to move the directory to the /data partition, but then the phone gets really slow.  You can also symlink certain app cache directories to the /data partition (like the aforementioned exchange app cache), and then only those specific apps are slow, but that’s a pain in the ass to do.

          I think I can just wait a month, upgrade, and then start using Chrome.

    • Tf442

      I will be glad to get rid of my Vibrant and get back to a phone with a working GPS

      • Oh yeah!  I forgot about the broken GPS.  I guess I’ve gotten used to it.  Wifi location works pretty well in the city, and I don’t drive as much as I used to.

  • Samsung needs to get a move on. Their Galaxy S III has a lot of buzz without any promotion, but HTC just came out of left field with the One series and took some of that excitement from Samsung.

    If Samsung can deliver on their quad core Exynos, 720p non-pentile display, and a micro SD slot, it would be enough to sway a lot of users.

    They would need to revamp their TouchWiz UI though. Its fast but it ain’t pretty. Or just give us plain ICS.

    Kudos to HTC.

    • PimpStrong

      The Galaxy S III had BETTER have a completely revamped Touch Wiz and not the rehashed Gingerbread skin found in the ICS update!!  

      • Klawatti

        If the Samsung S III is as good as they predict, you can bet that T-mobile will NOT carry it.  Carrying good phones is not what T-mobile does… hence the HTC One S.

        • PimpStrong

          That’s a load of crap.  We have 3 different Galaxy S’ plus the Galaxy S II so there is zero evidence that points to us not carrying the 3.  

          A non-Exynos variant is a strong possibility but one way or another we WILL have the GSIII and from what I’m seeing, the S4 is a beast so if that’s what it gets then I’m still happy.

        • dingaling

          If Tmobile doesnt get the SGS3 i will be leaving to go to a different carrier. I love Tmobile and like to stay with them, but sometimes u have to draw the line soewhere.

  • Lani

    Anyone check out Tmobile UK site for upcoming mobiles lately?
    Looks like they’re going to be selling the HTC One S and the X.

    • nd5

      I’ll never get that… T-Mobile has a much greater potential for total size of market in the US than in UK, but they always seem to get better hardware sooner.

  • TMoFan

    Gorgeous phone! I usually don’t get caught up in chasing after the latest and greatest tech (especially phones) but every time I see this phone I want it. Even more so if the rumors about the G4x are true.

  • JamesJ13

    I really hate all the pre installed apps on the phone , still one heck of a great phone.
    Now its the worse time to buy a phone..Ill be waiting till the end of the year and do some comparisons. Ill most likely get the new Nexus which usually comes out October/November.
    My g2 is still holding up great

  • Uh, yikes! Normally when I have a 16gb memory card, I get at least 14gb of usable space on it. I already don’t like the idea of no removable microSD card but this quote is an even bigger no:

    ” while 1GB of memory accompanies 12GB of available storage” <- From the Engadget review

  • Magenta Man

    Daddy like!

  • Found this at the end of the of the Verge review in their cons section:

    “Silver model isn’t treated with microarc oxidation”

    Which means only the black one does. The TMO version isn’t looking like it gets that treatment either I suspect. The more I read these reviews, the less appealing this phone gets.

    • Fuchs

      The TMoBile version has the micro arc oxidation.

      • proof?

        • Exactly! I just looked through every official article here and checked the entry pages on both T-mobile AND HTC and none of the above had said that this version specifically will get it.

          Just updated my main post. I’m betting against us getting the special coating.

  • Vinnyj

    With only 16 mb of internal memory and no sd card this is a failure IMO. How can you put together a great phone and leave out memory. Sure there is the cloud but with data caps the cloud is not the way to go. I wll never buy a phone without at least 32 mb of internal memory or at least have sd card. Who ever they have designing these phones they need to re evaluate. What a failure. Not to mention an enclosed battery that is not big enough to begin with.

    • achusaysblessyou

      You mean 16 GB and 32 GB right? In any case, that’s the Iphone effect… sad, but true. What sells isn’t necessarily what geeks want, it’s what the average, uninformed consumer wants

      • Guest911

        The assumption that geeks know what they want and the average consumer is uninformed is what geeks say to make themselves feel smarter. .

        • Kalel

           Average consumer doesn’t have a clue.  You must never have sold tech or done tech support or you wouldn’t have posted that.

    • WirelessRefugee

      Agree. I won’t ever buy a phone that lacks a microSD slot. It is an attempt to mimic the iPhone and what Apple does (stimulate sales of the higher priced models that have more storage, “motivate” people to prematurely upgrade to a new model every year, and to exercise control over the user experience.

      And leaving out a slot is evidence of planned obsolescence practices, including making the phone outdated within 6 to 12 months.

      • 25 GB of Dropbox goes a long way towards ameliorating the lack of SD card.

  • smooth17

    I don’t understand why tmobile getting these bummy ass phones. First the blaze now the s, why didn’t they jump on the one x?

    • antoine harrison

      the same thing you are saying is what I have been saying for some time now. I have come to realize that T mobile just dont wanna get the good stuff you are gonna have to leave if you want the good phones. 

      • Klawatti

        Truth is, I like T-mobile.  But I am leaving for another carrier in May when my contract is up.  And all because they cannot get a decent functional phone.

        • Joelee90706

          My contract is up pretty soon. I might as well leave also. 

        • Kalel

           Really?  T-mobile doesn’t have a decent functional phone?  I guess my Mytouch 4G and Amaze have been complete failures.  Oh wait, no they’ve worked perfectly and have never had to do an exchange.

    • Guest

      You get what you pay for.. Do you want to have the lowest rate plans out there for post paid service or slightly better phoens and pay more? T-mobile doesn’t have the revenue stream the other big providers do because they are constantly trying to offer lower prices.. I will repeat.. You get what you pay for.

