The Top Selling T-Mobile Phones For The End Of 2011 Are…

The top two selling smartphones for the last two months on T-Mobile are exactly what you would expect them to be, the Galaxy S II and HTC Amaze 4G. However, the third place finisher might surprise you — in the form of the HTC Radar 4G. First, let’s go back in time thanks to the Canaccord Genuity report and turn our attention to July 2011 and the first, second and third best selling smartphones were the HTC Sensation 4G, HTC myTouch 4G Slide and Samsung Vibrant 4G respectively.

The same pattern continued for two more months until the Galaxy S II and HTC Amaze 4G were introduced in October, relegating the myTouch 4G Slide to third place and then we hit November where the HTC Radar 4G slides into third place.

Is it shocking that a non-Android phone took the third place spot at the tail end of the year? Not necessarily. Does it show that a mid-range Windows Phone in the form of the Nokia Lumia 710 has a place after all on T-Mobile’s store shelves? It does seem to show that there is a market for mid-range windows phones on T-Mobile. I suppose we just have to wait and see how these numbers stack up over the next 6 months.



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  • would be nice to see a Galaxy Note on the 2012 roadmap

    • Scarfacemario

      Hell Yeah! It would be cool man I would buy that phone :)

  • Scarfacemario

    And T-Mobile still has no Iphone :( well I’m hoping Tmobile at least increases there coverage inside buildings for better penetration

    • Anonymous

      That’s probably not gonna happen…if you receive X amount of coverage outside a certain building then that’s going to the extend of coverage. T-Mobile is more worried about deploying towers in areas with 0 coverage (areas as in towns, cities, or counties) as opposed to patching up dead zones.

    • guest

      Use wifi calling if you’re having indoor coverage issues. It’s free and works great.

      • JBLmobileG1

        Free only if the connection is open or you know the password.

      • anon

        They really do need to improve their indoor coverage. I used to use UMA when I had a BlackBerry, and WiFi calling when I had an Android, but not everywhere has WiFi. I had terrible coverage inside a Walmart, and there’s no WiFi there. Back in high school I had bad coverage there too, and there was no WiFi. Furthermore, not all phone support WiFi calling, I know the Windows Phones don’t.

        I mean, I like WiFi calling, it works great, and I think other carriers should offer it too, but it still isn’t a complete solution for spotty indoor coverage.

  • Anonymous

    If T-Mobile gets the iPhone, it will be number one selling for sure.  

    • Calexchelse

      Why. Power of name. Amaze and S II destroys IPhone in every category, but yet the I sheep still holler for it

      • JBLmobileG1

        Maybe Tmobile should somehow link the Apple name to their HSPA+ network… that way everyone won’t care so much that Tmobile doesn’t have LTE yet just because it has the name Apple affiliated with it. LOL Seriously Apple and the iphone are two of the biggest overkills I have ever come acrossed. It’s like what Microsoft was in the 90s where nothing else seemed to exist. Now it feels that way with Apple. If it’s not made by Apple… I don’t want it kind of attitude.

      • Nearmsp

        If your statement is right, why is iPhone 4S top on all wireless providers that give a choice to their customers?  SGS2 is top, because of no iPhone 4S on T-mobile.

      • Anonymous

        Very mature calling people sheeps.  I don’t get the hate for the iPhone.  I’m not an Android, iOS or WP fanboy.  I don’t really like the Android OS but I don’t hate it.  If Android comes out with something better than the iOS then that’s good, competition is good for the consumer.  But to call people sheeps because they don’t like the same thing you do is just…well, whatever makes you feel better about yourself.

      • News flash, you’re as much a sheep for Android as I am for the iPhone.

      • Nearmsp

        So SII beats iPhone for the battery life and the dumb Android Apps and the hours it takes to do something as simple as trying to configure the stock e-mail app tto the outlook mail server and calendar? I use both iOs and Android and have used BB’s for 4 years. If you have not used iOs, you can make that statement.

