Nokia Lumia 900 With Upgraded 12 Megapixel Camera Coming To T-Mobile In Q3?

Here’s one rumor I’d welcome coming true as iconic Windows man Paul Thurrott is reporting that he’s been the recipient of a rumor indicating the Nokia Lumia 900 exclusivity period for AT&T is just 45 days. So how does that short exclusivity period benefit T-Mobile you ask? According to Thurrott’s source, after the 45 day window Nokia has a version in the wings that will work on T-Mobile, possibly coming out in the third quarter of this year. The “improved” version of the Lumia 900 will allegedly include an upgraded 12 megapixel camera, up from the current 8 megapixel camera currently gracing the AT&T variant. Models are also said to be in the works for Sprint and Verizon.

Thurrott stresses to take this rumor, as with any others, with a grain of salt…except Thurrott isn’t one to idly pass on rumors just for page-views. If he’s got it on good word, we’re inclined to believe him. I for one would welcome the high-end Lumia 900 on T-Mobile shelves. Would you?


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