    • liveTexas

      Perhaps TMo is just TIRED of buying $700 phones and Selling them for $200 to get New Contract Buyers. That’s an immediate $500 outlay per customer.
      I Say ??? : Too Bad, TMo ! You kept More contract customers when YOU were the Only Carrier with ALL the Great Android Handsets! Now ??? : you’re Lucky to get any Prepaid customers with your 2nd Class Phone selection! Go Back to your OEM’S and work on releasing the Great handsets again… and FAST !

  • Joelee90706

    Really, TMO and HTC. Common, you guys are killing me. Looks like AT&T get the better phones than TMO. I envy the AT&T HTC One X. This HTC One S does not, I repeat, DOES NOT have an expandable micro SD card and removable battery WTF! I am so disappointed with TMO and HTC. I will skip this phone and wait for another day. 

    • Joelee90706

      Sales will lag at TMO for this kind of phone that TMO will be offering. They will begin to wonder why TMO always stay behind the competitors.  

    • Jose Hernandez

       And you think that the AT&T One X will? The One Series (all models) are coming out with no removable battery and no expansion SD card. So, please don’t complain. If you don’t like it, then you don’t get it.

      • Joelee90706

        I wont get the AT&T One X either. I am just saying that TMO always get the crappy phone, unlike its competitor. It seems that AT&T always get the best of TMO. TMO will always be the turtle that crawl slowly. 

  • Klawatti

    LOL, not even released yet and the far-superior HTC One X is offered to the other carriers.  T-mobile IS and WILL ALWAYS be the trash receptacle of unwanted and underwhelming products when compared to the other carriers.  

    I have toiled for two years now with my Samsung Galaxy Vibrant – no GPS, no battery, lag-lag-lag all day long, dropped calls.  

    I will not make the same mistake again.  After 10 years with this carrier, I plan to leave it for another… simply in order to get a decent phone that will last the length of the contract.

    • Joelee90706

      Why asks why? I don’t get it with TMO. Shaking my head all the time. 

    • The One S should be a great upgrade for the Vibrant.  I’m stoked about being upgrade eligible on May 6th after getting a Vibrant on release day.

      The One X isn’t *far superior*, the only major difference is the screen, and again, the One S screen is a nice bump from your Vibrant’s screen.

      If you really want the One X, import the Canadian version, or you could get an international GSM Galaxy Nexus.

      • Klawatti

        A brick dipped in pigshit would be an upgrade to my Vibrant.  Either way, I am stuck with it until my contract runs out (which is next month).  

        The problem is that none of T-mobile’s current offerings gives me any confidence that they are going to be usable over the next two year lifecycle.

        Come May, I won’t settle for anything less than an HTC One X, Google Nexus or the elusive Samsung G III.   

        • I like the One S and expect it to be well-supported, both by HTC and by the folks on XDA.

          I heard the Canadian One X will be AWS-compatible, and the international Galaxy Nexus is confirmed to be.

    • ImJustSaying

      I completely agree!!!

    •  I wish I can leave but I am stuck on this crap company for another year.

  • Yetdbkkd

    Not really digging it, the back looks too plastic.

    • Joelee90706

      Absolutely and totally agree with your statement. 

      • WirelessRefugee

        Absolutely AND totally… wow, that’s a lot. But you forgot “completely” and “100%.” ;)

    • Guest!!!

      I heard that the back is ceramic…

  • WirelessRefugee

    This article says “Sense remains a love it/hate it proposition as an Android overlay…”  There’s only about .0001% of Android users on the hate side and they all only hang on the Net. So that there are overlay haters posting graffiti on various web pages is no surprise.

    These “overlay puritan zealots” are so deep in the minority, their protestations (actually it is whining) compels their comments being ignored, if for no other reason than these jaded “overlayists” despise all overlays, no matter the overlay’s massive demand, likability, usefulness, or functionality.

    That’s OK, I guess, this is a free wireless country, where overlay puritans are free to oppose “sensual pleasures” an HTC Sense overlay provides. What about me, you are compelled to inquire.

    Well I get so much pleasure using HTC Sense that afterward I lay back on the bed and have a couple smokes, and I don’t even smoke. Top secret: I have my Net browser set to “Ignore” any and all Net complaints about overlays. I don’t want overlayist puritan finger wagging interfering when the door card is on my BR doorknob, the one that warns “DO NOT DISTURB – I AM HAVING AN HTC SENSE NIGHT.”

    Statistics evidence that 99.9999% of Android-based HTC smartphone users love HTC Sense. And the percentage is even HIGHER in the smartphone community.

    In fact, HTC Sense was so popular at its inception (in 2010) that Apple users were getting hacked HTC Sense for their innovative-as-keypad-dial-tones iPhones. And HTC Sense has been so popular it has been imitated, copied, and mimicked.

    My insanity aside, business sense tells me that HTC could easily leave out Sense if it did not make sense, but HTC doesn’t because it does.

    HTC is so proud of HTC Sense (as it should be) that it emblazons the battery cover with the words “With HTC Sense” or “HTC Sense.” That says all we need to know, doesn’t it.

    • Wow! Did you give up trashy novels for lent and this is your only outlet?

      • Guest

        lol! My thoughts exactly! He needs to get out more. I’m been a member of xda-developers for 7 years now (somewhat of a nerd myself) and have seen some geeks in my time but wow! The literary geeky angst is jumping right off the page at us. Please back to your mom’s basement with you now lol! You aren’t ready to mix with the real world yet…

        • WirelessRefugee

           LOL.. I am more senior than you on XDA.

          But OK, I’ll go back to my mom’s basement.

          Hey, the rent is free, kinda, she charges me way below market, at least until my books are finished.