      • dt

        yes, power of name.  many people want the phone.  even though it has it’s shortcomings (like every other phone), people are used to it and it’s the most recognizable phone on the market.  there are plenty of sheep out there and from a business perspective, you should try to not lose those sheep to the other carriers

  • X1

    Tmobile Best Selling 2012:

    Iphone 5
    Lumia 900

  • Bigtsphoneblog

    If T-Mobile carried the iPhone, it would be the number one phone there too. Instead, T-Mobile just keeps losing market share, and no iPhone is a huge part of the reason for that. The iPhone is the gold standard of Lexus is with luxury cars, COACH is with handbags, and ROLEX with watches, etc. Yes, there are other phones that do the same thing, and maybe even do the same thing better… but they are not the iPhone. T-Mobile, by not having the iPhone or LTE at this point, is lowering itself to MetroPCS and Cricket levels rather than raising itself to the level of the big guys. Even Metro and Cricket are ahead in the LTE race for goodness sake.

    • Tbyrne

      For goodness sake bigphone, you really don’t like T-Mobile do you? It’s good to know there’s many other choices out there for you. Right?

    • JBLmobileG1

      Then what are you waiting for? Better hurry and jump on the cricket or Metro PCS bandwagon before they raise their prices. Seriously though… even with an LTE network for them I highly doubt its faster than Tmobiles HSPA+ nor will it ever be. Please don’t even compare them to Tmobile. And yes while I think it would be a wise business decision for Tmobile to carry an iphone I think anyone who buys one as some sort of fashion statement shouldn’t even own a phone.

    • anon

      I have to agree with you, as much as I like T-Mobile and want them to succeed, sometimes it seems like they’re not even trying.

      First off, is the iPhone. I really think T-Mobile needs it. It doesn’t matter whether you think Android is better or Apple customers are all sheep or whatever, it’s the best selling smartphone on all the other carriers, and people are leaving T-Mobile because they don’t offer the iPhone. I am one of those people. I would have stayed if T-Mobile had the iPhone or a really good Windows Phone, but that never happened so now I’m on Straight Talk with an iPhone with Unlimited Talk, Text, and 2GB of data for $45 a month.

      Secondly, is indoor coverage. This one always bothered me a lot. What I found was as long as you’re in a city, you’ll get decent coverage outdoors with pretty much any carrier. But once I went indoors, that changed. A lot of times I’d walk into a Walmart, a Target, or a Costco, and I’d lose coverage on T-Mobile. And at school, I’d also lose signal indoors, so I’d see people on their iPhones on Verizon or AT&T surfing the web, while I can’t even text.

      As for LTE, I’m not so sure. Maybe it’ll lure more customers in? I don’t know. The only problem I’ve had with HSDPA is the ping, it’s too high for VoIP. At the time, I was using a phone with 7.2 HSDPA radio, so I don’t know if the ping improves with an HSPA+ phone. I guess so, since I hear people are using GrooveIP for voice calls on the $30 T-Mobile 100min/unlimited text/5GB data plan. I’ve also never used LTE, so I can’t comment on that either.

  • Windows Phone is a great mobile software. I am not surprise to see it in 3rd place. If the Lumia 900 makes it to T-Mobile it could be a clear winner for the carrier.


    Thats odd, our store never sold that many Amaze’s or Radar’s, if anything the sensation is still selling strong with the G2X!!!!!

  • cccc

    when will someone be held accountable for not providing the iphone to T-Mobile………this sucks

    • ogopogo

      It is Apple’s decision, not T-Mobile’s.

  • anon240234

    The iPhone sucks, T-Mobile doesn’t need it!

    • Doesn’t matter that it sucks if people are willing to pay to get it.  Considering it’s #1 on the other 3 and also #3 on Sprint & AT&T shows a great desire for it and is CLEARLY an excellent business move if they can snag it.

