T-Mobile Officially Hints At New Marketing Campaign With Carly, “No More Mr. Nice Girl”

I’d say this all but confirms our own early info that T-Mobile is preparing a brand new marketing campaign dubbed “No More Mr. Nice Girl.” After last night’s YouTube tease, I told you to keep an eye on the leather outfit Carly had on as you notice that very same outfit in the image above. Carly and that motorcycle are going to make definite appearances in T-Mobile’s next set of commercials.

In a statement to All Things D, T-Mobile Senior Vice President Peter Deluca said:

“We’re working toward a brand refresh later in the year, we really can’t wait until the end of the year to make some noise in the market.”

T-Mobile hopes that Carly’s new image will do exactly that as T-Mobile plans to introduce the HTC One S with a new Carly ad. T-Mobile also says they plan to spend an extra $200 million to boost advertising spending as the new ad campaign debuts on television. DeLuca says T-Mobile will continue to spend a lot of dollars in other areas as well, including pre-roll ads on Hulu and takeover ads on YouTube.

Part of the new marketing will include a “Test Drive” web site, where T-Mobile believes it can show its devices can be faster the industry rivals, such as the iPhone. “We really want to set the record straight and say to the consumer they really should be taking a second look at T-Mobile,” DeLuca said.

In a statement to MarketingDaily Deluca went even further by saying:

“In any campaign, evolution is good from a creative standpoint. We felt this was a good time to step in and do something like this,” Peter DeLuca, senior vice president of brand, advertising and communications at T-Mobile, tells Marketing Daily. “We really needed to do something to get T-Mobile some [attention] right now.”

T-Mobile’s indicating the new set of commercials airing this week will show Carly going through a closet discarding magenta dress after magenta dress until she comes across the black leather motorcycle outfit. As Carly speeds down the roadway, the company hopes it signifies T-Mobile’s network speed and technological savvy.

“It sets up the new personification of her as our brand representative,” DeLuca says. “It brings out our challenger spirit. We always knew we had a competitive edge, and this is meant to express that.”

The new television campaign will kick off April 17th and run on all major TV networks during high-profile, prime-time programming. Print ads will also appear in national newspapers such as The New York Times. This campaign along along with T-Mobile’s planned 3rd quarter relaunch, is where T-Mobile believes it will spend $200 million in additional advertising this year.

“Clearly 2012, is a rebuilding year, there might have been some confusion among consumers as to what we stood for. And this gives the other side to T-Mobile, which is delivering on our network. “We need to shore up the fact that we’re a nationwide 4G network,” DeLuca says. “It’s time to set the record straight. We really want people to know T-Mobile is here.”

T-Mobile will drive customers to their website through the “Test Drive” website and hope they’ll continue to explore T-Mobile.com from there.

All Things D, MediaPost

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  • in2android

    Wow! Carly is looking AMAZING!

    • WirelessRefugee

      Finally, someone with a worthwhile comment.

  • James

     I look forward to the new commercials, but speed isn’t everything. If I get a picture or open a website 5 seconds later than someone else, Its really no big deal to me. I hate the AT&T commercials where they say “that’s so” 20 sec ago. It’s like I should get AT&T if I want to be able to have a snarky attitude about getting info a few seconds sooner. Most people don’t have smartphones, and even those that do don’t spend every second using them. also, speed means nothing when we are on wifi.

    As I said smartphone users are a minority, and all the aims to change that are deterred by high data prices. T-mobile makes those prices a little cheaper than competitors, but it still adds to costs, and that is a hard sell for customers who are happy with phones that simply make phone calls.

    $200 million budget spent targeting a minority custmer (who admittedly brings more monthly revenue to teh company through data costs) seems somewhat excessive.

    • ET

      @e3fe4b2dc0b704476c33731e4b1d26e3:disqus , you need to check your information.  Smartphones are now the majority of mobile phones sold (albeit this is very recent).  And, that part of the market is growing.  Whereas the market share for feature phones is declining.  T-Mobile is absolutely right to target the Smartphone market. With their 4G (sic) speeds and lower costs, I think they have a good product, and with their push to LTE on the same frequencies as AT&T, they could start to really nibble away at some market share.
      Besides, anyone who is staying with a feature phone is likely doing so for cost reasons.  In that regard, T-Mobile still has one of the best values for that in the market.

      • James

        Wow, Ok.. In 2011 the results were about 30% +-, and of course that is growing slightly, but it doesn’t change the fact that smartphone users Are the minority today, and many consumers will not race out to buy a smartphone with the data requirements (or pay $600 for the smartphone). Yes, T-mobile has a competitive offering but, as iphone users on t-mobile if speed is all that matters. That means that the majority (yes majority have iphones) of smartphone users in America are not choosing speed, as one of the most popular phones in the country is by no means the fastest. Therfore, in checking My Information, the smartphone audience who puts speed first (that these commericals will most likely target) are actually an Extreme minority in the US.