        • Guest

          Random use of numerous adjectives/adverbs doesn’t make you sound intelligent which you are obviously striving for in every post. Most of the time, it’s just rambling, incoherent dribble with misplaced words. You just come off as an @ss and someone who needs meds desperately. Sorry guy…

      • WirelessRefugee

        Yes, and yes. And with over 5 billion web pages on the Net now, I like knowing I left my 1K mark.

        • And yet, you figured out what I meant.

          Also, it’s only capitalized if you really care that much about it, otherwise, it doesn’t matter. To me, it doesn’t really matter as I don’t care about some silly made up tradition. ;)

        • WirelessRefugee

          Yeah, yeah, same old argument to excuse one being a dumb a$$ when it comes to grammar and spelling. You will go far in life.

          Carry on.

        • Odd, your excuses are more same old than mine. Which makes you worse than me! Looks like I’ve gone further than you. ;) After all, I don’t try to mate with Sense like you do. That would be a sign of lower intelligence.

    • ImJustSaying

      HTC sense just like the others have become pure garbage. Like the gentleman said on the verge video they no longer add anything to Android you felt you were missing. After playing with an international version of the Gal Nexus I just simply am not impressed with these overlays anymore. HTC 4 is inconsistent and ugly, just like TouchWiz and Blur… ICS is just simple and pretty period. You have to give it to Google for stepping up to the plate and hitting a home run….

  • nerdlust

    What are you guys smoking this is the fastest phone on the planet. Faster then one x tegra3. I stop buying extra battries a while ago. Now I buy extra chargers. 4.3 on my sensation works for me. I’m interested.

    • Vim

      Whether the S is faster or the X is faster depends on the benchmark or the task. The X is the better multi-tasker and is a bit better for gaming and other graphically intensive tasks, while the S is better at browsing and non-graphical tasks that don’t take advantage of the X’s greater number of processors. Regardless, these are the two fastest phones in mass-production today.

  • ianken

    Watched the Engadget video. My sensation crushes the One S in Quadrant. Not sure what they’re yammering about there.

    But it looks like a nice device. Not a fan of Sense, it;s a huge waste of screen space. 4×4 grid made sense on the 320×480 MyTouch, but on a QHD or 720p device? It looks lame. ADW FTMFW.

    • Guest

      quadrant is a joke! It hasn’t been updated (before multicores and ICS) in well over a year and is totally inaccurate. Use one that works like AnTuTu. The S One will run circles around the a freaking Sensation lol! ADW sucks

    • s10shane

      yeah right. there is no way ur sensation beats the one s. maybe if u overclocked ur cpu and rig the quadrant test then maybe but otherwise the sensation cant touch the one s stock vs stock. ive owned the sensation and its laggy as hell and its battery life is a joke.

    • Junieruiz

      dude stop smoking crack it’s bad for your health

  • ImJustSaying

    Thank you the Gal Nexus is hands down the best android phone out there period

    • Vim

      Only if you hate Sense (and Sense 4.0 is less annoying than 3.5)  with a passion.  Both the One X and the One S destroy the Galaxy Nexus in benchmarks as well as camera contests. 

      The display on the One X is also far superior.  It’s an IPS display like that of the iPhone 4S, but it’s bigger and has a 720p resolution. There is nothing else like it on a mobile phone, and I truly hope T-Mobile gets the X.

      The One S’s display isn’t so hot, but it’s very thin and -a lot- of people love the brightness of Super Amoleds.  This enables the S to set a new record for thinness in the 4.3″ category, and that matters to a lot of people (I’m not one of them) who think 4.7″ is too big and want a high quality phone with a super amoled screen in a smaller, thinner package.

  • if it weren’t for the ridiculous prices of ATT, i’d have switched already.  but i inquired about a comparable plan on ATT to that of my TMO plan and simply getting minutes to match i was already itching towards $30 extra a month not even counting data. so altought the One S isn’t a worthy alternative to the One X (imo) .. i’ll just stick with TMO a while longer .. maybe the One X variant that we’ve heard rumored about will come.

    • mrcoolcat

       You are right. If I move out of t-mo, I’ll have to pay roughly 30% more on ATT and even more on VW. May be that is the reason why t-mo doesn’t carry the top-notch devices? (ATT has Lumia 800, Samsung Focus, HTC Titan while T-MO has Lumix 710, HTC Radar which are certainly inferior to those on ATT for Windows phones). Similarly on Android t-mo has just the SGSII and Amaze (which has its own short comings), while ATT has just more options (two of SGSII), etc.

  • thin_the_herd

    The article states the the T-Mo USA hardware is going to be the same as the units in the videos.  I’ve been hearing, however, that T-Mo USA will NOT get the awesome black version, but will instead get the untreated gray version.  Anyone know if this is true?  T-Mobile keeps coming so close to getting things right, but always misses by a few steps.  This kind of crap is really, really frustrating.

  • Guest

    waiting for the galaxy s3 since this doesn’t have expandable memory, NFC and removable battery.

  • Guest

    16gb internal storage but of course only 12gb available to the user and no expandable memory slot is a FAIL

  • DeMario Smith

    WOW!!!!! THERE IS really no pleasing people these days. with all this cloud storage, they are trying to make it easier for us to store, share and keep our content on the go without having to buy extra cards to save them on. hell how much stuff are y’all trying to keep on your phones. sounds like an external hard drive is needed for some. the iphone sold gazillions when it first came out and only had 8gb. the one x and the one s has the same specs just different screens and storage.

    • Joelee90706

      If I want a “cloud-like” phone with no micro-sd card and no removable battery, I would have gotten a Iphone. I want to do and be freely to do whatever I want with my phone. Don’t want to trap like an Iphone. That is the difference between iPhone and android. 

      • If you really think micro SD card slots are the only difference between iPhones and Android phones, then I’m sad for you.