      • JBLmobileG1

        Yeah a wise business move but if Apple is going to be greedy and ask for more than its worth… would it really be worth carrying? Remember.. while it may be the IT phone now… it may not be later on because everyone else carrys it not to mention it may eat into other sales. Think of it like the Motorola Razr. It was once the IT phone… now it’s just a part of history. And its heat dwindled fast once it was available on ALL carriers.

        • Anonymous

          it has been the IT phone since it came out, that won’t change overnight

    • gcdiesjr

      Really? Like it or not it’s an issues that T-Mobile will have to face this year.

    • Bratty

      Iphone sucks so much that a 1 year old iphone 4 outsells every Android (except sgs2) on both sprint and ATT. Why would Tmo need a strong selling phone right? Your logic is flawless! Genius!
      Do you not want Tmo to be successful?

    • X1

      Stop being a fanboy. I would like T-mobile having other OS option beside Android every time I walk-in. Some people like Simple iOS, Smooth WP7..other customization on Android…

    • Anonymous

      it sucks.. thats why so many people buy it! apple sucks zomg!!

      I think the apple hater is as bad as the apple fanboy

      After the so-so experience on my amaze (laggy interface, poor battery life, lack of exclusive apps), and the people at 2 tmobile retail locations telling me how smooth windows is, my next phone won’t be an android phone unless ICS makes all their future phones mindblowing

      • Spanky

        Most iPhone owners I know either buy it because it’s a status symbol or, in the case of older users, they “heard that it’s good”.

        Just so you know, I don’t hate Apple (I do, however, hate the aura of superiority that many Apple fans exude). I just consider the iPhone to be an inferior product.

      • Anonymous

        And you’re that apple fanboy. Not only that you’re comparing 1, only 1 manufacturer when there are endless others making Android phones to the iphone. Not only that, HTC isn’t even the top Android manufacturer! Seriously, you shouldn’t judge people for being fanboys, or apple haters, when you yourself are just as bad.

    • Tbyrne

      Not only does T-Mobile need it, Apple needs it. Apple though, does need to work with top brass at T-Mobile and find a way to “get er done” without gouging T-Mobile too much in licensing fees!

    • anon

      I would have stayed if T-Mobile got the iPhone.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Hope to see at least one Tizen device on Tmobile this year. 

    Honestly, the Radar is a much nicer phone than I thought. 

    The screen is brilliant.  I actually though it was a dummy phone when I first saw it on the shelf but then the rep went over and slid the screen then the tiles moved and I was like dannngggg.  Still, WP7 is not my cup of tea yet.

  • 4G

    Where’s our NOTE???

  • Rudeboyruntings

    Funny that Bigtsphoneblog considers Coach and Lexus as top luxury brands, while it would be nice if T-Mobile carried the iPhone it may or may not happen. DT or T-Mobile USA needs to find a way of getting the iPhone and DT won’t be as willing to sell off the US division.

    • ogopogo

      Bottom line is that it is Apple’s call, not T-Mobile’s as to whether or not we get the iPhone.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Hey David… maybe you should take some sort of pull and ask if Tmobile does get the iphone are you willing to switch from your current Android, Windows Mobile, etc. to get one. Personally I think they need to carry it just so people will stop hating on Tmobile for not carrying it yet. I understand there is said to be 1 million iphones on Tmobile (which I find hard to believe since they’d be using Edge) but lets see if everyone is really serious about picking one up and possibly even downgrading to what they have now. I work in retail and its sad to see people buy something just because of the name when there are better things out there and sometimes for a lot less. At least I am not being taken. I look into what I purchase and do my research. After all… I am going to be stuck with it for awhile when it comes to a cell phone… and sometimes even the time to return it isn’t long enough to tell whether or not your going to be happy with your purchase.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll address a few of your points directly.
      #1 I don’t know about the about the actual number of iphone on tmobile, but do you really need 4g speeds all the time? For me, When I’m at home, i use my wifi. It’s much faster and consistent. When I’m at work or an offce, I’m either working (therefore I can’t use my phone), or I use the office wifi, which is significantly faster than the 4g. The only time I see the need for speeds above edge are when i’m browsing or downloading large files when i’m completely away from a wifi source (which honestly is rare). All other times edge speeds are enough for syncing and im’ing. This is just my explanation for why people are ok with edge speeds. I have plenty of friends on tmobile that use the iphone btw.

