Walmart Sets Nokia Lumia 710 Price To Zero For New Activations, CostCo To A Penny

We can’t complain about the $50 price tag T-Mobile has already assigned to the Nokia Lumia 710, but like anyone else, we do love a good deal. Walmart is offering up the Lumia 710 free, either in black or white for new customer contracts with a two-year agreement. You can avoid the contract for just $380 or re-sign for $50, the same price as T-Mobile is charging.

Not to be outdone, CostCo is rocking an even better price tag for a two-year new activation for just one penny. A qualifying two-year upgrade will actually earn you a penny with a $50 mail-in rebate against your purchase price of $49.99. Want to add a line? That’s a penny.

Oh, one more “limited time offer” from T-Mobile direct, who are offering an extra $30 off qualifying upgrades. Log into your myTmobile to find out more details!

Walmart, CostCo

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