      • s10shane

        i agree with u. the cloud stuff sucks when you dont have good data speeds or data at all. thats the reason why i dont like google music. i try to listen to it at my school and i cant because i only get 2g there. i would much rather have a big sd card then use the cloud anyday.

    • Vim

      If you’re shooting significant amounts of video in an area with no wi-fi, moving video to your dropbox account over your data connection will quickly get you throttled down to 2G speeds for the rest of the month.  Even at 4G speeds, moving it so you can free space is a lot slower than simply slapping in a new sd card.  And what if you’re on vacation in an area where there is no data connection either?  Unlike a wifi or data connection, a microSD card is easily portable.

      Then there’s also the issue of your dropbox account going poof if you don’t start paying just because you waited 25 months to upgrade your phone.  That’s not an issue with sd cards. 

      • Why are you shooting 16 GB of video with your smartphone in an area with no wifi?

        You can also just hook it up to your PC and copy it over, if you really need to.

        Or get a ROM with USB OTG support and copy over to a mass storage device over USB.

        • Vim

          Dude, you need to get out more.  There are plenty of beautiful places in the world that are far from the nearest router, and with no pc for miles around, aside from maybe your laptop. Heck, there are plenty of nice places in my city where there’s no open wifi.  And while you may be connected at the hip to your PC, I’d rather carry an extra microSD card on a hike than a laptop.

        • I have been out in the wild plenty of times, but my smartphone battery would give out before I shot 16 gb of video. And if I really want to take that much video, I would carry something purpose built, with an SD card slot as you say. But not my smartphone. I guess if you had multiple batteries and SD cards you could do that kind of thing with one, but again I would rather have a flip or go pro.

        • Vim

          There are some nice 3800mAh batteries available, or for $20 you can pick up a half dozen 1800mAh batteries on the net, all of which will easily fit in a single pocket along with an extra sd card or two.  And this way you don’t have to waste time clearing sufficient space on your handset before you start shooting.  If you’re shooting 1080p, then it doesn’t take very long to start taking up gigabytes of space.

          There are of course better dedicated shooters out there, as you’ve mentioned. And if you’re going to be doing a lot of shooting on a regular basis that’s definitely the way to go. But for occasional, or spur of the moment shooting, nothing is more convenient than the smartphone you’re always carrying however.   Given that it’s pretty rare for me to go an entire day on just one battery even without shooting any video, I usually carry an extra or two anyway.

        • Moth477

          I travel frequently and I need to have access to my music library and movies when on the go. I don’t want to have to delete stuff the day before my trip just to make sure I have enough memory. Also, my music library is 27gb I cannot have this in the cloud because each day I want to listen to something different. I like having access to all my data and that’s why SD cards are very handy. 

          Shooting a couple of HD videos and photos could fill up 16gb pretty fast especially if you have other stuff on your storage.

        • JBrowne1012

          Why not shoot a 16gb video if your phone is capable? why be anti-progressive? 

        • Because it’s not a great camera, only so so. A dedicated device will do a much better job. I can drive nails with a screwdriver or multi tool too, but sometimes you really want a hammer, esp. if you need to do a lot of nails.

    • JBrowne1012

      People like you abuse technology by not using it to its full potential.

  • Chris

    Untreated?! I’m sure they are treated the same, just a color difference

  • Another CRAP HTC PHONE. I wonder how long this will last before it starts messing up on people

    • Guest

      What is it with women and irrational hatred? This particular one spews the same garbage thread after thread.

      •  Maybe they are tired of T-mobile crap and there crappy phones.

        • Kalel

           T-mobile has crappy phones, just like everyone else has, but unless you buy without doing any reviewing then it’s your fault for not researching or at least waiting to see how to the phone works for others.  I’m not a beta tester for smart phones.  I let the dummies that have to buy Day 1 to beta test for me.

        • I have HTC phone and it sucks. I am stuck on this company for another year after that year so long T-mobile

        • JBrowne1012

          have fun paying more for crappy phones on other carriers

        • Chris

           Poor whitney is sad because she made a stupid choice. Now we all have to hear about it, cause apparently it’s our problem too! lol. I had a crappy samsung flip phone one time. Do I troll the internet blogs proclaiming every samsung phone is CRAP? NO. Idiot.

        • Kalel

           The only crappy HTC phone with T-mobile was the HD2 and that was because of Windows 6.5, not the hardware.  HTC is ranked second, only following Iphone for the best customer satisfaction.

        • Hell no the HD2 was not crappy.  Are you kidding me? Name another piece of hardware that allows you to TRIPLE boot 3 distinct OS’s.  On top of that, hatred for WinMo is typically spouted by non-users who have no idea.  WinMo was getting old as far as ecosystems and efficiency, but HTC did an OUTSTANDING job skinning the HD2.  A part of me wishes I kept mine and didn’t sell it.

        • Kalel

          Oh, I have an idea.  I had to do more exchanges for the HD2 over any other smartphone from T-mobile, and that includes the G2X and the Cliqs.  Android or WIndows 7 made it a good phone but 99% of people never did that, thus why it’s a horrible phone.

        • Trollerderby

          User error is still user error, regardless of which carrier you use.

        • If you hate HTC, you should definitely get an LG.  Or a Pantech.  For real.

  • 1lapper

    No removable sd card makes me want to keep my galaxy s2 even more. When you have 8 gigs of music,10 gigs of movies and travel a lot, being able to access all of this content on a plane without wifi is a plus.

    • WirelessRefugee

       Of course the people in here who think what THEY do is all that matters, and it is their conduct against which all conduct should be measured and determined reasonable will say:

      “Why do you have so many files, that’s the root of your problem. I have only 40 MB of files and I have been using my desktop computer for 10 years. You should not be using your phone as your only computer. I don’t and I have only 800K on my 512 MB SD card.