      #2 Apple isn’t only about the name.
      –Their app store has many more apps, and most of the android apps are just ios ports. While I had my amaze, so many of the apps there were unpolished, but my friends wth iphones had the same app and it ran flawlessly. Also big apps like instagram are ios only. So android owners get the shafted again and again.
      –Until ICS (Which isn’t even avail on the majority of android handsets), androids GUI is nowhere near as fluid or easy to use as apple. I’m a pc enthusiast, android fan, and used to be a vocal apple hater. But after i played with my friends 4S’s and ipads, they won me over. I still won’t buy an apple computing product, but their iphones and ipads are a much more solid and satisfying experience over my HTC amaze.

      #3 Apple has a HUGE presence in the smartphone and tablet market. There are so many things that are developed and created for apple since their handsets are exactly the same and last 1 year. Unlike android, which has dozens of handsets and tablets per year. Sure you have more choices, but that means it’s less viable for companies to develop things for them. With apple, making $ is a sure bet since so many people use it, but to develop for android, you need to make numerous items for a plethora of handsets and it’s just a waste of time and $.

      This last point is my opinion only: I feel that IF the iphone 5 really comes to tmobile, they will forever hold the lead in the smartphone market. No unifying android os will be able to save android.

      • anonymous2

        I’ll also reply to you directly.

        #1-3 is all your opinion based of your experience. And apple is just a name!!! Both Apple and Android have their ups and downs. You say that apple product is easy to use…well any phone is easy to use. What I like about apple is most of the time, they make dependable products. Now what I don’t like about apple (iphone) is that you can only grab music from the one computer your’e sync too. Itunes are leading into a path I personally don’t like. Everything used to be so much better before Apple blew up again….now that they are out there, things are changing! And you had asked that do you really need 4G speed all the time…well duhhhh…LOL Of course you do, why would you want to sit there and wait longer when you can have a faster data speed then edge? Unfortunately, most of us don’t have wifi access like you so people depend on there data and not wifi! People are just going to have differences about certain products(apple vs everthing else) but they really can’t say that people should’nt buy this because it’s better and the other sucks. People have different interests in certain things and it depends on that individual. But I will tell you something that’s my opinion and my opinion only and not sure if anyone else thinks this way…but right now in times like these, some of the people buying iphones are just buying it because it’s what’s in right now and everyone else is getting it. I myself own a macbook pro and I love it..but as a apple product I’m limited to somethings but I found a way to work around that. But I don’t have to worry about purchasing a anti-virus security software to protect it. And it has been stated (maybe just a rumor) that instagram will be coming to android. But I myself am using mytubo, which I hope blows up in the android world and burry the instagram…LOL…even though I have instagram as well on my Iphone. Yes I have a iphone that i use for work but I also own tmo galaxy s2 for my personal line!

        • Anonymous

          Since apple sold more iphones on all the carriers that have them, and there are so many unlocked iphones being used on tmobile. I guess that means most people agree with me huh?

        • Anonymous

          I shouldn’t even dignify this with a response, but naturally I will. Samsung GS2 is just one device, clearly there are tons of other Android devices. When you lump them all together, guess what?!?!?! That means more Android devices sold than iPhones. And since there’s tons of market statistics all over the net that show Android has over a 20% margin on iOS as of the end of last year, that means that not only do most people NOT agree with you, but neither do statistics. Please quit with your iSheep banter now, would you?

        • Anonymous

          no thanks. I’ll keep posting, and you’ll keep replying to my posts. have fun though!

