T-Mobile Takes Us On A Trip Down Memory Lane With Carly

T-Mobile just dropped a new YouTube video highlighting the “shooting of a new commercial.” Hmmm, where have we heard that before? As we discussed this past Friday, T-Mobile is in the midst of a revamped marketing effort featuring Carly and I’d keep a close watch on that leather outfit. You just might see it in the new commercial. Just saying.

If you want to go down memory lane, hit the video below for Carly’s debut effort on T-Mobile.


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  • digital guido


  • She’s in a biker’s outfit!

  • Get_at_Me

    i’m predicting a “Matrix” like commercial where Carly plays Trinity and the other carriers will play the role of random agents

  • TGuy

    aarf! arf!  Carly wearing latex!  drool…

    • HalfwayCrook


  • David2185

    My touch 4g feels like a very long time ago

    • Jays_on

       Anything over 2 months is a long time ago in the android world.

  • Gouv

    I wish it would be a “Kill Bill” styled advertisement where she decapitates gangland representatives from the other carriers… that would be pretty awesome! just sayin…

  • Taron19119

    I think this is the one s commercial

  • MacRat

    I miss Catherine Zeta-Jones

    • Jays_on

       I don’t either.

  • Ron

    How did she close T-Mobile on keeping her around so long and they still think she is selling phone and people really believe she knows what 4G is. Give it a break T-Mobile she is old and so is her commercials. 

  • ChadBroChillz

    I agree with Deacon from the previous article. Carly is cute, but it is not going to sway people to tmobile. They need to be showing off their Challenger Strategy. Show people the effects of refarming, etc. Also get a strong lineup of phones. People will switch for good headsets, coverage, and price. Tmobile has the some of the best prices and one of the best( if not the best) 4G coverage, but they lacking in the phone lineup. If they get a strong phone lineup and refarming opens up international/ATT phones, then they will see an influx of customers. They just need to let people know that.

  • Jgarofola

    She looks very sexy in black leather.

  • Hefasuvi

    Samsung will unveil the next Galaxy phone May 3rd in London ,stay tuned…. 
    (sorry this is off topic)

  • MarcusDW

    Oh man ATT is now claiming to be the “Nations Largest 4G Network”


    What will T-Mobile do about that?

  • Dave Macias

    is good to see T-Mobile that wants to come back but this is not enough, i have to agree with the rest of people who commented on better ways to make the customer ask themself “why should i switch to T-Mobile?”. for example with the refarming it can be great to see something like “Bring your iPhone and ennjoy blazing fast internet” by now everybody knows T-Mobile does not carry that phone but people who is not tech savy will understand that “oh if i switch to T-Mobile i can still keep my iPhone and enjoy 3g!! wow , ill sign up now” so there is a big difference of marketing and approach to people.
    Carly’s image makes T-Mobile look like the pretty girl of the neighborhood, yes we can’t deny she is pretty but that alone is not going to bring customers back we have to see also the devices the company carries, where at&t now carries the Nokia Lumia 900 what does T-Mobile get? The Galaxy Blaze….really? really T-Mobile?? They desperately need to get a BETTER line up of phones not just a One S or a galaxy Blaze, the worst part is that along their line up they come up with a frankenstein phone like the LG double play and im sure they will do something like that again.

    T-Mobile could definetly screw the competition if at least have 1 or 2 strong manufacturers why T-Mobile haven’t partner with big ones like Panasonic , Fujitsu or Toshiba? a 4 year old phone from one of these giants alone crush the iPhone in specs and features but we are not talking about what phone is better , we are talking about line up and T-Mobile needs to stop getting the left overs and be more agressive, get a better marketing approrach and more importantly a better line up, Do you have any idea how badly i been wanting to switch to at&t or verizon just because they have a better line up? 

  • Weareoneyouth

    So Tmo gives the boot to 3000 employees in order to afford a brand refresh? Nice! Good one Douche I mean Deutche.

  • Tward291

    she got a nice mouth i would bust all in it

  • Ron

    Carly must be laughing all the way to the bank I am willing to bet she thinks T-Mobile’s advertising is just as clueless as the rest of America and these fools are paying her to put on leather, smile, and talk about a phone that she herself has no clue how to use. I am willing to bet her friends are amazed she landed this gig and it lasted so long. Will she be around as long as the Progressive Insurance lady it seems to be that way!!!
    I use T-Mobiles service and I love my Galaxy Blaze it has so many cool features built in such as High Speed Data, Cloud, Amazing Camera features, Video Chat, and many more, however America will never know how awesome this phone is because T-Mobile places more value on a pink dress than showing consumers what they have to sell in their stores and how many amazing phones they offer.

    Could you imagine if Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint invested so much money and energy into a red, blue or yellow dress. How many phones would they sell, I can imagine lines at the door people claiming some girl in a dress has them going crazy about phones.

  • Vf21

    I bet she’s a screamer