      Reduce your file load and that solves any storage issues you have. 16GB on a phone is plenty, I would not use that in 10 years. So you should consider the same.”


      • Frigadroid

        Lol it is funny sometimes! The best one lately were the spam advocates….
        But spam is a good thing if you don’t like it being forced to your phone you can always just print it, fold it up in to little squares and enjoy it on a ritz cracker. Mmm that spam is good why are you guys always complaining I likes my spam on a ritz you should too!

  • mreveryphone

    I’ll stick with the note until the gs3 arrives

  • mrcoolcat

    On a trip, I typically take photos from my D-SLR in a micro-SD card with adapter. Take the microSD and pop in to my phone and share it with my friends/family the same day. I guess that usage model is no longer valid. :( May be I can live with it as the One-S can take really good pics. I have a strong feeling that SGS-III may also not have a microSD slot. :(

    • WirelessRefugee

       Maybe the T-Mobile version of the SGS III might not have an microSD slot, but the Samsung specs for the phone does include that.

      • Star Menace

        Samsung specs? As far as I know, the specs for the SGS III have not been released.

  • Udubb

    Its always amusing when I hear T-Mobile user complaining about them never getting the latest must-have phones. When are Tmo fans going to realize that magenta has no interest in bringing the latest and greatest handsets to their line up. They are content getting mid range Android phones or dumbed-down versions of the latest and greatest that the Verizon’s and At&t users expect to have. Even if they wanted to they couldn’t afford the price tag to have the most in demand phones come to them first.

    I used to work for one of the major phone manufacturers and it was a running joke that if a phone didn’t test well we could “always just give to T-Mobile, they’ll take anything.”

    T-Mobile is on its last legs and doesn’t have the capitol to compete. Their the broken down horse on the race track waiting to be taken out of its misery.

    • UMA_Fan

      You’re an idiot.  T-Mobile has got plenty of high end devices before the other carriers.

      They got the first Galaxy S phone in the US, They got the first second gen snapdragon phone with the myTouch 4G.  They were the only US carrier to get a variation of BOTH high end HTC devices of 2010: the Desire HD and Desire Z and the MyTouch 4G and G2.

      They got the first Galaxy Tab in the US.  They got the first dual core LG android phone with the G2X.  They got the FIRST dual core HTC phone with the Sensation and got a variation of HTC’s second high end for the year with the Amaze.  Again every other carrier got one or the other.  T-Mobile got BOTH.

      Most recently they received the fastest version of the Galaxy S II as said by Samsung themselves with the 1.5ghz snapdragon s3 with 42mbps.  At&t got it’s equivalent of that with the skyrocket months later.

      So take your blithering stupidity somewhere else, no one here wants to read it.  Oh, and please don’t reproduce and have children.

      • Udubb

         That’s great and all but at no time were any of those devices the flagship handsets for Android or considered a must-have, carrier changing device. It could be argued the G2X did more harm to T-Mobile than any good.
        In fact despite launching the first Android device, no one was talking about it until Verizon launched the Droid. Before that it was a niche platform that tech heads knew about but was only on the fourth largest carrier. Look at the sales for the G1, even T-Mobile came out and said they were absolutely terrible and didn’t come close to expectations.

        • I wasn’t going to say anything….but I guess I will anyways. If you go to uw like your name suggests, you’re pretty dumb. The G1 came out at a time when the average consumer had no idea what Android even was…Tmobile took a chance and now Android devs are popping up everywhere. Of curse Verizon has better phones than Tmobile…why wouldn’t they? They have way more customers and obviously their service might be better in some places…so why not just use them instead of having Tmobile? And if you do already have Verizon why are you even here? Tmobile doesn’t have the best phones all the time, that’s true, but when they do get nice phones, they’re really nice. go to att’s website and look through their phone selection…they’re not better than tmobiles by much, if it all, but largely in part because of the iPhone.

        • Justamazing87

          Your argument is with tmobile marketing and not the phones themselves. What ur saying doesn’t mean t-Mobile doesn’t good phones but that they aren’t marketed well

      • What you say is somewhat true… but its still bittersweet because Tmobile would get these devices only a couple of months before they hit other carriers… but for some reason, the other carriers got BETTER version of the SAME HARDWARE.  How does that even happen?  
        Look at your own examples… T-mobile had the first ever Galaxy phone… then At&t gets a version of the Galaxy only a few months later that was far better than Tmo’s.
        Tmo might get a high-end phone first… but the crown only lasts a short while before being blown off their heads.  EVERY device you’ve named had a much better counterpart released in under 6 months on another carrier.

        The Galaxy Tab?  Are you serious here? You realize that Tmo’s Galaxy Tab came out ONE DAY before Verizon’s, right? And you did know that, once again, inexplicably, Verizon had the better version of it?  Go look it up fanboy.

        Besides all that, every other month there is a new ‘high end’ Android device on any carrier because Android phones are like a virus that keeps spreading.  Which carrier has the ‘best’ Android device is constantly shifting.

        So let’s FORGET Android for a moment and look at everything else you can choose from.  Blackberries, iPhones, WP7… Tmobile has either the WORST selection in every category, or they eventually get last year’s flagship now.  I’m pretty sure At&t was on their 2nd BB Bold while Tmo was schlepping the same old Curve in new colors.  The 2 WP7 they have are considered ‘budget’ phones compared to other WP7 phones. And, up until the Radar and 710, the best WP7 phone available on Tmobie, wasn’t even being sold by Tmobile! (The Dell Venue Pro).