        • TheReder

          You need to check your numbers again. There are about half the iphone users in the US of Android users. That’s nowhere near a majority.

        • James

          While that is Nowhere near accurate, let’s entertain the theory. It still changes nothing in regards to my point, which is that a small minority of cell phone users today actually make purchases based upon network speed.

        • TheReder

          So Android leads iOS at a clip of 5:3 as of April 3rd.

          I understand your point, but with no data to back it up it’s hard to take seriously. There’s definitely a reason Android is killing iOS, in fact likely a multitude of reasons, and it’s probably a good bet that for at least SOME consumers speed is one of them.


    Its not @Carly & iPhone has proved its not @ speed, Tmo look at your crappy service & clear out some of your incompetent reps. Pretend you care @ your loyal longterm customers. Read complaints on Twitter&website & try to address some of them

    • Littlesis1774

       Better phones like the iphone, Galaxy Nexus, Nokia 900 or any other high end android or windows phone won’t kill them. Tmobile needs to give customers a reason to come to them.  Tmobile needs to take a look at why they lost over 800,000 customers last year and why they are in 4th place. They need to get rid of stupid reps in their customers

      • Jobless Steve

        Get over the iPhone. What is so great about it? What does it do better??

        • Sigh…another one of these comments. It does what I want better, get over that. Different strokes for different folks. That’s just life.

        • Jaysjnr

          finally some reason…

        • Littlesis1774

           ios feature it smooth and it does not lock up on incoming calls. I played with my sister iphone and ipad. Apple products are really amazing.

        • Jobless Steve

          if you have a phone that locks up on incoming calls you need to take it back to the store. It is broken.

        • Littlesis1774

          After my screen broke I got it replace and still happens.  No what matter you guys say it still won’t get to window or android phone

        • Littlesis1774

           Or stay with T-mobile after my contract expire

        • Littlesis1774

           What so great about HTC or any android phone

        • Jobless Steve

          I have had 4 android phones since the beginning (G1). no issues to report. Are they perfect? no, and neither is the iPhone, but I like the option to customize the experience they way I want. All I know is when I ask people why they like the iPhone they say things like (in a zombiescue voice) “retina display, imac, it just works, itunes” etc. It just seems like people like being told what to think and not have a voice of their own.

        • 2JZ_NOS

          Instead of just bashing the iPhone (mind you I’m also an Android owner since the G1 and been with T-Mobile since the original Sidekick days) why not just accept the fact that adding the iPhone to their line up would strengthen their customer base?

        • Giraffe

          The argument is not that the iPhone is bad.  The argument is that the iPhone is not better than the rest and that consumers are drawn into the image that it is.

          I will say, doesn’t it seem a shame that they have to keep people on their product by limiting their choices as a result of iTunes?  I know so many people who can’t get away from Apple because they have spent hundreds upon hundreds on DRM protected material that will only be available to them if they keep with an iTunes product.  As a musician, it’s especially hard to see when people realize that the audio quality on most of these products is inferior, but they have no way to wrench themselves away from it and play music on something that actually reads files in >128kbps fidelity.  The product for creative people indeed!

        • Littlesis1774

          They won’t accept that. It seems that are dead set against iphone coming to T-mobile. I seen them go as far as to call to call people trolls because they said they leaving the company.

        • Dave Dempsey

          HUGE screens, lots of choice, WIDGETS!, removable SD cards, hackability, lots of FREE apps, style choices, should I go on?  Or are you intentionally oblivious to all this?

        • Littlesis1774

          Huge screen does not make it better. I played with Apple products and android products in my personal opinion I prefer Apple over Android. When my sister in law was at my house I played with her ipad 3 and my brother kindle fire I still prefered Apple.

  • Guest

    just blew a load in my pants…

  • Cashman

    It’s interesting that browsing speeds are more important to T-Mobile than network strength. 42MBPS is great when your in those areas, but when you drop 5 calls per day driving to and from work, it’s a little annoying and frustrating.

  • TMoFan

    T-Mobile needs to push out their advertising, else their rebrand efforts will fail. During primetime I have seen at&t, Verizon and Sprint ads yet nothing from T-Mobile. I have even recently seen MetroPCS ads during primetime television. MetroPCS! Open up the newspaper and I’m hit with at&t, Verizon and Sprint ads often taking up the whole page. Yet, again, nothing from T-Mobile. The only time I have seen a T-Mobile ad is during the wee-hours when I can’t sleep and turn on the tube. If people don’t hear your message, they won’t know a damn thing.