      • Nearmsp

        I think people who have used both ios and android will agree with you. People who have just used android or ios only will be unable to give a balanced view. I personally use a Mac Air laptop and an iPad2. I also own a SGS2. The latter is great but the apps in the SGS2 are a poor imitation of iOs and Blackberry. My Wall Street Journal and even CNBC apps were far better in my blackberry compared to my SGS2. That said the SGS2 is cool, but I doubt very much I will settle for anything less than an iPhone a year from now. I rarely wait the full 2 years and by phones out right at full price. I love T-mobile and do hope they are able to get the next iPhone. Even a free SGS3 will  not be enough to hold me back with my 4 lines.

      • Anonymous

        double post, delete.

      • Anonymous

        Im going to address your points directly

        #1 I need more than edge speeds, hence why I purchase a 4g phone and make sure it works with my carrier. Any time i’m throttled its a huge issue. I check my facebook constantly while not on wifi, I update my apps when ever an update comes out while not on wifi, I check websites before I go in restaurants or go to a movie without wifi. If i’m looking for a business while on the go, i’m not on wifi. I would prefer to do all of this in seconds rather than minutes. I don’t sit at my home or in my office all day long, as you apparently do. If speed wasn’t important people wouldnt shell out huges amounts of money for 4g phones and 4g data now would they?

        #2 Apple has less than 100,000 more apps than Android now, and most of those aren’t all that important. The apps are not a direct port as you suggest, as often they end up having UI differences etc. You compared 1 or 2 apps with your friend and assumed that iOS always ran them flawlessly. Meanwhile I own an iPad (yea thats right, im not an avid Android supporter, I buy the best product for me after researching what i want), and the thing has crashed severl times, not just on apps made by developers, but also on apps made by Apple!
        Any quality app developer thats interested in making money now releases their apps iOS, Android, and Windows. Because when you’re selling units, exposure is key.. that’s how business works. And since Android has nearly 20% more market share than iOS, it would stand to reason thats a fair amount of exposure. Instagram is the only app you can think of, and the only one ive seen you bring up in these comment threads, and it’s reported to be coming to Android at some point. And its not a “BIG” app. Oh wah, I can’t add tattered edges to my pictures. Seriously, there’s like 20 variants of apps that do the same thing as instagram.

        -If Android is hard to use, its because you’re slow. I have an iPad, and thing crashes and lags just as much as any android phone i’ve had. Your experience is being chalked up to 1 phone, the HTC Amaze, which has HTC Sense on top of it. That means it does not represent Android as a whole by any stretch, and doesnt even account for 50% of Android. And since you haven’t used a phone with ICS yet, you can’t even speak about what it does and doesn’t do, now can you?

        #3 Apple’s presence is smaller in the smartphone market than Android, and Android is catching up in the Tablet market by offering tablets at half the price. Your points about the market are still pointless, because any company or product worth a damn is already making their apps not just for iOS, but for Android and Windows as well. You make huge assumptions, and back it up with nothing but your feelings.

        Your final point, is that the 4th largest cellphone company getting a phone thats already out on the top 3 carriers will some how close a nearly 20% gap? Logic clearly evades you now doesn’t it?

  • Likearollingstone

    Samsung finished Q4 with T-Mobile at 49.5 % of there overall business.  While HTC was below 25%.  That’s the real story, not this survey.

  • None

    It has been a windows couple of weeks… “marsha, marsha, marsha…”

  • Hollyg16

    I have the HTC Amass and I hate how laggy and buggy it is. The bought the 4s unlocked and it gets edge speeds. Well to be honest, I rather put up with the slow ass speeds then a phone that lags and pisses me off! We need this iPhone and lumina 900 period.

    • Anonymous

      I get no lag whatsoever on mine, maybe you have faulty apps

      • Anonymous

        I think he means the GUI lag when scrolling and such. My amaze, and the one @ my local tmobile store both have GUI lag and lack fluidity. Go and try an iphone 4S and tell me which is fluid and which is laggy. No one will say the Amaze is fluid after using a 4S.