        And someone mentioned the Sidekick… riiiight… Tmobile has the best phone marketed to teens.  Wow, what a way to REINFORCE the argument rather than defeat it.  And the G1… hello…. NO ONE WANTED ANDROID.  Kudos for Tmobile to take a chance on it, but the fact is they got it because no one else wanted it.  Even Google themselves will say the first year of Android on G1 was lackluster and that their real breakout success was the Droid on Verzion.  Once again, that’s not even my opinion, that’s directly from the mouths of Google.
        Tmo’s history with getting that one great phone is abysmal.  The few points of light they have either fizzle fast or only shine in retrospect.  Its something that every Tmo customer should learn to live with, as long winded rants like mine isn’t going to change anything.  

        WP8/Apollo comes out at the end of 2012.  So I will ride out with Tmobile until then.  But if they continue the same track record of only giving us the mediocre phones, this long-term customer (7 years now) is jumping ship in 2013.

        • Vim

          Your reasoning is rather circular and somewhat disconnected from reality. Blackberry’s market-share is shrinking fast.   No carrier is going to make big investments on a sinking ship.  Carriers will only buy what they are certain they can sell. Meanwhile, the very high subsidy Apple demands for its highly popular iPhones doesn’t work well with T-Mobile’s business model. T-Mobile certainly faces a difficult conundrum with regard to the iPhone, but that is specific just to the one platform.  Finally, both Android and Windows Phone are open to multiple OEM’s, so you will see continued leap-frogging as no carrier holds the lead forever. 

          T-Mobile certainly held the Android crown for a good part of last year from early June (Sensation 4G) through early October (Galaxy S2 & Amaze 4G) to mid-November when Verizon took the lead back with its pre-Christmas onslaught (Rezound, RAZR, & later Galaxy Nexus).

          Windows Phone is very similar, but the market is much younger and not quite as developed.  Verizon and Sprint are still skeptical, and T-Mobile while committed, is moving forward more cautiously due to poor demand for its first few Windows Phones before the Lumia 710.   Only AT&T has thrown its weight fully behind Windows Phone, and that despite disappointing initial sales of earlier models.  If Lumia 900 sales can match the hype, I’m sure the other carriers will soon follow suit with high end Windows Phones of their own, just as happened on Android when Verizon finally put its weight behind the highly successful Droid.  I definitely expect T-Mobile to have something high end for the Apollo release from either Nokia or HTC, and possibly both, unless the Lumia 900 bombs badly for AT&T. 

    • JBrowne1012

      T-mobile is doing just fine, if t-mo was on its last leg they would have been gone by now. T-mobile is still here. t-mo just doesn’t make as much as DT wants is the only reason why they were even put on a chopping block in the first place. T-mobile is managed very well in comparison to other carriers.

    • JBrowne1012

      It all started with the G1 for android, Sidekick was also one of the most popular devices before iPhone came around, T-mo had motorolas as well when they were popular. Anyone complaining about not getting the best is just stating hearsay. If it wasn’t for t-mo taking kin to The G1 there wouldn’t even be android on a map since those days. HTC Amaze and T-mo GS2  are both amazing

  • come on son

    no body cares if u have a contract or not and who cares about specs all these phone suck android is the worst. iphone sucks too  as well blackberry is slow fuck.All of the carriers have there ups and downs. the big problems is we got all this technology and you dummies don’t even use it to its advantage all you want to do is play angry birds and take pictures of you miserable average lives. You show more LOYALTY to your phone service than your fricken marrige. Americans AND I AM ONE OF THEM.  Americans are so Dumb. i know its random but I like tech but all these great devices come out and all you do is complain about something else. REALLY look in the mirror at your self you probably cant even fathom how some of this stuff actually works. and how amazing the devices are even if they are “crappy” no you are crappy. smh

    • Guest911

      Down boy down. Slowly. Its ok. You are having a bad dream. Now take your pills and the fairies will bring you cookies. Good night!

    • Jon

       Midlife crisis? Do you need a hug?

    • JBrowne1012

      Wow who pissed in your orange juice this morning ms/mr sour mouth? 

    • Love this !!!

    • hahab!*%*

      U mad bro?

    • who cares.

      cool story bro. . .

      . ..  tell it again.

    • Justamazing87

      Why so serious

    • Joelee90706

      “Mr Know It All Here” has confessed his inner self-disciplined to everyone, “Dont F with me.”  This guy needs a hug big time, a group hug will help him. 

  • I feel disappointed

    I though this “One” Line up came with Beats audio ear buds or head phones, was I miss informed?  So Tmobile is not getting the One X?   

    • Kalel

      It’s Beats audio built in.  If they added Beats headphones then the price would go up dramatically and I’d rather buy better headphones than what Beats have and for a lower price.

  • guest

    Does anyone know if tmo is getting the black version?

  • j5ive

    HTC hardware/build > Samsung

    • fixxmyhead

      Samsung processors> HTC

      honestly i dont care about this “build quality” i want a POWERFUL phone and thats not HTC or ever will be if samsung is around. cant believe people buy a phone based off the “build quality” all the HTC fanboys eat that shit up good. thats ALWAYS been HTCs hook the “build quality” for the fanboys 

  • Elmer

    The black version with the micro arc oxidation is THE ONE to get!!!

  • Chris

    “The HTC One S is the fastest phone on the planet” – Engadget. BOOM. Troll that, asswipes.

    • Joelee90706

      “The HTC One S is the fastest phone on the planet”- in other word, you guys at TMO will always get the second hand me down phone. Engaget was trying to ease TMO’s customers’ pain. 

  • Chris

     Do you really think the grey version does not include the 10,000 volts of love?

  • DKB218

    Gee. Another HTC device billed as the fastest phone EVER CREATED!  [Until next month that is.]

    • DKB218

      Don’t get me wrong.. I will have one of these puppies when it hits. 