  • MarcusDW

    I think I would ride bi@%h if she asked me to.  

    • Jgarofola

      She wouldn’t. Ask you.you’re a damn fOOL

      • MarcusDW

        Ouch you hurt my feelings.

  • she looks better in leather but what does she have to do with my network problems, my handset selection etc?  that’s what TMO doesnt realize.  you can throw cute in my face all day but it’s not going to open my wallet or anyone else’s.  ATT doesn’t have cute, Verizon doesn’t etc.  they have network and handsets.

    • Littlesis1774

       Tmobile needs to get rid of her because she is bringing to the table

    • Giraffe

      Verizon’s claim to fame as the Android carrier wasn’t because they were the first ones or because they had more handsets.  It was because they advertised well.  Remember DROID?

      •  true .. but still done without the “cute” lol

  • MarcusDW

    ATT now claims that they are “The Nation’s Largest 4G Network” on their website.

    • Kristoff119

      Yeah I noticed that in their ads, as well. I imagine they are probably double counting areas that are hspa+ and lte in their tally to falsely puff themselves up, but I would like to know their basis for the claim.

    • Mloudt

      dumb ass your late att is advertising that everywhere

      • MarcusDW

        Ouch you hurt my feelings.

        • Unnecessary, move on folks!

  • TMOaddict

    I’ve been with TMO for almost a decade and yes, i do get bored with them at time.  But the one thing I love is that they always find ways to rebrand themselves in a different light.  It really trips me out that people always find something to complain about.  I’ve been with AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon and I’ve had bad experience with ALL of them from service, biling, dropped calls you name it.  What has kept me with TMO so long is that fact they always find a way to reconcile our differences and also because I couldn’t go anywhere else and spend less having 3 lines of services with smartphones.  Keep up the good work TMO!

    • Ernestod31

      A decade, thats impressive. I guess we’re one of the few. I just learned I’ve been a customer for almost ten years myself. Learned it when I was considering jumping ship to Verizon. Glad I didn’t and just finished extending for another two year. Making the jump would have cost me approx $40 (after corp discount) per line for two lines. $40 for LTE didn’t appeal to me. Really, so what if the person next to me opened the page 20 seconds faster than me. TMo 4G is already fast (averaging 6-9 MB on the Sensation), what else can Verizon do that is so much different on a smartphone. also As a former Sprint and ATT customer as well, I can assure folks TMo has provided me lots of less dropped call and better customer service in this duration. Maybe in the era if data TMo may lagged somewhat but for sure theyll catch up…as they currently are.

  • Fdsa

    lol r u kidding me tmobile this girl may make  10 year olds jizz their pant but to get more customer and keep the ones you hve you need 1 better phones 2 less confusing plans 3 some ball to b slap att and verizon

    • Littlesis1774

       They had Carly for over a year and they still lost customers. Tmobile needs to reinvent themselves perido

      • They lost customers over the potential AT&T takeover which didn’t happen.  They can get them back.

        • Littlesis1774

           With what they don’t have any kind of high end phones beside the samsung. They are slacking in coverage areas. Yes they lost customers due to merger but they also lost customers due to another things

    • Dave Dempsey

      They have great phones.  If their plans confuse you, maybe you are just easily confused.  I personally love TMO.  Obviously, the new ads are to point out that they ARE taking a more aggressive stance, and are going to back it up.  They are doing what they need to do, LTE with refarmed bandwidth, set up so ATT users can migrate handsets, spectrum swaps, and they are well positioned in handsets.  Neither ATT or Verizon have a significant “4g” footprint and Sprint has to start all over anyway.  So, one hard push and Tmo is at the top of the pile.  

  • StonersLane

    I heard they ask Octomom if she wants to rep T-Mobile. 

  • 2JZ_NOS

    Take those $200 million and invest them in the damn network and your own people.  For a company losing customer left and right (including myself in 2 months), fancy new advertising is the least of your concerns.

  • Ron

    Carly must be laughing all the way to the bank I am willing to bet she thinks T-Mobile’s advertising is just as clueless as the rest of America and these fools are paying her to put on leather, smile, and talk about a phone that she herself has no clue how to use. I am willing to bet her friends are amazed she landed this gig and it lasted so long. Will she be around as long as the Progressive Insurance lady it seems to be that way!!!I use T-Mobiles service and I love my Galaxy Blaze it has so many cool features built in things such as High Speed Data, Cloud, Amazing Camera features, Video Chat, and many more, however America will never know how awesome this phone is because T-Mobile places more value on a pink dress than showing consumers what they have to sell in their stores and how many amazing phones they offer.

