HTC One S Release Date Revealed As Sunday, April 22nd?

Update: Ooops, I accidentally idenfitied the 22nd of April as a Monday, it’s actually a Sunday. T-Mobile has launched phones on Sunday before, but Wednesday or Friday are still their typical go days. Rate plan changes are usually found on Sundays. I still hate Mondays. 

The HTC One S, T-Mobile, April 22nd. That’s right, we’ve got first word on the “hard” first date being tossed around for HTC’s next big phone on Magenta. Like all things, this date is subject to change so we urge a bit of caution, especially considering the 22nd is a Sunday and T-Mobile doesn’t typically launch handsets on Sunday. Nobody likes Monday. Still, this is a hopeful look at when T-Mobile’s first Ice Cream Sandwich-ready smartphone is launching. If this camera is as good as HTC says, I may just grab one for myself.

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