  • Falcon_83

    I really like the screen size of this phone (finally, not everyone wants a ~5″ phone) and the build quality as reported by various reviewers.  I could live with the screen quality and i could certainly manage with 16GB and the lack of a SD slot.  I’m just finding it hard to get over the enclosed battery. Maybe its not that big of a deal– iphone users have dealt with this for a while now.  On the other hand, there is an apple store everywhere you go where you can easily walk in and get your battery (more like your entire phone) swapped.  How will HTC handle this?

    • tommy

       You can still disassemble the phone and replace the battery it’s just not a cover that pops off. However you cannot do anything about lack of SD card slot, so that’s more important to me. (other than copying files between computer and phone. not so bad if it’s cheaper)

      • Falcon_83

        Oh, good to know.  But your right it will probably come down to the cost.  $599 – too much for me.  $450-499 more like it for a long investment.

        • Kalel

           $450 is what the Samsung Blaze costs and no way you’ll find a 4.3″ screen or larger phone under $500, unless it’s an older model.  The Mytouch 4G was $450 and it was a 3.7″ screen.

    • 12Gb

      Only 12GB is available to the user for personal storage.

  • Sjgxbsj

    I still hope we would have the one x

    • Klawatti

      Fat chance.

  • Realcool2000

    Fyi, to the tmo community. I just finished a call with tmo customer care and they were from the U.S. , they were very polite, they solved my issue quickly, and were all around awesome.

    This is how it has always been from my experience with tmo customer care. Honestly I believe the people that have problems with them have many problems themselves.

    When I call customer service from a credit card and it is outsourced, I can still communicate with them as well, even if it isnt the best experience

    • Realcool2000

      Oh yeah, and the One X is cooler than the One S for sure.

      • Anonymoussoul04

         The One X that at&T has is not much better than TM One S.  The real one X with a quad core processor couldnt get through the fcc for use in the US.  No point in paying more for the dual core one x imo

    • Sue

       This is very nice to hear..Yours Truly, CSR Rep

  • Grayisbetter

    The black version with micro arc oxidation scratches easily. It is similar to a nail filer that shows scratches.

    I am not getting this phone but if I did, it would be the gray version with gradient finish.

    • Cdavvilas227

       actually youre completely wrong,

      “Originally designed for use on satellites and race cars, the process
      starts with aircraft aluminum. Ten thousand volts of electricity hit the
      metal, almost like lighting strikes, causing a microscopic
      transformation which creates a super-strong ceramic case that is five
      times stronger than aerospace aluminum.”

      actually listen to the information they tried telling you and youll learn something.

      • Cdavvilas227

         OH AND HERE;

        “The One S’s claim to fame is its scratch-resistant and durable aluminum backing”

        The Silver version also has the  Micro Arc Oxidation.

    • kushissweet

       LOL you are a tool talking out of your ass. you dont know a thing its scratch resistant

  • Vim

    Your comment is so last year.  Right now HTC has -both- of the top two processors in its phones, and neither is made by Samsung.  Samsung’s Exynos is in dire need of a refresh and is looking more than a little dated at the moment.

    • fixxmyhead

      yea i know its dated but there coming out with a quad core duh of course they need a refresh. u forget samsung makes there cpus in house while HTC has to purchase them from nvidia or qualcomm. seriously this phone is gonna get gobbleb up badly when the s3 drops quad core exynos or that 5250 but i doubt the latter. i just hate HTC fanboys cuz thats all they ever tout “build quality”,
      “build quality”, and
      “build quality” thats getting old. at the moment yea HTC is on top but only cuz samsung hasnt dropped their stuff. samsung just knows how to make those cpus damn good. also helps to throw in a mali gpu to the package

      • The issue with a Quad-core Exynos is how it’ll handle battery.. the Tegra has the 4+1 architecture.. and the S4 has a shrunken die so its performance and battery life has improved being comparable if not better to the Tegra 3.. if Samsung stuffs in a larger battery we’re going to see some really slow charge times.. especially when you consider that Samsung makes the kernel charge the phone very slow.

        • Frigadroid

          Why argue about samsdung processors that tmobile probably will and has replaced in the past? Most of us use t-mobiles phones…

      • Vim

        I didn’t forget that Samsung makes its own mobile processor, I just saw no need to mention it.  I figured you already knew that little detail, and it’s not like Samsung never buys its chips from Qualcomm the same way HTC does.  Just look at the T-Mobile version of Samsung’s Galaxy S 2.  It uses the same Qualcomm 1.5GHz S3 Snapdragon SoC that HTC’s Amaze 4G does. 

        I do consider both the Galaxy S 2 and the Galaxy Nexus to be excellent phones and I’m well aware that they’ve outsold their HTC competition on T-Mobile and Verizon respectively.  Samsung wouldn’t be so popular if they didn’t make a strong product. Nevertheless I caution you not to assume that just because Exynos ruled the processor roost last year, it will again do so this year.  Qualcomm and Nvidia are both very good at designing chips too. 

        • Fixxmyhead

          yea but im banking on samsung again. i have faith in them that they can do it again.its gonna be hard to beat them if they throw in that mali 604 or dare i say 658 but i highly doubt it

  • YellowfacebouL

    why can’t we have a true super phone? all these crappy phones with specs from a year ago… wtf!? I hate at&t and Verizon, but their phones are sooooooooo much better than what TM has been pushing out… Guess i’ll keep my g2x longer than expected =(

    • hahaha

      you have the g2x still lol3x that phone looks like a cricket phone cheap

      • Justamazing87

        What cricket is rocking a 8 mp camera with dual core processors …. ???

    • The One S has a Dual-core Snapdragon S4.. only being beaten out by the Tegra 3 in SOME departments.

      • Justamazing87

        Have u not seen or read reports …. The s4 blows away tegra3. Only thing tegra outperforms the s4 in graphics the adreno 225,isn’t quite as good in high quality gaming

  • davis

    I bought my GNEX from daily steals a week ago for only $459 unlock version (chic white) 
    and as my daily device I think is the best android phone available.