        Android has a lot going for it, but things like the different manufacturer skins (different experience on every handset, lack of consistency), laggy interface (fixed with ICS?), smaller app market, and bloatware really kill the experience.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if tmobile getting the iphone will turn the tide for the ios vs android war.

        • Spanky

          “I wouldn’t be surprised if tmobile getting the iphone will turn the tide for the ios vs android war. ”

          I highly doubt it. The three biggest carriers have the iPhone, yet Android is far more popular than iOS. Besides….NOT EVERYONE WANTS THE iPHONE!

        • Anonymous

          iPhone 4s has very little UI to it, and its running the same UI that used to run on a 500mhz processor. OF COURSE its going to run smooth on processor thats over the double the power. Sense 3.0 wasnt even designed until dual core was out, and was designed to use every bit of resources the phone has to stay running. So its only natural that it lags.

          And the smaller app market is dwindling very quickly, and I would argue that the remaining apps that aren’t present on both Android and iOS are worthless fart apps that no one wants anyways.

          Tmobile isn’t big enough to make iOS start dominating Android in the market. Its just not going to happen.

      • CDogg

        Truth right there.  Most people dont realize that an app can be laggy whereas the phone isnt.  User error agreed

    • SeattleSteve

      Me too.  Love my Amaze…and did a speedtest on T-mo 4G and got 23.6Mbps!

    • kir

      sounds like user error.

    • Anonymous

      Please note that HTC Sense != Android. HTC Sense is crapware, and thats why your phone ran poorly. Please do not confuse the 2.

      • Anonymous

        no no, sense IS in a sense (ha!) android. It’s all part of the experience htc wants you to have. If tmobile is selling a lag free amaze with ICS and no sense, let me know. Otherwise, it’s the way the phone is when you unbox it, and that’s how htc wanted it to work.

  • Jake34

    I bought the Galaxy Nexus (unlocked GMS pentaband version) and it works beautifully on T-Mobile’s 4G network! Clean ICS experience without T-Mobile garbage-apps or that stupid Sense 3 of my now retired Sensation. Way faster than the Sensation and very polished user interface, now I can’t go back to Gingerbread! The screen is 4.65′ but actually looks smaller than the SG II, the 720p screen is just awesome. I noticed the other day that it has a 5 ghz WiFi-n radio! I reached 35MBps D/L speeds, which is actually my max home cable speed..very cool.

    • Bobblehead

      where did you buy it?

      • Jake34

        Amazon since I have Prime and they are pretty good with returns, but I think you can get it from Expansys and Newegg also. Pricewise, YMMV but I paid around $650.

    • Anonymous

      Super envious. And everything is faster than the Sensation. My old Nexus One runs faster than my Sensation. Truly hate this phone.

  • Anonymous

    Is it still worth it to buy a SSGII or is anything good coming out in the next 2 months? im kind of fine on my vibrant (with cyanogen mod) but i wouldn’t mind having a new phone.

    • Anonymous

      I would definitely say that this is a time for waiting for a new upgrade. If anything I would suggest a move to the g2x as I did, used and coming from the vibrant, as it is a strong phone, on specs, less the samoled, and even better if you’re into rooting, since lg is not the best support, like samsung. The g2x beats the GSII on most benchmarks.

      • Tbyrne

        “The g2x beats the GSII on most benchmarks.” Ha Ha Ha Ha! Like The_ATL_Guy has said, pure comedy gold!

        • Anonymous

          If anything, my G2x can play some games that my friends SGS2 can’t. Other than that I don’t think its a big upgrade from my G2x (aside the little bugs). Sure the screen is nice but even my friends GS2 has slightly worse battery than my G2x

          Not bashing on the phone but the G2x isn’t as bad as some people make it out to be.

          Now with that said, I can’t wait to replace it with a phone with a LARGE screen (5 inches or so), and 720 screen. I’m just hoping its soon.

