T-Mobile Preparing New Marketing Campaign For Carly?

I’ve long said T-Mobile needs to get Carly out from the white screen and into the real world — and if I’m hearing rumors and whispers correctly, I’m about to get my wish. According to some ninja tipsters, T-Mobile is moving Carly into the real-world and showing a more “aggressive” side of our favorite Magenta girl. Try and think back to her leather outfit and motorcycle, we just might be seeing that again.

We’re not quite sure exactly what is contained within these new ads or when they will start airing, but word has it this will help begin a more aggressive marketing campaign for T-Mobile focusing on their “super fast” 4G network and it’s speeds against the competition. Along with the commercials, we’re told that the marketing won’t just be on television, that something else is planned “online.”

So what does all this mean? Well, I hope this begins the resurgence and revitalization of T-Mobile as they embrace their underdog status and use it to their advantage. However, I’m just not sure they will carry it to the lengths I (and I think you) want to see.  I want to see “aggressive” and by “aggressive” I mean allowing T-Mobile to nip at the heels of their competition and more importantly, taking the gloves off. When you’re the smallest nationwide competitor, you have nothing to lose and T-Mobile should take every opportunity to hit their competition over pricing, speed, a little more pricing and a lot more speed.

If what I’m hearing is correct, the next set of Carly commercials could get very interesting.

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