  • god of houston

    phone looks lame htc sucks

  • god of houston

    phone looks lame htc sucks

    • Say hello to the phones from HTC that will take the other 50% away from iOS.

  • Cdavvilas227

    I personally, cant wait for this phone to come out. Im very very happy t mobile decided to get the One S (for multiple reasons but mainly;  how smooth and fast it is, its a good price for how good of a phone it is, it has an awesome camera, and its sexy as fuck) and ill be getting it the day it comes out.  Perfect timing too since my sensation just pooped on me  :) all smiles for poop on me

    all in all im a happy customer T-mobile – Thanks!

    HTC – Your phones are the best. i had the G1, MyTouch, G2, Sensation, and soon the One S.

    excited as fuuuuuck! 

    all you haters just remember that youll still be mad after the release date, and I will be SO HAPPY :)

  • X1

    I won’t mind buying this phone. Hell, I’m tired of my SG2. Slink design,  improved hardware, and plus the beat out any phones T-mobiles offered right now.

  • Guest

    Sprint announced they are getting the HTC One X as the HTC Evo 4G with expandable memory. Come on Tmo I’m waiting for you to deliver your version of the One X with expandable memory. Otherwise I’m gone.

  • mel

    i want the sucks that tmo was the first US based android carrier & it always get lesser version of good phones.

    • Evan Carter

       I think you’re just bad at typing… I’m 6’4, and can type on the iphone without issue.

      • mel

         just because you can type on a iphone doesn’t mean i can..and the iphone keyboard is easier to type on than android keyboard..and this is about androids

  • Evan Carter

    David, whats the likelihood this will retail cheaper than the One X? If AT&T sells the One X for $200, would it be reasonable that T-Mobile sells this at $150?

    Wishful thinking, I know.

    EDIT: This should really be considered seeing how Sprint will be selling their One X variant for $199.99….

    • Guest

      The Evo 4g (One X) on Sprint is going to be 199.99. 

      The Sprint One X will have NFC Google Wallet, micro sd, and a slcd2 screen. The T-Mobile One S will have none of these features. T-Mobile should sale the One S for $99.99

      • Evan Carter

         Exactly, but I’m sure T-Mobile will market it as a phone worthy of the $200 price tag.

      • Evan Carter

         Exactly, but I’m sure T-Mobile will market it as a phone worthy of the $200 price tag.

  • Tessie2010

    this is all nice and dandy but tmobile needs to release ics to phones that they already have instead of waiting for this phone’s release then update older phones…

  • Rhjupiter

    are yall serious? the on s has nfc wallet. yeah no external storage so what geez it has 25 gigs of free cloud storage that you can upload you sd content to anyway so whats to complain about? and a super lcd2 on the x ISNT BETTER THAN A SUPER AMOLED SCREEN. the one s screen is 4.3 and looks much better than the x becaue the x is bigger and the screen is ony slcd2. they both have s4 dual core so whats the prob?

    • Evan Carter

      From the Verge….

      “The One X’s display is, without a hint of hyperbole, the best I’ve ever seen on a phone. Full stop. Seriously, I’m struggling to find fault with it in any way: it’s got a near-perfect 180 degree viewing angle and perhaps the most accurate color reproduction and color temperature available. At 720p, it falls well into “retina” territory where the individual pixels become invisible to the naked eye. It also lacks the infamous pentile subpixel arrangement commonly employed on high-resolution AMOLEDs like that found on the One S, and it runs circles around the Galaxy Nexus’s 4.65-inch Super AMOLED for overall quality.

      Historically, one of the big reasons manufacturers have chosen AMOLED over LCD is because AMOLED is thinner — it’s self-illuminating, so there’s no need for an external lighting arrangement. Considering that the One X packs its SLCD into an 8.9mm shell, though, that concern has all but evaporated (compare it to the 720p Rezound, for instance, at a beefy 13.7mm).”

    • Joelee90706

      You can cloud all you want. How is the hell you going to upload 300mb with your freaking phone? Shove that cloud somewhere else.

      • Rhjupiter

        from the phone? who said you had to upload everything from your phone?

        • Joelee90706

          Is that the idea behind cloud? Upload your stuffs into cloud? 

  • Mancuso B

    One this is pointless to get if you’re and HD2 owner running android. I’ll wait until T-Mobile gets a phone that’s better than the HD2……the One X sure would’ve been nice. Again T-Mobile takes the retarded version

    • Mancuso B

      an* HD2 owner….sorry….just pissed at T-mobile again

      • Evan Carter

         You may think bigger is better, but the One S is a great phone.

        • kushissweet

           I agree completely, the One S only gets beat by the One X in a couple of ways, one is the quadcore vs dualcore which is the same speed but quad is better for 3d gaming.  and also the appearance, screen and also the body. The One S has the Micro Arc Oxidation so no scratches, and its a more solid phone (IMO). id rather spend $500 for the one S than $650 for the One X anyday.  however the one x second generation (which im sure they will do) will be freaking amazing and the quadcore will be fine tuned to give you the best of the best in one phone. thanks t mobile im happy

  • Joelee90706

    You and yourself will be getting this phone.

  • agnostic7

    words are the tools that separate us from the fools

  • طمطوم الخرفان

    I’m a big Fan of HTc and i waited too much for some thing ..and I’m happy withthis realse but thay cant gave any micro Sc slot in this phone which is quit disapoinment for us 

  • When folk say ” Im leaving if they dont get this other device etc blah blah blah” Do they announce when they Arrive too? LmAO IDIOTS SHUT UP

  • When folk say ” Im leaving if they dont get this other device etc blah blah blah” Do they announce when they Arrive too? LmAO IDIOTS SHUT UP