        • Anonymous

          The only games your G2x can play that an SGS2 can’t are games on the tegra zone… because those games are keyed to only play on a tegra processor. Otherwise, i’m calling shenanigans on that comment.

        • Anonymous

           I know for a fact the spiderman game from gameloft would not play on his phone. Well, it does run and you can hear sound its just all textures are missing and everything is white polygons etc, I don’t know which other games (since i don’t own the phone obviously) but it was several others. It doesn’t affect him since he doesn’t play games very much, but you get my point, not every phone is perfect.

        • CDogg

          Most games have to be redesigned to work on the SgS2.  Not an uncommon problem for a new phone.  Eventually, all games will work unless its a tegra game.

      • Anonymous

        Pfft, ya get the LG G2x, a phone thats pushing 8 months old, reboots constantly even after their most recent update, 1 and 5 has a faulty GPS, and out of 24 that I unboxed and returned, 24 of them had light bleeding displays. 

        Never, I repeat NEVER buy an LG phone… they are garbage, I don’t care what anyone says. And LG’s official stance on any flaw that doesn’t prevent the phone from turning on is “It doesn’t impede the phone turning on, so its not considered a problem under the warranty, we will not remedy this issue”. This was the response I got from LG about the display and GPS issues I had. Thankfully I returned it in the nick of time to get all my money back.

        Plus G2x dev support has become nil, unless you’re a dev and know what you’re doing, rooting isnt going to save you. Just wait, the next big thing is mere months away, and if the phone you have now is satisfactory, why waste an upgrade on something that’s already old.

    • Anonymous

      If the Vibrant was built like the Vibrant 4G then the only real reason I would have had to switch phones would have been for a bigger screen.  The GSII is a huge step up and probably an end of the road phone for someone who is content with a Vibrant already.

      If I wasn’t a phone junkie, I wouldn’t be giving a 2nd thought about upgrading from the GSII because it’s just that good.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Wait for the 2012 phones coming out soon like the SGS3 or the HTC Ville (if the specs are true).

      • Anonymous

        Stay away from HTC. They release a new phone every 3 – 4 months, do 0 QA when they release the new phone, and when they find out the thing is falling apart at the seams, they just release another one and tell you tough luck.

        Oh, and Sense is a resource hog that makes Android seems slow and clunky.

    • Anonymous

      Wait and see if the Nexus comes out on Tmobile… if not just wait until the 2nd or 3rd quad core comes out. Dont’ buy the first one, its usually garbage that’s rushed to the market. Stay away from HTC and LG. I used to love HTC but they’ve really been letting their quality go to sh*t.

  • Seanmmvi

    i sold WAY more GS4Gs than any other phone during the holiday season… with the S2 right behind…

  • Anonymous

    So imagine if we had the iP4S and a Windows Superphone…

    At any rate I’m not at all surprised that my GSII took the top spot but does this mean that high end smartphones are the best selling phones?? Or is this just during the holiday season?

  • JayeeDior12

    Tmo had the Galaxy S2 on sale for $79.99 after mail in rebate for new customers from last night(when I checked, it was a little after 10pm eastern) until around 2 . The sale ended at 11:59 Pacific though. I wonder if that sale made it a top seller for the beginning of 2012 !…or how many people even knew about it…??

  • cirrob

    What lag ate people talking about when they discuss the amaze? I have both phones and I notice no lag on either.

    • cirrob

      Oops. By both phones I mean the sgs2 and amaze

    • Anonymous

      go use an ipad or iphone 4S. Then use a amaze. I compared my friends 4S to my amaze, his 4S was silky smooth and lag free. The amaze on the other hand, stuttered when scrolling, browsing. You don’t get any of that on the newer apple products.

      • Ohgeez10

        I will have to somewhat agree with you. I used to be a TMO rep so I’ve plenty of “on hands” time with our phones. I currently own the HTC Amaze and HTC Radar. I will admit that the Radar/WP7 is so much smoother than my Amaze.  So much so that I did a master reset the other day to see if it helped. It did a little but the Radar still smoother. I’m enjoying WP7 over Android right now. 

