T-Mobile Preparing New Marketing Campaign For Carly?

I’ve long said T-Mobile needs to get Carly out from the white screen and into the real world — and if I’m hearing rumors and whispers correctly, I’m about to get my wish. According to some ninja tipsters, T-Mobile is moving Carly into the real-world and showing a more “aggressive” side of our favorite Magenta girl. Try and think back to her leather outfit and motorcycle, we just might be seeing that again.

We’re not quite sure exactly what is contained within these new ads or when they will start airing, but word has it this will help begin a more aggressive marketing campaign for T-Mobile focusing on their “super fast” 4G network and it’s speeds against the competition. Along with the commercials, we’re told that the marketing won’t just be on television, that something else is planned “online.”

So what does all this mean? Well, I hope this begins the resurgence and revitalization of T-Mobile as they embrace their underdog status and use it to their advantage. However, I’m just not sure they will carry it to the lengths I (and I think you) want to see.  I want to see “aggressive” and by “aggressive” I mean allowing T-Mobile to nip at the heels of their competition and more importantly, taking the gloves off. When you’re the smallest nationwide competitor, you have nothing to lose and T-Mobile should take every opportunity to hit their competition over pricing, speed, a little more pricing and a lot more speed.

If what I’m hearing is correct, the next set of Carly commercials could get very interesting.

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  • LOL

    Who’s the dork with Cary?

    • TehFoz

      Some random fellow named David Beren

      • Awww I’m a dork…I’m cool with that, who is with the girl?

    • Doogie

      thats david haha rude 

    • Dontlietothekids


  • Macman806

    We need a strong flagship phone similar to a Droid or Evo instead. They have done alot for the competition.

  • Macman806

    I want people to walk into a competitors store asking for a hugely hyped phone & their employee to embarassingly say “Sorry, only T-mobile has it.”

    • ChadBroChillz

      Does tmobile have any phones like that? Does anyone besides verizon(droid razr maxx)? ATT i guess has the note, but imo that is a gimmick phone.

      • Shazzam

        I used to work for t-mobile. At least half the customers who came in to teh store each day asked if we had iPhone. It was bad when we had to say, sorry, that’s just AT&T, but is was much worse when we had to say sorry, only att&t, verizon, and sprint have it.

    • Sunnysky

      The Tmobile mytouch, lol!

      • carl444

        no the mytouch series are a bunch of losers. we need another one of the G series but this time make sure it is Samsung not crappy LG with top of the line hardware and the best ads

  • Paul

    He’s got his arm wrapped around her pretty tight wouldn’t you say?

    • Deadeye37

      I think that’s why she’s got that smile-and-look-nice-but-creeped-and-grossed-out look on her face. :)

      • We were having fun!

        • Chaz

          “We” = “You”?  Kidding, kidding….  :P

      • Vim

        She doesn’t look creeped out at all, what she looks like is amused. 

  • Ruize76

    I wonder if the new commercials will target Iphone users that are tired of paying high rates  from the other guys.

    • Mattcat03

      She taller than him

      • That “him” is me!

        • carl444

          still but I wish i were you

        • Blkbear

           David, you couldn’t spruce up just a little?  These younger whipper snappers these days, can’t even tuck in the shirt or stand up straight, would it hurt to drag a comb through the gel?  smh….  LOL

  • EXIBITman

    She seems. Very uncomfortable with this guy squeezing against her he’s definitely. Not her type

    • Thanks, also, I’m married.

      • EXIBITman

        O that’s you David sorry. Man!!!!!!!!

      • josue cifuentes

        your married that has to suck!!! lolol

  • Bobblehead

    Is she tall or is David short?

    • She’s tall and I’m short.

    • Swimfan9100

      She’s freakishly tall

    • Blkbear

       Considering she’s a model, I’m voting for she’s tall, even in flat heeled shoes, and he is under min female model height. Add heels and she’ll give a few 6 footers a run for their money.

  • Shazzam

    I wonder if Tmobile will do a commercial like Verizon’s speed test. I could see them doing that, since they are very competitive in some areas.

  • UMA_Fan

    David, it’s so frustrating to hear you not say what you know!  We come here for T-Mobile gossip and news if you know what the next commercials might be specifically we would all love to read about them.  What reason is there for you to hold out on us?  We understand rumors and speculation won’t always come true and it’s not like we’d hold it against you.  Give us something juicy instead of something to nibble on. 

  • Dave Macias

    David, i believe you placed your hand in the wrong place hahahaha , now back to topic is good to see T-Mobile getting more aggressive but im curious what type of “aggressive” we’ll be watching in the future? if only T-Mobile could close a deal with Panasonic so they can have the Eluga exclusively the way Verizon have the razr oh boy, my japanese phones can’t wait for that 3G!!!