    Could you imagine if Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint invested so much money and energy into a red, blue or yellow dress. How many phones would thy sell I can see lines at the door people claiming some chic in a dress has them going crazy about phones.

    • Thomas Brezinski

      For some reason your rant has brought up memories of the Dell dude.

      • Giraffe

        Or the Verizon guy, goodness.  He’s STILL in ads every once in a while.

  • Guwest73435

    T-Mobile needs the iPhone, period. It’s not that it doesn’t have good or even better phones, it’s just the HALO effect of having the iPhone. Sprint and Verizon know this very well. Not sure T-Mobile can afford it though. 

    • terryjohnson16

       If they can afford 200 Million in marketing, they can afford to get the iPhone.

      • Guwest73435

        nope $200 millions is peanuts, Sprint paid $20 BILLION for the iphone.

        • yeah it’s an enormous cost for carriers to provide the iPhone .. TMO might not be able to afford it but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a clever campaign for iPhone fans to come on board.

    • Vinnie

      you’re spot on with this, I dont give a damn about the iphone, I prefere android/HTC, but I’m probably the minority, if tmobile wanted to ensure success they need to get the iphone, there price points are a legitimate competitive advantage over the other icarriers. I was told by an employee, “we wont get the iphone ever because roughly 7 million of our subscribers are already using it, so why would we pay apple to have this phone, when our customers are footing the bill themselves and purchasing unsubsidized” Well, my answer to that would be if the iphone has been compatible since the beginning on Tmobiles network, why not let your customers who are iStubborn just have the opportunity to use the the phone without going through hoops.  Who know’s what the terms are between Apple and the current carriers, but I think this would be a win win for tmobile and it’s customers that insist no having this semi overrated phone.

    • steven

      wow.  what a compelling statement.  i’ve never heard that one before!

    • BigBen4

      Apple as a brand is very powerful and for the vast majority of the population who happen to be non-techie -unlike us-, when they think of getting a smartphone they always think of the iPhone first, then they go down the list. So the iPhone definitely brings people into the stores. If they go to a T-Mobile store, people feel they are “missing something” since T-Mobile stores don’t have the prototypical smartphone of our times (iPhone) so they go to AT&T, Verizon, Sprint to take a look at it and if they don’t like it or can’t afford it, they get a non-iPhone, but, they get hooked to that other carrier, therefore one less customer for T-Mobile. 
      Also, the majority of iPhone buyers are young people 20-40 year olds and once they get hooked with their beloved iPhone, most likely they will stay with that carrier, then they get married and then they upgrade to family plans, etc. so you see how the age-demographics and marketing works here.  

    • JBrowne1012

      Need? thats subjective. T-mo doesn’t need the iPhone however it would do well it is not a saver for the company the saver is the image rebuild thats going on.

  • James

    Some, true, but again a minority. I am not arguing that speed is a consideration for SOME. But if even half the cell phone users have smartphones, and half the smart phon users chose a phone NOT based upon speed, (Do you really need research for this) a minority of consumers will be enticed by a comerical which brags about network speed. On a side note: I am not an iphone user, I use android. My only point is that iphones are not known for speed, yet extremely popular. And do not forget that android also has some extremely cheap phones compared to iphone. so price is a huge factor for SOME.

    • Giraffe

      So, what are they making the decision on?  Brilliant advertising? :-)

  • James

    I checked your source.You might point out in your post that the info you provided was taken from a suvey (lol-if you know anything about statistical data you know why I’m laughing) suvey of 30,000 people so of those 30,000 people your data is somewhat correct, yet surveyed data tends to be extremely biased.

  • WirelessRefugee

    Carly is one of my favorite models. But I am biased because I like Carly’s look. She could pass for sisters with Jessica Paré. Who is Jessica Paré, you ask.

    Remember that steaming hot scene in Mad Men, when Megan Draper “cons” new hubby Don into giving her some action. That be Jessica.


    Carly and Jessica, that’s all I need to make my life complete.


    Just watched this new ad and it is a great step forward for the marketing department. Here is hoping they follow it up with some more that have the same tone. I think it will get peoples attention. 

  • mbcls

    why? why? why?
    i like nice girls, they are more sexy and more sensitive in bed!  hahahahah

    • they’re trying to sell phones not get you off or laid…

  • WirelessRefugee

    Here’s some other links on Jessica Paré. See the resemblance to Carly.