      • Anonymous

        Apple products dont have a 10th of what the Android UI’s generally do, especially the ones with skins. Its a grid of icons that slide left to right, that doesn’t take too much processing power, and they have barely changed a thing since the first iphone. Its only natural that an OS designed for a phone 4 years ago would run smoother on new hardware than an OS designed recently.

        I have an iPad, and it lags and crashes all the time. Apple products aren’t infallible. With that said, Sense sucks… big time. And since the Amaze has Sense, the Amaze lags. HTC needs to keep their grubby hands out of the software. It was necessary when they were working with windows 6.5, but not so anymore.

        • Anonymous

          well i have an ipad2 and it doesn’t lag or crash… so it’s 1 for 1 now. 50% of apples products will fail. Its just that i happen to buy the ones that work, and you always end up with the ones that don’t. bad luck for you i guess.

          Sense lags, but all android UI’s lag to some extent. For those that don’t want to root, and since there are no ICS handsets on tmobile, all current android phones on tmobile will still lag due to the UIs, it is part of the “android experience” much like how the silky smooth ios is part of the apple exp.

          Wake me up when there’s a lag-free android handset on tmobile k.

        • Just Root It

          True. and Well Said.

        • Bratty

          You have no idea how technology works. Comment was a good laugh though so that was appreciated!

    • Anonymous

      Sense lags, that’s all their is to it.

    • Just Root It

      I had both Galaxy S2 and HTC Amaze. I thought the Amaze was very quick and had very little lag.If you compare Android phones, I’d say HTC Amaze is great – except for poor battery life.
      Comparing Windows to Android (Unless you root and have a smooth ROM) Windows is more fluid and i’ve had no lag or freeze ups (which I see in all android phones to date -never used the new Nexus).
      Comparing iphone is a little crazy since Android and iPhone are actually extremely different.
      But yeah, iPhone is extremely smooth.
      But you can create a smoother operating system when you completely control the hardware and software as well as the app store. I mean Android opens itself to problems.
      For instance, most people with incrediuble Android experiences root their phones. This is something most users honestly won’t do due to fear of voiding the waranty or bricking a device. BUt if you don’t root you are typically stucjk with bloatware left by carriers which lows the phone and drains the battery.

  • 74emails

    It’s funny but best selling phones are the high end phones every month.  If I was TMO, I would just kill off several models, get the iPhone to add to the list,  and just keep the better phones for sale.  Of course include couple of free and affordable ones.  

  • Malarco4

    I will say one thing that may have helped push the radar up in Dec was tmo was giving a promo to trade any working phone in on there trade in program and get $100 back via mail in rebate. I got my wife the radar and sent the optimus t from one of my lines in and am getting $100 back for my trade. (the trade in value for the optimus t is normally $30). A promotion like that can really help boost a phone when u are putting $100 down on a bown payment for a phone.

  • Anonymous

    The Radar is a great phone I switched to t-mobile from Sprint and got a Radar I had an EVO on Sprint but I must say The radar is way better. And the battery last all day

  • dt

    tmo needs the iphone…

  • Anonymous

    Man, it is shocking how well the SGS II did.

    Second on AT&T (Obviously the 4S would out-do it)
    Second on Sprint (They got the iPhone… no sh*t it’d be first)
    Nothing on VZW (GNexus got second though, we’ll put it in the category)
    First on T-Mobile (Would be second if T-Mo had the iPhone)

    Give it another year, and the iPhone will no longer be on top!

  • Guest123

    It also helps when HTC is running contests at the end of the year for the reps to sell their phone. Lord knows I sell the brand that’s on contest at the moment…. 

  • Radar – Not “Mid-Range”

  • Jgarofola

    I recently purchessed the samsung Exibit 2 4g this phone is Excellent.!!!!