  • TMoFan

    Hey nice pic! :-)

    T-Mobile needs to to advertise how they are revitalizing their network, which in turn means more phone support (including iPhone) and a valid alternative to the competition. T-Mobile keeps pushing “value”, but I think that has had the opposite effect. Some people I speak with are surprised that I’m on contract because they thought T-Mobile was a prepaid carrier. These perceptions have to change fast.

  • josue cifuentes

    they should get kim kardashian to do commercials for tmo….if you know why im sayin that haha

    • Dave Macias

      bad idea, seriously….

    • Vim

      terrible idea. you have no idea how many people despise her with a passion. 

  • Mike

    Am I the only one that thinks she looks like Liv Tyler?  Or am I just the last one ever to post that same thought shared by thousands of others?

    • Atvar

      I think she looks more like Anne Hathaway.

      • Guest

        Especially in that picture… of course, she is cringing a bit with David’s arm wrapped around her so tight lol! Eww! tiny nerds are the worst! just kidding, Davy! We all love ya and tmonews!

      • Vim

        I’ll second that.

  • Rayen321

    The commercial needs to be; “Hi I’m Carly and this is the new T-Mobile I-Phone!”. You don’t have to like it, but T-MO needs it to survive. 

    • Littlesis1774

      I love would that seriously

    • Guest999


  • DuTcH PaPi

    Dayum!!!  A bunch of mean girls in the house tonight, huh?

  • cellularcrazy09

    David….please tell me you tapped that!!!

  • Borne

    is that the kid from the Sopranos in that picture?

    • Hmmmm, that’s one person I’ve never been mistaken for.

  • Mike

    They should ditch her. Women dont want to look like that these days. The ‘Little House on the Prairie” look isn’t in style. Men dont want to be associated with something so frilly and girly. Droid image appeals to men. She’s just bad marketing. Stop using the same image that is used as T-Mobile tanks. She’s a marketing disaster.

    • Vim

      Not her fault. It’s the way T-Mobile has marketed her.  Nevertheless, given the pristine nice girl image they’ve created for her, depicting her in an edgier, more empowered way would make for an interesting and attention-grabbing change.


    She is gorgeous and a positive for T-mobile.
    With that being said the new add should have her in leather on a motorcycle racing in a modern hightech looking set at the speed of T-mobiles 4g network .
    Racing straight over to me would be best.

  • Jgarofola

    Cant T-Mobile at least buy curly a new dress she allways w eres the same pink dress

    • Actually, she wears several different magenta dresses.

      • Vim

        True, but I do think they need to give her more of an edge to fit with the times, and that includes her outfits. 

    • now_onTMO

      haha you’re right! how about a magenta gown Carly? she is pretty ..

  • John Foster

    Sorry but Carly is lame. 

    David, do you know of any time frame for refarming in Seattle? Thanks.

    • Nope, we don’t know any timeframes right now.

    • I agree Carly is lame.  I think T-mobile needs to let Carly go and bring in somebody else that more popular like the Kardashians or someone from Twilight or bring back Catherine Zeta Jones

      • Vim

        uggghhh….CZJ isn’t as hip as she used to be and there are a lot of people who view the Kardashians very negatively, ie. as useless wastes of space. Carly may look a little on the anorexic side for those who want more curves in a spokes-woman/model (and I personally think she’d look better if she ate a little more) but she’s also fresh,  likeable and genuine. 

        • Littlesis1774

           Well not likeable enough to bring people over from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. Carly may be likeable but she not bringing in customers. 

  • Catherine Zeta Jones was amazing. She always took the initiative and helped things under control. I loved her commercials. Carly shows T-Mobile as a young little princess look. They need someone who is aggressive and don’t take crap from nobody like CZJ!!

  • now_onTMO

     cute photo.. looks like lovers

    she looks like anne hathaway..

  • note to Tmobile .. Carly doesn’t make me want to upgrade or but a new line of service.  just sayin’.  she could be Jessica Biel and i wouldn’t be tempted .. but that’s just me .. i’m a substance guy as i think most customers are these days.  Carly, Cathering etc are probably on ATT or Verizon anyway lol

    but you get the point .. TMO needs to fix their network, increase their handset portfolio and do something more to appeal to the “i wanna be cool iPhone” kids.

  • KiltDaddy

    Carly is just to get you to notice what the T-mobile message is, the deal is what sells you. I think she should get a Tron-esque light cycle, nothing would say more about speed when compared to a regular motorcycle :)

  • At the end, T-Mobile will just bring someone on board who has a great amount of followers, and who can bring a successful campaign on board for them.

  • tommy

    That’s Mr. TMONews??? You lucky bast…!