    Yeah, I’m using this article as an excuse to talk about beautiful women and  sexual innuendo, instead of T-Mobile  handsets

  • Mos_def98

    if anyone believes this bull sh!t they ought to have there brain examined. T mobile is a mid level phone company at best if they wanna make a power move how about getting some better phones for starters. 


      Like what?

      • iphone 4s, ipads and the nokia 900 for starters. 

        • TMOTECH

          Did you miss the part where it cost Sprint 20 BILLION dollars to acquire the iPhone? And the fact that AT&T has an exclusivity contract with Nokia on the 900 tells me that it is not possible.  So what other super suggestions do you have? 

        • Wonder if anyone bothered to research what the 20billion was for, instead of just throwing the number out every chance they get. The 20billion went to have the phone created. Sprint like Verizon are simless and required new hardware to work. Not every provider/cell company pays 20billion to get the iPhone. could Tmobile afford the iPhone yes and it wouldn’t cost them anywhere near 20billion 

        • JBrowne1012

          Proof please.

        • ogopogo

           It doesn’t cost $20B to develop a radio.

          TMOTECH was correct – They paid $20B for the “privilege” of carrying the iPhone.

        • TMOTECH

          Apple requires the carriers to subsidize the phone heavily. It is the subsidies that cost Sprint all of the money. You don’t hear about it from Verizon or AT&T because  it doesn’t hurt them as badly. Their higher costing rate plans make up for it. END

        • JBrowne1012

          iPhone 4s? how is that better? thats a step backwards. iPad? will set their profits to negative. Nokia 900? well.. do I need to remind you how well windows phone is doing?

        • I think you are ignoring the idea that T-Mobile needs to have those phones to appeal to the many different kinds of customer out there. Your opinion on what is better is insignificant to the need to appeal to everyone. What’s “better” is relative.

    • JBrowne1012

      Hmm… T-mo has had some decent phones since the days of Nexus 1 with Android 2.1 of course everyone isn’t as infatuated with android so they have the BB Torch, and Nokia Lumia 710 which is actually a decent wp mango device, t-mobile has the widest range of devices for every demographic possible. Verizon caters to the people who love DROID brand, AT&T is the unofficially official brand for WP7, Sprint has well… not much really they have good devices but no particular brand to cater to really.  

      • Bklynman

        Tm,does not have any phones for seniors,60 and up crowd, The other big three,still sell
        flip phones,I know that At&t,and Verizon,has $29.00 amonth plan for them. I think Sprint has something for them too. All 3 of them have either shock,water,resistant phone. Tm? Nothing. $29.a month comes with 200 mins,what the deails of it not sure. So tell me why doesn’t tm have any decent senior friendly phones? Another thing tm does,that I can’t understand they stop selling phones faster than the other big 3.At&t,is still selling smart phone that came out 2 -3 yrs ago. Heck they are still selling sliders that came out 4-5 yrs ago. Where the G2? gone! Nokia 5230? Gone! HTC 4g my touch? Gone! 

    • Mattcat03

      I agree Tmo is a mid level phone company (value product/service company) and thats how Phone Manufactures treat them as well by introducing their first Android handset to Tmobile as a beta stage. Once these Manufacturers ex. HTC and Motorolla start to produce high end phones than they would seek carriers with larger customer base ex. Verizon.  Verizon knows that and that why they are “all in” with Android.  The question is are you willing to pay more and be happy? or are you not willing to pay more and stay with a Mediocre company and not be content.

  • tommy

    I like it!

  • remister

    I hope the new look, will include top notch phones and smartphone with hardware keyboards…….SIIIIIKKKEEEE

  • Gouv

    I like this better. It’s far less corny. Now she looks sexy instead of a dumb girl with a crappy wardrobe. Much better Branding and it’s much more premium than before. Hopefully they get that premium brand wireless image going and kill off the thrift store cheapness of the past. Good call on the Ducati btw tmo!

  • This is exactly what we needed. Thank god for the failed AT&T-Mobile acquisition 

  • Jmart922

    I agree sexy and strong, less corny looking, loving the new look

  • JBrowne1012

    All t-mo needs to do is treat their customer like we are first class instead of just a money pit

  • They need to reinvest some money at the stores point of sale computers…. so slooooooooooooow . Anyone that works there know what im talking about. if the Iphone would come out system wouldnt handle it.

  • Jgarofola

    OK now can we get ice cream sandwiches on Samsung galaxy EXHIBITS II

    • quinto

      id be surprised if you got ics. the exhibit 2 is tmobiles low end/entry level android device. you’d have to root and flash a custom rom. considering nothing on tmobiles lineup has ICS yet, its going to be awhile. just buy a high end phone and call it a day. it will run properly and no bugs to worry about.